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Jul 6, 2020




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TheThirdErnest 2 months ago
idk why I didn't premiere this...I watched it right after uploading lol... rip juice 🙏🏽 edit: watch out for bots putting random time stamps hoping you miss and click the link under
Cheryl Gonzales
Cheryl Gonzales 2 months ago
@B T I love that song ✨ Halsey ✨ Rest In Paradise Juice World 💜
B T 2 months ago
Now you have to do Halsey- Without Me ft Juice
Kirito_MG 2 months ago
I was actually one of those ppl who did not really gave him a chance thinking he was just one of those mumble rappers. But really since the feature on Monster i have been listening more and more
tha carter111
tha carter111 2 months ago
Please react to glory lil wayne....its crazy
Jay Gat
Jay Gat 2 months ago
You should react to Outro Remix, NF posted it on his channel.
Kauthar Davids
Kauthar Davids Month ago
Please check out halsey's work 🙏she's an amazing lyricists and artist. Badlands, her first albulm is a masterpiece
Corey Pillow
Corey Pillow 2 months ago
That’s a painting of Juice and his girlfriend that he wrote this song for.
Andrew Kaldas
Andrew Kaldas 2 months ago
Boss reaction. So Boss, you are so right; he Is a one of a kind and I'm not sure who else could pull into his lane.
Vicky Lynne
Vicky Lynne 2 months ago
Omg you have to react to more halsey shes got some crazy bars nightmare is my favorite I think you'll love it
JayWoz Gaming
JayWoz Gaming 2 months ago
Definitely recommend "Without me" by Halsey, great song.
Hamsu 2 months ago
i cant even listen to music and understand the lyrics at the same time, and there this guy.....
Krozly Vassos
Krozly Vassos 2 months ago
I’m not really much of an artist but I do agree with you that hands are so hard to draw
Rikudo Demeko
Rikudo Demeko 2 months ago
Please check out her music she is amazing!!
reklasproductions 2 months ago
LOL her (stage) name is pronounced HALL----Z and her voice is fire. You should definitely react to some of her music. Her actual name is Ashley if that's easier ;)
Frank Mendoza
Frank Mendoza 2 months ago
Do you have the between app? Heard the notification lol
Hammad 2020
Hammad 2020 2 months ago
RIP to my actual neighbor from Chicago! 😔999
Kamlotex 2 months ago
Do a reaction to "POLSKIE TANGO" by Taco Hemingway
Panda Hat
Panda Hat 2 months ago
I have to say that when I heard about Juice Wrld I thought he was another so-called Mumble Rapper and Sadly I didn't start listening to him until after his death and just like you said "My Mind was Blown" and now I am asking "God" why did you take someone this special so soon.I understand that this style of Depression Rap was his thing and you can hear and feel the heartache and pain that he was going through and how he was trying to find the perverbiual light at the end of the tunnel then when you here Godzilla with his hooks you can hear just how Happy he was and you could feel the positive energy coming from him and I would of loved to have seen and heard from Juice Wrld more in that vein.They say Legends Never Die and in the sense they never do and this is coming from a Long time 2pac and Biggie fan and I know that Juice Wrld is up there with them and ask weather or not if Juice Wrld deserves to be Considered a Legend Down here it doesn't matter what I say so I will let you all decide Peace Out and RIP Juice Wrld.
Julia Weaver
Julia Weaver 2 months ago
Ernest, you are talking about on clock 6:04 about how Juice World's pain & sadness and that there's no one like him. Well I'm sorry to say, there's another person we know about, the person with the same pain, sadness, depression and anxiety...and that's definitely just like Machine Gun Kelly. Both those boys have gone through so much stress in their lives, but one is gone and the other is still alive. So We need to keep Colson alive, because that's all we know to do. 🖤 **IG: myphoenixhasrisen **
Sydney Starkey
Sydney Starkey 2 months ago
His album is fucking fire, but sad asf 😔😔 wishing well hits fucking hard
Eric Albert
Eric Albert 2 months ago
Thats a real picture of juice and halsey
Cody mitthun
Cody mitthun 2 months ago
Let me go- nf. Do it or else....
Yali Marie
Yali Marie 2 months ago
Thanks for algorithm tip at the end. Loved this reaction XO
Joseph Watkins
Joseph Watkins 2 months ago
its a harp
Luka ShinriKiyaru
Luka ShinriKiyaru 2 months ago
Her names pronounced hall-zee just for anyone having troubles with it ^^
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 2 months ago
Halsey is pretty fire bro you should listen to some of her music
Morlau 2 months ago
4:17 we all know what thats for 👀
Jordan Bieck
Jordan Bieck 2 months ago
React to these Halsey songs please “929” “you should be sad” and “devil in me”
Broken WRLD
Broken WRLD 2 months ago
🕊️9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣🕊️ -for the algorithm ;)
IgotWelched ByLosPollosTV
U explained my situation perfectly bro good reaction 👌
Corey Rohrbaugh
Corey Rohrbaugh 2 months ago
Hall Zee, is how you say her name, its Ashley rearranged, which is her real name. I love this duo. RIP Juice, God took another one to soon. Another amazing reaction, much love
haily the ghost
haily the ghost 2 months ago
if you do react/listen to halsey, i definitely recommend "929"!!
