Juice WRLD - Bandit ft. NBA Youngboy (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Lyrical Lemonade Presents:
Juice WRLD - Bandit [ft. NBA Youngboy] (Official Music Video)
Directed + Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by Nick Mira
Dir. of Photography - Taylor Randall
Steadicam by Renard Cheren
Ex Produced by Sal Tarantino & Jay Tauzin
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Oct 3, 2019




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Comments 80
levon hatchett
everyone was making fun of him for being "bigger" and now he's gone.... that's crazy huh?
Jordan Howard
Jordan Howard 2 hours ago
It’s funny cuz all the comments went from roasting him because of his weight to R.I.P juice wrld
Jackson Workman
Jackson Workman 2 hours ago
6 months damn 🥺 999 for life ♾💔
Jaedy Blue
Jaedy Blue 2 hours ago
Me looking for all the hate comment from December
El Hadji Diop
El Hadji Diop 2 hours ago
im forgot that he died
Mic Lol
Mic Lol 2 hours ago
i miss jw. xxx i am soo mad and sad r.l.pjw and xxx
Sasuke with a broken neck
Damn this song is so ahead of its time that you can hear someone coughing in the beginning, telling us about the corona that would come a few months later.
UMGッ 3 hours ago
Sometimes I forget that he even died rip
London Worthy
London Worthy 3 hours ago
Juice world was that big?!?!?!??!?!?
Bradley Smith
Bradley Smith 3 hours ago
Rip juice world he made the best songs ever he was the best of all time
Tony Toribio
Tony Toribio 4 hours ago
Rip juice wrld
Tony Toribio
Tony Toribio 4 hours ago
One day we would all be together
Mile high Denbroncos
O 8 9llvkppoh pop
fortnite god# fortnite god#
RIP juice
Jabarie Johnson
Jabarie Johnson 4 hours ago
Rip juice wrld we miss you too much y'all he died to young we miss u I don't need money to be a savedg y'all to the gate s here what I have to say it the one who made him die for every second of his life
Gabriel Quittem
Gabriel Quittem 4 hours ago
Fat bitch died lol
Neil Clark
Neil Clark 4 hours ago
Gabriel Quittem fuck you
AGUS TEKNOX 5 hours ago
Algún español?
Rooster Roo
Rooster Roo 5 hours ago
Isn't that really his girl
Neil Clark
Neil Clark 4 hours ago
Rooster Roo I think so
Christopher Shuford
Y’all saying he fat. That mean he was eating good😂😂😂
Dylan Stone
Dylan Stone 5 hours ago
Yess exactly
sponge bob
sponge bob 6 hours ago
Be strong juice always strong
sponge bob
sponge bob 6 hours ago
Fuking sad 😭
Youngm220yt 6 hours ago
all the people that were talking about other people caling him fat they are proberbly the one calling him fat because no one brought that problem up we all miss him stop spreading roumours
sponge bob
sponge bob 6 hours ago
Fuck you pil
Raeden Southall
Raeden Southall 7 hours ago
rip bro bro
Armoni Wilson
Armoni Wilson 7 hours ago
Rip juice I miss his song’s
Amermankid 7 hours ago
I just made realize at 1:30 if pause for split second there is guy.
HiMrIvan 8 hours ago
NBA youngboy probably looking at juice world like ._.
Kaiden Julian l
Kaiden Julian l 8 hours ago
Illy Garner
Illy Garner 8 hours ago
I miss juice wold
Jayden Coleman
Jayden Coleman 9 hours ago
Who ever likes this will make juice wrld come back to like r.i.p juice wrld
Lewis A
Lewis A 9 hours ago
R.I.P Legends never die
Kasandar Trajcev
Kasandar Trajcev 9 hours ago
His stomach is full of talent :)
Kasandar Trajcev
Kasandar Trajcev 4 hours ago
@Dylan Stone yea I'm saying he stomach is full of talent
Dylan Stone
Dylan Stone 5 hours ago
Omg that’s not funny juice wrld is the best person in the fucking world
Olivier Cano
Olivier Cano 9 hours ago
me when juice caufs CoRoNaViRuS
DRILL DOSS 9 hours ago
R.I.P juicewrld🍊🌏
Olinebanggang777 10 hours ago
Man if juice was alive he could of being on The Weeknd track for blind lights remix and save your tears two
Kyeyune Ssemanda jr.
