Just save your money.... GTX 1660 vs GTX 1060

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NVIDIA just launched the GTX 1660.... but should this card even exist?
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Comments 100
slade donavan
I gotta disagree. The 1060 3gb out performed my 1050ti by a long shot on every game I wanted to play. Yes the lower vram really sucks on open world games but man it's much smoother. Good for budget builds and the second hand market is great for them. I paid 80 bucks for mine on facebook and I haven't seen too many go for more than 120 on there. Great card but obviously a cash grab on nvidias part. Hopefully going to grab a 1660 ti soon, since I really can never justify something beefier until I completely rebuild my system from the ground up. The i5 4690k is going to start holding me back soon. Great video as usual though!
Mr. Vegard Pettersen
My friend is buying an intel core i9 processor and a GeForce RTX 2080 to play fortnite and cs.
Mads Trier
Mads Trier Day ago
would love to see how this runs with Total war warhammer 2, that game is a besat
Maverick Tangent
I had to spring extra money for the MSI Gaming X 1660 vs the cheaper EVGA because it has 2 DP connnectors. I wouldn't be able to run my 2 144z 1440p screens on the cheaper card. The 2nd screen would only run 30hz using DVI/HDMI
David Prescott
David Prescott 2 days ago
The 1660 should have been called "GTX WEREGRABBINGYOURMONEY"
AnkhaFTW 3 days ago
I just bought a 1660 6G for $219, and now after watching this video I'm beginning to think maybe I shouldn't have bought the card. Then I remind myself I'm using a GTX 780 XD
You Don't Need To Know Sh!t
i use my old gtx 960 2 gb. and dont have problems :D
InfernoPlayz Games
Ide save my money and get the RTX 2060
Joshua Runs-With-Wolves
I’m a fan of value for money much like yourself - a reference model is fine if it saves a few bucks and offers a acceptable noise and thermals. That being said I usually buy used so why am I commenting on a review for a new card? Good chat.
TRULYMORTAL 4 days ago
Currently own the 1060 6GB. I will patiently wait and see what happens at the end of the year. If I do upgrade, it will probably be to the RTX 2060.
NADELL SMITH 5 days ago
I started to buy the 219 card until I realize it took up 3 slots. My rig uses a pci express slot for a wifi card and I am wary of moving my cards around when I got the airflow just right. I am also considering trying sdd out and a 3 slot video card would nix that idea.
DarwinBlame 5 days ago
I got the Palit GTX 1060 6Gb dual fan... It's a beast, with no hassle I got the core up to 1950mhz and memory 4050 mhz and it's around 78°C on a all night stress test, but I bet it can go over 2000mhz with no prob since the fans are at only 65% during the stress test
tuj 5 days ago
Me: hmm which one has a cool back plate, rgb, and cheap.
TheBanjoShow 5 days ago
People talk about performance per dollar but all I gotta say is I can be saving all the money in the world and be getting a “great value” but if I’m getting 40 FPS, I’m getting 40 fps. No bullshit. If you can save up a little more and be patient, don’t settle for less. Big balls, big fps... and buy used lol, legit like no difference besides a little dust, but your shit is gonna get dust either way so who the fuck cares? You save like +$100, just don’t buy miner cards.
TheBanjoShow 5 days ago
Buy ye shit on eBay
Isran Haque
Isran Haque 5 days ago
It's possible, GTX 1660 high graphic gameplay with online streaming? As like PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, League of Legends. Please help me brother
Enzo Troka
Enzo Troka 4 days ago
Walter Pinkman
Walter Pinkman 6 days ago
I hate this price system coz you're like I could just save $30 more for a slightly better card, then you save that money and think, well if I save another $30 I can get an even better card and one thing leads to another and before you know it you're spending an extra $200 than you originally planned on a component that will be outdated in 2 years.
andrew kenny
andrew kenny 7 days ago
What about 1070?? Is it worth it now adays??
Dumb Dickler
Dumb Dickler 7 days ago
So I've got a 1050 ti. Any suggestions?
Gabriel Nilo
Gabriel Nilo 5 days ago
wait for AMD GPUs and see which one has better value
Valve Timing
Valve Timing 7 days ago
My iPhone XR has the ability to play mobile games at max settings at 720p lol
jim Hunt
jim Hunt 7 days ago
way to shill out jay! linus would be proud
Sanket Gupta
Sanket Gupta 7 days ago
Adviese: Donmt talk a lot, try to give side by side benchmark, thats what people want, we dont want to look at your face man!!!
