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Reacting to and reviewing the posthumour album Legends Never Die from Juice WRLD, a gut-wrenching body of work that must act as a cautionary tale as a well as a deeply saddening experience for his army of fans.
Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:15- Anxiety (Intro)
1:25- Conversations
3:30- Titanic
4:37 - Bad Energy
7:36- Righteous
8:54 - Blood on my Jeans 🔥
9:34 - Tell Me U Luv Me by Juice WRLD & Tripped Redd
11:19 - Hate the Other Side by Juice WRLD & Marshmello (Ft. The Kid LAROI & Polo G)
12:08 - Get Through It (Interlude)
12:50 - Life’s a Mess by Juice WRLD & Halsey
14:37 - I Want It
15:10 - Fighting Demons
16:20 - Wishing Well
18:20 - Screw Juice
18:40 - Up Up and Away
19:50 - The Man, The Myth, The Legend (Interlude)
20:44 - Stay High
22:35- Can’t Die
23:05 - Man of the Year
23:36 - Juice WRLD Speaks from Heaven (Outro)
Favourite Tracks:
Tell me U Luv Me
Come & Go
Man Of The Year
Least Favourite:
Screw Juice
First Reaction Score: 8.5

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Jul 10, 2020




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Comments 100
chris paal
chris paal 5 days ago
we didn't protect him
Trippie World
Trippie World 24 days ago
You need to listen to Life's a trip or A Love Letter to you 3 by Trippie. I guarantee you will become a bigger fan.
Raven 24 days ago
really good putting thoughts into words here. defo my favourite music reaction channel.
Dustin Stinson
Dustin Stinson 29 days ago
This guy has lost all my respect just because of screw juice 😤
ijxckZ 28 days ago
bruh not everyone is gonna love a song
Archie Yates1
Archie Yates1 Month ago
This guy is so good man the depth he goes into is off the scale no one does it like him
Parker Hoskovec
Parker Hoskovec Month ago
Yeah, nearly all if not all of his songs are freestyles either completely or mostly.
Female Zamasu
Female Zamasu Month ago
long live the king Jarad Higgins.
Tomas Brice
Tomas Brice Month ago
I know its a basic track but I love ‘Up up and Away’
Tomas Brice
Tomas Brice Month ago
Thoughtful and insightful, expect nothing less from a Jon Denton album reaction:)
Ty for doing this I enjoy your reactions and ofc we lost a good one such a waste of a talent 🤘🤘
Ian Cohen
Ian Cohen Month ago
It ain't the final album
Clément Paoli
Clément Paoli Month ago
Polo G and Juice Wrld have this kind of alchemy that is just perfect.
Uncrewed Urchin7
Uncrewed Urchin7 2 months ago
Trippie is making a rock album
DABBER23YAS 2 months ago
How is screw juice your least favorite
Esayas Cohn
Esayas Cohn 2 months ago
That sunlight was him watching you watch him :/
Jonny W
Jonny W 2 months ago
You need to listen to Goodbye and Good Riddance!! Also Deathrace for Love
dry 2 months ago
Unlike other rappers he never promoted drug use, or flex it. He was saying how he struggles with drugs, and not to follow the same path that he did, which ultimately leads to death.
Manmeet Singh
Manmeet Singh 2 months ago
Man of the year reminds me of Panic! At the disco during the 2000s lowkey sounds amazing. But the other version was better
kimochi 2 months ago
Wow, I didn't know you love eliott smith, that's awesome! if you wanna hear something similar to his music I recommend latest phoebe bridgers album "punisher", it's very chill and beautiful if you wanna listen to something different from hip hop.
Will Hughes
Will Hughes 2 months ago
The kid LAROI must be protected at all costs. He’s gonna be an amazing artist and In fact he’s already a great artist. his album is on Friday the 24th
Koba Kerbs
Koba Kerbs 2 months ago
Gorrilaz season next
Joao Saratt
Joao Saratt 2 months ago
What is the camera that you use to record?
Ben Schramm
Ben Schramm 2 months ago
The beat in conversations was sampled from gone by the weeknd on trilogy
Robb Stark
Robb Stark 2 months ago
Damn man, you are at 170 thousand subs. Last time I watched you, you were at around 30k. Congrats Also, LLJW
Thanos Birbas
Thanos Birbas 2 months ago
Juice had live instruments at his concerts
Conor O'Sullivan
Conor O'Sullivan 2 months ago
Honestly think this is the greatest album I've ever listened to solely because of the impact it has on me!
