Justin Bieber - Anyone

Justin Bieber
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Starring: Justin Bieber \u0026 Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta \u0026 Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects




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Comments 0
nazeem irfan
nazeem irfan 3 hours ago
i don't know why im feeling like this song is made for selena
Rose 8 hours ago
Why is Justin's boxing opponent looks much like The Weekend 👀 What does that mean!👀
Xlant GameR
Xlant GameR 8 hours ago
Jb on fire
Marboy Pineda Antonio
Prenzydd Phynne
Prenzydd Phynne 9 hours ago
at the first glance, the girl looks like SELENA omg?
Coriolano dkdkj Taysuysys
Ich liebe in m
Bam Sukma
Bam Sukma 11 hours ago
pato jum
pato jum 12 hours ago
my fave now... my story
lindy madonsela
lindy madonsela 12 hours ago
Y can't we download the song😢😢😢😢
Mada Anita
Mada Anita 14 hours ago
E cel mai frumos Justin
Mada Anita
Mada Anita 14 hours ago
Ce faci
Mada Anita
Mada Anita 14 hours ago
Teegan Plays
Teegan Plays 15 hours ago
This is my favorite song I love hoe its so calm
Falling Destiny
Falling Destiny 17 hours ago
Ever love
Falling Destiny
Falling Destiny 17 hours ago
Not anyone
Falling Destiny
Falling Destiny 17 hours ago
Indian Gamer Simulator
Who watch from india
Spencer88 20 hours ago
am I the only one getting serious Rocky vibes off of this?
tvtime2121 22 hours ago
This song and “Clover Cage - Good Luck” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...🤍💚
A total rip off of totos song. Exactly the same pretty much
Milagros Fátima Ramos
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves Day ago
I've noticed after getting with Hailey, Bieber is not only more happy and mature, but he also does more love songs. I'm happy for the guy. God bless him, his wife, and their marriage.
Farrukh Akhtar
he looks so good without tats
Tersia Lottering
I can not sleep with out hearing this so song
Tersia Lottering
It is the true
Tersia Lottering
It means n lot if you really love someone
I need this song Actress name
Janlei Miranda
Janlei Miranda 23 hours ago
I love this song for Justin Bieber 👉fight 👈
Fernando Gonzalez
Eres un guapo
Mark Newton
Mark Newton Day ago
Yh, of course he won the fight
giar26 Day ago
Where is the tattoos?
Bernardo Bahia
Creed 🤝🏽
Grace Tepson
Grace Tepson Day ago
I want to visit RUvid just to watch this again so i will just leave a comment here and if i get notified again i will be here on time😊😘
aashika rai
aashika rai Day ago
You are the only one I have ever loved ❤ ♥ 💕
Andreea Georgiana
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar Day ago
Just in Beer wo........w
Lidak Nyodu
Lidak Nyodu Day ago
Is she... Peggy from Capital America the first Avenger
Rohit Dhiman
Rohit Dhiman Day ago
Justin is back. Yeah i need to admit that. Couple of years back k unfollowed him on insta and stop listening to his songs. Because I don't know what weired person he becomes postings shit photos and all. But now i m glad he back. He is becoming more normal. I feel this lyrics from bottom of my heart. I love justin , forever belieber ❣️❣️❣️❤️
soyam gc
soyam gc Day ago
Justin Bieber 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️💖💝💗💘🥰😍🤩😘❤️🧡🌹🌹🌱🎷🎺🎸🪕🎻
milagros centurion
El reto es escuhcarla sin que te haga llorar.
ANJO 么_FF Day ago
Clipe massa dms
Naing Gon Hmain
I also wanna try for anyone.and i wanna live.
Charlene Rosario
This song is so lit dudeeeee🔥
Charlene Rosario
I've search for this cuz The Juans played this in Carl's Ig story AHAHAH
Maryaan Nakajjubi
Who else is just listening to this ? I'm falling in love with my guy over and over again
JARED BARATTA 2 days ago
Toto brought me here.
Venice 2 days ago
rocky balboa auf wish bestellt
Kenneth 2 days ago
Chaeyoung watching this : ❤️❤️
Jose Luis Guerra
Jose Luis Guerra 2 days ago
La Versión de Camila💖🛐
Nupato Nupato
Nupato Nupato 2 days ago
I like this song and sang it to my brother too miss that time😭😭😭
Joljina Sangma
Joljina Sangma 2 days ago
Joljina Sangma
Joljina Sangma 2 days ago
Janice Bellen
Janice Bellen 2 days ago
After i watch the cover of Zephanie Dimaranan of this Anyone, i decided to watch also this orignal... Both version is superb... 💚💚💚
Terrence Billenstein
Some Rocky stuff
Blak nium
Blak nium 2 days ago
THANOS123 2 days ago
this song's very very good
Kusum Pariyar
Kusum Pariyar 2 days ago
When he say,if its not you,its not anyone💔
Backstreet Gaming
namli namli
namli namli 2 days ago
Hailey feeling jealous right now 🔥
Devils call
Devils call 2 days ago
Love from India ❤️❤️❤️
Maria elizabeth Erazo beleño
Coltsfan111 O
Coltsfan111 O 2 days ago
Guys chill it’s for acting🤣🤣
Lyrical life
Lyrical life 2 days ago
Just go and enjoy my effort on JB's new song what you see.
