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The "Lucid Dreams" rapper's cause of death is revealed more than a month after his tragic passing in late 2019. Watch for more details.
Full Story: www.eonline.com/news/1101033/juice-wrld-s-cause-of-death-revealed
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Juice Wrld's Cause of Death Revealed | E! News




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Comments 80
kratom kiing
kratom kiing 2 days ago
If he only knew about KRATOM!!!! Alomg with the rest of these jits that think its cool to do opiates.. hell nah it isnt but if u do kratom will save u
loccut fon
loccut fon 4 days ago
I'm just so sad he died on my birthday
That one Kid
That one Kid 4 days ago
When will the drugs stop.
Clueless 4 days ago
Well what do you think happens when you release demonic music?
Living Paint
Living Paint 6 days ago
Well he was young but, he did the drugs. *Do not do drugs*
Man sad how he chose death over going to jail I miss him so much
Mikayla Lopez
Mikayla Lopez 9 days ago
*if* *I* *die* *oof*
Paula Grant
Paula Grant 11 days ago
I listen to his music every single day and I will never miss a day without listening to him!! R.I.P Juice Wrld WE LOVE AND MISS YOU💔😭❤❤
Yan Chin
Yan Chin 11 days ago
That's why people 'Never sell your soul'
Alan Eubank
Alan Eubank 12 days ago
I was in tears when i first seen this
Nub Cops
Nub Cops 13 days ago
I dont know how people can even think to try drugs. In my opinion America needs a brain wash, America's cuase of death: - Murdering - Overdose - Suicide *FacePalm*
Pootis Birb Birb
Pootis Birb Birb 14 days ago
TheNace Lace
TheNace Lace 14 days ago
whats sad is he passed away 6 days after his birthday :(
Commando Gregor
Commando Gregor 15 days ago
Guys forget about him for a little bit we are dying from the coronavirus
Equals Equal
Equals Equal 12 days ago
Meanwhile more people die of the flu and other death-causes..
xmadadamx 15 days ago
Planted. Planted and staged to cover up real death.
Playboii Simmons
Playboii Simmons 16 days ago
“R.I.P 🧃J.U.I.C.E 🌎W.0.R.L.D” # 🦅 💞🙏🏾
Migdael Centes
Migdael Centes 16 days ago
Let's g
RBF must stop!
RBF must stop! 16 days ago
how do you "accidentally" overdose?
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 18 days ago
70 pounds bruh I wanna be on that plane
Scott Tessier
Scott Tessier 18 days ago
RIP juice
Soniel Elica
Soniel Elica 18 days ago
So marijuana? Safe hmmm
MrGeRGYO 18 days ago
It wasn't the drugs or frame's fault. It was the snitches and the pigs that got him
Oronk 16 days ago
He was legit smuggling drugs. No one else did this but him.
des a ray
des a ray 20 days ago
Codeine sucks try heroin
InWilly WeTrust
InWilly WeTrust 20 days ago
Dam all that talent just to fall victim to the legal drug game!! SMH
t k
t k 21 day ago
Why the hell do rappers like codeine so much that shits weak as hell
babarian king
babarian king 23 days ago
young people! please take care of your health 😢 it's sad to see young people dies because of drugs
RainyM808 23 days ago
He died of pills witch are illegal at the airport so he eat them and died
Nunyya DamBusinesss
Legends all fall in the making Sorry true
ANTHONY R.C. Month ago
Being an ex heroin addict for 7 years I've seen SO MUCH of this!!!! Please people, ITS NOT FUGGIN WORTH IT!!!
Luh Kilo
Luh Kilo Month ago
Is sucks that he woke up after they got him to the hospital but he died shortly after
Mapid Motion
Mapid Motion Month ago
This guy had a whole album and didn’t get to release it
Matt Mcintire
Matt Mcintire Month ago
3 am wow
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN Month ago
Just to be cleared, he died from overdose and marijuana? TRAGIC
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN Month ago
I can't believe there are already rumours that he faked his own death 😩
ShodownEx Month ago
Wtf didnt anyone else take a pill a charge something....WAAAAT N D FUUUUUUH
ItzJaydenS Month ago
Right after my birthday and one day before my moms birthday.
All legends fall in the making RIP JuiceWRLD
Uranium fennx Ipad
I still see your shadows in my room
Tasha Delfils
Tasha Delfils Month ago
**juice world plans death** Juice wrld song legends:we ain’t make it to 21
『FBI』 NINJA Month ago
How can he rap godzilla with eminem??