*Blend_67 *
*Blend_67 * 14 days ago
Yeah 🥺
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh 2 months ago
His lyrics saved us for real
Karma 2 months ago
I really miss him
Bok Bok
Bok Bok 2 months ago
One of the best reaction videos I've seen
Garrett Sampson
Garrett Sampson 2 months ago
Before his death I was planning on going with my friend to his concert, but that day won’t come anymore
ψNasty._.Btwψ 2 months ago
RIP JUICE 1:10 - Anxiety (Intro) 1:28 - Conversation 3:26 - Titanic 4:37 - Bad Energy 7:37 - Righteous 8:54 - Blood On My Jeans 9:32 - Tell Me U Luv Me ft Trippie Redd 11:16 - Hate The Other Side 12:16 - Lifes A Mess 12:48 - Come & Go 14:37 - I Want It 15:05 - Fighting Demons 16:21 - Wishing Well 18:20 - Screw Juice 18:39 - Up Up and Away 19:52 - The Man The Myth The Legend 20:44 - Stay High 22:36 - Can't Die 23:02 - The Man Of The Year 23:34 - Juice WRLD speaks from heaven (Outro)
Taken_down_Account 2 months ago
CEO of copy and paste
D M 2 months ago
My favorite reactor listens to everything !
UNC Zone and Music Media
Fun Fact: Conversation’s beat was sampled from The Weeknd’s song “Gone”
Kevooo 2 months ago
I had the blessing of going to highschool with juice and knowing him and listening to his music before he blew up. But a few months after he passed, my best friend who introduced me to Juice and his music overdosed as well. Every time I hear his music those 2 are all I can think about.. It's tough to listen to
John Kilroy
John Kilroy 2 months ago
wishing well hit like a brick bro
ZEBRA YOLOSWAG 2 months ago
Would you consider doing some Nipsey in the near future? He’s got a great catalog. RIP NIPSEY RIP MAC RIP JUICE WRLD RIP POP SMOKE RIP X damn growing up I always thought damn in the 90s they lost some legends and now here we are ☹️22 now and growin up listened to Mac and Nipsey a lot. The new generation already losing some of their kings and queens younger now. 💚💚🙏🏽 much love!
Prod. Zeth the Zookeeper
Can tell by reaction and description that Screw Juice was his least favourite. Instead of talking down on a dead man's music he just said nothing at all. Gotta respect that honestly
Cristian Ibarra
Cristian Ibarra 2 months ago
Bro reacts to trippie redd :,(
Ibanez Larue
Ibanez Larue 2 months ago
ImAvio 2 months ago
I really like how you describe stuff, very good words when it comes to explaining how you feel about the music!
Andrew Antonio
Andrew Antonio 2 months ago
That background is fake
Vrrno 2 months ago
The party never ends 🕊
YSLYUNGUN 2 months ago
Some people forget juice Wrld didn't actually overdosed or want to , he was Forced To because he was snitched on, without the snitch he would be alive and probably would have help by now
Zantana Yonas
Zantana Yonas 2 months ago
Wishing Well is the best song in the album
Had Tre
Had Tre 2 months ago
My new favorite album 999 🌹🌹🌹
Mad BeanzHD
Mad BeanzHD 2 months ago
I'm not gonna lie, I cried listening to this, some of the lines are just heart-breaking. And the outro really hit me in the feels. I was on the verge of tears for a lot of the songs and when the outro hit I just let them out
Drew Himmelberger
Drew Himmelberger 2 months ago
JuiceWRLD really broke spotify when this came out. Rip legend, 999 forever
Wissam Habib
Wissam Habib 2 months ago
Best reaction of this album yet
Daniela Blacker
Daniela Blacker 2 months ago
pleasee react to the latest The Strokes album “The New Abnormal” !!
Novdeep 21
Novdeep 21 2 months ago
I think dat juice songs have more meaning to dem now Cus before when he talked about drugs some may of thought he rapped about drugs jus Cus it’s popular but now we can see dat he was seeking help and fighting his demon addiction
the dude dad
the dude dad 2 months ago
Jon, please do a review on an old school classic, 'The Coming - Busta Rhymes', I havnt seen one channel cover Busta's old stuff you have to do it..! Please thumbs this up so he can see guys......
Cvv 2 months ago
Enjoyed seeing you enjoy the Trippie song, would love to see you react to his discography
Michael Silvestri
Michael Silvestri 2 months ago
Jon you’ve got screw juice as your least fave but that’s my fave bruh
tnhm 2 months ago
Dude skipped over polo g part bruh
THURS DAY 2 months ago
FYI :- Can’t die was an xxxtentacion tribute it was recorded same time during Legends...!
KJM19 98
KJM19 98 2 months ago
Any chance you could react to DMA’s - Silver, would love to see you’re opinion on it?
