Just save your money.... GTX 1660 vs GTX 1060

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NVIDIA just launched the GTX 1660.... but should this card even exist?
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14 мар 2019




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BLKBRDSR71 10 часов назад
"The 3 Gig is a card that should have never existed and no one should have never bought in the first place". But... I have a GTX 1060 3G. :(
SlappyII 16 часов назад
Save money I don’t have any lol
P1 22 часа назад
Upgrading from a 1060 3GB to a Gtx 1660ti. Not getting RTX
Maxx Koggen
Maxx Koggen День назад
The rock music is very reminiscent of Tech of Tomorrow. Not a big fan
R. B.
R. B. День назад
Buy 1660ti rather than 1660 oc, simply because 1660ti uses an entirely different memory, it runs at 6001 mhz where 1660's gddr5 runs at 4001mhz, it will give you some benefit later on. Rtx card always not necessary, because ray tracing is optional, but you need faster memory in future. So 1660ti msrp model is the choice if you are a 1080p ultra gamer for AAA games.
Bloodhoven День назад
how tf did you get 60 (in some titles even far above 60) fps out of the gtx 1060 sc in 1080p and sometimes even in wqhd? my overclocked GTX 1060 kfa² could barelly handle 60 fps in 1680x1050 on max settings in most of the games which you used for benchmarks o.O does directX 12 give you such an advantage over dx 11?
Agz TfL
Agz TfL День назад
They need to focus on fixing GeForce experience 🤦🏾‍♂️
bloomad 23 часа назад
what's wrong with it
asic День назад
Well i got my 1660 for half off since i gave my 1050 ti to my sister
Franop День назад
Shit i just brought a 1060 6g
sibiris День назад
Guess I'll keep overclocking my poor old 760 for a couple more years..
TheRed Rage
TheRed Rage День назад
So now i have a 1060 3gb... one of my worst mistake EVER... so I was looking at the gtx 1660 ti but when i saw the Rtx 2060 i think that i'll spend a bit more money and get a 2060 then a 1660 ti.
Zamundaaa День назад
vs rx 580 ???
Milos Stojanovic
Milos Stojanovic 2 дня назад
hmm, it is actually stupid and idiotic, 1660ti does not support RTX features , and 2060 does not do well with RTX ON, so both cards if someone have 1060 6gb or 1070 are useless.
Bru's FPS Benchmarks
Bru's FPS Benchmarks 2 дня назад
gtx 1070 ti started the trend of 1/2 steps
Bru's FPS Benchmarks
Bru's FPS Benchmarks 2 дня назад
So the market is becoming so saturated its like shopping for colors for jube jubes at the Kwiki Mart!
Goofball Gaming
Goofball Gaming 2 дня назад
In Australia the rx570 is 195$ AU cheaper with about %12 - %15 difference in real world gaming, not in Synthetics!
I'mA Hazard
I'mA Hazard 2 дня назад
Nah recently got my Rx570
Kruell 2 дня назад
I wish someone would compare last gen to new gen and new new gen. Says... 980Ti vs 1060/1070/1080/2060 etc...
havent gotone
havent gotone 2 дня назад
I said id get a gc for my daughter for her bday. I dont see the point of upgrading from a 1060. So ive sort of boxed myself into a corner.Yes ill wipe the dust off, bung it back in the box and pretend its new. Hey shes only 10. So its either the cheapest 2060 or 1660ti. Still to decide. To upgrade, I mean her bday present.
Takeo 2 дня назад
I have that gtx but on red, what’s the name of the black one?
Omar Safwat
Omar Safwat 2 дня назад
If I'm buying a new PC which one should I get? Gtx 1060 or 1660 or 1660 ti?
Anthony Davian
Anthony Davian 2 дня назад
And another nvidia card. It’s exhausting just keeping up with all of them. Nvidia should start bidding up crypto to get everyone mining again. Problem solved!
Chiko Loco
Chiko Loco 3 дня назад
Just buy a Rx 590. Best custom design in this case is the Sapphire Nitro+.
Chiko Loco
Chiko Loco День назад
+Milos Stojanovic Lel I bought a RX590 Nitro+ Polaris Edition for 240€ (new).
Milos Stojanovic
Milos Stojanovic 2 дня назад
NO, used rx 590 is 300e or here and there 280 290e and there is 1070 for 250 or sometimes less, there is no place for rx 590 there.