Zooba Ali
Zooba Ali 2 months ago
What legacy?
Mr. Dino
Mr. Dino 2 months ago
Can’t have a legacy if you die from an overdose.
Esteban MatGames
Esteban MatGames 2 months ago
Mr. Dino why do u mean
Sakariye Shidane
Sakariye Shidane 2 months ago
Like I literally listed to almost everyone who reacted to this song and they all was talking about pointless shit, but this guy really said everything I think about Juice man, respect ❤️❤️
Freedomhail 2 months ago
The Third Ernest, review, Lil Wayne's, Glory. It needs your bar expertise, breakdown!
The Anime guy
The Anime guy 2 months ago
Please do a reaction on Crisp 192. The guy went crazy fast probably as fast as Godzilla, if not faster.
RVLPH JABRE 2 months ago
14:06 who heard that ish
John Raineri
John Raineri 2 months ago
that beat drop always gives me chills
TJ 999
TJ 999 2 months ago
This hits different right after your girl left 😭
Greg Deaton
Greg Deaton 2 months ago
The painting is of a picture of Halsey and Juice Wrld, Halsey posted it right after he died.
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 months ago
The artist is David Garibaldi
Moe Z
Moe Z 2 months ago
Halsey dedicated Without Me to Juice.
iTzSpelledShawn 41302
You should definitely do Halsey, she has a very beautiful voice, and tells a story behind her music. She's amazing💜
Mechtorr X
Mechtorr X 2 months ago
Juice was mainstream before his death but I see what you sayin..
NVZN ClothingCo
NVZN ClothingCo 2 months ago
✌️✌️ All love bro ! Appreciate that
Mikah Dreher
Mikah Dreher 2 months ago
Dude you talk way to much in your intro please just get to the reaction
Brian Forrester
Brian Forrester 2 months ago
You should definitely look into doing some videos on Halsey. Don't think you'd be disappointed
Ivan y Lucrecia
Ivan y Lucrecia 2 months ago
more falling in reverse and token :)
Will Shoe
Will Shoe 2 months ago
New sub after this vid, u better do a album reaction Friday bro🖤🤝
brownie 2 months ago
his legacy is in GOOD hands don’t worry. his label is basically made up of his friends and family. it’s also run by lil bibby who was super close with juice.
Willgotrocks 2 months ago
3:39 a "guitar" lmaoo
katie r
katie r 2 months ago
I would love to hear you react to some of Halsey's songs. Her albums are really great, especially her last one. She is one of greatest lyricists that make it on the mainstream radio right now. Although her best ones are the ones that don't make the radio. Please check out Badlands, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and Manic. You won't regret it.
Thomas Hernandez
Thomas Hernandez 2 months ago
Do MGK breaking news you won't regret it
daniel rastkar
daniel rastkar 2 months ago
Highly analytical, nice reaction bro 🔥
Tina Moore
Tina Moore 2 months ago
Halsey. Like a hall with a zee.
TFX lace
TFX lace 2 months ago
it's rly sad that Juice died rip
YungFlyxo Gaming
YungFlyxo Gaming 2 months ago
Great reaction as always bro , I can’t wait for the album , you going to react to the whole thing or some songs ??
Faith Smith
Faith Smith 2 months ago
Pls listen to Halsey! if you want to dive in do "Drive" and "Is there somewhere" "929" or "still learning" !!
James Eyman
James Eyman 2 months ago
Had to come back for a round two. Really hoping Ernest takes a trip through Halsey's catalogue. Not often we find an artist that he's unfamiliar with and we love to watch that discovery first hand. Just like we did with NF #Algo!
Lance Gardenhire
Lance Gardenhire 2 months ago
I have to admit that he is a great lyricist, but a lot of times I have trouble understanding him.
Lance Gardenhire
Lance Gardenhire 2 months ago
Oh, and her name is pronounced like Hall z
Undercover s
Undercover s 2 months ago
we lost a legend juice could rap , sing , freestyle and yell at the mic rly good flows and lyricism. Theres a story behind every single song. juicewrld the freestyle king/god :)
Uzi Jimenez
Uzi Jimenez 2 months ago
Halsey has a good song called without me you should definitely react to it
Manuel Montez
Manuel Montez 2 months ago
Tech N9ne! Dr Sebagh
Zohan 2 months ago
Everytime when i hear Juice WRLD voice... i got goosebumbs, i fucking love to hear his voice !! can't wait the album ! #RIP & #LOVE Juice.
JungleHunter11 2 months ago
Hall-Sey is an anagram of her real name, Ashley. She's the truth bro.
