Juice WRLD "Moonlight" (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD
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Check out the official audio of "Moonlight" by Juice WRLD prod by Sidepce.
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Mar 13, 2018




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Comments 80
Niki Gasparov
Niki Gasparov 6 hours ago
Big Drip
Big Drip 6 hours ago
I’m All Ears
ThankYou 6 hours ago
Juice dancin in the moonlight right now
salih alfatlawi
salih alfatlawi 8 hours ago
This has always been a banger. RIP juice :(
Ticculous G
Ticculous G 8 hours ago
The song that me and my bestfriend used to listen but sad to say she got farther away coz I told her my feelings
Andreea Iulia
Andreea Iulia 8 hours ago
sincer ma cac
Fe4r Me Okツ
Fe4r Me Okツ 13 hours ago
Everything changed when x died and then jucie wrld I hate this world nothing can change killing crimes fighting everything else plz world change you just need to know you waste your time killing people just stop aleardy there's so many derpressed people it's worse if they die from a damn bullet or a knife I don't get just change its so easy plz this world is all we have to live but when I die from old age I am gonna be sad and this world will a be dead I mean look this place is messed up already don't make it worse !plz change I just don't get it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭drugs mess up your world and suicidal just c-c-change I can't stand e this place anymore I like 2017 better and 2018 2019 got worse now 2020 I WON'T EVEN HAVE A GOOD GRADUATION IN FRICKEN 2027 GOD DAMN IT
Frostyfeet 13 hours ago
him or uzi ???
dylanbor_4 14 hours ago
It’s hard to think abt how he’s actually just gone. Just like that. That’s the hardest part. Knowing that he’s gone forever. But his music isn’t and that’s a blessing❤️9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣
Youngin Mark
Youngin Mark 16 hours ago
Who else came back here bc of TikTok
ge fishing
ge fishing 17 hours ago
A couple days ago there is a video posted on this channel
Brenda Sanchez
Brenda Sanchez 20 hours ago
Brenda Sanchez
Brenda Sanchez 20 hours ago
Brenda Sanchez
Brenda Sanchez 20 hours ago
Rea Higgins
Rea Higgins 20 hours ago
Little did he know 2 years later he would have his last breath 😭💔rip x
Sean Kinsey
Sean Kinsey 14 hours ago
now i know this nigga did not just say rip x🤨
Ahman Sajid
Ahman Sajid 21 hour ago
Why isnt this on Spotify
Denis 22 hours ago
Just Real Fans Aren't from Tik Tok
Acid skateboarding
Only the real ones here
Lil'ShrekxXx Day ago
rip x rip juice 999
Akil Ramjee
Akil Ramjee Day ago
SocialPots YT
Who is still listening to his songs? Only true fans never stop listening to his songs
RIP juice
Charles Reacts999
another song tik tok has claimed :(
UN! Day ago
I personally think this was better than xxxtentacion’s moonlight ( no hate to x )
FaZ3 Ruthl3s
FaZ3 Ruthl3s Day ago
Im not crying your crying🙁
Oliver Underhill - Smith
Anyone like other juice wrld unreleased like hypnotic and space travelling, those hit hard?? Also fckn love this :/
spongebob squarepants
Juice dying was the first sign of this year being bad
salih alfatlawi
salih alfatlawi 8 hours ago
Joe Blackmore
Tik tok tries to ruin this lyrical legand with stupid fuckin skits now every 9 year old thinks this is thier song that they boosted such crap
Dan Reyes
Dan Reyes Day ago
Lol 😂
saucy colin
saucy colin Day ago
remember the times we had👨🏿‍🦳🏳️‍🌈
Brownie Day ago
Why was this song so underrated this shit was so fire and still is. R. I. P juice 😔🙏🙏
Ethan Care
Ethan Care Day ago
Arixon -
Arixon - Day ago
This songs hits different late at night
Ahmad Awais
Ahmad Awais Day ago
M AYHEM Day ago
WHO STILL LISTENING IN 2020!?!?!?!?!?!?? (dont respond im kidding, anyone who comments stuff like that are annoying and i hate them)
Meme Supplier
Meme Supplier 18 hours ago
I wanna reply
Leo Curley
Leo Curley Day ago
Favorite juice song by far
bigjoemobile Day ago
HyPz ShOtS
HyPz ShOtS Day ago
Why is this not on Spotify!!!!
SwAg Ops 67
SwAg Ops 67 Day ago
He was my favorite rapper, sad to see him go😭😭😭
REY 2 days ago
Rest in peace :(
Tjan Kajba
Tjan Kajba 2 days ago
Rip 😢
RainyKF 2 days ago
All his unreleased songs should be put on Spotify as a memorial so they can be enjoyed for endless amounts of time
Trevor Schmidt
Trevor Schmidt 2 days ago
When my mom sees a old friend while shopping and she says to me, “Oh I remember you, we’ve met before.” Me: 0:39
Tim Tom Dom
Tim Tom Dom 2 days ago
It’s so sad that everyday his sub count goes down.
