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juice wrld - legends | R.I.P Juice WRLD | Tribute Video
“Legends” is a tribute song to late rappers XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep. The song was made in response to the passing of XXXTENTACION on June 18, 2018.
Juice WRLD previewed this song on his Instagram live the same day he dropped it. As shown by the timeline of events, Juice created this entire song in just under a day.
In the song, Juice analyzes on the current state of the world through what he perceives as confusing and dark. He also talks about how unexpected X’s death was and resurfaced the event of Lil Peep’s death on November 15, 2017.
I usually don't speak on shit like this, but
Ain't nobody else saying shit
Daytrip took it to ten
I usually have an answer to the question
But this time I'm gon' be quiet (This time)
Ain't nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence
This time, it was so unexpected
Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing
All legends fall in the making
Sorry truth, dying young, demon youth
[Verse 1]
What's the 27 Clu-u-u-ub?
We ain't making it past 21
I been going through paranoia
So I always gotta keep a gun
Damn, that's the world we live in now
Yeah, hold on, just hear me out
They tell me I'ma be a legend
I don't want that title now
'Cause all the legends seem to die out
What the fuck is this 'bout?
I'm tryna make it out
I'm tryna change the world
I'm tryna take her out
I'm tryna take your girl
More importantly, I'm tryna change the world
Maybe flex with some diamonds and pearls, yeah
I usually have an answer to the question
But this time I'm gon' be quiet (this time)
Ain't nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence
This time, it was so unexpected
Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing
All legends fall in the making
Sorry truth, dying young, demon youth
[Verse 2]
My mind is foggy, I'm so confused
We keep on losing our legends to
The cruel cold world, what is it coming to?
The end of the world, is it coming soon?
Yeah, ooh, ooh, oh
That hit's for you
I usually have an answer to the question
But this time I'm gon' be quiet (this time)
Ain't nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence
This time, it was so unexpected
Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing
All legends fall in the making
Sorry truth, dying young, demon youth
Daytrip took it to ten

Juice WRLD-whose birth name is Jarad Anthony Higgins-was returning home to Chicago from California. According to witnesses, the rapper got off the plane then had a seizure while walking through the airport. Law enforcement insiders tell TMZ that he was bleeding from the mouth when paramedics arrived on the scene but was still conscious. Emergency responders rushed Juice to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a few moments after arriving at the facility. At this point, Juice WRLD's cause of death is still unknown. He turned 21-years-old on Dec. 2.