SMOKEnKILL 8 days ago
But you won't get 10 FPS in Super Mario with it!
Bryan Lotus
Bryan Lotus 9 days ago
for me 3gb is enough coz everytime i play in 1080p w/ high med settings most of the time im only using 2,9 - 2,5 VRAM i bought it in 2018 for 175$ msi gamingx twinfrozr 2nd hand
ryanjofre 9 days ago
3gb card from Nvidia. I'm sure it's nice but wyf where they thinking. The 1060 6gb is one hellava budget card andceske especially if you 4K game but the Amd/ati RX580 8gb is still the overall ultimate budget card for 1080p gaming.
Regil Raju
Regil Raju 9 days ago
which is better the 1660ti from ASUS or the 1660Ti from MSI
IndiGamer 7 days ago
Both are good. Buy that one whose service center is close to you.
nyfox12 10 days ago
I legit bought that same card and let me tell you, I LOVE IT, The TI keeps it SOOOO cool, my room is like 15 degrees cooler now, my case doesnt even get hot now, The card IS SEXY looking, its quiet, it gives me like 40 more FPS over my old GTX 1060 6GB, Idc, its legit like a 1070 ti and I love it. Same as a 2060 without RTX, so its a dab.
Dirac Drynx
Dirac Drynx 10 days ago
My overclocked 1060 from 2016 is faster than the average 1660 on UserBenchmark
reNegade oVery0u.
well, you get the same performance as the 1660 Ti if you overclock the 1660 non Ti... by 130mhz core + vram 900mhz. its capable of overclocking by extremely, so what your point?
M B 12 days ago
In short if you have a gtx1060 6gb no need to upgrade to 1660.
M B 5 days ago
+Quplas but it is nice to know that something purchased on the tail end of production and at a discount is still relevant and not compleatly rendered irrelevant like the gtx960m being compleatly overtaken by the mobile version of the gtx1050 due to nvdia dropping the M for its laptops. Side topic is max q basically a new name for the m of the gtx and rtx lineup?
Quplas 7 days ago
Somebody who upgrades their gpu every generation has probably not bought a 1060 anyways, so it's a moot point.
CHILLY MAN 13 days ago
I can't wait to go pc part shopping that will be the best day of my life lol.
Kie 7077
Kie 7077 14 days ago
Should of compared with the 2060 also. I wouldn't touch these because they do a poor job of handling games at high quality right now so there's no future proofing. My gtx-970, it had a ton of future proofing. And where's the AMD cards in the same price range?
Adriano Cirrone - DRINO
The Benchmark soundtrack is FUXXXNG AWESOME! Beautiful review by the way. 😎👌
Uber Nerd
Uber Nerd 15 days ago
Just get an AMD card. At this point, Nvidia is just trolling its customers.
Romanmonster23 16 days ago
Ryzen 5 2600x, Asus b450-f strix,8gb trident z 3200, 27in 2k monitor 144htz. Currently running a 1060 6gb armor(over clocked with no crashes) . The gpu is struggling to push 2 monitors under load. Should I get the 1660 or just save for a better card? My price range is about $200. I just built this system but I didn't upgrade my gpu because I thought it would be fine. It ran fine on my old system.
Broodjekaas !
Broodjekaas ! 17 days ago
Rx 580 8gb is better right?
Broodjekaas !
Broodjekaas ! 15 days ago
+Josh Johnson yea I get that, but is there any benefit in having a new gpu
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson 15 days ago
Sort of.... IF we're looking at performance per dollar only. However, the 1660 out performs the 580 pretty much across the board, BUT it retails for ~$50 more, and the 1660Ti nearly $100 more. Personally going for a rebated RX 580 8GB just to be an AMD purest(have a Ryzen 5 2600X ready. Got it crazy cheap on ebay). If I find a killer deal on a 1660 or 1660ti, who knows I might just snag it.
Broodjekaas !
Broodjekaas ! 16 days ago
+Shadman Islam why
Shadman Islam
Shadman Islam 16 days ago
BRO BULL 18 days ago
thank for the video, honest video
Lil MaloneBone
Lil MaloneBone 18 days ago
I have the evga 1660 xc ultra gaming card how would it compare to these cards
Jung Lee
Jung Lee 18 days ago
I had to stop the video due to the music. Thumbs up for content thumbs down for the horrible music.
shivanksolaris 18 days ago
1060 6gb vs 1650 4 gb?
