JRE MMA Show #62 with Brendan Schaub

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Smashley Scott
170 to 165 makes sense in what world?? 5 pounds between weight classes?? Theres ALREADY 8 weight classes anyway!!! This is ridiculous!!! Change the weight classes, fine, but add a class between existing classes that creates just a 5 lb gap?? How fucking DUMB.
FluorideShouldn'tBeInOurWater It's Poison
BJ Penn should be allowed to use all PEDs and no one else.
Jake Conner
Jake Conner 22 hours ago
Burning Shrub in the house.
GWEwrestling 23 hours ago
They r stoned
Anthony Valdez
Joe “you can rip your asshole” Rogan
Jonathan Bleksley
Bring Louis c.k on already
Buck Nasty
Buck Nasty 2 days ago
Espn+ is such BS, what if you live out in the sticks?
insider 4life
insider 4life 3 days ago
Cannot stop listening to both of them
ghost 5 days ago
Need the big misfit ever.. Not a cookie cutter.. Big Lenny
"Correct, correct, correct x100" ~Brennan "Yes Man" Swab
TexasCat 100
TexasCat 100 6 days ago
Shit = shit 😸✌
AstaSupreme82 9 days ago
Brenden belittles black ppl every chance he gets who hurt him😂
Aomatsung jamir
Aomatsung jamir 10 days ago
Relax and enjoy the show😎
J 11 days ago
Joe never wants to stay on topic I swear he’s got ADD
Fuckya Lookin at
Fuckya Lookin at 11 days ago
Who is this Jewish black guy?
Benjamin James
Benjamin James 11 days ago
Jamie: *pulls up thai with the thick thighs* Brendan: *giggles* "Thanks Jamie"
Anthony DeVries
Anthony DeVries 12 days ago
line ups have been great lately
Philip Hernandez
Philip Hernandez 13 days ago
Shit I just saw ghost in my apartment
The almighty deniro
Whittaker won the first fight but in the 2nd bout yoel won.
4estfloor 15 days ago
Listen to this guys... Eddie Bravo and his group fuckin snap! the lyrics are deep! Eddie nails the vocals on the hook. ruvid.net/video/video-wq2HJyHQbms.html
Brad Brad
Brad Brad 16 days ago
Why does joe have glas jaw schaub on so much..he got some of the most vicious ko's in the last 50 ufc's or more...why take his opinions seriously..he got his fucking ass BEAT on a regular basis....i enjoyed watching schaub starched on bis back looking like he was in a comatose state..schaub sucked how did he ver get into a ufc contract..had to have connections...maybe dana liked eating schaubs man chowder out of rouseys sloppy stink holes...has to be that...brenadanloves eating whites chowder
Blazed and Confused
Brendan Schaub is one of the biggest Hollywood phonies I've ever seen.
Duggo 69
Duggo 69 16 days ago
schaub is so full of shit
11bravo1789 16 days ago
Ever since adesanya tried to start beef with schaub. Schaub has been riding his nuts so hard lol. Brendan, dont back down so hard bruh. Not a good look
Barnabas Jones
Barnabas Jones 16 days ago
Thought it was a older video.. he seems to be fascinated with the man's footwear.
OneEyedWolfKing 17 days ago
miley cyrus good lol?
PabloWan 17 days ago
will beamin
will beamin 18 days ago
Brendan needs to hit gym, hes starting to get that ' Kermit the frog ' physique... Its not easy being green...wait,I mean lean
Waxy12 18 days ago
Buffalo wild wings has ppv all the time. Do they have a deal with them?
kc87d88 18 days ago
Have Jeremy Clarkson on! The other two can come if they want but aren't necessary.
94jaydogg 19 days ago
No one: Brendan: I don't know who's gonna beat him. I don't know who's gonna beat him.. I don't know who's gonna beat him.
C.F .N
C.F .N 19 days ago
Joe "it's those damn Cuban genetics man" Rogan
mootz2 19 days ago
Osanna Trusdale
Osanna Trusdale 20 days ago
Cam Meyer
Cam Meyer 20 days ago
Hey just saying your headphones aren't sitting even on your heads .
Lars Marius sivertsvik
Gastelum never knocked Israel down though. And Noone really beats Yoel (expt Feijao in his 1st big fight.) They survive, and then need surgery. Just sayin.🤷🏼‍♂️
Ghillys 19 days ago
He rocked his ass multiple times so who really cares if he hit the ground? And his hands touched the mat.. in boxing thats a knockdown.
