Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official video)

Joyner Lucas
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Feb 10, 2020




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Comments 80
Zoltan Peimli
Zoltan Peimli 26 minutes ago
Gta V casino heist?
Drtopi Hour ago
The action movie ends at 3:15 thank you
K.k 2 hours ago
I like this song
Sandro Johmann
Sandro Johmann 3 hours ago
Only eight and half a million visits? This hit deserves waaaaay more
Mateo Perez
Mateo Perez 3 hours ago
Damn that's hard
Zappy _
Zappy _ 4 hours ago
This a movie not a song
Tim 5 hours ago
*wakes up in prison*
One Two
One Two 7 hours ago
Coulda put the silencer on the gun before it entered the box!
One Two
One Two 7 hours ago
But it woulda been less intense
BuLuJa 7 hours ago
This on some mafia 3 type shit.
Jss ScarHead
Jss ScarHead 8 hours ago
Are you willing to tell me all about your life now? All the good and bad? 😇😈☠️🙃🤣🃏🙏❤️🌹💯% Honesty Care Respect Appreciate and Adore ALL LIFE'S MATTER.
25hz's manager
25hz's manager 9 hours ago
Like I'm just thinking about the poor people who have to clean the money up
Kyle-Mykal Stone
Kyle-Mykal Stone 13 hours ago
I am not the only one who realize the girl's nipple was out for a sec
Mine Bomer
Mine Bomer 14 hours ago
I Refuse To Believe John DiMaggio Was In This
Mine Bomer
Mine Bomer 14 hours ago
At Least He Looks Like Him
TYPICAL 14 hours ago
payday 2 : revenge edition
Cylinders Dont Jam Typically
damn so the Geico caveman just out here delivering pizza (i mean committing robbery) now???? 3:45
Far Han
Far Han 17 hours ago
Guadalupe Valdez
Guadalupe Valdez 17 hours ago
No I should have been Call revenge
One of the best movies to watch these days during quarantine honestly
Mitsunae 20 hours ago
this video is gangsta af
Dulmin Perera
Dulmin Perera 20 hours ago
Bts leaked from the mirror when the dude shoots when delivering pizza
Rxpeat 21 hour ago
Joyner Lucas - Revenge (Official Movie)
Roy Gorgos
Roy Gorgos 21 hour ago
like this song is SIK!
Wafflosity X
Wafflosity X Day ago
They didn't check for dye packs...
Shawn Ali
Shawn Ali Day ago
But would you do this in real life or only in your movies?
Wahkuna Hoes
Wahkuna Hoes Day ago
Honestly I could listen to this instrumental with just the piano and it would still Rock. Joyner Lucas taken over 20 20
Jc2X Day ago
So when this movie droppinnn 🔥
Tomasz Goik
Tomasz Goik Day ago
Pewdiepies Vagina
This is 50% 5 star filming
itz93dillon Day ago
Joyner removes his fake mustache to reveal... a smalller mustache.
prod. xantana
Zotiyac got his ass
marcuscv827 Day ago
So here me out guys. I hardly ever listen to rap/hip-hop. Metal music is my life and literally all I mainly listen to. Now I don't hate rap or anything but I just never had interest in it. Then randomly I heard this song on Spotify. Then I put it on repeat and holy hell this shit is amazing. So I listened to the full album front to back and I'm mind blown by Joyner. Anyway give me some more recommendations on more artists like this please!
Austin Crepps
Best music video I’ve ever seen! Very deep. It’s just like it says. Revenge
TTVroNic345 Weidner
I would so watch this if it was a movie
ohOne Day ago
Wait was that art from geography now?
Its going to be murder spree you gone see
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Day ago
4:23 not an expert on guns but is it normal to have the silencer that crooked? looks hella funny to me lmao
Anthony Gamez
Am I the only one shitting my pants here because this is so awesome?
Meh Day ago
My guy really said la casa da papel in 8 mins
Eugene Sivo
Eugene Sivo Day ago
It's like ww3 now lol this songs hit different rite now
Roba Dejene
Roba Dejene Day ago
damn this is movie✌✌✌
NRG Younboy 2
NRG Younboy 2 2 days ago
But dis video is so cool
Riratos 2 days ago
Did Joyner play Payday recently?
Toxic Roblox player
erikcraz898 Máximums
I know right
SlothGangShdw 2 days ago
When you remember Dream getting chased by George
Pratik Chetri
Pratik Chetri 2 days ago
The fuckin sweetest thing in the world... Has seven letters-R.E.V.E.N.G.E
Abdirahman Bille
Abdirahman Bille 2 days ago
Why does this give me money Heist vibes
Florindo05 THC
Florindo05 THC 2 days ago
Dezz Epson41
Dezz Epson41 2 days ago
Joyner LuCas feat. Fabulous -
Pirate-T-rev 1213
Joyner Lucas should make a movie called revenge and have all scenes from this
@JasonTheFinest 2 days ago
Anyone get money heist vibes from this?
Shawn Conrey
Shawn Conrey 2 days ago
MORAL of the story cant trust no one not even ya mans. Notice how he saved him for last and watched him die.
Shawn Conrey
Shawn Conrey 2 days ago
This man deserve Oscar's Gramnys all of it.
hbsleepy 2 days ago
when the audio of the song has more views then the video
Shawn Conrey
Shawn Conrey 2 days ago
Joyner is slept on. Straight GOAT
Red Rose
Red Rose 2 days ago
One word great
•KiDD уσツ•
Where can I get one of those dope masks
Aron Rezene
Aron Rezene 2 days ago
Who forgot this was a music video
Chicken Lips
Chicken Lips 2 days ago
If this was reality the cops would be on his trail and have him identified instantly
Probly_lui 2 days ago
your songs are like stories and i love them
Lucy Fruit
Lucy Fruit 2 days ago
Show love 💓 ruvid.net/video/video-9iV3EvO5P-4.html
Christopher Miles Jr
I love revenge😈
Mal Buckets
Mal Buckets 2 days ago
Who else can’t stop thinking about anonymous while watching this lol.
Lucy Fruit
Lucy Fruit 2 days ago
Show love 💓 ruvid.net/video/video-9iV3EvO5P-4.html
Kyng Yucef
Kyng Yucef 2 days ago
This is some Grand Theft Auto ish
ajbshsjsbs bsisndjxdjsjw
elijah_owo_ bejarin
All my different personalities fighting..
Misael Rivera
Misael Rivera 3 days ago
Get this man a movie
Gilgamesh South
Gilgamesh South 3 days ago
Would be funnier if the girl in the end accually was Joyner Lucas
imran islamoglu
imran islamoglu 3 days ago
Revange is even more tasteful than a burger...
MY pp is bigger than yours
yo fr this would be an amazing movie
Robin Watson
Robin Watson 3 days ago
i hate HIM
TRE'VANT MASON 3 days ago
This goes hard
albert ma
albert ma 3 days ago
anyone playing this during the riot?
Limfomba 3 days ago
this entire video i’m low key cringing at all the evidence he’s leaving
Nikki G
Nikki G 3 days ago
This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Samil101 3 days ago
This video is loaded. I don’t think this guy knows who he is. We are not black. We are the Israelites which is why we go through the things we go through our father is punishing usFor our disobedience
FoxyLourd YT
FoxyLourd YT 3 days ago
This is not the creeper aww man song
Keir Hely
Keir Hely 4 days ago
That was one of the best music videos I’ve seen
ska sosa
ska sosa 4 days ago
They got this out a movie 🤣📸
Liam Sigelstrand
Liam Sigelstrand 4 days ago
Long intro tho
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