N MEDIA 18 days ago
Looking for a quick answer in the comments section
daan boer
daan boer 19 days ago
would take the msi card over evga anyday, had to much evga cards die on me.
Aloa He
Aloa He 19 days ago
i got a Zotac 1060! AMP GDDR5X 6G (with the PCB and Cooler of the 1080 Mini) new for 170€ from a german retailer .. so i am happy with that in 1080p. A real Step up would just be the RTX 2060 in my opinion.
Nitt Mitt
Nitt Mitt 19 days ago
Just bought one of these because I'm building my first pc and I'm on a hard budget. I used the extra $30 from getting the basic model to get a little more wiggle room for the ssd. I'll probably keep using it until I find a good deal on something better.
Danzer 19 days ago
"With 30 bucks more you can get the Ti version" *Laugh in italian* Here prices make no sense at all: -1060 3g 200€ -1660 236€ -1060 6g 270-300€ -1660Ti 300-350€ With almost 100€ of difference the 1660ti isn't worth It imho, and the old 10s serie make 0 sense with the prices.
Grm _Micha
Grm _Micha 12 days ago
Danzer i feel you man in the netherlands u pay -1660 235€ -1660 ti 350€
Grahamhg 20 days ago
At this price just get a console.
Snoop 21 day ago
Just save money and get the best card/parts you can don’t cut yourself short try to future proof. I built my first pc in 2016 only the motherboard his left from that build.
ProNooB YT
ProNooB YT 21 day ago
But i still have an rtx 2060
hartopp piotr
hartopp piotr 21 day ago
My friend overclocked his gtx 1660 and got an extra 10-15 % boost in performance.
hartopp piotr
hartopp piotr 3 days ago
No, some cards overclock better than others. For example, the gtx 1660 ti when overclocked only got about 8% better performence
PiCiU 3 days ago
You can overclock every card and get 10-15%, so what's your point?
Nihil Eternal
Nihil Eternal 21 day ago
I picked it up cause my 1060 6 gb wasn't doing the job and after the warranty ran out it had some stuttering going on(and hitting 83c quite often.) I changed the thermal paste too..just that crappy cooler and all. Right now I'm happy with it, but
razorgarf 21 day ago
Nvidia have way way too many cards to put it mildly
yacir Rahov
yacir Rahov 22 days ago
I dont like the way u dismissed my 1060 3gb sir! i was on a the budget 1050 not ti, wich was great enough for me, to a used 1060 3gb, @ a cheap price 142 dollars, why ? there is a huge dump of those cards after the bitcoin mining gone the drain , and i must say it Da best deal out there at the moment!
Aceofacez10 22 days ago
How much better is a 1660 than a 760, 40%? I've been waiting YEARS for realistic prices for an upgrade. I just want to run Dark Souls 3 at 60fps without overclocking on minimum settings
ELN calls
ELN calls 22 days ago
I can tell from your induced confusion that the industry fragmentation and incremental model structure is worse than ever before. Been out of the game for years since I been using a MAC.
Duško Gnjatović
Duško Gnjatović 23 days ago
Slides are to fast...
kurniawan prawidhito
Sing penting nduwe duit tuku ora nduwe yo ora tuku ngono kok repot
radeonvelcro 20 days ago
layo lapo bingung kabeh
Wihan van der Walt
Wihan van der Walt 24 days ago
I still have the Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 960 G1 Gaming 4096Mb Graphics Card and looking to upgrade to the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 OC 6GB Graphics Card, will this be a good upgrade or must I reconsider?
Konstantinos Michailidis
I believe it is. Or maybe wait a bit to see if anything new comes and then decide.
cosmo anderson
cosmo anderson 24 days ago
I honestly think you should compare the 1660 to the 1070 since used theyre about the same price...
John Smith
John Smith 25 days ago
I mean, that's generally common sense. You don't upgrade every generation (unless you have to have the best of the best.) If you have a 1060, wait for the 2100(?) series 60 card that comes out at a similar price point.
MIke M
MIke M 24 days ago
I have been rocking a 1060 that year they came out. Never once have I said I wish I had a better graphics card.
