Jorge Masvidal Reacts to Conor McGregor Pub Attack Video, Nate Diaz/Anthony Pettis, Colby Covington

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Jorge Masvidal Reacts to Conor McGregor Pub Attack Video, Nate Diaz vs. Anthony Pettis, Colby Covington
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Aug 16, 2019




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Comments 2 175
barry may
barry may Day ago
Real, likeable, intelligent, straight, funny and hard as fuck - what's not to like about a guy!?
Alexandre Dufour
Alexandre Dufour 8 days ago
Straigh street goon lol havent changed at all we need more like him and less "atheletes"
Ford Blue
Ford Blue 21 day ago
I love this guy!!! Very humble for a young guy.
sylenceexposed 22 days ago
Mcgregor vs. Mazvidal (Make it happen)
Jorge is a straight gangster I love how everyone is on his hype train right now when they didn't even know who he was. I knew this kid when he was fighting in back yards with kimbo slice. Now everyone's on his nuts I've been saying for years this dude is so Cold blooded...
james lopes
james lopes 22 days ago
How could you not like Jorge... he’s down to earth guy...
Josh Pollard
Josh Pollard 23 days ago
Masvidal is a buster he use to get punked in Miami all the time.
Migatron1 23 days ago
"1 piece, no soda"
Tasawwar Abbas Shah
This masvidal hype is so annoying. Ben askren is just a Bad fighter so it was not a hard fight. Nate diaz will probably beat the shit out of ihm. And Connor would beat masvidal also easily. Connor didn't look so good his last fights because he is always fighting strong opponents.
igloo productions
igloo productions 23 days ago
I think Conor would destroy this idiot. Conor is just a smarter fighter.
Brendan Newman
Brendan Newman 24 days ago
That strap back hat is sick
Good Guy
Good Guy 24 days ago
How old was this OLD MAN ?? !
Connor did the old man a favor. In that culture it’s disrespectful to not consider a man a threat. He gave him what he wanted, some excitement. Note: don’t mouth off to a drunk fighter... Connor love tapped him is all.. obviously the guy did not get hurt.
JIMMMY_ MACK 26 days ago
Only a day late #OZZYOZZYOZZY
Isaiah 26 days ago
This motherfucker makes us scorpios proud 😎🔥
yomofoindahouse 26 days ago
He just spilled his whiskey on him. There was no hit.
Argentino Media
Argentino Media 26 days ago
One knee doesn't show off a talent. We need a rematch before we start talking about "all the sudden I'm top level". You work Askren in a bout, then you move on to bigger fights. Anything else is normal UFC hype machine.....revenue retrieval.
Bree 24 days ago
I don't understand how he is a "hype machine" the man has some legitimate wins and a lot of his losses are razor thin decisions. There are plenty of other fighters with no skill and a shit resume who are riding the hype machine lol
Rusell Shaw
Rusell Shaw 27 days ago
I guess he can get away with that bulshit in Ireland he does that in the state somebody bust a cap in his ass
Virtual-clipz 27 days ago
Lmao all these fans expecting a UFC fighter to be some role model with high moral anti violent standards. These guys are animals, fools
DS K 27 days ago
i wonder if there is a great difference in their walk around weights for Tony Ferguson, Nate Diaz, Masvidal and Khabib...because if not, we are truly spoiled to have all these guys able to compete with each other...absolute warriors that hardly ever fatigue...unless perhaps they all face each other....such an exciting prospect
Brad Brad
Brad Brad 27 days ago
Jorge ju8st ad 1 + 1 an prove the masses wrong. Everyone i talked thinks you have a kindergarten education
calvin darmanin
calvin darmanin 27 days ago
Nah nate diaz is the money fight now
keith herbert
keith herbert 27 days ago
kik his ass
Raymond Perales
Raymond Perales 27 days ago
I would love to see Jorge kick the shit out of Connor McGregor .
Bwa Ha
Bwa Ha 27 days ago
Gah I love that he’ll take his fuckin soul. Yes, please take Conor’s soul my dude
freddy foxx
freddy foxx 27 days ago
NebZ 28 days ago
“I’ll take your soul” Dude isn’t even wrong, knock his head off.
Red Orb
Red Orb 28 days ago
Shut up Masvodal. You got lucky beating Askren, and you won’t last long with the real boys.
Gary Perkins
Gary Perkins 27 days ago
Pissed me off so much Askren going in like that... schoolboy error and an absolute joke....spoiled the whole fukin party! Masvidal was a very very lucky boy!
Kastlemerock Talk
Kastlemerock Talk 28 days ago
Conor don’t want that smoke! He needs to stay right where he is!
