Juice WRLD - Fast

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Juice WRLD's Death Race For Love is out now: smarturl.it/DeathRaceForLove
Directed by Alexandre Moors and Produced by Brooke McDaniel for Object + Animal
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Music video by Juice WRLD performing Fast. © 2019 Grade A Productions, LLC, under exclusive license to Interscope




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Comments 80
KCXXIV _2WAVY 58 minutes ago
R.I.P a real one
jusitn davenport
RIP juice wrld
Rosario Calzada castaneda
🌹🌹💘✋💞 But Tegbbnm
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith 4 hours ago
4 summm fukkin reason i refuse to think he dead...
NOPE21 8 hours ago
Jarad Anthony Higgins❤️💎👀😞😪
Janet Zaker
Janet Zaker 9 hours ago
I listen to juice eveyday .juice had so much more .its like he knew he was going to die earlier.to all of his fans he will continue in are lives with tunes we love Thank you juice 🌎 Jarred Higgens
Ryan Hicks
Ryan Hicks 9 hours ago
Man, I'm still in shock and I want him back more than ever 😖 R.I.P Juice💔
Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan 11 hours ago
This song was a cry for help! I mean most of his songs like “wishing well” I don’t know Everybody that was close to him shoulda seen it coming and coulda stopped it He’s such beautiful and talented af rip
James Breeden
James Breeden 17 hours ago
When I listen to him I feel he is still here we need you still RIP
Blaaazze_0 18 hours ago
Kai Mai
Kai Mai 20 hours ago
so sad rn
Harry Porter
Harry Porter 20 hours ago
His songs have such a different feeling now 😢 11 months later I’m still here tho. RIP JUICE WRLD
Kimber McElroy
Thanks for helping me through this shitty time Juice.. wish you were still here making music and connecting with us all 💜 rip man 💕 until next time.
joshua saunders
its sad to see we couldve stopped instep we just let him take drugs like in this song we can see hes hurt we could of reached out insteed we incourged it its sad
WØLF Op Day ago
Time really moves fast! 😢 Yes it does
smalls tortilla
he was one of the best music artist to meet in person because he loved all of his fans
GhettoNoob 12
this song is basically saying that How death is come fast he left death Notes for us.
1 Subscriber Before 2021
Hurry up & get in your bag💯
Sam Tadros
Sam Tadros Day ago
Epilepsy warning
SpiderEvan _
SpiderEvan _ Day ago
He protecc He attac But most importantly We all want him back🙏🏻
Lil Bouya
Lil Bouya Day ago
How THA FUCK u gon dislike someone explaining his feelings in music
Lil Bouya
Lil Bouya Day ago
Acct. Ban
Acct. Ban Day ago
Bringgg back jack and jill bruh😔
Acct. Ban
Acct. Ban Day ago
Who ever runs juice’s channel
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson Day ago
His music just hits so hard. It's like he knew me personally and is relating a message to me. Just hope he's doing good in heaven cuz he belongs there🙏🙏
Ben Coskery
Ben Coskery Day ago
This song brings me back to when I had a gf wasn’t depressed, now ima simp
Defender_ XD
Defender_ XD Day ago
TTVAY3BTW Your trash kid
I know I’m last but I hope that Juices family and friends are all ok because I still am sad 😢 that he past RIP--JW
Naveed Day ago
This song keeps running in my mind all day❤️
Lisklemm Day ago
Why bro😕
TechNology Tips
TechNology Tips 2 days ago
the first 3 words in the desc are juice wrld's death😥
luke spatola
luke spatola 2 days ago
its almost been a year since this was released not that anybody asked.