JungleHunter11 2 months ago
You don't listen to Halsey? What?? You missin out bruh. Ashley got the voice of an Angel son. 💯
Jose 2 months ago
Love your channel but let me school you on this whole posthumous albums when it comes to X his family had a obligation to these record companies to put records out so to say it’s a cash grab is complete disrespect to his family and his loved ones and his true fans he had records he would’ve want to put out regardless and they weren’t trash they were great smh it’s for us the fans we wanted the music in any format so stop that they did the best with what they had
Gabriel Bourcier Blake
Btw Juice Wrld is featured on Halsey’s Without me
Brenda Menist
Brenda Menist 2 months ago
Dannielle Carmona
Dannielle Carmona 2 months ago
Please react to snow tha product
Papyrus Piezzy Zizou
Can you do any video about your coronavirus recovery?
HVLCYON 2 months ago
you can only compare juice to X
Aaron Jaeger
Aaron Jaeger 2 months ago
You haven’t done Tell Me You Love Me ft. Trippie Redd... just curious cuz I look forward to your reactions
EggS and FibSH
EggS and FibSH 2 months ago
It's so calming and easy to listen to you. Your just so relaxed and confident.
Gaven Gibson
Gaven Gibson 2 months ago
are you losing weight ?
Robert Thornton
Robert Thornton 2 months ago
You should definitely check out Halsey, she is amazing
Ale B
Ale B 2 months ago
Yes!! Listen to Halsey
Angela S. G.
Angela S. G. 2 months ago
Halsey is an artist as well.. Amazing. Paints, poetry.. You should watch some Halsey!! She's phenomenal .
chopps 2 months ago
Fire reaction
Bobby Murillo
Bobby Murillo 2 months ago
And what makes his lyrics even more legendary is that he never writes em, it all comes from what he's feeling in that moment, he's the goat fr fr RIP JUICE 999
Lance Gardenhire
Lance Gardenhire 2 months ago
Cody damn. I am not a fan of juice because I have trouble understanding him most of the time, but I respected him as an artist. Knowing that makes me respect him more.
Cody 2 months ago
Lance Gardenhire He made his whole drfl album in two days he just freestyled every song into existence
Christian Maciel
Christian Maciel 2 months ago
Lance Gardenhire Yes, every song from him is a freestyle
Lance Gardenhire
Lance Gardenhire 2 months ago
Bobby Murillo he’s a free styler?
Branson Jr
Branson Jr 2 months ago
Aqil 2 months ago
I just found your vid and I love this reaction
Akolyte 2 months ago
Bro we all know why you had a sock on your desk, quit playing 😂
Claire Hilton
Claire Hilton 2 months ago
Oh no
gage madden
gage madden 2 months ago
I really liked this song and hope the album is just as good. Halsey is a great artist, you should def listen to her from start to now so you can see the evolution of her writing and style i think as someone who appreciated music you will like it.
Andrea Sinclair Paz
Andrea Sinclair Paz 2 months ago
Great reaction you should definitely check out Halsey
Shania Gonzales
Shania Gonzales 2 months ago
pls react to Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know" (ft. The Basics & Monty Cotton) [Official Video] please please please. This song just brings back memories
Danielle Boecking
Danielle Boecking 2 months ago
You should definitely listen to Halsey especially her latest album Manic. I love to see you react to some of her music.
theinhumanspirit 2 months ago
Why do i have a sock on the table *Picks it up and throws it on the sofa* *Scream Intensifies...*
Dragon FlameX doom
Dragon FlameX doom 2 months ago
Kaden Butler
Kaden Butler 2 months ago
Well I am guessing the artist drew something on the black canvas before and started painting. It is still very impressive!!
RTDJ7580 2 months ago
Good video as always! I really like this song. RIP Jucie Wrld
Jeremiah Talford
Jeremiah Talford 2 months ago
Halsey's got so many good songs. Definitely should check her out. 🙂
menzythekid 2 months ago
You should watch Halsey her cover of lucid dreams.
Javon Donnelson
Javon Donnelson 2 months ago
Yo you take requests?? This video about police brutality is crazy.. Dude is the truth frfr. ruvid.net/video/video-5cDtcOCpTKk.html
Mariana Castro Evans
Halsey's voice is so unique too. I feel like you would like her performance in SNL, where she sang Eastside while painting a portrait.
Derek Touchet
Derek Touchet 2 months ago
This was fire. Very emotional lyrics. Another great reaction, but that is what you always do. On a different note, I can't wait to see that Samsung Frame on the wall.
Axp4 2 months ago
Im not ready for the album tbh
Jon Gonzalez - official music
He says “Lord Help Me I’ve been Lonely, that’s when you accept me and I’m set free.”
Crump: Make Country Great Again
I've been looking for someone in my area to paint while I sing
Marie M.
Marie M. 2 months ago
You should react to Halsey - Gasoline!:) This song was fire. RIP Juice 🙏🏻
James Eyman
James Eyman 2 months ago
Halsey is fire. She's an amazing artist in every sense of the word. Her physical art is amazing, her music is beautiful, and her videos are some of the best storylines. Check gasoline or her snl mural.
Kellan Mohr
Kellan Mohr 2 months ago
still waiting for more jon
Paragon Nova
Paragon Nova 2 months ago
thirdernest can you react to back what you knew by G-Eazy
Najinful 2 months ago
I am waiting for your "Tell me you love me" reaction, you gonna love it
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