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what did you think about his audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Mar 18, 2019




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Comments 80
Megan Withers
Megan Withers 5 hours ago
Wow this is so powerful. Wow.
HNS INC Day ago
1,000 dislikes wtf!?
Emily Kathryn
Emily Kathryn 2 days ago
Much love brother. May God wrap you in his arms!
j m
j m 2 days ago
Oh my God I cried so much during this interview so much pain God bless you son God bless you
Ricardo Rodriguez
wow dude! god bless you!
Christ lover 1234
Blessed his heart ❤️
Calvin Collins
Calvin Collins 6 days ago
Their with you every step of the way brother not physically but their right their by your side watching you grow into the man you are rip to your brothers fly high n god bless
Stanly Laruan
Stanly Laruan 6 days ago
Lonesomeguitar 1371
I also pour my heartbreaks in my music. I've lost people real close to me since I was 14. And if didn't have my Guitar, I dont think I would be here right now. Keep it tough man. You're good
Kathleen Ann
Kathleen Ann 8 days ago
Our loved ones are around us all the time, such a great feeling knowing we are never alone. Beautiful song brought me to tears. Thank You.
devin mccurry
devin mccurry 11 days ago
What's the song playing in the background
Matt Troyer
Matt Troyer 12 days ago
Men I lost my gapmpa too it sucks you go kind good work 🎸🎤🎸
Rosemary Vaughan
Rosemary Vaughan 12 days ago
You are living your life for your,Brothers. Stay,Strong for the rest of your family & God Will help you do it
Diana Nirahuwa
Diana Nirahuwa 13 days ago
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith 15 days ago
What's the song playing at the 6:00 mark?
Ambla renz Rengma
Ambla renz Rengma 15 days ago
Wow very emotional.... I'm 😢 😢
peter m
peter m 15 days ago
That was nice! Sad about the losses, but hold your head up high!
Winston win12
Winston win12 24 days ago
Make me speachless.... Wow....
Carson Lueders
Carson Lueders 24 days ago
Bless your heart nick I’m praying for you and your family 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️
Edward Krajack
Edward Krajack 26 days ago
This man is so strong bless you man . I pray for you and your peace hopefully one day you find it . What a great voice keep going man you got this!💯
André Tavares
André Tavares 26 days ago
Dude this was beautiful all we really need is love
Sypher Scofield
Sypher Scofield Month ago
Millions of people have lost loved ones to suicide and other fates that could arguably be worse (like murder) and yet they don't flock to a television *singing* competition to air that out (for votes/exposure or whatever his motivation is). I'm not trying to downplay his experiences but there are people who have gone through far worse than he has but they don't go on a show that is meant to showcase talent and use it to showcase how much more hardship they have gone through than the next person.
Sypher Scofield
Sypher Scofield Month ago
Question: What does the death of your siblings (and every other horrible thing that befalls you as an individual) have to do with your ability to sing? Shouldn't your talent be what moves people to tears and not your story?
Killer96z Month ago
Tough situation
Ricky Pearson
Ricky Pearson Month ago
I lost my brother father and mother in a short time. young man I know it hurts but they are strength on the other side listen to the comments you're not alone peace and blessings young man
Wayne Coleman
Wayne Coleman Month ago
Jesus Christ
Margaret Hewell
Margaret Hewell Month ago
Steve buckskinner 54
mike toni
mike toni Month ago
Was sooooooo hoping he would blow his brains out during the audition!!! How epic would that have been!!!!!
Hermie Flores
Hermie Flores Month ago
i really cried .i feel. this young boy.. he is a fighter.. proud of you.. stay strong with your family. everything will be alright.. 😉😉
Connie Hodges
Connie Hodges Month ago
How beautiful and sorrowful 🙏❤️
GTJacket624 Month ago
Lost a good friend like this... a good friend and a good sailor
Jered Lavender
Jered Lavender Month ago
Nothing is that bad guys... love yall know there is always someone there
Ramona Menchaca
Ramona Menchaca Month ago
God cover him and his family with your wings of peace... Fly forward with the gift that will take you to soar to high mountains with your brothers in your heart always. 🥰
Shay Rose
Shay Rose Month ago
A friend of mine shot himself a year ago. It is the worst pain. The amount of regret, blame, anger, guilt, it’s unreal. You go from hating yourself to being pissed at the person for leaving you, then blaming yourself again. I can’t imagine a sibling, let alone two. This man is so strong.
Zarya Month ago
My name is Zarya Devani Lalit Thanki I am a country princess I am twenty years my best friend was named Zach Alexander who asked me on a date
Tyr Month ago
Weak bloodline man, glad he broke the cycle
Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart Month ago
My thoughts and prayers are with this family. I wish this young man all the best. I lost my older sister over 13 years ago. The pain remains, but it gets a little "easier" as time goes on. My wife and I are raising my great niece, who is 4 years old. She is the Granddaughter of my older sister. I believe my sister is looking down and smiling upon us.
Wow this hit me hard and I'm almost 16 and have 1 older brother and one younger and my young brother died a month after he was born and I just really want to see him again
Alfredo Alonzo
Alfredo Alonzo Month ago
I will pray that the love of Jesus would help u heal and comfort you thru this time
Your brother wasn't a hero. He was a volunteer in a terrorist organization that commits war crimes and has murdered millions of people. Should have gone to college instead. No tears for baby killers.