Rens Ro
Rens Ro 26 days ago
For $215 it's a good card
Sean Miceli
Sean Miceli 26 days ago
Why is MSRP price such better price but yet 1080ti new hybrid is 1499 ?? Msrp is 699
Toprak OKUMUŞ 27 days ago
I have a gt 1030, a historical intel i5 2500 with 8 gigs of RAM, a very cool case (I mean by temps ☺️) and a 1080p 60 hz display and I only can play a "real game" by setting everything to low, close all the other applications behind, like CCleaner and those apps which keeps running on background(seriously) and I still get 13-15 fps in Assassin's Creed Unity for example, oh and the vram usage is 1900 mb, which is almost all of it 😁 So, he is damn right, gaming with a gt1030 is a no go... I wonder if I crank up the settings all the way to the ultra high what happens?
Elliott Ridgeway
Elliott Ridgeway 27 days ago
Will there be any water blocks for 2060??
Tungsten Taco
Tungsten Taco 27 days ago
I have that EVGA 1660. Normal operation, it runs pretty quiet. But after a few minutes of ray tracing stressing in Unreal Engine, the fan noise is definitely noticeable.
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz 28 days ago
I been wanting to OC the msi GeForce 1660 ti carbón series any suggestions?
Vikrant singh
Vikrant singh 28 days ago
lol i have purchased 1060 3gb recently for like 269 dollars
Gerhard de Lange
Gerhard de Lange 27 days ago
got a second hand one for 100 dollars oof
dexter2433 28 days ago
my daughter was rocking a old R7 370 4gig in here Ryzen 5 system with m.2 drive and 16 gig ram as it came out of her old system but just today I did get her a new MSI GeForce GTX 1660 VENTUS XS 6G OC for $229 as it has the white fan shroud that matches her white case :-) but could have gotten the same card a few $ cheaper if i did not care about the looks of it
Liakos Gr69
Liakos Gr69 29 days ago
I bought gtx 1660 ti and I'm Hella impressed
J G 26 days ago
What were you coming from? I have a 1060 6gig (got in 2017) and after checking the new gen performance tests will be able to ride high gfx rating until close to 2021
ihab abdelhady
ihab abdelhady 29 days ago
Thanks for the video. Now I kindly want your advice. I am a Sim racer, I play Assetto Corsa, Race Room, rfactor 2 and project cars 2. Currently I have the Radeon hd 7850 and I feel that I am on the edge of sacrificing the quality of the visuals to keep the preference in a good shape, specially I do online racing. Now my question is which graphic card you recommend out of these three cards: 1- Radeon RX 590 2- GTX 1660 3- GTX 1660 ti All I need is to run these simulators with ultimate graphics possible without any problems. My budget is around $270 and I don't do any other games. Just sim racing and I'd like to get the VR maybe next year. Thanks in advance
ihab abdelhady
ihab abdelhady 26 days ago
+Gerhard de Lange thanks for your reply bro.
Gerhard de Lange
Gerhard de Lange 27 days ago
just get a 1660? i have a 1060 3gb with ryzen 1600x and play project cars 2 on max over 60 fps.
Guitarmike 29 days ago
Thanks Jay, this was the issue I am currently working with, and your ideas helped a pile!
seydo Month ago
Got the msi 1660ti armor for 195€. Worth it? 😊
Yosmatic Month ago
Is this card good for streaming ?
ActionTrooper27 Gaming
Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems like the GTX (insert 10 or 16here)60 lineup looks like this... In order of least to best performance: GTX 1060 3gb GDDR5 GTX 1060 6gb GDDR5 GTX 1660 6gb GDDR5 GTX 1660 TI 6gb GDDR6 If I built a pc, I would probably get the GTX 1660 cause I would also get an intel core i5.
Pierre Akol
Pierre Akol 23 days ago
Get a 590 d:
Uteopia Month ago
I think I'll save more money and just get the RTX 2080 or Radeon VII once the drivers mature.
Amir Tak
Amir Tak Month ago
I would just buy a used GTX 1070 from ebay. plus you get 8gb of vram
Reverse Ghoul
Reverse Ghoul Month ago
me with my asus phoenix 1060 3gb dreaming of upgrading to an rtx 2060 :(((((
Henning b
Henning b Month ago
Just buy a 580 8g Right?
TheMoon Month ago
im too scared to build a pc cause of the power considerations. i got no idea what parts take how much power and how it all adds up.
TheMoon Month ago
thats the thing, i just want to know how it works, i dont want to do anything half assed or be short sighted. your answer screams half assed solution, no offense.
