Joyner Lucas - Revenge (official video)

Joyner Lucas
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Feb 10, 2020




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Comments 100
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 3 hours ago
Tommy; I have a banana clip Steve Jobs: I have an apple clip
Cynic_Linkあう 16 hours ago
Best music video I've ever seen
Scourg 20 hours ago
Alternate title : Payday 2 remastered trailer
Crackshot 488
Crackshot 488 22 hours ago
The intro reminds me of Payday 2 lol
Kristyle Allred
Kristyle Allred 2 days ago
But that beat drop thoooooo🥶🥶
ッBAYBXRRY 2 days ago
when joyner wants long hair
Maximus Gelinas
Maximus Gelinas 3 days ago
1:40 hmmmmmm, Dream music?
Arielle Etheridge
Damn, like where’s the movie
McGovern1981 4 days ago
Ohhhhh! Nice ending! Worcester is representing against soft shit! Good job!
Darth Plagueis
Darth Plagueis 4 days ago
Me on gta when the host takes my heist cut when ive readied up and starts
BravoAlphaDelta GolfUniformYankee
His music videos are like mini movies i get real invested watchin them
Salvador Plasencia
No joke he should do a movie
Papo Jasso
Papo Jasso 6 days ago
If I was there I would totally watch it
keegan broseph
keegan broseph 6 days ago
So satisfying when he shot that first guy
Insight 123
Insight 123 8 days ago
You gon see
Aus GAMING 8 days ago
Actual song starts 3:20
Aus GAMING 8 days ago
Yosef 8 days ago
Song starts 3:13
Vincent Richards
Vincent Richards 9 days ago
What the quite kid listens to
Josiah Hayes
Josiah Hayes 9 days ago
Ahhh...The perfect song for a scorpio
Korean Ramen
Korean Ramen 11 days ago
dream manhunt music
Alek Quezada
Alek Quezada 11 days ago
This video is full of crimes but don’t forget she didn’t buckle up in the limo and now she dead
Long Beach
Long Beach 11 days ago
No revenge I'm just joking😁
IIAKIOII SENKI 11 days ago
Theres no way that one volt of money gave them all that for life.
Frank Linkz
Frank Linkz 11 days ago
@Joyner Lucas if someone ever crosses me that bad ima take em out last murder scene style with a bigger fro then that son! Lol
Lois Adiyiah
Lois Adiyiah 12 days ago
I’m I the only getting money heist vibes?
TheGamingJack 12 days ago
This is the worst Revenge EVER hell the Minecraft Revenge Parody that is like what 8-9 years old is still like 100 times better, get this garbage off the internet
StarfishO_O 12 days ago
they playing the dream music
Aisha Lotter
Aisha Lotter 14 days ago
3.15 kicks in with the handgrenade!!! BOOM, peace out from the police state of north Wales!!!
Malcolm Antonio
Malcolm Antonio 16 days ago
Lucas is the goat
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan 16 days ago
No pizzas were harmed during this video.
ghostpad gunship
ghostpad gunship 15 days ago
Glad to hear it
vaas montenegro
vaas montenegro 16 days ago
I love you
vaas montenegro
vaas montenegro 16 days ago
Joyner lucas
vaas montenegro
vaas montenegro 16 days ago
I love you joiner Luchas
Gold Nova
Gold Nova 16 days ago
usp 1.6?
Turtle Jack
Turtle Jack 16 days ago
Fucking Murder streak
lil juju
lil juju 16 days ago
My favorite song ever
Eastwood Westwood
Eastwood Westwood 17 days ago
Moral of the story : Don't let a pizza delivery guy walk in your place !
Tanakatyron Maponga
Doesn’t make a difference they can still kill you if they want they can poison your pizza 🤷🏾‍♂️
Mexican guy
Mexican guy 17 days ago
Me after my friend/cousin beats me in mario party and super smash bros
Javier Roman
Javier Roman 19 days ago
My mom saw you one time joner
Aisha Lotter
Aisha Lotter 20 days ago
Sup Tommy ? Member me? Piw piw piw!
