Julia Roberts & Patricia Arquette - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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“Homecoming” star Julia Roberts and “Escape at Dannemora” lead Patricia Arquette sat down for a chat for Variety’s Actors on Actors. Roberts and Arquette breakdown the fourth wall, revealing the secrets of their craft.
“If I turn around, and I see you, and you don’t need to be on this set, I’m going to punch you in the face,” said Arquette, when telling Roberts about a nude scene she did for a David Lynch film.
The duo participated in a long talk about working as an actress in Hollywood.
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Jun 4, 2019




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Comments 459
Luce Omega
Luce Omega 4 days ago
Their conversation is the equivalent of two best friends meeting for brunch...love it! Excellent pairing...
Sam Green
Sam Green 8 days ago
someone do Cameron Diaz and drew barrymore
Samantha White
Samantha White 12 days ago
I could listen to these two brilliant, fascinating women forever. More please.
SteveL2012 12 days ago
Best line: ‘and now we’re just rad 51 year olds with naturally blonde hair.’ Awesome close to a great program.
Juliet Jones
Juliet Jones 12 days ago
I love Patricia Arquette so much. She reminds me of an aunty I had.
Piznoc Tsauo
Piznoc Tsauo 18 days ago
Patricia more often than not sounds so bored and aloof, like she's on medication, and I love it.
Piznoc Tsauo
Piznoc Tsauo 18 days ago
Julia Roberts, aka a representative of the .1% of the world population that looks great with any hair color and style.
Piznoc Tsauo
Piznoc Tsauo 18 days ago
Two extremes of the American mainstream cinema spectrum facing each other. The easy laugh and the uneasy smirk.
Brens Green
Brens Green 20 days ago
love the down to earth natural Julia, the clothes show how natural she is and a way to get out of all the showbiz clothes, love it love her, Patricia I love the fiesty way but Julia is also fiesty, right to punch the gawking men in their faces, they must always have respect if even it is part of a movie
N Amiin
N Amiin 21 day ago
I just loved Medium favourite tv show ever, and Pretty Women was great,
Sharon Mount
Sharon Mount 22 days ago
I love both these women. They seem so genuine. Sometimes actors are great actors but are sketchy in real life but these two got their shit together
Sherry Patrick
Sherry Patrick 22 days ago
I thank both of these talented actresses. 😃. They have been in movies I cherish, love ,and remember. Memories I hold dear. 😊❤
Lena Franklin
Lena Franklin 27 days ago
Amazing 💙💙💙
von drexler
von drexler 29 days ago
That was excellent
Cheyenne Lynn
Cheyenne Lynn 29 days ago
"Went to Disney? Are they gunna animate it?"
Gary Shaffer
Gary Shaffer Month ago
Philadelphia Story. Yes, totally agree, great comedy, great actors. Enjoyed hearing these two ladies talk about how they make the decision to take a role. That part of the process is such a huge part of the movie magic that keeps us watching movies, plays, shows like Big Bang Theory. Like you can't imagine anyone else in the roles.
Linda Maurer
Linda Maurer Month ago
Seems like Julia is just waiting for Patricia to ask her questions. Even when she bring up a subject , she is talking about herself. hmmmm
TheGirl Month ago
Meghan Markle Twin . JULIA Roberts
Lola Chiconila
Lola Chiconila Month ago
love them both ( very good actresses) but how can Julia Roberts ( fantastic actress) -looking better now then she was in her 20's? i think she looks better now then in Pretty Woman - i know a lot of people will disagree but Oh well!
Norma Livella
Norma Livella Month ago
I love Patricia's heels!!
Norma Livella
Norma Livella Month ago
This is the BEST Actors on Actors pairing!!!
April Nelson
April Nelson Month ago
One of the best scenes ever committed to film: True Romance, Patricia Arquette and the great James Gandolfini, scene in motel room.
