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Voice of Ronald:
Mark M "Sick Animation" :ruvid.net/u-sickanimation
Additional Animation:
Nathan Wheeler: ruvid.net/u-FANTASHOW100
Davecavedraws :instagram.com/davecavedraws/?hl=en
Comp Artist:
Molly Wright: instagram.com/mollywright/?hl=en
Score by:
Samuel Long: open.spotify.com/artist/1o4eqJumHhKcJrpybBK20R?si=I8xtb8hBTxmamyd8jt9mZAP
Audio Edit:
Justin Greger - twitter.com/imadeasong

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Mar 15, 2020




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Comments 100
chara dremmurr
chara dremmurr 3 minutes ago
MyR3aLNam3 Hour ago
Big Makk
John Milton978
John Milton978 2 hours ago
This clown's the worst thing imaginable! Ronald's a feeder! I bet she's a double wide surprise!
Luvly Kathxrine
Luvly Kathxrine 4 hours ago
Lowkey kinda uncomfortable 😁👍
John Smith
John Smith 4 hours ago
What is he saying about Logic the Rapper? (The subtitles don't make sense.)
Travelerkid67 5 hours ago
Its same like the golden ticket one a bit...
Google Account
Google Account 8 hours ago
Next do Bob Ross 🤣
Young Dre
Young Dre 12 minutes ago
Christopher Merritte
This shit is fucking hilarious LMFAOOOO. Every line and action was priceless
AJ Seagle
AJ Seagle 9 hours ago
Now I am uncomfortable whenever I go to McDonald’s thanks my life is ruined thanks
monstarr .x
monstarr .x 11 hours ago
This guy voiced willy wonka lol xD
Hehehehehe 12 hours ago
"go on take a couple dripsss" lol that made me uncomfortable
TheIronGi4nt 12 hours ago
bruh rude af guy never tried his big mac
Young Dre
Young Dre 11 minutes ago
supaboiXD 13 hours ago
what we learned today kids? EAT YOUR GOD DAMN BIG MAC
沒有Taffy 14 hours ago
0:50 made me feel weird. "Take a couple drips."
EllieZeNarwal🐳 14 hours ago
Why...on gods green fucking earth, can’t I stop watching....
Star Dust
Star Dust 14 hours ago
Something tells me the big macks special sauce ain't sauce from mcds 😳
Icy Cake
Icy Cake 17 hours ago
this is scaring the shit out of me
GameBoyKid5 17 hours ago
Take my like and FUCK OFF
Leila_yee Yee_yee
Leila_yee Yee_yee 18 hours ago
Did anyone notice it said try our big mac it you will never get out alive or something 0:49
An Alien Life
An Alien Life 18 hours ago
I fucking hate this
Khadijah Yago
Khadijah Yago 18 hours ago
So soothing yet disturbing
The Galaxy Avatar
The Galaxy Avatar 19 hours ago
McDonald’s will kidnap you and who knows what else
Thato_nefurry 20 hours ago
and kill die
and kill die 20 hours ago
After You died: where am I *Heaven* :
feetus la yeetus
feetus la yeetus 20 hours ago
Now I know why McDonalds removed Ronald McDonald. Makes all of the sence now
Raquel Guzmam
Raquel Guzmam 20 hours ago
. .. these cartoons are so creepy and make me feel so uneasy.. lol I love it!!
Kham Chanhvanh
Kham Chanhvanh 21 hour ago
I died at "come on TAJE A COUPLE DRIPS"
Y'all thought this shit was disturbing? I was actually eating fries when this video started :l
bruticus maximus
bruticus maximus 22 hours ago
The wierdest thing is that meat canyon actually came up with this, animated it and uploaded it
MadChristoph 22 hours ago
I really can't stop laughing at this and the Willy Wonka one. Imagine it Charlie was in this video and keep saying "I don't know"
kevin steel
kevin steel 23 hours ago
yeah this is too real and fucked up
Danked Out MeMes
Danked Out MeMes 23 hours ago
Alternative Title: The offspring of Johnny Depp and a porn star.
I need a vergin vodka after seeing this
Mohammad Ali Sharifien
ASMR at the best x)
christian paulo pascua
Am I high?
Moomoo Mayhem
This video made me give a few drips.
Sgtjames17 :-\
This whole video is FUBAR
Natsuki Day ago
The dollar store joker movie
Mattie N.D.E
Mattie N.D.E Day ago
Take a couple dripssss lol
Weed Cat
Weed Cat Day ago
me eating my fries : lil hungry ass kids : " yOu LoOk CuTe WhEn YoU eAt ThOsE fRiEs "
Alex Paulk
Alex Paulk Day ago
Ba da ba ba ba
Gir Day ago
i feel relaxed but tense while watching this at the same time
Anthony Del Nero
Dear lord god no please kill me now kill me kill me kill me kill me
Kansasfilth Day ago
This turned me on
Lucas Bowlsby
Can you doesn't
Lyle Farris
Lyle Farris Day ago
Ronald Mcrapey
Loser Day ago
You look cute when you eat those fries. Now go ahead get a taste of that Big Mac! It’s really good. Come on in! The water’s just fine. Oh come on, I won’t bite. At least not that hard 😳 Hmm, you still haven’t tried your Big Mac. Is something wrong? I’d hate to see you go home hungry. Our bathrooms are very clean. Hmm you looks like you have to take a tinkle. Cmon, take a couple dripths. I got a 93 Toyota paseo in the parking lot. Let’s get out of here. I used to like logic, you know the rapper. But the needle drop refused him so poorly I just don’t really care for his music now. Here, have some water, there you go sweetie. I still wonder why you haven’t ate your Big Mac yet. You’ve been a bad girl.