ItsyoboiRobert TG CLAN BOYZ
R.IP. To these legendary stars 1996:Tupac 2017:lil peeps 2018:X 2019:juice wrld 2020:kobe
Alinah Simpson
Alinah Simpson 2 days ago
Sad he died. Its ok. Be happy he was here he looked cute rip. Juice 999💙💙💙💙❤❤❤💌💛💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙❤❤❤❤
Nicholas Laven
Nicholas Laven 2 days ago
he is exsey he is hot i am a gril
Benaka crazed
Benaka crazed 2 days ago
R. I. P. Juice thank you for the honest music
easy win
easy win 2 days ago
Miss you juice, it‘s not fair that legends die When they‘re in young years😭😓
Kermit the frog
Kermit the frog 2 days ago
Listening to this because idubbbz a simp :(
Lowkeyy Haley
Lowkeyy Haley 2 days ago
“Imma die wit respect, yeah.” Yes, yes you did💔🕊🙏🏼
Tommy Coleman
Tommy Coleman 2 days ago
PULLUP XANY 2 days ago
I want you juice . RIP
Ninja f6xx
Ninja f6xx 2 days ago
like on this comment if you love juice WRLD
_ナルト 2 days ago
1:31 is my fav part in the song
999 life
999 life 2 days ago
Has anybody noticed this was posted here on apr 9 and he says he's 19 but he died at 21 on dec 8 same year
aidenrogers09 On Nintendo10
999 life hmmm
Nerson Herrera
Nerson Herrera 2 days ago
999 life he probably just kill his artist persona lol
the_last_oreo 2 days ago
Wanna know what else is fast? My dad when he went to get milk....😭
Jasmin Jackson
Jasmin Jackson 2 days ago
i cry whenever i watch this vid
Brand M
Brand M 2 days ago
The 10k like are the people that are people that like 69
Epidemic 2 days ago
Juice WRLD songs been giving me chills ever since he died
ii grant
ii grant 3 days ago
can’t believe this was his last video months ago. I remember lucid dreams and that got me hooked can’t believe he’s gone
Breanna Bailey
Breanna Bailey 3 days ago
i love this
Lil Bambi
Lil Bambi 3 days ago
I would definitely trade anyone for juice back
alzo 3 days ago
I miss you so much I feel like I’m going insane listening to you every night.
PhuVanBeats 3 days ago
This song still on my playlist 😢 🔥
Spvnish Queeen
Spvnish Queeen 3 days ago
Rolando Menendez
Rolando Menendez 3 days ago
Damn i wish he was still alive we miss him
threadedpat 3 days ago
Man.. I just found juice just a little while ago. He had a way to reach a part of me that I forgot about. Wish he was still here. Man's a legend. #RIP
Jjtheflying Jet
Jjtheflying Jet 4 days ago
Fadou Fadou
Fadou Fadou 4 days ago
I always always think about juice wrld everyday it’s crazy to believe it it seems like he was my brother or something at least I seen him perform live in Chicago at the north cost in 2018
Martina Balazova
Martina Balazova 4 days ago
Rip legend
paulina lewandowska
R.I.P Juice WRL. He Was To Young. We Lose Another Legend. He Was To Young. He Died In A Local Airport From A Seizue.We Hope We Will Be Blessed. We Will Have Juice Deep In Our Hearts And We Will Keep His Memory Alive Amen.
Lil Newtz
Lil Newtz 4 days ago
I'm not one to cry ever but seeing that he died made me tear up a bit but now I'm kinda numb to all these rappers dying and it fucking sucks
Lgable06 VLOGS
Lgable06 VLOGS 4 days ago
Whos in 2020 RIP juice you will be missed forever
TheKman1014 4 days ago
Killa6ix 4 days ago
Why is this on 4 mil this should be on 30 mil and yeah Time really did go fast for juice he died but that’s the goal
Nicole Reyes
Nicole Reyes 4 days ago
i only got to be your fan for a year 😭 still miss you like crazy juice...rest in peace
Josh Kauss
Josh Kauss 4 days ago
miss you everyday Jarad 999 4L....
Nathan Dm
Nathan Dm 4 days ago
Your died too fast 😭
Sean Loucks
Sean Loucks 4 days ago
Love you so much juice WRLD cant be live your gone im hellla sad listening to this song right now
"Time really moves fast, fast, fast, fast, fast" - Juice WRLD - Fast 1998 - 2019
w00borg 4 days ago
This song / album came out my second semester senior year in college. I was just cruising at that point, not really caring about grades and just trying to spend as much time as I could with my friends before we all part ways. So much nostalgic & bittersweet vibes from this song 😭
Lil Game
Lil Game 4 days ago
miss ya bro
Cat Perez
Cat Perez 5 days ago
Johnathan OldChief
He ain't dead he just won the death race for love. Boi made it somewhere good I feel it
Lyrical Irvin Mendez 999 Gang Forever
Fast, 🔥🔥🔥 Reace It Peace Jarad (Juice WRLD) Higgins999 💔☝😭 1998-2019 ●
Pzza Pi
Pzza Pi 5 days ago
I hope they played this at his funeral it’s a tru banger “This is fire” 😭 I’m sorry I became a fan of him to late I feel awful dang I would love to meet him 😭
Mikel Zoggia
Mikel Zoggia 5 days ago
Juice in this video is very different 😔😔😔rip legend
xXxnight#_marexXx _-_
Am I the only one waiting for juice wrld to upload a new song (also xxxtentacion)
RB Shadow
RB Shadow 5 days ago
R.I.P Juice 💔
Chun fung Wong
Chun fung Wong 5 days ago
forever ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
chaos Boy
chaos Boy 5 days ago
R.I.P bro
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