Juice WRLD - All Girls Are The Same (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Lyrical Lemonade
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Juice Wrld - All Girls Are The Same
Song Produced Nick Mira
Shot, Edited & Directed by Cole Bennett

Juice WRLD's Channel: bit.ly/Juice_WRLD
Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade
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Cole Bennett
Lyrical Lemonade
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Published on


Feb 25, 2018




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Comments 80
LONE BEAST 31 minute ago
Bruh i will jump from a cliff with a car one day
Ghavish ansh
Ghavish ansh 38 minutes ago
I don't care about the month or year I will always be vibing to his songs 💔
Ramsay Dalbah
Ramsay Dalbah 46 minutes ago
most painful thing in the world is pausing a Juice WRLD song
Cieszkovskyy Hour ago
this whole time you were damn right jarad......... miss u brother we gon smoke a huge one up in heaven
Rat Soup
Rat Soup 2 hours ago
It sucks how we are never going to hear the music he would've made in the future :(
fifa lord
fifa lord 2 hours ago
juice is right :/
Ninja Sucks
Ninja Sucks 2 hours ago
“Don’t cry because it’s over “ “Smile because it happened”
Kmomo Dicky
Kmomo Dicky 3 hours ago
All girls are not the same on squirrel nuts cuz.
mane TvT
mane TvT 3 hours ago
tamiko grace
tamiko grace 3 hours ago
George Jones
George Jones 3 hours ago
Imagine disliking this, just imagine R.I.P Juice WRLD the real 🐐, 999 gang forever❤
Jacqueline Hardge
Jacqueline Hardge 4 hours ago
RIP juice world you will be missed 😭😭😭😭🖤🖤
Pengless 7 hours ago
Told a girl that i have liked her for so long and she reply’s with bruh moment I am speechless she is in my class too this is fucked I never knew it could go that bad
Sc: lil.lc6
Sc: lil.lc6 8 hours ago
i can relate so much to this song. 🖤
Dane 676
Dane 676 9 hours ago
I cant sing the song without crying
FairestPrism374 10 hours ago
Who’s here from juice wrld new song luv me
Asa Smith
Asa Smith 10 hours ago
Can everyone please stop begging for likes jarad died at 21 and these idiots are still trying to blow their stupid comments up
Lucas Armstrong
Lucas Armstrong 11 hours ago
this is nolsigia rip juice wrld it brings tears to my eyes when lisining to this song
FriendsAhoy 11 hours ago
Aye these girls are the same
Quintin Brand
Quintin Brand 12 hours ago
thank you for making this video legendary cole🖤
Biggie FN
Biggie FN 12 hours ago
Wow this is 2 years old?
ChiefStinglee 12 hours ago
i remember when this song came out and i told all my friends to check it out bc i truly thought this kid had talent and every song was some🔥 but rip wish you coulda stayed longer on this planet posting more and more songs
Richard Schoch
Richard Schoch 12 hours ago
Broke my heart oh no you didn't 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Kaarlo Moilanen
Kaarlo Moilanen 12 hours ago
F*ck simping
0rB1taL_ Peppermint-Pasta
F*ck drugs
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 13 hours ago
We will miss you juice hope you in a better place ✊🏾❤️
Tweetiez 13 hours ago
When the girl at McDonalds gives me attitude
Vvishal 22
Vvishal 22 13 hours ago
The dislikers are the people who believes that "meri vali alag hai"(my grl is different )
Oakley P
Oakley P 13 hours ago
All girls are the same 😊
Jermaine Hall
Jermaine Hall 14 hours ago
Llluuissd Playz
Llluuissd Playz 14 hours ago
yo R.I.P juice wrld like if u wish he was here to make some great sonds
Catarino Sandoval
Catarino Sandoval 14 hours ago
He's in a better place know that's good but for us it is just heartbreaking 💔 Rip juice
I hope this man went to haven tbh
The Lil Rachy Sac
The Lil Rachy Sac 15 hours ago
My girl just cheated on me 💔all girls are the Same
S3C0NDS 14 hours ago
Stay strong 👍
Sonic Winner
Sonic Winner 15 hours ago
the lesson is all girls are all the same
Gray Max
Gray Max 15 hours ago
Leah Nischan
Leah Nischan 15 hours ago
lil pump
Cal Gardinet
Cal Gardinet 16 hours ago
His music affected too many people for him too be gone this soon rip to a legend♥️♥️
soph 16 hours ago
he wasn't a legend, he is a legacy. R.I.P juice
TensionzFN 16 hours ago
This is such a noglostic song💔
Jesus Guzman
Jesus Guzman 18 hours ago
Rip Juice Wrld
Cam 19 hours ago
don’t be sad this guy is dead guys.be happy that he existed imgaine he didn’t exist we wouldn’t be here.
Hen Graham
Hen Graham 19 hours ago
The thing that makes this song so much more deep is that Fortnite used to be so good and fun when I listened to this and all of the memorys
TeamBeasto Trees
TeamBeasto Trees 19 hours ago
They still break u
TeamBeasto Trees
TeamBeasto Trees 19 hours ago
Dont matter if it the end
TeamBeasto Trees
TeamBeasto Trees 19 hours ago
Even tho I found loyal they still break hearts
CrillixOnRoblox 20 hours ago
My nigga
Freewoman 21 hour ago
The world lost a light when he died
Guero 916
Guero 916 21 hour ago
All girls are the same 💯
d2 boi
d2 boi 21 hour ago
" I'm a jealous boy really feel like John Lennon ". Shit's crazy because Juice WRLD died in December 8, 2019 and John Lennon died in December 8, 1980.
wb wb
wb wb 21 hour ago
R.i.p juice wrld 🙏🙏❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I miss him
josh Patterson
josh Patterson 22 hours ago
