Julia Roberts & Patricia Arquette - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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“Homecoming” star Julia Roberts and “Escape at Dannemora” lead Patricia Arquette sat down for a chat for Variety’s Actors on Actors. Roberts and Arquette breakdown the fourth wall, revealing the secrets of their craft.
“If I turn around, and I see you, and you don’t need to be on this set, I’m going to punch you in the face,” said Arquette, when telling Roberts about a nude scene she did for a David Lynch film.
The duo participated in a long talk about working as an actress in Hollywood.
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Jun 4, 2019




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Comments 365
Ivo Stoyanov
Ivo Stoyanov 5 days ago
The best Variety video I have ever seen, a great pairing! Arquette is an amazing actress, I watched Escape at Dannemora and The Act and is difficult to believe that same actress has done both of them.
Mrjolie 666
Mrjolie 666 6 days ago
I wanted Patricia to ask Julia about staring & the making of Closer, like any behind the scenes stories with Natalie Portman... something! & I wanted Julia Roberts to ask her about Stigmata ...🤷🏻‍♂️
Kristen Dawn
Kristen Dawn 9 days ago
Patricia Arquette is SO cool
UMN Mode
UMN Mode 11 days ago
1 Wanting to bring sexuality, nudity and sexuality in film, and conversations about who's sexy, etc. Is not nearly enough to make a modest person get naked on screen. Sorry. Shes lying. 2. Julia Roberts asks excellent questions. 3. A coven of women, is Patricia Arquette a witch?
windschaser101 13 days ago
This was awesome! Love these two women! So glad they were paired together! Absolutely loved watching these two amazing, beautiful, and talented women have a chat! Thank you Variety!!
Dark World Of Horror
patricia arquette is the most amazing human on this earth
Luli Sissy
Luli Sissy 17 days ago
Best Interwiew EVER! Love both of them. Patricia Aquette questions, so deep! And she and Julia seems so good together. This is History 😊
KSfan4ever 20 days ago
I think this is my favorite "Actors on Actors" pairing so far. Fabulous!!!
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 21 day ago
No one in Hollywood, since, idk, Marilyn Monroe?, has had a sweeter smile, laugh and countenance as Patricia Arquette.
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 21 day ago
@8:05 "it's very weird" YES IT IS ---rest of civilized society
Suzy Lux
Suzy Lux 21 day ago
Patricia (and her wonderful teeth) forever
Samantha Law
Samantha Law 22 days ago
Well I tell ya, if I met either of these ladies it would be like meeting a rock star for sure!
Jamil Gotcher
Jamil Gotcher 24 days ago
Just subscribed to Variety based on this quality content.
ekcj1 26 days ago
I love these two women. And Patricia has treated me so nicely (albeit thru social media).
newswars-dotcom 26 days ago
Just heard an interview on SiriusXM where Patricia Arquette said she got "shingles" the day after Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed. What a friggin mentally deranged hollywood-pedophile-elite brainwashed moron. The accuser was LYING. And all the other alleged accusers already admitted to LYING. That was even reported by mainstream news. www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/09/the_real_christine_blasey_ford.html
Swan of Nutella
Swan of Nutella 28 days ago
That morning, Patricia though: "I want to know what Julia Roberts would look like if she were a SMURF."
susan wilson
susan wilson 29 days ago
Loved this interview nothing better than the two of you together that are always their true selves I appreciate that so much. I've always loved both of your work and your need for privacy and how well you handle it. Great gals ! Enjoyed so much
Maria S'
Maria S' 29 days ago
Patricia Arquette, Jodie Foster and Sally Fields are the best actresses in my opinion.
Brenda Villa
Brenda Villa Month ago
Looved! thank you!
Angie C
Angie C Month ago
I want those blue glasses though!!
David Eaton
David Eaton Month ago
I wanna see #SigourneyWeaver and #ShirleyMacLaine. These are just fascinating,
Samira Moretti
Samira Moretti Month ago
i love Patricia arquette!
Victoria Month ago
These two are so inspirational. I love how vulnerable, passionate and genuine they are in their work. Patricia Arquette is bad-ass and Julia Roberts is such a sunshine. True Romance (a masterpiece) and Pretty Woman-the two films I watched when I was coming of age and still love today as much as did back then
Lauren ODowd
Lauren ODowd Month ago
I have never been able to watch full episodes of these as I havent been that interested but I felt myself being pulled into this conversation and actually wanting to listen. Love these ladies! Amazing content.
tri becca
tri becca Month ago
Two iconic beauties still acting and winning awards and both OVER 50 !!
Joanna DeVoe
Joanna DeVoe Month ago
I LOVED this so much. Thank you!