Ethan Groome
Ethan Groome 10 hours ago
Daishauna Cook
Daishauna Cook 10 hours ago
I love youngboy
Use Me
Use Me 10 hours ago
Use Me
Use Me 10 hours ago
DaBloxburgGhost 10 hours ago
Rip x And Rip juice
Memey Squid
Memey Squid 10 hours ago
only real ones kno that the song is actually called 'molly savage'
Norris Harvey
Norris Harvey 11 hours ago
Cool on it the game of life
Norris Harvey
Norris Harvey 11 hours ago
Good guy still
Norris Harvey
Norris Harvey 11 hours ago
He is the great rapper
Norris Harvey
Norris Harvey 11 hours ago
Great rapper dead
Kareem Hassan
Kareem Hassan 11 hours ago
well this guy didnt die
Ulquiorra Shaduw
Ulquiorra Shaduw 11 hours ago
2:08 when that kid that does not dance dances
Omair Sadiq
Omair Sadiq 11 hours ago
RIP juice
Terecita Nevarez
Terecita Nevarez 11 hours ago
My sister likes this song I do to its a pretty good song
Mc Raindrop fox
Mc Raindrop fox 11 hours ago
Rip 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jude Taller
Jude Taller 12 hours ago
Who else is going thru all of his songs and vibing
Physical Psycho Bro
Midas Games
Midas Games 12 hours ago
On the bright side hes up resting with xxx and peep
Midas Games
Midas Games 12 hours ago
I miss him so much I was the first to subscribe to him and listen to his first song ever
Tryhard- Atiss
Tryhard- Atiss 12 hours ago
Hey peoples if u not scrolled have a nice day!😁
Blu3_ 12 hours ago
Why couldn't he of at least lived another 3 months :( -LLJW
K7 Fusion
K7 Fusion 13 hours ago
Fuck juice world
Familia Miranda
Familia Miranda 10 hours ago
Fuck you stupid ass bitch
Cryptic Reyes
Cryptic Reyes 13 hours ago
Stfu you're just jealous.
Jacob Woodruff
Jacob Woodruff 13 hours ago
Waylon Montoute
Waylon Montoute 13 hours ago
For 53k people who disliked, you guys have no clue what he has been through.
EddyBuckss 1k
EddyBuckss 1k 13 hours ago
Drake White
Drake White 14 hours ago
Rest In Peace JuiceWRLD
Kid named Patrick
Kid named Patrick 14 hours ago
juice was not only a rapper he was a legend. his voice was so good, and his songs inspired so many people. he had so many people who looked up to him. he put a lot of work into every single song to make sure it was the best. We love you Juice, you will be with us forever.
MarZo RBN 12 hours ago
man, juice was an amazing artist, but he was not a legend. I'm not trying to offend you but you are probably a young kid who doesn't know real rap legends, such as Eminem, Kendrick, dre, eazy-e, biggie, cool j, coolio and all those guys. Juice was amazing but he did not revolutionize anything in rap, was no where near as skilled as the rappers I named and many rappers disliked him as he was sad rap which isn't considered real rap, more singing. So yes, he was amazing and I liked him a lot, but he was not a legend.
lena solomon
lena solomon 14 hours ago
This song is cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nameless onbekend
nameless onbekend 14 hours ago
0:23 , at first i did not see the cocodile
GR8 !
GR8 ! 14 hours ago
999 rip
Ronzy60fps 14 hours ago
Who is still here because this song still slaps
Veronica Chacon
Veronica Chacon 15 hours ago
rip juice wrld
billy bob
billy bob 15 hours ago
willie berdecia
willie berdecia 15 hours ago
rousfox 15 hours ago
Its crazy because before his death this whole entire comment section was roasting him for bing fat
Amber Fox
Amber Fox 16 hours ago
rip i knew him😥
billy bob
billy bob 15 hours ago
Amber Fox
Amber Fox 16 hours ago
Youngboys Killer《
Youngboys Killer《 16 hours ago
R I P handsome #Youngboy going to be right Next to You #juice wrld
The Questioner
The Questioner 16 hours ago
As DJ Khaled said "another one"
3xotic OnTheReal
3xotic OnTheReal 16 hours ago
Literally no one talked about youngboy
Rayden Washington
Rayden Washington 17 hours ago
he made a song in 2020
MarZo RBN 12 hours ago
Rayden Washington
Rayden Washington 17 hours ago
he didnot die
billy bob
billy bob 15 hours ago
fuck off
Tristan Zarboni
Tristan Zarboni 17 hours ago
lol this song was great
casey gibson
casey gibson 17 hours ago
who feels a hole in there heart from the lose of juice wrld #gone too soon 999
Kameron Nuriddin
Kameron Nuriddin 17 hours ago
i start crying when i lisen to this song missing juice
Trevor Fox
Trevor Fox 17 hours ago
Juice Wrld knew they were jokes I doubt he cared
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