JRE MMA Show #63 with Jorge Masvidal

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Joe is joined by UFC welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal.

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Apr 16, 2019




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Curtis Turner
Curtis Turner 9 hours ago
Joe Rogan talks so much shit about Florida until he sits down next to Jorge. All the sudden it's one of his favorite places
Steven Jennings
fuck i wanna see a rematch just to see Jorge fucking smash that dude
Tang Alicious
He mentions yoel and cejudo pronouncing both with J's when his own name is Jorge wtf im so confused
Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross Day ago
Both whispers.. “all day every day”
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin 2 days ago
Jorge. Now that you've matured and gotten older I think it'd be a great thing for you to go by and get and get your high school diploma or your GED I don't know if it's true that you can't read or write don't be embarrassed about that brother that s*** happens but you can fix it I think you're strong enough to do it you're a mentally headstrong person if you don't care about it and you don't need it don't do it but if it's a personal goal I support you getting your GED 100% after all I had to do it
lil Pekka
lil Pekka 2 days ago
It’s funny hearing him talk about Ben Askren before his fight saying he doesn’t want to knock him out, then proceeds to get fastest knockout in the UFC on Ben Askren
GWEwrestling 2 days ago
162lbs division or split welterweight into 165 and 175
Dan O
Dan O 2 days ago
anyone else wonder what the askren v masvidal fight would have looked like if masvidal didnt KO him in 5 sec?
Gabagool 3 days ago
BMF belt seems so silly now
When he says ‘I know you do’ Like man, flirt harder lol
Shagroid 5 days ago
Kevin 5 days ago
This makes you like Jorge so much more
Israel Villegas
Israel Villegas 6 days ago
This was super necessary
Noob Master
Noob Master 7 days ago
Jdaegger 7 days ago
“Lawless people” 😂
alex pratt
alex pratt 7 days ago
Seriously I watch ufc I trained in mma for years I could judge fights better than some of these judges they’re horrible it’s insane
Holden S
Holden S 8 days ago
I love how he finally getting recognized and gets the respect he deserves
Dan W
Dan W 8 days ago
Coolest man on the planet Masvidal
Tony hawk
Tony hawk 8 days ago
Conor will butcher you....
sechsunddreißig 8 days ago
Askren is an English surname. Nice observation Joe 🙂
sechsunddreißig 8 days ago
49:50 yeah Police in UK barely solve the crimes reported to them. They aren’t going to bother getting involved with a little scrap like that.
Metropcs Metropcs
Jorge Masvidal is a savage, him vs Conner is a requirement.
Metropcs Metropcs
Aliens are the #1 biggest SECRET of the Gov. Except Everyone is in on it. Everyone knows.
Metropcs Metropcs
George is today's version of Nate /Nick Diaz .
AD C 8 days ago
It’s funny how English isn’t even jorge’s first language, but he’s still more comprehensible than Nate
Mat Yeppoon
Mat Yeppoon 9 days ago
Come on McGregor vs Masvidal If anyone can make it happen it's Joey Fuckin Rogan
Pezza 9 days ago
Joe freak athlete rogan
Mr Watto
Mr Watto 9 days ago
59:19 ✌🏼😁 'Lot of English guys got curly hair' Assgreasn looks like he's from weirdsville, strange looking lad. Please don't say he's from our yard ✌🏼😁🇬🇧 Joe - I'm English & that has to be one of the silliest things to come out your north & south.
hasan ergen
hasan ergen 10 days ago
they did not truly vibe w each other but thankful for any masvidal interview he's a true one
ILikeGAMESish 12 days ago
I am so surprised at how humble this dude is. Fantastic interview, one of my favs. What a champ, wish him all the best.
Rana 12 days ago
57:00 hs talka bout helwannnnnniii fu
Ron Tungol
Ron Tungol 12 days ago
6:44 😅😂🤣
Manish Raghu
Manish Raghu 14 days ago
1:53 notice how their voice completely drops
um me
um me 14 days ago
he has a shit ufc record. stop talking about this scrub fuko
robert williams
robert williams 14 days ago
Sounds like Kentucky weather to me George you're the f****** man
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 14 days ago
People hated Trump for ever nobody ever liked him
Toni Blackstone
Toni Blackstone 15 days ago
58:16 best part
Darkasknightfall 16 days ago
Joe can’t disrespect Jorge like he does on some other guests
albert re
albert re 16 days ago
