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Today Julian Jordan will take on the SLAM! Studio Challenge! Can he produce a track in one hour? Next in line is Mesto. Check it out next week. Stay tuned!
From the 19th of January every Saturday an other producer will take on the challenge to produce a song within one hour. In this serie producers Brooks, Julian Jordan, Mesto, Trobi and Maurice West will give a tutorial that shows how they produce their music.
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Comments 80
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 7 days ago
What genre is this?
Nero 8 days ago
Waiting for Martin Garrix, please!
Angel Alvarez
Angel Alvarez 9 days ago
I accept the challenge all the way from Texas.
R.A.P official
R.A.P official 16 days ago
dude u can automate the knob by right clicking the controller i think he is used to older versions
Dhanush Balakrishna
The only question I have ....why isn't it clipping?😂😂
Nathaniel Hubbard
who else thinks Julian looks like a pirate
Felix Month ago
Anirudh Bharadwaj
we want alan walkerr give me more likes if we want alan walker!!
Ilan Y
Ilan Y 2 months ago
Awesome job! very inspiring and creative :) To all people that comment about his knowledge of music theory - Yes it's important but not necessary required because a good ear can overcome it very easily and good ear is mostly way better than knowing some theories in my opinion.
Harris Braton
Harris Braton 2 months ago
Martin will never do this ever
Akash Shukla
Akash Shukla 3 months ago
Still brooks is undefeatable
Daniel K
Daniel K 3 months ago
Was cringe and frustrating when he ruined the perfectly good chords at the beginning by putting the bass note at the end in the wrong key. Instead of fixing that he deleted the chords and kept the bass the same. Then when he was trying to create the lead plucks afterwards, the c note was in the wrong key and instead of changing that, he kept trying to find other notes to fix the problem. I would have gone from G to G FLAT then C.
rob1nzzz 3 months ago
How to make little plugins window like in Julian?
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor 3 months ago
Love Julian Jordan 💯
Mr Sun
Mr Sun 3 months ago
he looks like beginner ....
arman ARAKELX 4 months ago
Julian is a proof that being a producer isn't being IT freak nor theory and science pro. THIS GUY IS AWESOME.
FireFURY gaming
FireFURY gaming 4 months ago
NESKI 4 months ago
Could someone please tell me how it is that you can have italic letters in the mixer as well as it appears in this video?
Katsuragi Music
Katsuragi Music 5 months ago
Progressive House
Progressive House 5 months ago
Axwell would be unbelievable tho
It's me Harnan
It's me Harnan 5 months ago
when razer give you a lemon :''
W D C 5 months ago
Michael Fuchs
Michael Fuchs 5 months ago
could be a edit for Bloodfire by Arty, but holy cow the kick is 🔥🔥🔥
Nagendra Singh
Nagendra Singh 5 months ago
you did a great job man
Fakir. 5 months ago
he actually putting the clap 1 by 1 and doin it with brush tool..
Sylenth 1
Sylenth 1 6 months ago
Wanneer komen er weer nieuwe
DMT Donuts
DMT Donuts 6 months ago
HAHAHHAA WTFUKKKKKKKKKK...You really have no idea
Just to Share files
Just to Share files 6 months ago
Waiting for kshmr and skrillex
Itz Bat
Itz Bat 7 months ago
Call it 1 hour madness
JustPrewitt 7 months ago
i'm impressed considering he made this entire track with his eyes closed
R3ALS gamer
R3ALS gamer 7 months ago
A tela do pc foi Gravado em 4k kkkkkkkk
Iván Briones
Iván Briones 7 months ago
Prathamesh Sonawane
Prathamesh Sonawane 7 months ago
Martin garrix please!!!!!!