ProXY One Creations
This was hot
levi_ draws
levi_ draws Day ago
I love the voice acting it's so creepy yet kinda calming and the craziness in his voice I can hear that. It's just so good
GamingReaper Day ago
What was that
Larry Meat goods
I'm confused if they needed him to try the big mac then why did the horse nugget eat him? 2:16 Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
Family Email
Family Email Day ago
As a great man once said "ronald mcdonald does not make me want o buy a burger, he makes me wanna call the police".
Ikea Thomas
Ikea Thomas Day ago
What the hell
Cat Dude
Cat Dude Day ago
Ha ha ha! Nope! I'm getting the McF*** outa here
Sir Templar
Sir Templar Day ago
Why is his voice relaxing-
Michael Pierce, JR
Him talking about logic is the normal thing in this video
Doge Day ago
**loads M14**
Taejay 369
Taejay 369 Day ago
I feel weird about watching this
Morbid Angel
Morbid Angel Day ago
I'm so scared
Carter Dennis
"w-w-what the fuck?"
Sagazine Mtew
I actually feel like the person he’s talking to because I’ve never had a Big Mac
Mon Star
Mon Star Day ago
I don't know, but it looks like a real-life story
Mon Star
Mon Star Day ago
The background is great
The Bat Glare
*I just don't know why you didn't try the big mac*
Maude Migneault
The worst part in all of this... I just had Mcdonald...
the king of cake
Ah yes my favourite episode of family guy...herbert the pervert gets a job at McDonald's.
Deven Day
Deven Day Day ago
This is horrifying
coonus1 Day ago
Grimace lol
Paul Logan
Paul Logan Day ago
The soundtrack is amazing
Gacha_ Eclipse
If that talked to me I’d slap it
xgetxsickx 2 days ago
Welp i know one fast food chain I won't be in the mood for anytime soon.
King of Edge
King of Edge 2 days ago
Cactus Jack sent me.
Mr Eyeball
Mr Eyeball 2 days ago
Never have I been so at peace with nostalgia yet so uncomfortable at the same time.
Mad ll Projectz
Mad ll Projectz 2 days ago
dont watch this high
Ken M.
Ken M. 2 days ago
This was eerily funny 😅
Trantor The Troll
0:48 "Try The Big Mac You Fuck, You will never get out alive..."
fiddle little
fiddle little 2 days ago
Whoever is reading this what was the big mac
Darry. 2 days ago
POV: Ronald McDonald is the only clown you’re not scared of
Hannah Priddy
Hannah Priddy 2 days ago
you good bro?...
believe it
believe it 2 days ago
This channel will burn
C9 Nutzy
C9 Nutzy 2 days ago
Jon Trego
Jon Trego 2 days ago
1:53 joker be looken different
Kerry Douce
Kerry Douce 2 days ago
Wtf this is creepy as shit
Connor Allison
Connor Allison 2 days ago
luco who?
luco who? 2 days ago
I searched up asmr and this came up
Mr.Everybody 2 days ago
This reminds me of Far Cry 5 for some reason
AJ Dixon
AJ Dixon 2 days ago
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ewwwww
Jay S
Jay S 2 days ago
The background music is hauntingly beautiful!!
Parzival 2 days ago
I kinda... Want a big mac now
J_IS_DABOSS YT 2 days ago
take a couple of *drips*
Xl Ranger42
Xl Ranger42 2 days ago
Crackhead McDonald's lol.
Oralia R
Oralia R 2 days ago
What is sad is that this happened sin real lite
BDZDREAM zZz 2 days ago
Smoe K
Smoe K 2 days ago
Ronald Mc Fondle
Johnmichael Martinez
Im on shrooms. Is this real? Very spooky
Clara Lewis
Clara Lewis 2 days ago
I am uncomfortable with the energy we've created in the studio today
PogCraftOfficial 2 days ago
godamn his voice made me uncomfortable as fuck. The animation is amazin, but damnnn the voice actors you get ore the fucking BOMB, they really know how to make the audience feel shit, good job!!!!!
I'm Noctin
I'm Noctin 2 days ago
Im thinkin about the fact that it's been said Human bodies are part of what Mc Donald's is.....& I dont mind.
N Olkhova
N Olkhova 2 days ago
God why can't that be me
Trollface87 2 days ago
What makes this so great is the music in the background
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