Lyme_pithgypsy Month ago
Love these two. 💜💕💜
mikey p
mikey p Month ago
Oh come on Julila-You must of been flocking through the channels or seen adverts where there were sword fights and sex scenes lol- I have never seen 1 episode of GOT but know the story and some of the characters
Jared Hanamaikai
Julia stop saying I'm a hooker, that's what you are and I'm the medium not you Patricia
Cate K
Cate K Month ago
I'm with Julia on shows/movies that I want to watch...
Armando Cervantes
I like it how Patricia Flips it on everyone and makes it her show interviewing Julia
victoria de la paz
Diana Curry
Diana Curry Month ago
Or Saiorse Ronan and Shailene Woodley?
Diana Curry
Diana Curry Month ago
Can you guys put Winona Ryder and Kate Winslet together? They both have had super interesting careers!
Tina Stanley
Tina Stanley 6 days ago
Good one
H Singer
H Singer Month ago
they have influenced one another in similar ways. They take their work pretty seriously. Patricia was a gorgeous woman before, I do not think she aged as well as she could have but that also makes her interesting.
lovesong Month ago
What is the lavalier mic they are using?
lovesong Month ago
Dang! I didn't know Patricia was a boozer.
Cory Lombard
Cory Lombard Month ago
She looks SOOOOO much better as a Brunette Or Blonde...Redhead: GROSS
MrS98VAC Month ago
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Eric L
Eric L Month ago
Extreme amounts of love for both these fine ladies and their craft. 💟💖
annah m.
annah m. Month ago
Thank God I was never hot, beautiful people must hurt so much knowing and seeing themselves aging ,,,
lazyla27 27 days ago
You're comment is everything. I often think this, too. I'm not horrible looking, but not nearly a Julia Roberts - although some people have said I resemble her, so sometimes I say I'm an ugly Julia Roberts. But, yeah, would be devastating to be a an aging Raquel Welch, who by the way was on Oprah once, and said she totally lost it when she hit menopause and started to fall apart physically.
AnastasiaLUVSU 29 days ago
@annah m. Being beautiful and being vain are 2 different things.
annah m.
annah m. 29 days ago
@AnastasiaLUVSU of course it happens to beautiful people and ugly people. but beutiful ones hurt more, when losing thier beauty. when im old i lose nothing, so im not so afriad of being old at all :)
AnastasiaLUVSU Month ago
No. It's going to happen to everyone. You're just unfortunate.
Therese Ember
Therese Ember Month ago
Mystic Pizza was phenomenal.
wmagold Month ago
I think Patricia's family dynamic on Medium was the closest to a real family I have ever seen depicted on TV. Julia and I have the same favourite classic films, both with AMAZING female actors.
lazyla27 2 months ago
Oh, my, gosh...Patricia Arquette...amazing person...
2conscious 2 months ago
....and STILL, no questions or mention of my FAVORITE, classic sequel: "A Nightmare on Elm Street, Pt. 3: Dream Warriors". A hit film which introduced most of the USA (and the world) to Patricia Arquette....aka. "Kristen". Once Julia said she doesn't like horror, I knew we weren't going there.
Jules Mpc
Jules Mpc 2 months ago
Julia is very good of being evasive, vague...talking talking and keeping who she is very very private. kudos to her
Milk Carton
Milk Carton 2 months ago
This was embarrassingly fake. Especially on JR's side but what more can you expect of this person
Cak Redi
Cak Redi 2 months ago
*The Queens of the 90's.*
mycenth22 2 months ago
Every time I listen to Patricia Arquette, I'm always astounded by the levels of discussion she can have with another person. She is so smart and thoughtful.
Bxbygirl Desi
Bxbygirl Desi 2 months ago
hey allison Dubois (only medium fans understand)
gjh 2 months ago
Julia is so fake.
Rach C
Rach C 2 months ago
WOW Pure magic happening here ❤❤ love these 2 so much. True Romance is my favorite movie
Lisa Zottarelli
Lisa Zottarelli 2 months ago
Your so smart Julia and you are so fine.
Yor Wolffe
Yor Wolffe 2 months ago
Variety should really consider "Arquette on Actors." Patricia is utterly brilliant.
Anna Antonino
Anna Antonino 2 months ago
Love them both... great people
Sharon Weekley
Sharon Weekley 2 months ago
This was one of the best interviews I have ever seen! A proper, respectful, conversation where both contributed. Kudos to both actors for their 'talk show' skills (as well as an amazing catalogue of acting experience). Shout out too to the person who picked them for this show, you did a good thing, it was a joy to watch. Thank you.
Max Max
Max Max 2 months ago
Either the audio is terrible, or im dying, that noise hurts
bodystorm 2 months ago
These two together is everything. Amazing chemistry.
Lindsey Davis-Jordan
Well put.
Coden11 2 months ago
Man...I'm in love...
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