Juice WRLD - Stay High (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD
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Juice WRLD - Legends Never Die is available now: smarturl.it/legendsneverdieJW
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Jul 9, 2020




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Comments 100
Exon Flare
Exon Flare 6 hours ago
Simps the man died what’s new with rappers amazing artists always die quick this guy was a legend
Alex Soria
Alex Soria 6 hours ago
Raikom Teron
Raikom Teron 8 hours ago
Love it ❤
Leo Hernández
Leo Hernández 14 hours ago
I will buy hes meuch
Enes Gamez
Enes Gamez 17 hours ago
1:05 I littelry understand what he had said and I’m going through rn and I’m only ten 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁
Daniel Elliott
"even if life seems tough at times, suicide is a way of saying you lost. be a winner"
steve reid
steve reid Day ago
Best song ever 😀
dead games#TLB
SA Elli
SA Elli Day ago
You Kno what I mean it's definitely weird how me and my friend who was staying the night we were listening to juice world and like we just talking abt how what if he was gone the next morning like od and me him we're like naw we can't think like that Soo when we went to bed I prayed hoping what we said wouldn't come tru and you Kno what we wake up the next morning and we find out he dies from an od at the airport I swear me and my homie we're like in tears cause to .e and him we thought we caused this. I'm sorry juice if you hear my prayers please forgive me for what I said was probably karma😔 RIP juice you'll always be missed by me and everyone else
Cody Lee
Cody Lee Day ago
We never really knew you... but we all loved you
Elaine King
Elaine King 2 days ago
Gotta stay high to low in my life
Just a Bum
Just a Bum 2 days ago
I feel like this is number 2 after wishing well
Furious 06
Furious 06 2 days ago
Like if dis song underrated
Gaming Hydro
Gaming Hydro 2 days ago
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson 2 days ago
I’ve hit rock button bruh
Basketball highlights
I think this is his best song tbh
LucasTheGoat12 Fortnite
Imagine this live ☹☹ RIP JUICE WRLD 999
JezemG 2 days ago
Antonio Burnett
Antonio Burnett 2 days ago
Gotta stay high!
Rescuestraws 2 days ago
This song makes me sad every time because it’s so relatable but I love it
jonathan Esparza
jonathan Esparza 3 days ago
Ppl don't realize he was talking to X and Peep when he said ain't to many real niggas here no more X, Peep, Juice you will be missed.
Dion Gjemaj
Dion Gjemaj 3 days ago
Its so sad that the comments are 3months old & probably no buddy is here
Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson 3 days ago
just imagine if he was here still......
It’s me Sorrow
It’s me Sorrow 3 days ago
Up down left right a b cheat code best bar in history
SBB-_- Rush-_-
SBB-_- Rush-_- 3 days ago
They going call me a legend but i dont want that title now- juice wrld. #LLJW🕊
void FN -ω-
void FN -ω- 3 days ago
If him and ally didn’t happen he would still be here 😭😭😭😭
YNGP Station
YNGP Station 3 days ago
Juicwrld is trying to tell yall subliminally about mk ultra...
Adrienne Brown
Adrienne Brown 3 days ago
Say something
Miguel Tapia4
Miguel Tapia4 3 days ago
Por que ya no subió música
Belén Barrón
Belén Barrón 3 days ago
I'm in love with this song
Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson 4 days ago
Love 1:10 so much, but it's sad, and kinda relatable
Jp & Kg
Jp & Kg 4 days ago
Like this nigga snap bruh rip 💜💫
Matěj Kašík
Matěj Kašík 4 days ago
I dare the people who dislike
Naima Karoney
Naima Karoney 4 days ago
Hate it when played both side
Andrej Krstevski
Andrej Krstevski 4 days ago
wonna go to hell go on dislike
ChillNight Røse
ChillNight Røse 4 days ago
Go listen the slowed version, it's lit damnn ruvid.net/video/video-EzbCKngZ3o8.html
I NIVAN 4 days ago
rj maipi
rj maipi 4 days ago
EDM M 4 days ago
The main message here...
EDM M 4 days ago
Hate it when they play both sides 😒
Motion HITS
Motion HITS 4 days ago
Juice WRLD ruvid.net/video/video-uu5gzx7UrAI.html
Toter I
Toter I 4 days ago
both sides
Yes Sir
Yes Sir 4 days ago
Dusty Wilkinson
Dusty Wilkinson 5 days ago
Rest in peace rip my man
Jaylynn Fields
Jaylynn Fields 5 days ago
Hes probably hiding. Also how Is he uploading all of his new songs. If you look up stay high by juice wrld then It will pop up as uploaded In July 2020. And we all know he died In 2019 December 8th. Come at me If you want but just saying.
CJ VLOGS 5 days ago
Rip 😈😈💙
Jay Smyz -
Jay Smyz - 5 days ago
Who wants to play fortnite and listen to juice wrld? ME!