Charlie Somers
Charlie Somers 2 days ago
Why the ever living fuck isn't this on Spotify
Elitist Stewie
Elitist Stewie 2 days ago
Such a good song
gepy 2 days ago
get this jawnt on spotify
Damaris planet
Damaris planet 2 days ago
if you subscribe to my channel you will be a millionaire one day
Damaris planet
Damaris planet 2 days ago
who thinks juice wrld is better than lil pump
Just Petra drinking Starbucks at Heaven
Discovering great songs after their artists death isn’t a bad thing y’all
Jorge Reyes
Jorge Reyes 2 days ago
He’s not dead he’s just with all legend btw if you see the I wish all of you guys a great day
Auburn Pence
Auburn Pence 2 days ago
“I don’t even want to tell you to take it off” Love this song
Skeettie 2 days ago
This song honestly needs to be on Spotify
Tokyo Outcast
Tokyo Outcast 2 days ago
We hit 5 mill
JamesTalks 3 days ago
Just saw this ep in my RUvid playlists and I remember when I first found juice, Lucid Dreams had under 10,000 views on RUvid and I listened to it the whole day until I knew all the words. I found this ep and I never got around to listening to it, but now I think I will. I miss him so much and his music speaks way more to me now then ever before. I hope one day all his fans can meet him. RIP juice
Rein Hose Parulian M.
spotlight,moonlight,nigga why u trippin get ur mood right
Bigshot1123 3 days ago
When will this be released to Apple Music
Ryan Hutch
Ryan Hutch 3 days ago
Someone make a slowed down orchestra version of this for my wedding, I will pay.
neros1234 3 days ago
Funny how this video was posted just 3 days before X's album with Moonlight on it dropped lmao
AfraidXYZ 3 days ago
Bruh I listened to this before it became famous lol
Mauricio Vargas Pozo
Yeah he’s just dancing in the moonlight not deserve Lego
Mauricio Vargas Pozo
I’m listening to Juice WRLD quarantine
The 3 KING
The 3 KING 3 days ago
all his song are the best
The 3 KING
The 3 KING 3 days ago
best rapper
Brando the quiet person
Juice will always be a legend no matter what had happen. R.I.P Juice Wrld😭❤
Milla Rüter
Milla Rüter 3 days ago
Why isn't this song on Spotify
[GD] YourThirdNut
prolly legal issues
Luka 3 days ago
i remember when only lucid dreams and all girls are the same were on Spotify that's all I would listen to all. And then when he dropped goodbye and good riddance that was all i listened to all summer
Kayden Madsen
Kayden Madsen 3 days ago
Danster 12360
Danster 12360 3 days ago
One of the best till this day
Ali-Abbas Aslam
Ali-Abbas Aslam 4 days ago
who was a real juice wrld fan, dont lie...
Night Y
Night Y 19 hours ago
sadly i got his song legends recommend after he died.. but hope i can say im a fan now.. listened to alot songs of him maybe im not on old one but a new one. just makes it show how much talent he has getting fans even after he died
Intensity Phoenixx
shoutout to tik tok for getting me hooked on this song
Team SuPr3m3
Team SuPr3m3 4 days ago
This should be on Spotify
Yair Cardona
Yair Cardona 4 days ago
Still remember the day I heard dis song for the first time my favorite song by juice. Rest.in.paradise🙏🏽
Ahmad Awais
Ahmad Awais Day ago
Ahmad Awais
Ahmad Awais Day ago
Rayner64 4 days ago
Damn it’s crazy that’s he’s gone but he’s not gone forever he is still in our hearts and dancing in the moonlight. I found this song in 2018 and I instantly fell in love with the song and I listened to it for hours and I know every lyric to this song Rest In Peace my man you’ll forever be missed ✌️.
More_ Junieray
More_ Junieray 3 days ago
Rayner64 true
Savege_ Beast_448
Fuck I miss juice wrld he was a goddamn legend that died too young man R.I.P Juice WRLD. 999 forever
J Man
J Man 4 days ago
Wish they didn’t take this off Apple Music
FlaZh OW
FlaZh OW 4 days ago
Wish all his songs where on spotify
Driggle 4 days ago
Dancing in the moonlight yuuh -Marcel
exe. 4 days ago
LOL i was searching for this comment
XGaming with AironasX
Dance in heaven RIP😢🙏💐😇
Johan B
Johan B 4 days ago
I really hope his EP drops on streaming services
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