Lyrical life
Lyrical life 2 days ago
Ky Moggridge
Ky Moggridge 3 days ago
Marines Reccy
Marines Reccy 3 days ago
🤵🏽🧡👻🙏 What if someone's life was in your hands. Love is meant to flourish, not die bitterly. True love.
Dj Jherson
Dj Jherson 3 days ago
Jamie Stewart
Jamie Stewart 3 days ago
Sajan Acharya
Sajan Acharya 3 days ago
Sahi ho sahi m u si c😎🤔🤗🤑
Rida Noor
Rida Noor 3 days ago
His vocals, His voice how it echos ( I gotta tell ya ) His angelic vocals, His talent, People who hate him are only jealous of what he has become, This song is so underrated, Just feel the lyrics, The pain is so clearly visible, This man is god gifted and I love him with my soul
Mot Aoia
Mot Aoia Day ago
Vionah the bosslady
I just love this song, so imma leave this comment here so when everytime anyone likes it, I'm notified so I go back to listen to it again😘. Thanks for your likes 🥂
Rahil ehan
Rahil ehan 3 days ago
It felt like i was watching conor mcgregor 's movie.
흔한퀘스트 3 days ago
the m/v is way too cliche. but the song is good :)
UGO Gameing
UGO Gameing 3 days ago
Omg your the man your so good at making music
Music Lover
Music Lover 3 days ago
"If it's not you, its not Anyone.".#Belieberforever❤️❤️
Ryuk 3 days ago
Big T
Big T 3 days ago
I'm only here for Zoey Deutch.
Durga SRAVANAM 3 days ago
Justin please cut your hair 😭
Keylin Jimenez
Keylin Jimenez 4 days ago
Vengo por Isabela y vv
025 Ankita Dalai
025 Ankita Dalai 4 days ago
This song is so underrated
JARED BARATTA 54 minutes ago
So is GOIN HOME by TOTO, the song he ripped off.
Spingol Chhakchhuak Kholhring
I want to hit like button more than 10000000000 million times, can only for one time…….😒😒😒😒
Eli Benda
Eli Benda 4 days ago
The video never knew Justin had hands
Sahalu Shakira
Sahalu Shakira 4 days ago
“You’re the only good I’ve ever done, if it’s not you it’s not anyone” Awee 🥺 Hope someone feels this way about me someday
Ranil Fernando
Hope you will soon Sahalu Hope I will too
Mot Aoia
Mot Aoia Day ago
erick coddy
erick coddy 2 days ago
Trust me. It feels great! More than anything. My gf send me the link yesterday. Bt am jst watching it at 5am. Last week my ex gal said i was the most frustrating person she ever came across. So i bet my spirits have been lifted
Savage world-2021
Another story of justice album
EliseEmoi 4 days ago
Adorable Justin
Aishwaryaa Anand
Aishwaryaa Anand 4 days ago
Wafaa Syafinazz
Wafaa Syafinazz 4 days ago
start hearing this song a day before my wedding day on march & didn't know it were justin's song and glad to know it's his 😍
Diego Arena Campero
This is Toto’s Goin Home Lol
Brittney Harmon
Brittney Harmon 4 days ago
“You’re the only good I’ve ever done, if it’s not you it’s not anyone” Awee 🥺 Hope someone feels this way about me someday
Jesus Saves
Jesus Saves 3 days ago
Prayers, have faith... Your special one is out there. :)
Daljeet Kaur
Daljeet Kaur 4 days ago
Justin Bieber Mere mama Sapna Singh Jhandu aur
Alien 4 days ago
I dont like justin Bieber I think hes an asshole to his fans and frankly i dont like his voice either. Despite that, this song is incredible.
nicole Swarts
nicole Swarts 4 days ago
Guys the girl looks like selena
ethvreals 4 days ago
camila shouldve kept this song tbh
Himanshu Mishra
Himanshu Mishra 4 days ago
His voice heals everybody's soul, how can someone hate him??
Tristan Kolb
Tristan Kolb 2 days ago
@Mr krabs yeah same
Mr krabs
Mr krabs 3 days ago
Because his past has left a massive stain on how people view but I myself used to hate him but jesus his last couple albums are 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cassi Brewer
Cassi Brewer 4 days ago
He enjoyed that kiss too much!! Haha
Oliv NN
Oliv NN 4 days ago
I love this song. It has meaning that how his wife helps him during he struggles with all his problems 😭🥰 please dont judge hailey again.. she is an angel and i can't imagine we can just hurt a woman who are nice and loving like her
Mot Aoia
Mot Aoia Day ago
Sylvia 4 days ago
希望有中英字幕對照啦 小賈唱歌真的不是蓋的耶 有夠好聽😍 Justin is justice❤️❤️❤️
Brandon Jhecque
Brandon Jhecque 4 days ago
Jemiiiseo 5 days ago
This is mu fave JB song now huhu this is on repeat and I can feel the real emotions of the song .. like he will only love one person in his whole life and that would be his wife