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Dec 8, 2019




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Comments 21 881
ContigoMusique 2 months ago
John Jpp
John Jpp 6 days ago
ContigoMusique 😭😢🥺
Marta Zanchez
Marta Zanchez 13 days ago
I miss him even more
Marta Zanchez
Marta Zanchez 13 days ago
i no
Marta Zanchez
Marta Zanchez 13 days ago
Me to im so sad
Marta Zanchez
Marta Zanchez 13 days ago
Me to
Russell Critzer
Russell Critzer 7 hours ago
RIP juice world haven has got one hell of a angel
Brian McKinney
Brian McKinney 7 hours ago
Lucas Pearson
Lucas Pearson 8 hours ago
When juice died, I thought too my self, “this is gonna take awhile to get over” Still haven’t got over it
ṡṃȏҡє 10 hours ago
R.I.P. Lil peep, Xxtenacion, and sadly juice WRLD
Compudurr Gamer
Compudurr Gamer 12 hours ago
If dislike you like how he diad
Connie Brown
Connie Brown 12 hours ago
JUCIE 999999
DankGorilla 13 hours ago
Noticed how he said we not I? Lil Peep: 21 Years old XXX: 20 Years old Juice WRLD: 21 Years old Pop smoke: 20 Years old
Richard Bailey
Richard Bailey 13 hours ago
No but listen " we ain't making it past 21" Kobe,posmoke and them all died at ages 20-21 think about it
Panashe Salimo
Panashe Salimo 16 hours ago
Who thought he also wouldn't make it past 21
Xnewfieboyx123 16 hours ago
RIP juice
Mysticalfox11 19 hours ago
So sad it reminds me of all my dead relatives and pets and I sing this to my self everyday
Darrell Thomas
Darrell Thomas 19 hours ago
Who feels like part of there wrld is gone 😢
The Mystical Lengendary Shadow
I think juice world was trying to warn us that he was addicted to drugs and ue needed help
Twistzz 0.0
Twistzz 0.0 Day ago
“We ain’t making it past 21” it’s like he knew he was going to die soon. And another thing that’s weird is that after that song a list of rappers/hip hop died like XxtentacionxX
Benjamin Kelemen
Respect For Juice Wrld ,XXXTENTACIONXXX,Kobe,And more...Respect for all of them 😭😭😭❤❤💔
1k subscriber with out a single vid challenge
Waiitttt he predicted his death and x and Cameron and pop smokes death🙏🙏😱😱
People think there was more behind the deaths of these people: Juice wRLD: died age 21. Cameron boyce: died age 20 Xxtentaction: died age 21 Lil peep: died age 21. So what if juice WRLD knew this was gonna happen. The thing is... Who's next?
RomanTv Day ago
I got four more years
Im confused, how predicted the hook sounds. the passing of Pop Smoke. There were always conspiracy around the deaths of rappers, but this time nobody has a lot of questions, it feels like everybody knows whats going on. This time it was so unexpected, last time it was juice wrld in drugs, all legends falling.... pop smoke didnt make it pass 21. They always pass in 3s. RIP
D A S H 4 9 0
Jakob Kurtyka
Most legend of all come back to us😭😭😭
Jm Vijiga
Jm Vijiga 2 days ago
Hey is it me that this title is we aint makin it past 21 but all rappers died at 20 or 21😟
Det gamerpvp Risberg
Like an old man said: When good people dies they are like flowers god wants the best flowers (the best souls)🥺🥺😭😭😭💔
María González
María González 2 days ago
Guys have you realized that he said “we ain’t making it last 21” who is we?? Do the research Cameron died at 20,Juice died at 21,pop smoke died at 20,Xxx died at 20,peep died at 21?!?! So if you go back to the lyrics “we ain’t making it past 21” maybe Juice Wrld knew that something bigger was going on??!?! Bc something is happening behind the scenes that we don’t know we think that there is no connection between all of these deaths...but...maybe there is?!?!?
Flash Gaming
Flash Gaming 2 days ago
He said "we ain't making it past 21" think about it Cameron Boyce died at 20 pop smoke died at 20 and juice died at 20 and then xxxtentacion dies at 21 hmm seems suspicious to me
FaithXDuke 2 days ago
Pop Smoke ain’t make it to 21 either 🥺
Mikey Truthz
Mikey Truthz 2 days ago
Ehlie YD
Ehlie YD 2 days ago
"My mind is foggy, I'm so confused" Dude this hit me hard
Memer Review
Memer Review 3 days ago
Rip juice wrld 🧃🌎
Avakin Holly
Avakin Holly 3 days ago
Just watching the video after pop smoke passed away 💔😭
jordyns fun time games
livelife136 3 days ago
Rip pop smoke didn’t made past 21😭😭
animeBoi 3 days ago
Man, I first became a fan of him when “Lucid Dreams” came out. One time I searched up “Lucid Dreams” and I found some other songs by him, I quickly started listening to all his songs. Now his songs hit harder that usual. The song “Robbery” really got me through some shit. What’s sad is that in the song “Legends” where he talks about rapper “Xxxtentacion” and rapper “lil peep” juice said “we ain’t making it past 21” damn. That’s just sad to see one of my favorite rappers perish, he was a young talented rapper. I love his freestyles, he inspired me. I think I might go to soundcloud and maybe upload some music. He was a great rapper, much love. Rest In Peace, legend 🥀
Rojas Espaillat
😭😭😭OMG yess this is wat I needed to hear after this song...❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭RIP juice WRLD 😭😭🙏🙏💉💔💔💔💔♥️
DDMBoss 3 days ago
"We ant makin it past 21" man.... Rest in peace pop smoke
micahrot 3 days ago
RIP Pop Smoke
Peek 3 days ago
Pop smoke ain't makin it before 21 years old
Rylan Leone
Rylan Leone 3 days ago
2019 is cursed
b9busta 3 days ago
Why so many people die at the age of 20 or 21?
minebros gaming
minebros gaming 4 days ago
Location says heaven 🙏😭😭
Denise Pratt
Denise Pratt 4 days ago
We lost a legin
Supreme Tez VLOGS
*Who still here after there is no clout to be chased* 🤔? #RipJuiceWrld
Ines Guzman
Ines Guzman 4 days ago
Rest in pease juice weld
Martha Hernandez
Martha Hernandez 4 days ago
Billy Allen
Billy Allen 4 days ago
This song really is a legend 🌺🌹❤❤
Lina Roy
Lina Roy 4 days ago
We miss him so much
b9busta 4 days ago
Atleast he will be in my heart
Rebecca Price
Rebecca Price 4 days ago
I miss you Juice, i still remember the first time i met you i will always remember that day i love you Juice World
William Cerasari
William Cerasari 5 days ago
This song still breaks my heart. Love you Juice
YASS QUEEN 5 days ago
This time it was the drugs he was lacing
Aaron Burke
Aaron Burke 5 days ago
RIP Nipsey, Mac, Peep, X, and juice. The world will never forget any of you because legends are forever ❤️
FNP HyPe 5 days ago
Royalty amaria
Royalty amaria 5 days ago
We mis u juice 😢
i love memes
i love memes 5 days ago
This is so upsetting...
K P 6 days ago
Juice said dying young he died young 🧐🤨
Greninja thegr8
Greninja thegr8 6 days ago
May juice would rest in peas
zetzyz 6 days ago
Rip my fav.... Legend,😔😔😔😔
PumpkinPlayz 6 days ago
Why is 2019 and 2020 Famous people that have passed away! R.I.P The legend Juice WRLD😭😭😭😭😭 And Kobe Bryant 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
miltasha davis
miltasha davis 7 days ago
It is going to be ok gest love hem
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