Mr.Right 07
Mr.Right 07 28 days ago
After the fake Floyd Mayweather show Conner McGregor is nothing more than a character to me
Darl Tharp
Darl Tharp 28 days ago
Masvidal is a punk ass disgrace to the sport has a stupid gangster attitude not someone we need our younger generation looking up to he wont last long
TheOriginal GGHarasser
This guy's a true individualist.
Chris Rhoads
Chris Rhoads 28 days ago
Jorge would fucking D-Stroy McGregor...
Donny Domingo
Donny Domingo 28 days ago
BREAKING NEWS: CONOR MCGREGOR PUNCHES BABY IN STROLLER. When Conor was asked for comment he said 3 year old Sheila Murphy asked for it. According to McGregor, 'she gave me the stink eye and I says who the fook you think you're looking at? She didn't say anything but I knew she was trying to mess with me - so I gave her a shot.' According to McGregor his knuckles were damaged during the incident and a lawsuit to compensate him for damages will be forthcoming against Sheila's parents.
Not crazy Just stupid
Masvidal is a beast. I’d rather see Nate fight him than Connor.
Tony Olguin
Tony Olguin 29 days ago
I'm a fkn goon! 😂
Luxuryhomes888 29 days ago
JORGE IS ON FIRE!!!!!!! These Aussies know how to talk to him right- FUCK yeah mate
Conor McEgo
PYRUT GAMES 29 days ago
Seems someone is grounded like nate
Jose Montoya
Jose Montoya 29 days ago
God bless Jorge
E P 29 days ago
Jorge you didn't get paid for 15 years bro? Damn !!!
Snarf Johnson
Snarf Johnson 29 days ago
Did he say "upper enchilada money" ?
Ó Slattarra
Ó Slattarra 29 days ago
Everyone is hyping up the fact that he hit an old man. I think the fact that he hit ANYONE in the bar refusing to drink his whiskey makes him look like a Proper Cunt. Even if the guy was a 6'4" physically fit MMA artist McGregor had no reason to lay hands on him. Leave words at words. My father always told me never start a fight, but that I damn well better end it and he didn't mean fight over words.
Chester Long
Chester Long 29 days ago
Taking idiot
Sea Druid
Sea Druid 29 days ago
pay that man.
Matt Suskind
Matt Suskind 29 days ago
Great interviews at UFC 241, made me a subscriber! Keep up the good work!
MrNiceHk 29 days ago
Love this guy .... I'll take your fucking soul .....lol brilliant and he fucking will ... Respect from Ireland
Shaun Rankin
Shaun Rankin 29 days ago
My man, Cuban Jesus. Looking forward to Diaz vs Masvidal. That’s going to be a barn burner 👌
Joseph A. Benjamin
Joseph A. Benjamin 29 days ago
Best fighting talk. Thank Allah and Buddha 🏎🏎🏎 Jesus is all good news. 📣📣📣📣📝📝📝🧮🧮🧮
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez 29 days ago
Get paid brother $$$$$ deserve it
Don Mooney
Don Mooney 29 days ago
Doesnt he realize that bens record, bens media ability. Were large parts of the changes he has seen?
Diaz Diaz
Diaz Diaz 29 days ago
Nate is going to fix that fake gangster voice quickly west coast Kings Diaz for life
Duke Ster
Duke Ster 29 days ago
KFC? DANGER ! I ate at a KFC on Congress in Boynton Beach Florida and afterward I got so sick I had to stand naked in the shower because their poison food was coming out of both ends of me in a projectile manner. KFC gave me Salmonella to the Nth degree. Throwing up and shitting ..Blasting blasting blasting...STAY THE FU3K AWAY FROM ALL JFK'S
Shipmate 29 days ago
Guy in pink shirt seems "sweet" on Jorge.
Son of Israel
Son of Israel Month ago
600,000 watched this dude talk. He can be a president.
Duke Ster
Duke Ster 29 days ago
Son of Israel, that star you show is an ancient Satanic symbol. Research it.
dafcorleone Month ago
Kenneth De Jesus
He never talked about conor
Kenneth De Jesus
Wat u mean thanos & joker ain’t villains?
Rob Caton
Rob Caton Month ago
Conor is a piece of shit for sucker punching an old man but let’s not forget Jorge sucker punched Leon Edwards in the back after a card.
Ernesto M
Ernesto M Month ago
Masvidal you knocked out Till who keeps his chin up and Askren who puts his chin in the same position every time w the predictable takedown attempts. Your ass is getting slept by Diaz.
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