Julia I think you are amazing and ditto to your brother Eric - 2 gorgeous people. My favorite movies are you in Erin Brockovich and Eric in Star 80
Susan Thursdays
Susan Thursdays Month ago
Patricia has a hot vibe - love her, love her work, love to get to know more of her. They’re both absolutely gorgeous - natural, not ‘done’ . I’d love to belong to a book club with these two, (sans politics). Patricia is one of the best actors in the business, and definately under-rated, in my opinion. Julia seems very taken by her. Two very accomplished peers. Good talk. btw. - at an award show televised in 2019, Arquette gave a ‘great speech’, memorable, was exactly as Julia describes. Cant think of name of award show, was not Oscars, maybe Golden Globes for 2018, awarded in 2019 - She won again the next year, (2019/aired 2020, but that’s not the speech; however, Michelle Williams, a fav actor of mine, extremely talented and still soaring .. gave a great speech at Golden Globes, aired Jan 2020 worth listening too. ... approx half way through )
Kid LoveWax
Kid LoveWax Month ago
5:41 ❤️
Ben Schaeffer
Ben Schaeffer Month ago
Patricia Arquette is one of my FAVORITE actresses. The characters she plays are so edgy, yet, she’s so DOWN TO EARTH. I love her for that. Love Julia Roberts too, but she’s very wholesome comparatively.
blacka brown
blacka brown Month ago
Nicolas cage & John travolta would be good true Face Off 😂
Natalia C.
Natalia C. Month ago
I cannot tell how much I love you both 💗
Makenzie Collins
I wish patricia would have an updated interview about stigmata
Joe Human
Joe Human Month ago
"..and now we're just rad 51 year olds with naturally blonde Hair." "That's right." (epic High Five)
Marryann Sawyer
Marryann Sawyer Month ago
She was also in nightmare on elm street
Danielle Blanchard
Danielle Blanchard 2 months ago
Stan Shady
Stan Shady 2 months ago
Patricia Arquette skipped the whole young hollywood actress thing and went straight into Penny Marshall.
Mrs.George Glass
Mrs.George Glass 2 months ago
" I was born modest ", ME TOO,yo frfr!
dave Payneflip
dave Payneflip 2 months ago
Julia roberts is the definition of forever young. Just incredible
suzy Q
suzy Q 2 months ago
This is great! What is Julia wearing?
Jeff 2 months ago
I loved Patrica in Stigmata she was spellbinding...🥰🥰
Lina Monreale
Lina Monreale 2 months ago
I love these two lovely ladies
Kyrana Michaelson
Kyrana Michaelson 2 months ago
Okay, I love that Roberts neck shows her age. As I look at my own body and struggle with the changes I see, I truly appreciate that I feel she is a beautiful woman, and allowing herself to age.
Patrick Belanger
Patrick Belanger 2 months ago
True Romance!
Tasnima 2 months ago
Patricia Arquette in the Act with Joey King.
Liza M
Liza M 2 months ago
I love how they're so open and receptive of each other's questions. Two very talented, very eloquent amazing women. Enjoyed watching them!
Suzanne Millius
Suzanne Millius 2 months ago
love both these women but patricia's glasses are super distracting
Kelly Pagano
Kelly Pagano 2 months ago
I think these are both very charming women. And amazing actors. Julia Roberts has done some really fantastic work in her career. She deserves more accolades.
Tracy Greenhough
Tracy Greenhough 2 months ago
Patricia is mesmerising. I love her.
Wendy Black
Wendy Black 2 months ago
Why do I want to give Patricia Arquette a hug, Every time I see her...
Carolina1 2 months ago
Oh the phony ass kissing from Julia especially is just embarrassing. It's ACTING for crying out loud.
Jennifer Carrasco
Jennifer Carrasco 2 months ago
Great actresses!
zurida jamil
zurida jamil 2 months ago
Love Julia’s shoes and Patricia glasses
Shannon So
Shannon So 2 months ago
Omg I love both this humans uggggg ❤️
T S 2 months ago
Again; another brilliant pairing! Bravo 👏🏽
K T 2 months ago
2 brilliant ladies so amazing ,
Cyndi valdovinos
Cyndi valdovinos 2 months ago
Julia is such a timeless beauty ❤️
羊星空 2 months ago
Rodger B
Rodger B 2 months ago
Someone needs to go after.
Joe McKim
Joe McKim 2 months ago
Both Julia and Patricia have played hookers in movies, Julia in PW and Patricia in True Romance.
chris lawrence
chris lawrence 2 months ago
Julia Roberts and Elton John are doing a bit?
Honest Rios
Honest Rios 3 months ago
ever since I saw Patricia Arquette in the movie "holes". I've wanted to fuck her like crazy, I don't know why! 😂
Ms. 008
Ms. 008 3 months ago
Loved Mystic pizza , &. Still feel it ♥️🔥🔥🔥♥️🍕
Ms. 008
Ms. 008 3 months ago
How bout Diane Lane & .....I HV 2 thk bout pairing for Ms.Lane ..myb not a female. ......Richard Gere .....or. .🌫️🌫️🌫️🌫️🌌🌌💚🙋
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