miles lomas
miles lomas 20 days ago
fighters dont have restraints outside of fighting e.g both till and usman have deals with gym king i think and i think max has some deals, lots of fighters do just inside fighting it has to be Reebok gear i think
Jerry Coe
Jerry Coe 20 days ago
Ajdin Veladzic
Ajdin Veladzic 20 days ago
Bring up zlatan ibrahimovic on the podcast
Leonardo Donato
Leonardo Donato 21 day ago
Man you guys are wrong about so many things. At least Joe admits it. Brenda just BULLSHITS non fucking stop. So many things he says “100%” or as facts are completely wrong 🤦🏽‍♂️ Let’s make this as clear as possible because you guys spent 20 minutes saying TJ probably or might have been on EPO during the Cody fights or even before. NO he was not. YES USADA went back and tested ALL his championship fights and TJ was 100% clean. Now why he took it this time you hit on for a pico second 😉. He cuts all the weight he can. Then he had to cut ANOTHER TEN POUNDS! So he was doubting himself and called “Dr Feelgood” who I KNOW FOR A FACT both you Joe and Brenda use. For those of you who do not know, Dr Feelgood is Dana and the Fer Brother’s “Enhancer”. Dana is the one who hooked him into all the top camps. Almost all of the top fighters are using enhancing drugs. Just not PERFORMANCE enhancing drugs. They are the same drugs just almost all of them use them to recover. The reason every other promotion allows p”ED”s is so the athletes can RECOVER. Almost all of them do not allow them as a PERFORMANCE enhancer. Meaning the weeks ahead of the fight they all have to test clean. The UFC uses USADA as a way to give Dana’s guys a massive advantage. The biggest PED Roided in our sport is KHABIB! And Joe/Brenda and everyone else knows about it. Khabib is part of the Russian STATE SPONSORED PED program. He gets to go hide from USADA and he in the most sophisticated PED lab program in the history of the earth. I was at TAM and am currently at BlackHouse and 10th planet. This is a well known thing in our sport. Dana just covers it up because he had to make Khabib a #1C then “champ” to get the Russian tv contract which is the most lucrative contract in MMA history.
Blake Robertson
Blake Robertson 21 day ago
If only Elon and Jeff would team up. We could cultivated half of Mars by now smh
Reuben Naguit
Reuben Naguit 21 day ago
Is someone gonna tell Schaub you dont need to go to the dark web to stream fights
Ghillys 19 days ago
Lol Brendan considers reddit the dark web😂
Shaun Field
Shaun Field 22 days ago
Brendan Schaub is just the worst ever.
Issac C
Issac C 22 days ago
Brendan is an annoying cunt
rockn1000 22 days ago
great show!
Matthew Swartz
Matthew Swartz 23 days ago
Glad to hear Brenda's voice has healed, no more Marge Simpson
Вяеиdаи Sнеа Сфииеllу
Feels bad for T.J ??? smh
Grant Wood
Grant Wood 23 days ago
when is Conor coming on ?????
Rikullinen 23 days ago
Karelin wikipedia "His wrestling record is 887 wins and two losses" lol
A B 24 days ago
How much do american have to pay?? In europe its 15 euro and i think its expensive 😄
DannyM808 24 days ago
Joe "i had a Zevia" Rogan
sikhovski 24 days ago
TEST THEM ALL! Brendan: why? Why do you want to do it? ..... Lol Brendan was probably dirty
Young P.X
Young P.X 24 days ago
I just looked up Brendan Schaub getting knocked out and dawg...... this shit has me fucking crying lmfaaoo
Sweet toof
Sweet toof 24 days ago
The only problem with Reebok is that.....it sucks. No one is checking for Reebok. Was Saucony busy or something? Come on UFC. Get with Nike or Adidas.
Taylor Perry
Taylor Perry 24 days ago
This guy has stolen all of chris delia’s mannerisms.
MR 24 days ago
I don't understand why streaming is illegal because like anything else in this country once you buy something it is yours. if I buy a watch from someone tomorrow I can take that watch and let everyone in the world wear it if they want to because that guy can't come back up and say hey all these people owe me the price you pay for that watch because they are wearing it. it's ridiculous
MR 24 days ago
Show me the contract with the UFC that I signed stating that I would not illegally stream and which also defines what that is. people are just letting them bully you because if you haven't signed a sheet of paper stating these things then yes it is illegal for them to make you pay extra. But most most people aren't well-informed enough to know this so you will pay it. and like everything else this is how companies get our money they lie and manipulate you.
mick inks
mick inks 25 days ago
Hay joe, check out the Afghanistan Bruce lee on you tube. He is amazing.
Mikhail Grumblis
Mikhail Grumblis 25 days ago
Brendan has a Conner blow up doll
beefgator 25 days ago
C'mon Joe, really!? Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer ever? The fight against Tenzin was legit!? Give me a fuckin break man!!
Chris Bird Jowaisas
Jesus Joe! HDMI cable from your computer to your TV! IT AIN"T ROCKET SCIENCE BRO!
Eli Steele
Eli Steele 24 days ago
I've been saving this for 10 years.. Christ
Dave Or
Dave Or 25 days ago
This was one of the funniest podcasts since Alex Jones
Dave Or
Dave Or 25 days ago
“Dude I can’t believe you did this shit”
DannyM808 25 days ago
Joe "i dont even know if i have a point" Rogan
DannyM808 25 days ago
"TJ's on steroids" - TJ
Evansville Rojas
Evansville Rojas 25 days ago
When Schaub used to wear his khaki pants ruvid.net/video/video-daTZwOV3FjQ.html
JakeArino 25 days ago
Joe” schaub hasn’t been on the show for 2 whole weeks let’s have him on” rogan
JakeArino 18 days ago
Biggie Smalls thanks for clarifying fuck face🖕🏻
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls 19 days ago
Long way to go for that joke fs ?