Chiko Loco
Chiko Loco 3 дня назад
I'm going to wait until prices drop hard and then I will configure a Ryzen + NVIDIA build.
lexzbuddy 3 дня назад
What are the heavy tunes playing over the benchmark results. Very cool.
Bryant Fetherolf
Bryant Fetherolf 3 дня назад
That's crazy. My Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB OC is matching the 1660ti in FireStrike. 15,650.
Liverbird 1
Liverbird 1 3 дня назад
Got the vega 56 pulse for £270 very happy with it.
Zavier Mayo
Zavier Mayo 18 часов назад
I got an XFX RX 580 but it wont work with my computer, so im gonna sell my computer piece by piecr and build a new one
BARRICADE 3 дня назад
i bought a 3gb 1060 because i was using a 970 back in the day. Now?, i can't afford to upgrade because of how bad Canadian prices are for newer cards and finding a better 10 series card is nearly impossible.
Markie 3 дня назад
I have a HP Omen 880 desktop pc...the graphics card that came with it is a AMD Radeon RX550....but i want to upgrade to something better...what would you recommend to get? the link is to the GC thats in my pc www.insight.com/en_US/buy/product/3TK71AT/HP%20Inc./3TK71AT/AMDRadeonRX550-graphicsc/ please and thank you 🙂
WhiteDieselShed 3 дня назад
Feel sorry for us UK buyers, we are paying $315 for your MSI 1660 Gaming X, not the $249 mentioned in the video. or $296 for your $219 EVGA XC Black
Don Omar Ramiro
Don Omar Ramiro 3 дня назад
4:39 ... Watching this from my 1060 3Gb...
Kabir Sharma
Kabir Sharma 3 дня назад
i’ve got a 970 👍
nosleep 12
nosleep 12 3 дня назад
i don't even have money
rogerwilco99 3 дня назад
Is there a GTX 1070 replacement card in the works? (1670?, 1770?, 1770Ti?)
lasest2 2 дня назад
Rtx 2070...
BimboSlayer 3 дня назад
Would this be considered a good upgrade from a gtx 1050 2gb?
rem kanji
rem kanji 2 дня назад
Here is a great deal on the XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS Black Edition 1405 MHz OC+, 8GB 256-bit GDDR5, DX12 VR Ready, Double Dissipation, Dual BIOS, PCI-E AMD Graphics Card (RX-580P828D6) , www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=14-150-794&Ignorebbr=true I found.
rem kanji
rem kanji 2 дня назад
Yes but I recommend an RX 580 you can get it for a better price
Vexiusx 3 дня назад
I'll wait for Stadia and have a pc only other Stadia users can beat ;)
Vexiusx 2 дня назад
+Vic Rattlehead Wow how can you be so wrong in so many ways haha :D Go check out what specs the "PC" will have that you get to play your games from. It's way beyond what most consumers have in their current PC"s not to mention it's stronger then a PS4 + XBOX one combined into one. Not to even forget the SSD thats not even available for commercial users that will make sure you won't have nearly any loading at all. You are renting a PC that streams to you but you can even forget the stream element it's the pc that you control.
Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead 2 дня назад
Stadia is going to be Streaming based... so it's going to have crappy hardware simply because you don't need good hardware for it.
mralan1969uk 3 дня назад
Just get a RX 480 for £100 on ebay it'll play everything on the highest settings at 60fps. Your eyes won't notice any difference between 100fps+ and 60fps.
Crazycauses 51
Crazycauses 51 3 дня назад
My eyes notice a difference for sure.
Shizzlesnap 3 дня назад
Love the rifts playing during the benchmarks 👍. Currently debating on whether or not to upgrade from my ancient Asus R9 290 4GB as it's starting to hit it's limits and my expectations. Would the 1660 or 1660 ti be a worthy upgrade?
Milos Stojanovic
Milos Stojanovic 2 дня назад
Ti is the way to go ;)
Gabrielius Snarskis1
Gabrielius Snarskis1 3 дня назад
If u use these video card u won't see any changes
BluntForc3 Studios
BluntForc3 Studios 3 дня назад
I’ll keep my 1060 6gb for 2 more years 👍👍
swiftness 3 дня назад
It's very bold of you to assume I have money
DariusBlack 3 дня назад
I have an EVGA 1060 6GB and there's no way I'll upgrade to something like this... not that it's bad mind you, I just like to see drastic changes when I upgrade...
