JUST WAIT FOR IT! - Extremely Funny Amazing Moments and Fails #11 | SURELY THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH

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JUST WAIT FOR IT! - Extremely Funny Amazing Moments and Fails #11 | SURELY THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH.

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May 2, 2020




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Comments 50
からまさgja 10 days ago
3:19ヒロアカのかっちゃんやん! 体育祭の前心操君がA組に来たとき言ったやつ!
Bobs Youruncle
Bobs Youruncle 20 days ago
Don't know why I had to wait for any of this!
pnybt 20 days ago
anyone else notice what a waste of time it was to watch this stupid shit.
Bill schild
Bill schild 21 day ago
@ 8:15 , I was going to say something but the video speaks for itself .
fbody984life 23 days ago
UK NEWS 27 days ago
i am sick of the adds
Sigh Phi Guy
Sigh Phi Guy 27 days ago
you cant fix stupid..... but you CAN record it!
Analog Man
Analog Man 28 days ago
9:48 Anyone else notice she’s riding a electric motorcycle?
My Name Is Hades
My Name Is Hades 28 days ago
10:57 Oh... my... God...
Iain *GBMtv* Gibson
Clicking after seeing the thumbnail👍 Turning off the video after watching 90 seconds of absolute shit👍👍
cristian benitez
5:38 al revés idiota, así lo podes sacar mas fácil daaah.
Briscoe the Collie
for all the people who came here for the hot chick in the grey top, 8:12 , the one before her is cute too 8:04 the rest is pretty dull to be honest
Shawn Kolenik
Shawn Kolenik Month ago
10:57 Who is that!?
Arielus Grey
Arielus Grey Month ago
The grout cleaning one is funny since when me and my sister were really young my mother got fed up with our shot and gave us each a toothbrush and said get to work cleaning the grout and me and my sister turned it into a game that was so fun to our young child brains that we begged to be allowed to do it again for like 7 months afterward she was so salty about her punishment being fun and it's a running joke now
Владимир Зайцев
тик ток помойка
Neo Shiloh
Neo Shiloh Month ago
06:40 anyone know this track? Help a guy out. Thanks guys
Analog Man
Analog Man 28 days ago
It’s called why are you so gay? 🌈🌈🌈😹
Steve Snider
Steve Snider Month ago
This video should just be called extremely hot girls doing stupid shit.
Ggjdx Gfgug
Ggjdx Gfgug Month ago
Tik tok for down
Fun Comedy
Fun Comedy Month ago
Please help me to find funny moment in this video 🤔🤔
BikeStuff Month ago
thots, the lot of em
sahib bhullar
sahib bhullar Month ago
01:23 three balls jumping 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 For ultra legend 💪💪💪💪
Mile high Smokey
Marry me 6:46
TheKhashan Month ago
What is the thing she put on her arm at 3:00 ?
BRUT 23 days ago
the needle for diabetes ,you stick these on arm and you just need to put the little machine close to it to see your sugar status in blood
Sky Hiker 9
Sky Hiker 9 Month ago
Really REALLY baaaaaaaaaaaaaad. DO NOT WATCH THIS.
youoldduffer 2 months ago
Thot's, thot's everywhere................. I love it :)
Nolan B
Nolan B 2 months ago
Didn't see anything funny, but saw a lot of fine looking honeys.
Erik Marshall
Erik Marshall Month ago
Best part of these. “Eye candy”
B B 2 months ago
Tictoc is a very very dangerous app for the children. If you have a dear one just don't let her use it.
killatrex505 2 months ago
10:56 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍
Insomaniac Tube
Insomaniac Tube 2 months ago
i like your tumbnail bro hahahaha
SSS-Infinite- Insanity
Yo!! Can anyone hook a homie up with the song at 3:20? Itd make for a good workout tune👌
TheKhashan Month ago
Search oioioi bakugo remix
Ahad Arab
Ahad Arab 2 months ago
3:20 what is this sang please someone tell
Mij Chrome
Mij Chrome 2 months ago
I think I blinked in the funny part
CptSaulTeaPants 2 months ago
4:18 need to get me some of that wax
Steve's Place
Steve's Place 2 months ago
Trust me. "IT" nevered happened.
Frank Conrad
Frank Conrad 2 months ago
I.......... *I dont understand....*
Eric Blaydes
Eric Blaydes 2 months ago
Where can I see more of the racetrack at 4:21 ?
Dark Horse 3/5
Dark Horse 3/5 Month ago
It's a metropolis. Love it
isrofi yusuf
isrofi yusuf 2 months ago
39:02 ah *smash* protection impression girls and boy thighs should have been a good
Tony JR
Tony JR 2 months ago
6:42 or 10:57 wouldve been a better thumbnail for this video.
killatrex505 2 months ago
I agree
Mark Charvet
Mark Charvet 2 months ago
1:15 sad they don't realize how dangerous that is.
Analog Man
Analog Man 28 days ago
You are 100% correct! It would literally take your head off like it was nothing and throw it just like that boulder. He’s lucky it went straight and didn’t go sideways and kill him or someone else.
Андрей Калиберда
Всегда смотрю с удовольствием!
F. U.
F. U. 2 months ago
6:00 🤣🤣
neilly mathieson
neilly mathieson 2 months ago
i kept watching in hope of me laughing, but wow. this is shite... refund please
Gene Lomas
Gene Lomas 23 days ago
admit it, you knew there wasn't going to be anything funny, you came here for the titties.. just like the rest of us..
Robbie S
Robbie S 2 months ago
It's fun. Thanks for doing this.
Cord Bullard
Cord Bullard 2 months ago
Must useless and pointless video ever made
Ferd Janklow
Ferd Janklow 2 months ago
Still waiting...
AJIQu 2 months ago
Not funny at all, just stupid lol
Chef Gamer
Chef Gamer 2 months ago
08:50 she looks young... But....... 😁
PaperPlate Mask
PaperPlate Mask 2 months ago
@Abakas Gaming So, shes available?
Abakas Gaming
Abakas Gaming 2 months ago
She is 24 bro and she dated almost 8 guys till now
Larry Neiderhiser
Larry Neiderhiser 2 months ago
At point 9:31 does anybody know the name and model number of the vibrator or whatever it is??? Larry
Larry Neiderhiser
Larry Neiderhiser 2 months ago
@Richard J. Guzmán Thanks
Larry Neiderhiser
Larry Neiderhiser 2 months ago
@Miles Parris Thanks
Miles Parris
Miles Parris 2 months ago
It's a percussion massager.
Richard J. Guzmán
Richard J. Guzmán 2 months ago
Get tiktok, you can find the video with the tag.
UpBeatStudio 2 months ago
Alex Tyndyuk
Alex Tyndyuk 2 months ago
Ugly as fuck...
noRd419 2 months ago
UpBeatStudio: started the Video knowing That someone in the comments helps me to skip to thumbnail so i can leave Again. ty haha
Xemvn - Khoảnh khắc kỳ thú
JUST WAIT FOR IT! - Extremely Funny Amazing Moments and Fails #11 | SURELY THIS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH
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