Ryan Shepherd
Ryan Shepherd 8 months ago
What plug in is he using @ 21:11
Youtuber Links
Youtuber Links 8 months ago
Nazi Andre lol
david Zelaya
david Zelaya 8 months ago
Goodjob julian Jordán is talent
Millennium 8 months ago
Mariano Ojeda
Mariano Ojeda 9 months ago
He REALLY needs to find his own sound... Julian doesn't know what to do anymore, so sad
Andi Vegas
Andi Vegas 9 months ago
WoW This is Great !!! I learned new)
Wahib Abdou
Wahib Abdou 9 months ago
it sounds groovier and smooth I like it.
Ganglijash Y
Ganglijash Y 9 months ago
Yoo bring this back !!!!
DJ Zardox
DJ Zardox 9 months ago
Enej Valjavec
Enej Valjavec 9 months ago
thats just sick
Aapex 9 months ago
Amazing track done in 1 hour omg
Larson 9 months ago
Love this guys
Tom André
Tom André 9 months ago
I want to see Nu Aspect there!
NEW STATE 9 months ago
Which pc is that? .0.
Alex Miller
Alex Miller 9 months ago
I actually think he's being ghost produced...
Roy Whiting
Roy Whiting 9 months ago
Alex Miller why’s that
elina 9 months ago
elina 9 months ago
SIMON THE MEME LORD 10 months ago
If David guetta did this challenge then he would have to feature his ghost producer 👻 👻
VM7 10 months ago
Who else went here just for the result? :)
Polish House Mafia
Polish House Mafia 10 months ago
this track is great
tkomsk -64-
tkomsk -64- 10 months ago
i like this song!
Schroedski 10 months ago
he needs to watch some busyworksbeats
Tip Fertilizer
Tip Fertilizer 11 months ago
A lot of notes, but not impressed result.
BugattiVeyronTurbo 11 months ago
He should release this in some capacity! It really was great, especially considering he only had an hour and wasn't able to focus completely since he was explaining a lot to the viewers.
Criss Valens
Criss Valens 11 months ago
K P 11 months ago
Bass Sky
Bass Sky 11 months ago
I'm sure it takes so much more than 1 hour to create a track I'm sure you gonna master it and everything and compare your song with different audio systems and etc
RIJ 11 months ago
I love how raw this video is.
Dan Whiting
Dan Whiting 11 months ago
Don't beat yourself up man, your 1 hour challenge is better than my 1 decade challenge.. sounds awesome
FarSouth 11 months ago
The real in the studio.
Producción En Línea
Producción En Línea 11 months ago
These producers need some sound design classes, going through all the presets it's stressful and a waste of time
Pxrish 11 months ago
Nah nothing wrong with presets
Producción En Línea
Producción En Línea 11 months ago
Imagine flume in this. He probably wont, but its nice to picture him doin this
Producción En Línea
Producción En Línea 11 months ago
How did he made spire so tiny lol
Shelby Gambino
Shelby Gambino 11 months ago
i think he did that hans zimmer course, nice choice mate!, Music is like a conversation, thats what Hans said!
Karls2000 11 months ago
Je should release it
NOBUE Year ago
To all producers out there: Learn as many shortcuts as you can and start to use them even if it if it is not faster in the beginning.
Krish Thaman
Krish Thaman Year ago
It's actually dope
tommy rykhus
tommy rykhus Year ago
Lets do BLINDERS!!
Evann Blaze
Evann Blaze Year ago
Blinders or tv noise or seth hills
Muthu Year ago
50:17 Boosting the Low end 😂 Another level !
Nitizh Sdk
Nitizh Sdk 12 days ago
what's wrong in that???
IYEDE Year ago
Julian Jordan - Oldskool 😂
TeamGaming Go
TeamGaming Go Year ago
Zo Hee! Lekker Hoor!
Hezekia Year ago
rip cpu
NamSky Year ago
17:48 when you have no fucking idea of music theory
zakaria big
zakaria big Year ago
i would make three tracks in one hour
베러머 / JB CALEB
bing ting
bing ting Year ago
Love to see jauz or don diablo take up this challenge
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