Richard Green
Richard Green 4 дня назад
Want prices to fall Boycott Nvidia that simples
Yellow Ghost
Yellow Ghost 4 дня назад
i have a 1060 6gb aorus rev 2.0 , it will do for now
Ecstasy M
Ecstasy M 4 дня назад
1660 is better than some 2060s
Syed 4 дня назад
Or just get a console
John papichulo
John papichulo 4 дня назад
How to save money? Just don't buy neither nvidia or amd gpu.
ThePhantom712 4 дня назад
I have a 1060 6gb im not switching for about 12-15% more performance, ill wait another 1 to 2 years.
M G 4 дня назад
The GTX 1660/Ti was never meant for GTX 1060 owners obviously.
LazarusOnline007 TTV
LazarusOnline007 TTV 4 дня назад
What about 2060?
Christian Benke
Christian Benke 4 дня назад
lol , my 760 is still working great !
MrDman 4 дня назад
Comparing this to my 290x xfx 8gb is sitting with all the 1660 and 1060 6Gb, and this is just a Fx 4350 OC to 5Ghz on a OC 290x 1125/2000 www.3dmark.com/fs/15917462. The 1660Ti is a little faster card, but losing out 2gb and 314 Bit Bus Width to run on a Ultra Wide setup and maybe comparison of Bus Width on 21:9 vs 16:9, I'm interesting of seeing if any result is different from the two ratio setup based on Bus Width to a monitor of 1920x1080 or 2560x1440 and Ultra Wide 3440x1440 or 2560x1080. Not really a buy to me if my score is very close to their firestrike score and I have ROTR, I never tested out the 1920x1080p. But god that is a lots of 6's.
killerbsting16 4 дня назад
I'm using a ryzen 7 2700 with my gtx 1060 6gb and I love it so good mmmmmmm
Robert Lacasse
Robert Lacasse 4 дня назад
No replacement for displacement😉
Xiang Xing Ong
Xiang Xing Ong 4 дня назад
What will be the next best upgrade for GTX 970? Will 1660ti fare better?
jackfoo2 4 дня назад
what kind of fps will the 1660ti get in fortnite? any one know max settings
John Thomas
John Thomas 4 дня назад
I'm curious if my gtx 770 would be able to handle VR.
Bryan May
Bryan May 4 дня назад
I have the 750 ti I have no problem running iracing i do need to run it on lower settings to run it smoothly. Every other game or app I try and run is choppy and not really playable. I will be upgrading to the 1660 or 1660ti next week I hope.
leonard jumadiao
leonard jumadiao 4 дня назад
Im running a i3-6100. Will the 1660 bottle with it?
Tomas Seaton
Tomas Seaton 2 дня назад
I don't think it would bottleneck too bad but that cpu isn't great but isn't bad. I built my brother a little emulation pc a while back and put that cpu and a 1050ti with a 240gb SSD and 2tb SSD for around 550 and it played games pretty well. My brother didn't play many PC games. Mostly Indies and emulators. But when he did play the Witcher it did pretty well. However I am not sure if he played on 1080p low or 720p high.
Joseph 4 дня назад
Whats the backing track?
Александр Васильев
I just bought a 1060 6gb last year and... i’m good with it
JohnSTF72 4 дня назад
In others word, if you already have a 1060 6GB, don't bother. Unless you want to add the number 6 to your 1060 to have a 1660 :)
Mike Litoris
Mike Litoris 3 дня назад
Im doing a new build and can get both 1660 nd 1060 for same price which is better
Jorg Floren
Jorg Floren 4 дня назад
the rubbing of hands sound is very much present throughout this video... you had very dry hands the day of shooting
2PeriodBlood7 4 дня назад
my 780ti 3gb is still holding strong, i should go and buy a monitor then.
JustJordanTV 4 дня назад
I’m still happy I bought my Rtx 2060 on launch.
Hans Meier
Hans Meier 5 дней назад
I still got a GTX 770 and will upgrade at some point this year. I guess RTX 2060 got the best value for its price. I can see it for about 360€ here in GER. I think I paid about the same for my 770 back in the days when it came out, so if we consider inflation that's actually not so much more expensive.
TheBod76 3 дня назад
Well the "successor" of the 770 should be the 2070 though, now compare its price with the price for your old 770. I highly doubt you paid >500€ for it.
gazzacroy 5 дней назад
i like msi cards i 've never had a problem with them i would and am happy to spend 20-30 pounds more to get msi than another brand just think there better quality..