Paal Bø Walvik
Paal Bø Walvik 2 months ago
bro, I miss you so much juice. you helped me get through my dad’s death❤️ fly high king, 999 forever❤️ love you
Ryan McNamara
Ryan McNamara 2 months ago
Great reaction! ❤️
Daniel Littleton
Daniel Littleton 2 months ago
React to ghetts mad about bars insane
Artemis 2 months ago
Jon, react to "On the rvn" by young thug
Peter 2234
Peter 2234 2 months ago
Just a man vibing to juice wrld, love to see it
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 2 months ago
Can you please do Kids See Ghosts by Kanye and Kid Cudi
KING MB 2 months ago
I liked to listen to juice's song but the fans failed juice I sometimes go to his Instagram and sometimes there is a bunch of comments saying somebody break his heart again so he makes better music like wtf bruh
Shane 2 months ago
Random thought, you look a lot like Macklemore
prodbyjayjo 2 months ago
I love the way u feel that album and the lyrics
L00PED 2 months ago
Tripped Redd
thelolbuster 2 months ago
the pic of juice on the left givin me hella nostalgia
Subscribe to me if you love yourself
I appreciate you for the timestamps in the description.
Jaff3rs 2 months ago
One of my favourite music reviewers
WieruX 2 months ago
Love your videos
WieruX 2 months ago
Juice had 2000 Unreleased songs
Tony Armstrong
Tony Armstrong 2 months ago
Jon did u notice the The Weeknd sample on conversations?
I need a reaction to "Origins" of Imagine Dragons:3
Taken_down_Account 2 months ago
In dedication of Juice, you should review Goodbye & Good Riddance/ Death Race For Love / Wrld On Drugs
Fabricio Roblero
Fabricio Roblero 2 months ago
Jon if you didn't know the track conversation was sampled by the weeknds Gone
Taken_down_Account 2 months ago
The 41 ppl who disliked had too many tears in their eyes and clicked the wrong icon
New T
New T 2 months ago
React to Drake Scorpion
deandrake 27
deandrake 27 2 months ago
When are you going to start doing Azealia Banks reaction?
Eldian Burzić
Eldian Burzić 2 months ago
Arizon Dema
Arizon Dema 2 months ago
I reccomend you react to some of Earl Sweatshirt unreleased songs like Quest/Power, Solace or E.Coli or whatever😄
Absurd 2 months ago
I think you messed up on the life’s a mess section because come and go is there not life’s a mess
Charlie Ball
Charlie Ball 2 months ago
React to life’s a trip by Trippie redd when your in your feels
beto venegas
beto venegas 2 months ago
conversations sounds like Gone from the weeknd....Just saying he didnt make the full beat
Paulo Sousa
Paulo Sousa 2 months ago
You should do ERYS by Jaden Smith
Sean Bunting
Sean Bunting 2 months ago
“Blood on my Jeans” is the best rap song I’ve ever heard
Sean Bunting
Sean Bunting 2 months ago
Mason Cochran IKR? It’s so original and sounds amazing. It’s a classic in my opinion.
Mason Cochran
Mason Cochran 2 months ago
I want it is my favorite. Idk how it didn’t get popular
kimochi 2 months ago
Worst track
Sean Bunting
Sean Bunting 2 months ago
Eddie Segura 🔥
vivalasexy 2 months ago
Lol no
Tristan 2 months ago
this album had no bangers. same as all his other albums/songs. nothing different, no new style explored, no new topic being talked about. people can like it, but i don't.
Sasha Shinkevich
Sasha Shinkevich 2 months ago
You know what I would agree, I personally gave this album an 8.8/10 but thats pretty close but you physically cannot give this an 8.5 and then pop smoke´s new album a 6.5 bruh.
Dr. Autograph
Dr. Autograph 2 months ago
I usally like you reactions but, this just seems like a video for views.
Daisy Lewis
Daisy Lewis 2 months ago
I felt Blink during Bad Energy also 💕
Zach Foster
Zach Foster 2 months ago
Please react to Dominic Fike’s new single “Politics and Violence” and his “Don’t Forget About Me Demos”. You won’t regret it.
T Mill
T Mill 2 months ago
dayn •
dayn • 2 months ago
You should react to trippie redd’s dreamer its his latest single its a rock song
MegaShot 2 months ago
Where’s the come and go?
Clout Chaser
Clout Chaser 2 months ago
Do juice WRLDs goodbye and good riddance album
Juice 2 months ago
I want is one of the best songs and he just hit us with a "It was what it was...synths were nice" lol
hetbet 2 months ago
Why did you put the best song as one of the smallest parts?
Mans said 'stay high' wasnt a stand out track??? 'MY GIRLFRIEND SCARED SHE THINK IM GONE KILL MYSELF' 💔 cant believe he didnt acknowledge that part 😖
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