SiXial Month ago
How was he bleeding though
EF RAP Month ago
Juice wrld I, m sorry 💔😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
EF RAP Month ago
I, m so sorry 😭
shawn eee
shawn eee Month ago
Juice wrld went to hell!?!?!?!? He died at 3am devils hour
Darl McCluskey
Darl McCluskey Month ago
Weed cant kill u smh
xH3ATHYHBABYx Month ago
Whay did no-one take the charges for this dude? I mean he would have been in trouble for probally paying for the jet and its under his supervision. But someone could have took them drug charges
Jorge Benitez
Jorge Benitez Month ago
Bro we already know he had a seger
ThelightAssasin 117
That song at the end mate
Kyro Youtube
Kyro Youtube Month ago
Everyone talking Like they know how being addicted to drugs is like and how easy it is to just “not do them” it’s hard and not easy to stop, yeah it’s something not to mess with but unfortunately sometimes it takes a death to stop doing those drugs :/
ItsICY YT Month ago
2nd Music star that I liked that died and I didn’t know he was dead (1st was XXXTENTACION)
Gaming withdylan
Hes not ded
Omyastic Month ago
Rip my friend
Good & bougie
Good & bougie Month ago
and that sucks they barely made weed legal in Chicago this year too 😪
Good & bougie
Good & bougie Month ago
I'm so upset because why didn't he just flush the pills down the toilet instead of swallowing them?? I think this is more like a suicide.
Butt Head
Butt Head Month ago
To everybody shocked or upset or not understanding about why young people die from drug overdoses just stop if you don’t know you won’t know it’s not in you at the moment to know or “get” it that said don’t talk down on people you don’t understand that goes for anything in life too
Ice green
Ice green Month ago
So many celebrity deaths at the beginning of the year, I wonder what else is gonna happen 😔
Bannanas.___.Areamazing ÚwÚz
He died at my birthday.....
LATER Month ago
I'm happy juice is dead he wasted his life for no reason and it hilarious that people are surprised this is what happens when you're an addict and mix drugs. If this pisses you off you're better off crying in the corner I don't feel sympathetic for dumb asses.
Lucky Barhela
Lucky Barhela Month ago
Why you died juice wrld the music industry is lonely without you
Swerte manalo nyan hahaha Manalo
Juice wrld said in his song They tell me I'm a be a lengend I don't want that title now Cause all the lengends seem to die out what the f*ck is this bout? And now he DIED😔😔😔
Brianna David
Brianna David Month ago
What killed him was the rat who told the pigs juice wrlds business. Probably to get out of his/her own charges. If the feds weren't there, he never would have took all those pills. The snitch killed juice wrld overall.
javondre Sims
javondre Sims Month ago
javondre Sims
javondre Sims Month ago
Like I just save day
Miguel Murakami
Miguel Murakami Month ago
The Pandas
The Pandas Month ago
R I P Kobe n Juice Wrld
BrizzleGaming 01
He was bleeding from the mouth bc he took all the drugs at one time because the government was following his private jet
Vera Nika
Vera Nika Month ago
So another lean death...
Mayo Meme Time
Mayo Meme Time Month ago
We love you juce
Alex Hyper
Alex Hyper Month ago
He died and he almost made it to 2020
Elvis Hoges
Elvis Hoges Month ago
RIP juice world
김 암버다 안녕   ᄎᄋᄎ
He took 70 lbs of marijuana and 6 bottles of codeine just so he wouldn't go to jail? Didn't he know that he would overdose? There's no way he didn't know that. He was doing so good and now that he got famous, he decided to go downhill just like other celebs...smh dude
SolaR Poison
SolaR Poison 2 months ago
Here after Kobe’s death?
Ral3m the plug
Ral3m the plug 2 months ago
I lost brain cells reading these comments 😂😂
Cody 2 months ago
I’m still having a hard time believing he’s gone I’ll be listening to juice happy as can be and then bam the realization hits me that he’s actually gone and it’s jus upsetting
_ Tear _
_ Tear _ 2 months ago
I somehow came here from Kobe’s death
SY_ Hussam
SY_ Hussam 2 months ago
Chicago people
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 2 months ago
Never got to meet my favorite rapper.
zXzs 2 months ago
I feel like he could have been saved 😭
You Do Note The Liar Is Mah Peyk
Nice British Accent 😂 Noyhs bhritiszh aoccent
Rajesh Chatlani
Rajesh Chatlani 2 months ago
For some reason I fell like juice wrld is still alive in his coffin
Don Scotty
Don Scotty 2 months ago
I'm glad everyone knows what he was going thru . SMH depression is no joke wait til it's your turn 👌
Jesse Duarte
Jesse Duarte Month ago
Next videos