Ashley Kothai
Ashley Kothai 5 days ago
This song makes me so happy.....he's #1 999forever RETURN IF POSSIBLE
A1Brady 5 days ago
RIP juice you will be remembered to the end of time we all love ❤️ and miss you 999 forever ❤️💔😢
Cyanast 5 days ago
now I gotta walk through life alone
Zuya Armstrong
Zuya Armstrong 5 days ago
I said im high right now
Zuya Armstrong
Zuya Armstrong 5 days ago
I'm high tright now like for real
Chris Garza
Chris Garza 5 days ago
I gotta stay high I feel u
Saili Cueto
Saili Cueto 5 days ago
tea 5 days ago
His music makes me happy but sad. Why did he need to leave this world :(( 999🖤🖤
Parqcxsm •
Parqcxsm • 5 days ago
The way he says “high” 🥺😭
Megan Helene
Megan Helene 6 days ago
I never really been a fan of juice wrld music but this one is pretty good and i might try some of his music
Adam Black
Adam Black 6 days ago
Love Juice❤️👑
Zayan Sidik
Zayan Sidik 6 days ago
Clean and his voice... beautiful
ianzer 6 days ago
The only reason I dont listen to Juice Wrld that much, is so that his songs will never get old to me like the other hundreds of songs i listen to every week and get old
KOP Kick-Off Pranks
Not begging for likes so just comment "here" or anything if your a real juice wrld fan
KOP Kick-Off Pranks
Collin Adams
Collin Adams 6 days ago
Tristan Willis
Tristan Willis 6 days ago
Who’s better juice or 🧃. Rip 🕊🕊😭🥺😔
999 -Marlon-
999 -Marlon- 7 days ago
Mist underrated Song ever
Joel Sparfven
Joel Sparfven 7 days ago
juice wrld was a legend in my eyes rip juice wrld lov u no homo
ANTICHA BOGGS 7 days ago
Let’s get 999 likes on this comment for Juice ❤️
Primetimemythic 7 days ago
One can save millions but millions can’t save one 999 🥺🥺
marcosperez 999
marcosperez 999 7 days ago
Mikkel Petersson
Mikkel Petersson 7 days ago
Best sogn in the wrld
dylan nakz
dylan nakz 7 days ago
why can’t juice make a bad song😭
Han Yedwalh
Han Yedwalh 5 days ago
cuz he a goat fam
Kindly help me to reach 20K subscribers with videos
A random person who likes this will be a billionaire someday.
Leonardo Vera
Leonardo Vera 23 hours ago
I’m browk
Dislike Button
Who tf cares about being a billionaire when juice died a year ago
Finley MeiBirk
Finley MeiBirk 2 days ago
can i change it to bring juice back
Whereismydad? 3 days ago
ChillNight Røse bro that’s ass😂
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson 3 days ago
Word with you dua
TheWannabeGOAT 8 days ago
Between X and Juice. They both saved my life. 2 legends gone and both still making such a huge impact on my life. Thank Y’all for being GREAT🙏❤️😭
EGIRL PEACHY 8 days ago
"5:14" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $1226 a week with them! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
rzongler 8 days ago
amazing LLJW
Trending Nation
Trending Nation 8 days ago
I wanted this song to never end
ZivoHD 8 days ago
play 10 hour version then
ZivoHD 8 days ago
Frxzyy 8 days ago
Josiah Clyburn
Josiah Clyburn 8 days ago
Allan Andre
Allan Andre 8 days ago
This song made me rap it over and over💙💙💙
kara kara
kara kara 8 days ago
rip juice
Н У D Я Ж 8 days ago
People who dont like rap could like this song...
Demboey 8 days ago
I just wish I met u juice u don’t know how much I relate to ur music I wish I got to tell u that 💔😭😭
Adam Black
Adam Black 8 days ago
🤟🏼⚡️🤟🏼Juice Wrld🤟🏼⚡️🤟🏼
Adam Black
Adam Black 8 days ago
Juice is chilling in Heaven now ⚡️
TMOW1 Quinn
TMOW1 Quinn 8 days ago
Listen to my playlist called "Juice and me"
Terence Kelly
Terence Kelly 8 days ago
It still doesn’t feel real rest In paradise juice🤘🏻❤️🙏🏻
Ram-ono Games
Ram-ono Games 8 days ago
Still miss you ⁹⁹⁹🙏🏼♥️♥️
FR19 H0riz0n
FR19 H0riz0n 8 days ago
Feel like when rappers make songs like this, they truly want to make the whole thing singing, like not rapping like right after the “too low in my life” it turns to rap. I hate that personally. I want a rapper to make a song they sing. Like ynw melly suicidal. That song would have been my favorite song ever if there wasn’t rap. That’s just my opinion. I like rap and singing but not in the same song.
Dean Paine
Dean Paine 8 days ago
999 for life
Blue ninjas
Blue ninjas 9 days ago
Isaac Ocampo
Isaac Ocampo 9 days ago
Yo no entender inglés losiento
Han Yedwalh
Han Yedwalh 5 days ago
Reflex FNM
Reflex FNM 9 days ago
Any juice song is a vibe
Brad Reichman
Brad Reichman 9 days ago
percy jisen
percy jisen 9 days ago
it makes me miss juice more 🥺🤧
Dipesh Chauhan
Dipesh Chauhan 9 days ago
we'll always love you juice❤️
Luis Esteban
Luis Esteban 9 days ago
What the fuxk is that
999 forever✌️
Austin Minich
Austin Minich 9 days ago
Lost 7 friends just this year and i can totally relate to this. R.I.P Juice pour up in paradise😢💯
Jacob MixBeats
Jacob MixBeats 9 days ago
He is One in a Million.👍🏾😥
Joselyne’s World
This isn't it 🤭
Camden Hendrick
Camden Hendrick 9 days ago
YNG MBH 9 days ago
stay high condone it blood on my Jeans coraline moonlight titanic feeling maze screw juice k like a russian what else all alone codeine crazy freestyle so so so many favs way to many
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