Lets play Handball!
James Gold
James Gold 16 days ago
They Vibe good together
Joe Briggs
Joe Briggs 17 days ago
The most overrated fighter in the UFC
Humza Nasir
Humza Nasir 18 days ago
Humza Nasir
Humza Nasir 18 days ago
Stormer 18 days ago
Bring back Masvidal.
Mike Dodd
Mike Dodd 19 days ago
Imagine if Francis talked like Jorge 😒😭 would be terrifying
Dimitri Magirias
Dimitri Magirias 19 days ago
That spanglish part killed me. This dude is awesome.
Giovanny Gallardo
Giovanny Gallardo 20 days ago
Joe Rogan change conversation real quick when Jorge implied mma commission is run by mafia
Steven Meyer
Steven Meyer 20 days ago
“ get ahold of these fuckin nutz man”
Christopher Walker
I think that when he said "I wanted to press charges it wasn't just him it was him and his crew of hooligans" I about hit the ground laughing he is funny as shit
Kajetan Kasprzyk
Kajetan Kasprzyk 22 days ago
rohman abdul
rohman abdul 23 days ago
Underfeated in the streets
Kekoa Mauna Kea
Kekoa Mauna Kea 25 days ago
West palm beach was beautiful, but I’ll tell yah they don’t like L.A. boys...you definitely gotta pull over or stop underneath an overpass, “it’s like a cup of water from the heavens”. 🤙🏽🐺Great show🥊 J.Rogan🥋⛩
Cheese Phuk
Cheese Phuk 26 days ago
Masvidal started mma at 18... He has a natural talent for the sport.
Austin Clow
Austin Clow 26 days ago
So satisfying to listen to this knowing how that Askren fight went. Jorge is a genuine dude and a BAD motherfucker.
45:50 Joe looked a little too cooked there, made me laugh my ass off-
Arnadi Dakic
Arnadi Dakic 27 days ago
Adam Khan
Adam Khan 27 days ago
people you mean the sheep liked him untill thier masters told them not to
Daniel Cohen
Daniel Cohen 28 days ago
Jorge ``He can get a hold of these fucking nuts man´´Masvidal
Fernando 47
Fernando 47 29 days ago
I want to see Nate Diaz on here!!! 💯🔥
Dan Marsh
Dan Marsh 29 days ago
Lol...just watched this again... & Much water, has gone under the bridge....But i Just Have to make comment.....When Jörge' said !r.e. Ben Askren ~ Pre Fight Night...."I don't wanna Quickly Knock Him Out..!?! "I Really Wanna Torture Him......Every Minute, Of Every Round " !?! Instead, We Witnessed The Fastest knockout In U.F.C. History (Which Will Never Be Broken )
Yair 29 days ago
Rogan is baked! Hahaha
KygoDragon4 29 days ago
Masvidal would kill mctapout easily Khabib would kill Masvidal easily That's the difference in being the best and being top 5. 29-0 🦅
make foxhound great again
worldcuprussia18 #
worldcuprussia18 # 29 days ago
Jorge is great guy.
Dan Marsh
Dan Marsh 29 days ago
'HEY'~' HO' HEY'~ ! JORGE' SOOOO'W. Lööking Forward To One Of My Main Man Gettin Down With Another One Of My Main Man * Thee' One & Only....'JÖ'(The Rogue Rogan~ & Suprised ! We Only Get 1 or 3 Mins~ In...! Before I'm Shouting Out @ The TV. Set @ Jörge' As He's Slating Off The English Ref/Scoring
PUBG Truck Troll
1:05 :20 Yoel did win, bad decision.. I would have won $50,000 on DraftKings had they called the fight correctly, true and painful story.
thetruthhurts20 Month ago
Joe "I thought it was weird" Rogan
Mark Month ago
Coming back to this... A phenomenal interview. Jorge is a real one.
copernicus brawl
Fuck this bastard
Jeremy Dauzat
Jeremy Dauzat Month ago
Liu Kang to the balls cracked me up.
Enso Ghisoni
Enso Ghisoni Month ago
This mans amazing. Down to earth, knows whats what.
Micheal Todd
Micheal Todd Month ago
Get nate diazon here
I Am Stewpidd
I Am Stewpidd Month ago
Yung Scantless
Yung Scantless Month ago
I'll be so happy if JRE starts timestamping Jesus Christ. I'm looking through this 2 hour episode for a 1 minute conversation
KygoDragon4 28 days ago
Or just be a adult and watch the whole thing?.
s0lga Month ago
I bet Jeffrey Epstein had facial surgery as well
Jacob Switzer
Jacob Switzer Month ago
before askren joe was suckin his dick.. now? wheres his title shot
Mario The Texan
Mario The Texan Month ago
Orale, good podcast!
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Month ago
Ever notice how Joe only has genuine real souls on JRE
Switcher Switch
Switcher Switch Month ago
joe rogan is so goneee
Jonathon Wood
Jonathon Wood Month ago
Bad ass interview!!! 2 honest guys talking about fights and facts, love it!!! This is my 3rd time watching this interview
Lve2face Month ago
Jorge loves skiing on mushrooms...mind blown. I want to ski with this dude so bad now.
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