JUST DO IT | Will You Press The Button #4

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Dec 24, 2015




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Comments 80
Atharva Shrivastava
11:00 that's actually real life
Jonah’s GamingTube
Press that button mark, I would because I already hate myself
Dark Chandelure
Dark Chandelure 15 hours ago
I would do push the button to hate myself in exchange for being attractive because I can have so much influence over other people that I won’t have to see myself.
Weeb Trash
Weeb Trash Day ago
5:57 my names Noah soooooo
Jessica 2 days ago
Well this final question is real life. Many social media influencers and other people who maybe that popular and attractive person to others do tend to have large insecurities of their looks. Many studies have shown this throughout time and most of the times it always leads to the fact of not being perfect or good enough. This can be influenced by the parts of the media such as commenters who say they could be better or give negative feedback, other influencers with a higher following than them and like differences on a post. This rate of people who fall into this trap of poor mental heath still increases to this day.
Brice Vasquez
Brice Vasquez 5 days ago
I will press the button.
The EJ Factor
The EJ Factor 6 days ago
A tarsus is a box did you see that mark
Splatterati Splat
Splatterati Splat 11 days ago
What you could do in those 10 years would all go away afterwards. All those people you helped would be back to what they were before :(
G3Gaming 12 days ago
My only Question is Noah from the Bible or Noah from TribeTwelve???
Antoni o
Antoni o 13 days ago
There was a comment that was 46 years ago WHAT THE FUCK
Sandu Resitca
Sandu Resitca 14 days ago
Im already hating myself
Akuma Renja
Akuma Renja 18 days ago
I’d push the last button because I already hate myself as it is
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More
Dude, I get to be a giant fucking dragon AND anime tiddies? HELL YEAH
Lady Fledermuffel
Lady Fledermuffel 20 days ago
05:53 is that why we have the Corona virus Today?
Aidan Seymour
Aidan Seymour 23 days ago
Also, surviving doesen't mean utopia...
ting tang
ting tang 25 days ago
Why are the comments 46 years old
Jakob Dill
Jakob Dill 27 days ago
Great at music or cocaine
Oubayda Emsallak
Oubayda Emsallak 29 days ago
if hinata ever existed and would be anywhere in the world another guy would already take her
gladiator 1
gladiator 1 Month ago
5:56 💯💯
Luigi 7777
Luigi 7777 Month ago
8:05 and don't give a damn about dating girls anyway so give me either a Delorean that has extras to make it look like the Delorean from the "Back to the Future" trilogy or an electric car from Tesla
gacha stories
gacha stories Month ago
Mark:IM NOAH. Me:are you sure you don’t do cocane
Adam Xei
Adam Xei Month ago
"How long can you stomach the one in the mirror?"
Shadow the puppo
5:55 lol I got a screenshot
Grand Master Yoda
Grand Master Yoda 2 months ago
3:50 the fact that some pervs would press that unironically disgusts me. Sure, like that stuff but don't share it everywhere you go. People whose only wish is to have their cartoon girl come to life so they can [CENSOERED] is f*cking gross. Grow up weebs >:/ Edit: Not talking about Mark. I'm fine with his choice bc of the dragon lol
Kunisake 2 months ago
1. Press it 2. I will not. I love music too much 3. I will not 4. I will not 5. Press it 6. I will not 7. I will not 8. What? 9. Press it 10. I will not 11. I will not 12. I will not 13. I will not 14. I will not
ryan adams
ryan adams 3 months ago
if you use your skills professionally you could be the best piano player in the world even at composing and just leave all your compositions in your house for others to find after you die
Josiah Tatum
Josiah Tatum 3 months ago
So I'm super attractive but I hate myself, the only difference between that and reality is that I would be attractive.
Marco c
Marco c 4 months ago
Put it to 1.25X speed it sounds like a song at some points lol
Shane Baca
Shane Baca 4 months ago
5:56 slow it down to 0.25
The Summer Coywolf
The Summer Coywolf 4 months ago
I’d press the button, since nothing but my looks would change.
Kingdom of Nerdz
Kingdom of Nerdz 4 months ago
10:40 I'm already half like that (I hate myself), so I'd press the button.
SAMURIADI 4 months ago
7:34 i mean thats just 25550 bullets
Allen Earl
Allen Earl 4 months ago
As someone who lives with that, trust me when I say it's not worth it to press the button at 10:40 . I hear nothing but positivity when it comes to my looks, but I honestly hate everything about myself, including my appearance.
fat guy555
fat guy555 4 months ago
11:00 I'm 14 and that's deep
Blake King
Blake King 4 months ago
I mean, I'm fugly right now. This just means other people disagree with me
JM Anderson
JM Anderson 4 months ago
Anyone gonna talk about the comment at 2:00 that says 46 years ago?
Peyton Golding
Peyton Golding 4 months ago
For the last one... I'm gonna use real beauty not physical appearance I think it's more important that I'm happy with who I am than billions of strangers And realistically, if i become beautiful to everyone besides myself, that would mean I suddenly conform to social norms, I suddenly become an anti-LGBT+ cishet christian guy. I'm not taking that offer
Peyton Golding
Peyton Golding 4 months ago
6:50 yeah I'll press it why not I'm trans so I already have over 6.5 billion enemies
TheRingmaster 4 months ago
Markiplier: Im Noah!! *flying overhead* Randos: *looks up*.....what? Um, okay? Markiplier's fans: *looks up* Yeah!!! Go Mark!!! Woo!