Peter Mufasa
Peter Mufasa 5 дней назад
Considering how software lags far far behind the hardware development curve, the prospect of splurging the extra $100 into an allegedly more future-proof 2060 becomes less attractive. That extra $100 means the difference of having a mini-ITX mobo with USB-C, built-in WIFI, and 1TB m.2 SSD vs a non-USB-C, no-WIFI, and 500GB. Heck, there's probably even spare change for a $20 wired XBOX controller. PC components other than the GPU seem to have a much higher "ratio" of performance gains per price-point change. The ability to have WIFI and USB-C alone would easily be worth the saved change on the 1660 stock over the 2060's extra 15FPS (a performance delta from an already awesome 100+FPS average across all GPUs) and barely-supported raytracing features. Also, I'm perfectly happy gaming on a 21:9 2160x1080p monitor, so 4K is a non-issue. I don't need to play every single bleeding edge game that comes out, and I'm betting like most of you, haven't even finished a quarter of his/her Steam library. For me, the 1660 on a fresh build, on my $1200 budget, frees up so many other possibilities for other components. Today, it's easy to get lost in the GPU-glamour of games, but just take a close look at the rest of the components, and you'll see that the cost-savings possibilities of components leaves the GPU race in the dust.
Brendan Hoffmann
Brendan Hoffmann 5 дней назад
I bought an RX 570 last year for $120 usd. Good for a truly poor person! Supposed to be similar if not a little worse than the 1060 3 Gb. Plays most modern games on medium / high settings at 1080p 60 fps. It does direct X 12 wonderfully.
Tran Bronstein
Tran Bronstein 5 дней назад
Great video, particularly with the summary of the eternal dilemma of the PC shopper: buy now or save up for the next tier? Let's be honest, we all WANT an RTX 2080Ti but are held back by two realistic notions: what we can afford which forces us to consider what we actually need. It's great that NVIDIA puts out such a wide range of cards but I agree it is extremely daunting for a PC beginner and frankly too expensive for generations of young gamers brought up on affordable consoles. The only way I have successfully converted the nieces and nephews from console gamers to PC gamers has been to literally buy the components and build the PC myself and then give it to them.
OnceAPunAThyme 5 дней назад
I have heard that the non Ti version 1660 overclocks to the stock speed of the 1660 TI, so it's a solid upgrade from the 1060 6GB version, no? I feel Nvidia's new line up has priced me out of... their market, so I think, for me, I would either swallow very hard and go for a 2060, or else go for a 1660 and overclock it to the the speed of a stock 1660 TI.
chitrarth bhardwaj
chitrarth bhardwaj 4 дня назад
But then you can also overclock the 1660 ti so you'll still be behind it in performance
GarretsDaddio 5 дней назад
I don't game. But I render 3d. I would choose the base model because the performance does not justify the price difference. What kills 3d render time the most is running out of memory on the card. This is why even an RX 580 8 gb can be faster than these cards at certain times. The 1660 is almost always faster in about everything than the RX 580 unless it's a very large render. I wish the 1660 had 8gb and then it would be a no brainer. I would skip the Nvidia lineup until I had enough scratch to buy a CPU with more memory. But I think this card is a good value considering current prices.
M G 3 дня назад
+GarretsDaddio Well GTX/RTX and non-Pro Radeon GPUs are specifically made for gaming. For the professional market there are Quadro and Radeon Pro GPUs. But of course "multitasking" is possible most of the time as long as no Quadro/Radeon Pro is needed for that specific software. May I ask what rendering software demands only Pascal based cards? Seems like a very specific use case. And if so your software is the problem, not the GPU, as rendering usually is possible with all GPUs.
GarretsDaddio 3 дня назад
+M G Unfortulantly my 3d software demands Pascal based cards. The RTX and 1660 along with any production based cards are useless. As a workaround, I switched to another rendering program that allows the use of other cards with Open CL support. For being on a budget, bang for the buck AMD kills it because of memory size. (still gaming cards) I would love to get into VR yet too. But considering my 3d software demands a gaming card, Pascal, it's frustrating and certainly seems like a bad choice. 1) it forces me to buy 10 series. 2) They need to scramble now that Pascal is getting phased out to come up with another solution. I don't get the concept of gaming rigs because I think spending that kind of money on anything should be able to multitask. If it wasn't for one specific program I would defiantly buy a 1660.
M G 4 дня назад
GarretsDaddio Well that‘s why it‘s a gaming card. There are other graphics cards for the professional market. 6GB always is enough considering gaming and the performance it offers. The RX580/90 has more VRAM you will never use while gaming at 1080p. For 1440p neither of these cards offer enough performance, so more VRAM than 6GB is not needed considering they are gaming graphics cards for 1080p.