Rankerino Month ago
If you dont build anything crazy you should be Fine with 500w PSU, Just make sure to get a well known oné like Seasonic or be quiet
Paul Cruz
Paul Cruz Month ago
I got mine for 213$ gigabyte oc model pretty Happy
Prehacks Month ago
nust buy gtx 1070
Jake Cheong
Jake Cheong Month ago
I copped the gtx 1060 3gb for 80$ I think it was worth it
Rolo 732
Rolo 732 Month ago
Whats up with the watermark of his face in the video ?
soundsys33 Month ago
just go RX 580 8GB better than 1060 and extra 2gb for longevity cheap as well :).
Alvaro Rodríguez
Alvaro Rodríguez 23 days ago
+soundsys33 nah mate i cant buy on ebay from mexico, the post here is awful, it would never arrive xD
soundsys33 23 days ago
Try eBay got mine a golden sample edition for £135 posted, so there about +Alvaro Rodríguez
Alvaro Rodríguez
Alvaro Rodríguez 25 days ago
cant find it cheaper or at a similar price of a 1060 6gb so..
Heniek gołąb
Heniek gołąb Month ago
1060 is already on the limit in therms of data transfers. 192bit memory bus on GDDR5 is what slowing down 1660 alot due to more cuda cores.
TxT Peer
TxT Peer Month ago
Both are crappy
Bronze HD
Bronze HD Month ago
This must be the big boy card : D
AmazedPlague659 Month ago
I got a gigabyte 1660 ti for $230
Robert Flores
Robert Flores Month ago
I got a 1660ti and im very happy with it. Best card under 300$
Tracey Sharpe
Tracey Sharpe Month ago
All that talking but, nothing said.
Anonymous243 Month ago
So just for reference where would the 3g stack up against the 6g
The Yeetmeister
The Yeetmeister Month ago
It'd be like playing on a core duo for bfv (not really but doo doo)
Froilan Castro
Froilan Castro Month ago
I will buy radeon rx 580 oc
Miroslav Katana
Miroslav Katana Month ago
Got a 1060 3g for a hundred bucks I'm not complaining.
Jorus C'baoth
Jorus C'baoth Month ago
Great vids Jay. I' like to see a GTX 1660/1660Time compared to an AMD RX 590 on a Crossfire with 16Gbs RAM.. and a R7 2700X.
Alexandru Hilliard
You ment our bank account
derpness Month ago
I just got a 1060
Flurozahs Month ago
The world in anything you can imagine really, is starting to reach peak evolution In materialistic things. Cars are becoming electric and shit but there design is staying the same throughout the last 5 years , and I can't see huge exterior or interior changes except for advanced technology. Just goes to show graphics cards after 3 years of having the 1060 , 1660 hasn't changed much, meaning they have reached peak performance now and there is only MINIMAL difference. Same applies for many phones. Iphone is legit getting design upgrades but barely any differences to performance compared to previous ones. If anything I think all these companies in any industry like NVIDIA, rushed all their releases of cards and have hit a dead end. Fuck man so many examples, even games can relate. Literally fortnite is soon dead, last season 5 there has been NO difference except for bullshit add-ons that get vaulted.
Mr_ OGGI Month ago
Thank god in our country gpu's are so overpriced we dont have this kind of problems lmao
Daniel Zan
Daniel Zan 13 days ago
In my country the difference is almost 500 reais. wich in dollar is something like 125,00
Go boy
Go boy 21 day ago
+SUPER USER your country isn't the only one doing so..Fuck them
SUPER USER 22 days ago
+you. not you. me. blame our country for stupid taxes on graphics cards
you. not you. me.
you. not you. me. 27 days ago
+Manish Goyal you from India ? The 1660 to costs more than the 350$, this is just nuts.
Tenderizer17 Month ago
You don't need a GTX 1660 for Lovely Planet. You don't even need a GTX 1060 for Lovely Planet. Why would anyone by a graphics card if not for Lovely Planet. Why did I buy a GTX 1060.
Rathalomaniac Month ago
OR, you could go on Ebay and get a used 1080 for $300.
Smiley Boi
Smiley Boi Month ago
Cpu-red Gpu-green
CASSE11E Month ago
Nice benchmark track :)
dairycow009 Month ago
what if i have the 1060 3gb? would it be worth the upgrade?
tigerheaddude Month ago
dairycow009 if you're not dissatisfied with current performance, then I wouldn't upgrade if I were you. This generation of cards just doesn't have a big enough jump in performance. The upcoming AMD cards seem to be promising for their price point, probably worth waiting for.
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