JRE MMA Show #63 with Jorge Masvidal

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Georgios F.
Georgios F. 4 hours ago
"Pancrace is not known for having much talent coming from that background other than Mighty Mouse" - Joe Rogan. Khabib also comes from Pancrace background by the way. And I am pretty sure many more top athletes but just can't recall off the top of my head.
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo 9 hours ago
Joe rogan lowkey looks like ben Askren
paolo sicat
paolo sicat 12 hours ago
59:16 the comedic timing on this guy is unreal too 😂 😂 😂
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 15 hours ago
Jorge Masvidal is my new favorite fighter of his generation. I saw him in those backyard bare knuckle fights and he was a beast then I just happened to remember his name. Seems like a cool muthafucker.
Salvador Gonzales
Salvador Gonzales 16 hours ago
If joe can get yoel and Jorge on at the same time it would be must watch. Hell you can throw Joey in there too and it would be cool
And j
And j 17 hours ago
Masvidal is the man
Matt Regimbald
VDR 23 hours ago
Right on lol
007 Day ago
Is it me or does Joe look like shit in this video?
007 Day ago
This guy's hilarious. He means every crazy thing he says.
Haris M.
Haris M. Day ago
It should be Masvidal vs Khabib.
Mike Christensen
58:56 "i know you do" with the most gay voice in the history of the UFC
Shawn Jerome
Shawn Jerome Day ago
Another sniffly nose day Joe, cocaine Joe is at it again
Joseph Creagh
Jorge and Nate please?
ReTurN TongueZ
Ivan Day ago
the moment I went from liking this guy to loving this guy 28:41
Ed Norton
Ed Norton 2 days ago
I just saw the Ariel interview with Askren and as usual Joe is right. Askren is as likeable if not more than Jorge. He was humble, he was complementary to Masvidal on the knee. He did not talk any shit what so ever. Yea he got ktfo but we have all seen other guys get right back on the trash talk machine and run their mouth. I had it fixed in my head because I like Masvidal and the way he is as a person that Askren was or is a douche bag. NOT THE CASE. In that interview he handled himself as good as I have ever seen a person be in any situation not just a knock out post interview. And If you think about it I have a few people in my life that I like and some of them do not like each other. I have said to both wtf ? He is alright. Both say fuck you I dont like him. So I get it. Not every one likes everyone else. But If Masvidal has any class he will if nothing else admit Askren handled the interview with 100% class. And give the man a complement on the way he took the loss and the responses he gave to the questions he was asked by Ariel. As honest and straight as any man can be period. In fact I will say that I would be surprised if Jorge handled it better if the shoe was on the other foot. There was no BS he called it as it was and didnt take a thing from Masvidal. So props to Askren.
Why Watchme
Why Watchme 2 days ago
42:36 bad edit. 😔
Ben Colón
Ben Colón 2 days ago
Ask about the Bosnian pyramids!!!!!!!!!
Streets Renaissance
Its a little heavier in South Dakota
hasaan prentiss
hasaan prentiss 2 days ago
Francis Lyons
Francis Lyons 2 days ago
“He’s gonna get ahold of these fuckin nuts” 😂
Paul Fahy
Paul Fahy 2 days ago
MGM Grand buffet to the face !!
Jaye Fletcher
Jaye Fletcher 2 days ago
He sure did hurt that dude
Wiggysan Wiggysan
For a man who did not finish high school with the best of grade, I find JM to be a very intelligent man. He looks at the world / his fights / his challenges from an outside point of view & breaks things down in a simple way. Best of luck to his future. Ohh yeah, *2 seconds Mutha Fucka's*
Ed Norton
Ed Norton 2 days ago
yes I agree. Very smart to view things the way he does. In plain talk he is clear and honest with no preconceived expectations. But he also knows the key to life in my book. And that is,.. "If you want something you must work hard to get it." Period.
Mike Montgomery
Mike Montgomery 3 days ago
MGM Grand buffet, to the face.
western raven
western raven 3 days ago
Fine as hell
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez 3 days ago
I'm glad he shut up that big mouth that's what he gets for not having respect for his opponent always respect your opponent you never know what the outcome may be!💯💯💯
Ed Norton
Ed Norton 2 days ago
Go watch the interview with Askren and Ariel. You will have a different opinion of Askren.
Johnny Vex
Johnny Vex 3 days ago
You live in Florida, there's a lot of aliens lol wtf Joe
ONY 27
ONY 27 3 days ago
Masvidal was right, Rogan was obviously hyping up Ben even in this podcast. The disrespect from Joe...
BuckfastConsumer 3 days ago
Why is joey not on this one? Cuban jesus and cuban fatboy
hey you , hi.
hey you , hi. 3 days ago
Romero. Who is dat?? I'm a casual .y'all. Need to learn to have more patience for the newbeeess
Chris Lowks
Chris Lowks 3 days ago
Search up yoel romero highlights on here hes a cuban & training partner of jorge masvidal
hey you , hi.
hey you , hi. 3 days ago
This fool was gasing out heavyweights on kimbo slices teams knuckle fights. Funny as shit. .. Respect. No gloves
Tyler Phennicie
Tyler Phennicie 3 days ago
No peeka englich
Jake Hammaker
Jake Hammaker 3 days ago
No one saw how lucky that shot was? Really? Biggest fluke. . .
ONY 27
ONY 27 3 days ago
The only fluke is Askrens win against Lawlor. Ben should be 0-2 in the UFC right now.
Matic Sever
Matic Sever 3 days ago
Rogan: " You live in Florida there s plenty of Aliens down there ".. Masvidal:" Noo we got..., Ooh YEAAAA" nice moment here 8:00
Roberto Castro
Roberto Castro 4 days ago
This man is legit. Baptizing mother fuckers lol
Ill Mind817
Ill Mind817 4 days ago
Joe Rogan and mike Tyson podcast are the best ones hands down I can watch these mfrs all day
skype eikaiwa
skype eikaiwa 4 days ago
Jorge is so dumb. Feel bad for him.
DB Cooper's MoneyBags
Dumb in what way? Here you are commenting and he's on Rogans podcast. Who's dumb?
Alex Goldberg
Alex Goldberg 3 days ago
No way man. The dudes a genius.
Devon Roper
Devon Roper 4 days ago
55:51 "I don't wanna knock him out early" *knocks Ben out in 2 seconds*
Fori Nobel
Fori Nobel 4 days ago
Anthony Damian
Anthony Damian 4 days ago
27:55 no one can escape those ass whoopings from moms 😂
Felix Rojas
Felix Rojas 4 days ago
Do your homework Joe. Alexis "el monito" Vila.
Tony McDonald
Tony McDonald 4 days ago
Get Tom Ford on the podcast!
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez 4 days ago
Fernando Masvidal
That's my cousin! Proud of this dude!
The Orphan
The Orphan 4 days ago
You notice how Jorge is brutally honest in criticism of himself and without hesitation-gives other fighters their props. He is confidant in his abilities and aware of how the fight game goes as far as business. I enjoyed this interview.
Eduardo Barajas
Eduardo Barajas 5 days ago
He's gonna get a hold of these nuts " boom roasted"
michael cardona
michael cardona 5 days ago
Would love to see Jorge fight Robbie Lawler
Paulie 247
Paulie 247 5 days ago
Damn this hombre is a badass
Chrypto 5 days ago
This episode is booming now
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