Ana Brandao-Rabelo
Joyner Lucas my second fav artist hope I to meet him one day
Mrpoopybutthole 22 days ago
This reminds me of payday
Sriram Gattu
Sriram Gattu 22 days ago
That beat drop is second to none... DOPE AF🔥
YT_ rexxer
YT_ rexxer 23 days ago
Watching a whole damn movie
Rico Jones26
Rico Jones26 24 days ago
My man left fingerprints everywhere lol
Okiedrew 24 days ago
Cash is the worst heist
lozer is not cool
lozer is not cool 25 days ago
a Joyner movie would be perfect to start the next year
corey Shakespeare
corey Shakespeare 26 days ago
ezra stan
ezra stan 26 days ago
I love you Joyner ur my inspiration
TSN CJ 27 days ago
The reminds me of money heist.
nugget 27 days ago
When you get killed in fortnite
snoop berto
snoop berto 28 days ago
This song just let you know you can't trust anyone
Persado RAP
Persado RAP Month ago
THE NEW SLICK RICK............
yanaalbad Month ago
But he should have showed himself to them
C. Lacerda
C. Lacerda Month ago
Clipe foooooooooooda, do caralho.
abcd mas
abcd mas Month ago
jojo siwa
Cameren King
Cameren King Month ago
Anyone peep the camera and sound guy in his first revenge scene 😭 still dope for all his music videos
Turtle Squad
Turtle Squad Month ago
I know this was ten months ago but damn, he killed his crew from the heist
mishanyabot1300 Month ago
Maaaaan it's actually music from Dream videos in first half
Christopher West
Song starts at 3:15
Amber Month ago
the shitty wig at @3:55
Emmanuel Akoi Kellen
Joyner Lucas 💞💙💜🐐🐐 I Love How You Drop Your Bars🎤 Mad Tune Ever 😍 I Repeat This Song 15 Times Daily With My JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker🔊
Garrett.night. Prism
Joyner Lucas, Busta rhymes, Will Smith, Dr. Dre all leading roles. Would you see it?
LAVA_BRO2009 Month ago
alex hill
alex hill Month ago
Sorry but what did he plan to do if the first guy had the money by the door?
unanimous_YTr Month ago
Christmas is this month
kaysian1 Month ago
one word fire!
Hendrik Herbst
Hendrik Herbst Month ago
Feat Boris Brejcha
Talk to me
Talk to me Month ago
Came for the song stayed for the video
G Grev
G Grev Month ago
This is satisfying
BodhiPlays TTV
BodhiPlays TTV Month ago
ThatZack Month ago
Bro I swear every song Joyner Lucas makes has a story and a meaning behind it. It's not like those other rappers like Nicki Minaj who keeps talking about their genitals every single second in every single song. Joyner is literally my fav rapper rn
Half-Eaten Donut
Dreams music is playing in the background lmao
Chiquita Latina
Chiquita Latina Month ago
Ki az aki T.Dannytol jott?😂👀
Chaz Webb
Chaz Webb Month ago
I only watch his video for the free movie
Virtrease Roy
Virtrease Roy Month ago
Kill every body
Menime Em
Menime Em Month ago
*I made a freestyle about George Flyod "Injustice" pls check it out OG's*
Jamison Leung
Jamison Leung Month ago
Why do robbers take money when they just steal? Just asking.
tegan Month ago
the last one more brutal than a bullet to the head homie thought he was gonna hit
Zac Clark
Zac Clark Month ago
When he’s in the car can anyone estimate that chain 😲😲
Adrian Vieta
Adrian Vieta Month ago
Damn, he would have been a great movie actor
nemoye Month ago
1:59 Dream manhunt???
Snowy Dripz
Snowy Dripz Month ago
To the 1 person who’s reading this: you’re lovely and intelligent stay safe
Alek Quezada
Alek Quezada 11 days ago
Second person reading it: 😢
Hip Hop Theology
Hip Hop Theology 18 days ago
Thank you Snowy! I hope you are well.
Snowy Dripz
Snowy Dripz Month ago
@TruTh G.F.M thanks cuz
TruTh G.F.M
TruTh G.F.M Month ago
@zalox you’re a blessing yo I mean that!
g hhhg
g hhhg Month ago
I'm smart??? But I have all f's
powerful meaning
Kendrick Who?
Theo-greking Month ago
Yo this a whole ass movie I'd legit watch this wast parker with Jason Statham like this?
YungPaul2010 Month ago
Is this real?
Saiyan God
Saiyan God Month ago
So this is the beat dream uses
Stubblypoodle Games
Gta 5
Bruce Bamsey
Bruce Bamsey Month ago
mohamed ali
mohamed ali Month ago
lilmil Month ago
3:44 low key looks like some nice pizza
lilmil Month ago
So basically like COD MW2
Brick Assault Productions
Imagine the bank only had pennies
Love You
Love You Month ago
Lol it’s funny if the FBI searching for these cases just because this song is 🔥
Junior Reeder
Junior Reeder Month ago
4:38 is the part that I like so much FIREEEE
joe goldberg
joe goldberg Month ago
Moral : take the pizza first and then the pay man 🤷‍♂️
Chicken Orca
Chicken Orca Month ago
I felt like I was watching a hit man movie
Kevin _8
Kevin _8 Month ago
Now I know where dream got the beat in his vids from
Webxing Month ago
he feelin like will
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