PrincessTS01 5 дней назад
so nvidia turn on rtx for all card that should nerf all of them pretty good making you desire a 20 series instead
Paladin_ Steele
Paladin_ Steele 5 дней назад
Jay..?? 1060 3GB GPU is not a better buy over the 1050 4GB Ti OC (FYI both Zotac) ...??? I did my first PC in years and came across both cards. Both relatively cheap. I was to understand that the 1060 3GB had a better performance in memory Read/Write rate over the 1050 4GB (GPU Processing for Rendering) and for the price tags of 2017. Yes yes, for its time. I was looking for a better card by now, thinking a 1070 was my next step. 1660 Ti XC comes off way way better. *** (BTW) I work for Henry (YProGeeks.com/.net) and I have made several recommends on PC builds from your videos. Thanks for your insights. John - YProGeeks.com
Paladin_ Steele
Paladin_ Steele 4 дня назад
+Supun Bandara For my next project, I did have the RX 580 in mind. Also in mind was a Windforce GTX 1070 8GB. As it can be seen, the GPU market (the middle ground) is still NOT set in my mind to come down on prices over the hype of the 20 series cards (Ray-Tracing). RX 580..?? GTX 1660 Ti XC..?? or a GTX 1070..? Given that taking a 3rd card into account (RX 580) for viable Customer PC Builds. For myself..?? 1660 (6GB) vs. 1070 (8GB)..!!! I would hope @Jay would do a vs. comparison. *** I, guessing to speak for many others, look for value, even in Gaming. FPS counts. How many games are out there (today) that use Ray-Tracing. NONE of the games I play while on breaks. AND I do like what @Jay has to say.
Supun Bandara
Supun Bandara 4 дня назад
I have a GTX 1060 6 Gig and it's performing awesome. If you can find the budget buy a rx 570 or rx 580. It will give you better vram performance than 1060 3 gig. And they are far better than 1050 ti. They have better driver support also
Paladin_ Steele
Paladin_ Steele 4 дня назад
+Supun Bandara IT IS what I have found to be true.. As a reference to my experience, using my Task Manager to monitor some performance issues (my system for Business/Home use: [8th Gen/i7-8700K, Corsair RGB 16GB DDR4 3000 (Along with ASUS Software)], heard about it before buying both (Zotac) cards. The processing bridge (architecture) effectively handles the 3GB of memory better than the Ti OC 4GB. I do also use the available Nividia Drivers, and see better FPS (+10-25 FPS) for certain games, and a better benchmark score using VALLEY. The price difference then..? $25 USD over the 1050.
Supun Bandara
Supun Bandara 4 дня назад
1060 3GB is better than 1050 ti man
Randy Barber
Randy Barber 5 дней назад
currently my friend has a gtx 970 and i5-6600k... he has $300 to upgrade those 2 parts. What is the best option?
MOS RaikobƎn
MOS RaikobƎn 4 дня назад
No upgrade.
Billy B
Billy B 5 дней назад
I literally just bought a 1060...
Hayden Morris
Hayden Morris 5 дней назад
Billy B return it
Owais Ahmad
Owais Ahmad 5 дней назад
Noah Vang
Noah Vang 5 дней назад
Love the video but had to give it a thumbs down due to the music during the benchmark slides
vansh punj
vansh punj 5 дней назад
I have been trying to make pc for 11 months now :) I still have to buy a GPU,Ram,PSU and a harddrive. too damn expensive;(
EPICLULZ123 3 дня назад
By the time you buy one, it will be so far outdated you'll need a new one lmao
Doruk G
Doruk G 5 дней назад
imma save that 50 bucks, maybe 40 more to get that card ? oh nice somthing something is on a discount imma save 50 more and BOOOM youve got ur titan rtx from a fucking 1050 ti
LAMINEY 5 дней назад
why people want to get a better card then the gt 1030 since eye can't see over 720p 24fps
KarlGaff 5 дней назад
best card on the market for the price is vega 56, can get a sapphire pulse vega 56 for £289.99 on overclockers and get 3 actual good games with it.
Aidan Cooney
Aidan Cooney 5 дней назад
Would a 1660 be a worthy upgrade from an rx480?
Nik Walker
Nik Walker 6 дней назад
I'm interested in best performance GPU's without the need of additional power.