I'm miss him
ThatGuyMilk 21 hour ago
The_ Ultimate_Chicken Aka the toast
999 for ever RIP will never be another one like you
Sebastián Huberツ
Sebastián Huberツ 22 hours ago
this song hits diferent now that he is gone :(
Agai Daud
Agai Daud 23 hours ago
We miss you bro😖😖😖😖
Darryl Spearmon
Darryl Spearmon 23 hours ago
Also don't be sad he's gone be happy about it because now hes in a better place and don't gotta deal with all the struggles and fake shit/people of life
Darryl Spearmon
Darryl Spearmon 23 hours ago
He might not have had love from these hoes but he had love from us and it's endless
Miles Mercer
Miles Mercer 23 hours ago
post malone or juice wrld like: juice wrld comment: post malone
Okamiobidala 23 hours ago
I don't wanna be 'that bitch' because I sorta like this tune. BUT if someone gets repeatedly hurt/betrayed/abused/belittled/stepped-on/lied-to (etc) by girls they've loved - the common denominator rule applies. This rule does not diminish or belittle your feelings and experiences - but it asks 'What in all of these bad times is the one thing that is constant' and the answer is 'YOU' Essentially you are the one who picks who you are with. Yes, I know there are always other factors thrown into the mix (Maybe you don't have anywhere else to go if you leave your gf) (Maybe you have a kid with them) (Maybe you cannot go to work so you rely on them to help you and house you) But in the one on one less complicated matters, you choose what is ok and what is not ok. What you won't allow someone to do to you and what you will allow them to do to you. What those types of people lack is the conviction to make life changing decisions that will benefit them...even if breaking up is the hardest most unsavoury thing you can think of doing... acknowledging the fact that you'd be happier elsewhere and then doing something about that situation like leaving...is good. It is so fucking hard, but it absolutely has to be done. Because NOT ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME. Not all of them will hurt you. Some of them will help you to achieve happiness and some will drag you down. - I truly, fully recognise that there are absolutely EVIL GIRLS out there, evil girls who hurt you and hurt you and then break you into a million shattered pieces on the ground, not giving a shit, breaking you enough so that you can never be put back together again without the cracks showing through. But I speak for the GOOD GIRLS when I say - I will love you unconditionally and you don't ever have to be alone again. Just come find me, I'm waiting for you ok? - A MESSAGE FROM THE GOOD GIRLS WHO ARE WAITING FOR YOU, READY TO ENCIRCLE YOU WITH LOVE AND HAPPINESS AND HOPE.
S3C0NDS 14 hours ago
Thanks for the message but i cant find good ones nor evil ones i cant find one period 😔😒
TTVGunFly Day ago
Pay your respects by listening to atleast 1 song everyday R.I.P
ThatGuyMilk 21 hour ago
Liangji Wang
Liangji Wang Day ago
All the dislikes are Feminists
Luxury 223s
Luxury 223s Day ago
All it matters is R.I.P bro, but be careful with yourself bro.
eliu veliz
eliu veliz Day ago
Lo extraño
Isalia Perez
Isalia Perez Day ago
so dad rio abe pe
Carlos Sanchez
God bless legend 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😪😪😪
Intensify Day ago
yes dude all girls are the same -coming from a female
Dylan Laughlin
Gengar squad 25 squash
He's the best singer of all time dumbasses
XXXEverett #
XXXEverett # Day ago
He ain't dead. He just finished the race before us. R.I.P LEGEND
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart Day ago
Only like if your a true fan
Sean Mc
Sean Mc Day ago
Juice WRLD is not dead he is sipping juice in a different world
I’m Oppsie
I’m Oppsie Day ago
Is it bad that I drain out the thought of juice being dead by listening to his songs?
Ethan Fry
Ethan Fry Day ago
Rip juice world
OK OK Day ago
Can we please stop commenting about the fact that he’s gone? Appreciate the song ya’ll.
LucivE_Void d
Fuc* sippen ima down the whole bottle
Mehraz Hossain
I just had a break up and my friend sent me this song for me to heal
yeah ari
yeah ari Day ago
He’s here.. Just not with us😢🙁
BIG SLAM Day ago
we loved your emotion in robbery we loved your joy in armed and dangerous we loved your imagery in lucid dreams we loved your message in black & white we loved your passion in empty we loved your love story in hear me calling we loved your tribute in legends we loved your expression of heartbreak in all girls are the same we loved your melody in suicidal we loved your relatability in scared to love we loved your flow in ransom we loved your journey in end of the road we loved your brotherhood in yacht club we loved your optimism in feeling we loved your story telling in hide we loved your nostalgia in used to we loved your spirit in fine china we loved your sharing of struggle in hurt me we loved your development in graduation we loved your vulnerability in candles we loved your perspective in ptsd we love your legacy in righteous we still love you we love you juice
Burning Waters
Y’all just wait till he clutch up in gulag
DM Studios
DM Studios Day ago
This song is fire🔥🔥🔥 RIP juice WRLD 😭😭😭🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻
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