JakeArino 19 days ago
Biggie Smalls ?
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls 20 days ago
JakeArino long way to go for that
DannyM808 25 days ago
Joe fuckin his shoulders up before episodes
Lion King
Lion King 25 days ago
Schaub ....I was going to make fun of his gay looks and ass kissing attitude... but instead I'll be nice....good job schaub
DannyM808 25 days ago
Half the time i just come on new episodes to see the comments
ducanhle 25 days ago
They talk about streams as if it was some dark web shit haha
K3vlar 25 days ago
I would like Sasha Baron on the show as Borat!
Dan Rude
Dan Rude 25 days ago
Shaub is such a fkn queer.
Dazai Son
Dazai Son 25 days ago
Go Rockets wooooo
T Mondo
T Mondo 25 days ago
He said “Yoel Romero look like a ninja title with his shell off”?! 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣😂😭👌🏽
W L 25 days ago
Schaub: "No no, i am talking shredded like an ethiopian kid"
CaliBear 415
CaliBear 415 25 days ago
My friend that’s a big youtuber here in jersey has made a RUvid competitor called story fire. Check it out
Adam Rose
Adam Rose 26 days ago
Chris Soto
Chris Soto 26 days ago
Brendan “TIII-TAYYS” Schaub
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 26 days ago
It was the Joseph Duffy fight Dustin broke his hand.
Taylor Wilmes
Taylor Wilmes 26 days ago
Joe “look how big some of these guy are” Rogan
michael roberts
michael roberts 26 days ago
Andrew M
Andrew M 26 days ago
Schaub is a fucking moron. Thinking the tenshin fight was fake, 3 minutes later he completely changes his mind and now he thinks it was real.
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset 26 days ago
Lol Joe needs to look up Braun Strowman, dude is huge
mrmikef10 25 days ago
Miranda Summerset Dude is a savage indeed!
Roy Munson
Roy Munson 26 days ago
These guys are sucking off Amazon and they're not mentioning Amazon DESTROYING small business...
Pineapppl3 26 days ago
"Everybody's on Steroids" - Everyone in the UFC
DJTalpes 24 days ago
More like Steroids are on UFC
O G 26 days ago
Brendan Schaub is the type of guy to order a Zima at a club.
Reggie Rightwing
Reggie Rightwing 26 days ago
These two are like 14 year old boys. Children in men's bodies
Brody Dietz
Brody Dietz 26 days ago
Brendan “correct” Schaub
Mexico City
Mexico City 26 days ago
Why would anyone that lives in the city get satellite (Dish Direct). Absolute garbage that goes out with a single cloud overhead and slow ass 75mbps speeds max.
Stevey TeeVee
Stevey TeeVee 26 days ago
Oh yeah Schaub that boxing expedition was so fixed. That's their poster boy, It has to be fixed because the idea of them fighting is so dumb. Ya know kinda just like Conor vs Floyd, just because Tenshin didn't have any advantages over Floyd like Conor had size and supposedly power, Tenshin didn't have anything other than youth and speed. 1 isn't more ridiculous than the other, in the real world he outclasses either without fixing anything. I like Schaub but he comes up with some dumb shit.
Damon Armstrong
Damon Armstrong 26 days ago
Hmm I wouldn’t say she deserves to be that rich from divorcing the richest guy in the world, just because she’s been with him for a while lmao. What a preposterous thing to say.
Carl Pourciaux
Carl Pourciaux 26 days ago
Who is the giant fighter they were talking about? I can't figure out how to spell his name... sounds like (crew ellen)
Carl Pourciaux
Carl Pourciaux 25 days ago
+mrmikef10 thank you very much...I appreciate that
mrmikef10 25 days ago
Carl Pourciaux Alexander Karelin
Dustin Pepper
Dustin Pepper 26 days ago
Pablo Salvatore
Pablo Salvatore 26 days ago
......so the real question is what role plays Salami in all of this!
Luke Lonsdale
Luke Lonsdale 26 days ago
Please Have Khabib, Pettis, TIll or Thompson on Your Podcast, Love to Hear what those Gladiators have to say oooft
Jack Rockwell
Jack Rockwell 26 days ago
ESPN+ does not let you watch the normal ESPN ufc fights
kobby bold
kobby bold 26 days ago
Anyone here because of TMZ?
CaliBear 415
CaliBear 415 26 days ago
Imagine Conor on EPO
Billy Walsh
Billy Walsh 26 days ago
“I think he was 6’9””
CaliBear 415
CaliBear 415 26 days ago
Joe “I stole Aaron Lewis’ look and no one noticed” Rogan
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