Nik Walker
Nik Walker 3 дня назад
+MOS RaikobƎn I had the same thought, so I bought right now a second hand Zotac GTX 1050 Ti 4GB D5 OC for around 110 USD.
MOS RaikobƎn
MOS RaikobƎn 4 дня назад
Probably 1050ti is the best without additional power
george giannopoulos
george giannopoulos 6 дней назад
my 7950 downs these cards easily ;)
Martin Carline
Martin Carline 6 дней назад
I bought an overclocked RTX2060 Zotac Amp for £350 and I've never looked back. Upgraded from GTX1060. It's awesome at 1440p on PUBG. Getting 150-160 FPS. Has GTX1080 power and with DLSS will probably push up to 1080ti. Great value in my opinion. Would certainly not recommend upgrading from a 1060 to a 1660 or ti version for such a small boot in performance. Not bad for anyone starting from scratch or upgrade from 1050 though I suppose. RTX2060 is a much better futureproof though...
FTR 6 дней назад
I will stick with my 770 until it dies thanks.
J2XG 6 дней назад
Just upgraded from an rx580 to an rtx2080 FE
rob060 6 дней назад
What's sad is that I built my computer at the height of crypto mining and literally every card on the internet was sold out. Had this nice Ryzen machine all spec'd out and all I could find was a 1060 3GB to hold me over, since the 1080 was $1300. Still can't decide what to replace it with for 1080p 144hz. Maybe Nvidia will make a 1770ti or something soon.
M. Molli
M. Molli 6 дней назад
Does the GTX 1660 run cooler than the 1660Ti ?
Rick Newton
Rick Newton 6 дней назад
I would save up for a better card.
KeaFunny 6 дней назад
I have a feeling Nvidia is smoking something that boo boo
Ryan vtec
Ryan vtec 6 дней назад
I got a 1060 3gb and I was thinking about going up to the 1660 for the extra vram. Now I lm I can't justify the cost. I feel like the rtx2060 6gb would be my minimum upgrade
Boogiepop 3 дня назад
I recently upgraded from a 1050ti to a 2060, I recommend it
Get Bazingled ツ
Get Bazingled ツ 3 дня назад
i just recently got an RTX 2060, you should get it, it’s a really good gpu.
Nomy Littlekitten
Nomy Littlekitten 6 дней назад
MMMM SO wheres the RTX 2660?
Storm 6 дней назад
GTX 1660 ti or Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ Im currently stuck choosing between the two for my first build. The RX 590 is on sale and a good GPU. But the 1660 TI seems like the next one up as far as budget builds
im jokin bruh
im jokin bruh 6 дней назад
Storm if you’re fine with the TDP of an rtx 2080 then go for the RX.
Happy Dude
Happy Dude 6 дней назад
Geez, watching reviews for all these new cards really make you appreciate how amazing Pascal is.
JretOfficial 6 дней назад
Just go amd if you are worried about the bang for you buck and what’s worth the price tag
tronpoid 6 дней назад
Hi, I currently have a GTX 1060 3GB Oops! I want to upgrade for about £300 GBP (Im in UK) Any advice? My PC system is: CPU: i5 8400 6 core. 1151 LGA Ram: DDR4 16GB Cas 15 Patriot 2400 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB MB: Microstar B360M Pro-VDH Coffee lake HDD: Samsung Evo 860 500 GB PSU: Be Quiet BN277 PURE POWER 10 500 W 1920 x 1080 monitor. I mainly play VR on the vive with the PC
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat 6 дней назад
Gtx 1738 yeh
Hellsfoul 6 дней назад
I do not believe, that the VGA card does not make any noise. I had a 2080ti with the same fan. Sadly it makes a really annoying clicking noise, when it starts rotating :-( You also did not mention that in your EVGA 2080 ti FTW3 review.
Gerald Vega
Gerald Vega 6 дней назад
This cards have the same encoder chip than the 2000 series? thx in advance if anyone answer ^^
Ben Wa Balls
Ben Wa Balls 6 дней назад
No offense Jay but all of these cards are absolutely stupid. This is a company trying to make a money grab with sub par products, PERIOD I can't believe you just gave benchmarks on this trash...
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Fire Ants vs. Simulated River Jungle
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Turbo'd my Mom's Car - Her Reaction Was Priceless!
HOW is THIS for Gamers??
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LGR 486 Update! Installing & Enjoying Windows 3.1
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my last week in college ever 👩🏻‍🎓
World's first REAL Wireless Charger.
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I went to Canada to meet my CRUSH
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