Luis Molina
Luis Molina Month ago
Yeshua jesus love u and me to b bless forever.
adriangs-t parada
This is so sad!!! My eyes are a waterfall!!
BallzD33P Month ago
My brother was a marine. And I had that same level of respect for him. Your older brother was Born 5 days after me and I just cant imagine... And then you lost your younger brother I lost it. I cried harder than I'd like to admit. I am so Sorry for your loss. #GodBless
Nick Seidel
Nick Seidel Month ago
Is there anyway to reach out to him
Cheyenne Montgomery
This broke my heart.. my prayers are with you!
Marie Cook
Marie Cook Month ago
God bless you and your family. Suicide is no joke, it cut way to deep. But I'm so glad you didn't give up singing. You have a beautiful voice Nick Townsend. Gotta have Kleenex to watch this. Hang in there your life has a purpose.
William Ayala
William Ayala Month ago
I have 3 little brothers I would die if was to happen to them I swear they are who I do it for
Tom Foster
Tom Foster Month ago
I bet he carries his baby brothers death on his back horrible and sad. But i really do wish this could just be American Idol not General Hospital Idol slash American Idol. He's no idol he was sent through out of pitty and everyone knows it and it makes it unfair to him and everyone else watching. Just stick to the competition and reason we're all here and leave yoir personal life out of it.
Melissa M Dominguez
Your awesome Nick!
Lisa Tackett
Lisa Tackett Month ago
jolene payne
jolene payne Month ago
OMG I don’t cry easily But this did
Nolan Jacobs
Nolan Jacobs Month ago
I just want you to know that I lover you, I hope you continue to do great things, don't let anyone stand in your way, and always remember family is soooo important,.I know that personally.
Nolan Jacobs
Nolan Jacobs Month ago
I give props you you guy!
Nolan Jacobs
Nolan Jacobs Month ago
I am so sorry for this man, I feel you, I have tears right now.
Vital Vlogs
Vital Vlogs Month ago
To all my people out there dealing with depression... just know i love you and i'm here for you!
joe d
joe d Month ago
Kadok Kadok
Kadok Kadok 2 months ago
On a conovarius days I pray for you
De Hypnotize
De Hypnotize 2 months ago
Nice voice but wrong song choice ...
De Hypnotize
De Hypnotize 2 months ago
God I can’t stop crying 😢
Janea Dressler
Janea Dressler 2 months ago
I have so much respect for him that I can't even put into words. His entire family really. The way they love each other and help and encourage each other is so so special and beautiful. Heaven knows I had tears in my eyes through the whole thing.
Sam L
Sam L 2 months ago
So very heartbreaking .I don't know what I would do you cry alot. but I've lost 2 brothers also .it's mind changing keeps your emotions in check,
DeeDee Dayz
DeeDee Dayz 2 months ago
Damn how tragic! 😭😭😭
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson 2 months ago
Balling like a baby beautiful voice beautiful soul so sorry for his loss’s
doc holiday
doc holiday 2 months ago
Anyone that takes there own life is a selfish coward
D Gray
D Gray 2 months ago
Watched this at work, and began to cry ! Boss walked up and said you O.K. ? I said check this out. And he said, " Get your ass back to work, and quit mess'n wit dat phone " !
Ashley Melania
Ashley Melania 2 months ago
Ugh. Luke B. Why do you always - laugh at good comments your fellow judges are saying ?? 😆
Kerri T
Kerri T 2 months ago
I hope to God he doesn't let the guilt eat at him. I know the feeling. I lost my big brother two years ago, and it doesn't get easier. You just learn to live with it. All the what ifs and should of could of would haves in the world won't make it make sense. It won't ever make sense. Keep living for each moment. Keep on shining and being you. They will be there every step of the way. Our siblings will ALWAYS be apart of us.
Jamin Smtpng
Jamin Smtpng 2 months ago
Please keep on striving Nick....& never give up..
Skylar Owens
Skylar Owens 2 months ago
whatit isn't
whatit isn't 2 months ago
that's alot to shoulder
Heidi Quayle
Heidi Quayle 2 months ago
Anyone know how far Nick got in the competition?
jerrychapalonis 2 months ago
i dont know what i would do if i lost my little bro weve been close most our lifes
Tina Spears
Tina Spears 2 months ago
What an amazing voice! Such a precious young man! Keep letting your light shine buddy. I think you’re going to be one of the very best American Idols!!! Prayers for you & your family 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
Fiona Black
Fiona Black 2 months ago
Hi someone thanks I could not believe any man would say this about someone he was with off 62 years
Fiona Black
Fiona Black 2 months ago
This was emotional for I list my bro at 29 I could to believe it but to lose north my god is there a god I list faith in evrtything I am still angr even noy
I can't imagine the guilt he must feel for having not been there for either of them and I pray to God that he won't allow it to consume him. After I lost my folks (I wasn't there when my dad passed but I was with my mom holding her hand when she passed), someone told me that whomever is meant to be with them during their time, will be there. We're not meant to understand it now but trust that it will be revealed when the time is right.
Joel White
Joel White 2 months ago
Wow what a kick in the chest...couldn’t stop crying
Joshua Darden
Joshua Darden 2 months ago
I am also a veteran
Joshua Darden
Joshua Darden 2 months ago
My little brother passed away too, his name was Matthew. So sorry for this guys loss
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