DIO APPEARS! 4 months ago
No one gonna mention how the guy who said "the fuck is a waifu" was written *46 years ago*
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez 5 months ago
10:51 that wouldn’t change how I feel about myself anyways. Got you, so-called dilemma!
Listof play
Listof play 5 months ago
you can accept ur uggoness
mustangbeauty4 5 months ago
9:47 “71 people are not thinking properly.” Uhh, markiplier, you might want to check that number again.
SolerGamer 5 months ago
5:7 Mark: humanity could make great advancements..... Ramdom guy in the comments: why should humanity live that long, it sucks
gamers in a container
I'm already hideous to myself, so I will press it.
Janis Francisco
Janis Francisco 6 months ago
why do the comments after you choose say 46 years ago?
Sir E
Sir E 6 months ago
Anyone realize the comments at the bottom of his screen are from 46 years ago?
PointFire Music & Gaming
5:02 I am a science nerd I find this so funny because its the same thing
Nate DS
Nate DS 6 months ago
Mark, you are aware that most great musicians get over drug adiction at some point? And your button specifically says you cant get over it.
dj pokétube
dj pokétube 7 months ago
My wiafu can turn into a dragon so booyah
Hollow Silence
Hollow Silence 7 months ago
If I was given that option I would influence humanities study in scientific discovery and advancing technology to cure that was once incurable diseases and to help us colonize other world's. And I would build a time machine so that I could travel throughout time and still be famous and Rich and the completely take out the whole pour factor. Basically what I'm saying is I'll be like Doctor who. Oh yeah one last thing, I would also influence the study of biological cybernetics and enhance the human body to do things it was never able to do before.
LegendarYO 7 months ago
This is how many time Markiplier said *THAT's AMAZING!* | ^
Potatopi 7 months ago
That last one is already my reality. So uh... yeah.
sucky ducky87
sucky ducky87 7 months ago
Press the button
Noah Stevenson
Noah Stevenson 7 months ago
5:59 I would too
Zavier P
Zavier P 7 months ago
1:56 that comment was made 50 years ago
Dawn Sprague
Dawn Sprague 7 months ago
Turn the music off, I prefer just hearing your voice instead
Bjorn Scharff
Bjorn Scharff 7 months ago
my name at 5:39 ! ^-^
Bjorn Scharff
Bjorn Scharff 7 months ago
pause at 3:50 "Veris Marock 46 YEARS AGO!"
Michael McGee
Michael McGee 8 months ago
You live a happy life with whomever you choose AND YOU GET TO MAKE A NEW RANDOM ENEMY EVERY DAY!
Dávid Csutak
Dávid Csutak 8 months ago
Mark, why was your pc clock set 40 something years forward?
Corosso 8 months ago
3:04 Look at the comment, 46 years ago wtf lol
Loki 8 months ago
hold up at 5:11 the comment says it was posted 46 years ago. wth?! HOW OLD IS THIS GAME @Markiplier
kkonsta 8 months ago
8:04 if you're a girl.
Damien McGirl
Damien McGirl 8 months ago
Anyone notice the 46 years ago comment at 5:50 ?
Ashperation exp Porter
Dude that's my life everyday
Bradyn Diamond
Bradyn Diamond 8 months ago
What’s a waifu
david rumrill
david rumrill 9 months ago
I would for sure hit that button
CephalonSadistic 9 months ago
Mat want's to be a horny dragon. The image is burned in my mind. A fancy youtube dragon with cool hair humping building's
CephalonSadistic 9 months ago
You can just learn the instrument and enjoy it for yourself and your friends. You don't need to be professional to enjoy the skill.
CephalonSadistic 9 months ago
Craig is your waifu mark. Never forget Craig, Bro.
COOLSKELETON95 9 months ago
*I'm Already Disgusting To Myself **_Soooooo_*
Luke Bickner
Luke Bickner 9 months ago
I will press thw button
GlitchyRedVideos 10 months ago
I guess he takes drugs, and 2019?
Ben Franks
Ben Franks 10 months ago
10:03 Read the comment
RuzzyTheFuzzy 10 months ago
i already have the last thing minus being attractive
CMH 10 months ago
Abbey Dies
Abbey Dies 10 months ago
I would press it bc I already hate myself probably too much
Cool Glasses
Cool Glasses 10 months ago
8:45 If I pressed the button I will become the richest person in the world, right? And since it told me after ten years it will go away it therefore implies that I will be the richest person alive for ten years no matter what I do therefore I could give away billions of dollars to helping defeat world hunger, diseases, homelessness and so much more, and even if I still had to live in a box on the street it would be worth it because it would help so many lives.... and because I could make that street amazing. :3 if you read this, thanks. ;3
But Its Cows Mooing
But Its Cows Mooing 10 months ago
Markiplier was acting like that at the cocaine one because he already has a cocaine addiction.
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