Jorge Masvidal: Kamaru Usman fought a 'beautiful' fight | UFC 251 Post Show | ESPN MMA

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Jorge Masvidal chats with Megan Olivi about his loss to welterweight champion Kamaru Usman at UFC 251 on Fight Island. He explains what went wrong for him and what his plans are next in his fighting career.
Watch the full #UFC251 post show on ESPN+ here: www.espn.com/watch/player/_/id/cbae12ee-bfce-4c38-b72b-6e365560475e/bucketId/29899

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Published on


Jul 12, 2020




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Comments 100
Sameer Sheikh
Sameer Sheikh 4 days ago
This fight goes down as the most hype disappointing fight ever
GonzaloJavier 5 days ago
And Masvidal's toes were never to be the same again.
Didik hidayat
Didik hidayat 8 days ago
Aku gk ngerti bahasa inggris Kira" masvidal ngomong apa y?
Emil F
Emil F 9 days ago
The interviewer, what's her name? She always seam really present and asks good questions.
Frank Corchado
Frank Corchado 10 days ago
Masvidal will get another chance. Usman didn’t want to see his hands. If Masvidal was able to get Usman off him I guarantee Masvidal would have ko’d him
Osama Manan2
Osama Manan2 11 days ago
Jorge was better in striking exchange but Usman used his wrestling really well. He was defensive and won on control but hey, when you're a champ you defend your belt, the challenger has to beat you to win the belt. Makes sense.
John Smith
John Smith 12 days ago
Class, all class. Big fan of Jorge!
Craig Smith
Craig Smith 13 days ago
Jorge I want my money back.
Alpha Alcove
Alpha Alcove 16 days ago
1:57 blood drips down masvidal and no one notices lol
taino indian
taino indian 21 day ago
Still rocking with you brother you fought a good fight you have what it take you did not let us down you allway go out and fight you but off GOD BLESS HERMANO
mike hawk
mike hawk 23 days ago
Abdul Wahab
Abdul Wahab 27 days ago
Jorge masvidal very likeable guy
Dylan T7299
Dylan T7299 27 days ago
This dude tried to be mcgreggor before the fight and was humbled afterwards lmao
lezamac6 28 days ago
He got humbled
Legend of Nibbaheem
next Usamn vs Isreal
Gabo Morales
Gabo Morales Month ago
Usman is boring af, but I can't that he's the best in that division, Masvidal is my boy but, Jorge wasn't the only one to take the fight on 6 days notice. Gilbert is a completely different fighter. Styles make fights, and props to Usman for taking the fight.
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Masvidal got humped on the whole fight. He is now pregnant
Dominic Lorenzo
Dominic Lorenzo Month ago
His feet must hurt. All Usman did was stomp on his feet. 😂 Look at the dude’s face, that is very minimal damage. 😂
NOEL 4L Month ago
He had to cut his beard to make weight lmao
Noor Gaming
Noor Gaming Month ago
Jorge is so overrated
Noor Gaming
Noor Gaming Month ago
Is stomp illegal?u jorge fanboys can go and cry somewhere else
Thank you come again!!!
Hahah thats what you get masvidal you lost !!!!!!
Adam A
Adam A Month ago
This dude my favorite hands down! Has respect for everyone and had to shed those pounds and there was no beef it was a change. Im sure they both have alot of respect for eachother which is number 1! Rule of thumb if you're a good man reporters/journalists will always give you good feedback and wish you best if you're like punk colby they youll be a laughing stock after you eat your words. Masvidal is badass!
Jose Medina
Jose Medina Month ago
Part 2!!!!!!
Laurence Loyola Calzado
Cry to lost😄😆
Zain kahn
Zain kahn Month ago
Kamaru usman would never lose to Masvidal, even if he gets 5 months to train for Usman. The grapling/wrestling difference is just to big. I hope he doesnt fight colby next because colby would beat him much worse and then he would lose all the clout. 😂😂 Nate is his best option and quite frankly only option to win against.
NUR MO Month ago
Daaam. Look at that gash on his forehead!! And people say that Usman couldn't beat him up that bad!🤔🤣🤣🤣
funny fights
funny fights Month ago
Stay outta the fridge
Fred Domezah
Fred Domezah Month ago
I just like the way the talks change after the match...we must do before and after the match talk
regeat mehari
regeat mehari Month ago
performance turner retro
regeat mehari
regeat mehari Month ago
jorge ran drift i masvidal change
regeat mehari
regeat mehari Month ago
fight feard her through
regeat mehari
regeat mehari Month ago
fo perfect per gameplan grip
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia Month ago
Usman lost before, so Usman ain't that great
fredwill13 Month ago
@Jose Mejia gsp got more losses than usman. ijs . i know that is ur scale, *scratches head
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia Month ago
@fredwill13 is that usman is very limited, he dont have the IQ of khabib or even gsp, i might be wrong but time will tell
fredwill13 Month ago
@Jose Mejia so , by your logic, khabib is the only good fighter because he is undefeated. gsp lost before so i guess he ain't that great. same with anderson silva and jon jones AND ANY OTHER ALL TIME GREAT. cause they have all lost
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia Month ago
@fredwill13 im not a fan of masvidal, im a kabeeb fan, but usman is good but already have a lost in his resume, and he looks limited.
fredwill13 Month ago
masvidal lost 14x, what does that say about him????? 14 Jose!!!!!!!!!!!
Pierre Stevens
Pierre Stevens Month ago
My kind of stand up dude,good spirit
John Salazar
John Salazar Month ago
He lost he's no longer the bmf!! JS
just send me location
Costa needs to take a leaf out o Jorge' s book and take defeat like a man.
abdulbasith mohammed
Yeah I mean initially it seemed like he took it well until he found out about the dry humping lol
Raffay Aslam
Raffay Aslam 2 months ago
Ryan Kindler
Ryan Kindler 2 months ago
We need Jorge vs. Covington
fredwill13 Month ago
same fight. colby might do him worse
war ran
war ran 2 months ago
que....excuses. you got mcgregored
war ran
war ran 2 months ago
lol he got mcgregored
matson 2 months ago
This guy just puches and kicks how hard is it to train for a fight lol
Josh Carmona
Josh Carmona 2 months ago
All the more reason why I like this dude very much. Mad respect to Jorge.
Irving Ramirez
Irving Ramirez 2 months ago
What’s with females getting offended when a dude calls them “ma’am” it’s a sign of respect lol
Ferrente Pistach :
Ferrente Pistach : 19 days ago
Lol I noticed that too. I think sometimes "ma'am" is viewed as some older as opposed to miss? Who knows tho could be any reason
JokerAssassin 2 months ago
Maybe cutting weight made him lose . Canelo cut weight for Mayweather and he looked skinnier than ever, slow and less stamina
Mohd Yazid
Mohd Yazid 2 months ago
seeing masvidal beat up like that so sad😭😭😭
Hsar Moo
Hsar Moo 2 months ago
George cs usman will be a great rematch it a must
poorgang 2 months ago
Love for both of them ❤️❤️❤️❤️
sk8punk318 2 months ago
*Jorge probably spent the whole time just cutting weight so I can’t imagine this is his best*
sk8punk318 27 days ago
@Casey Correia god man that sounds like straight torture
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes 2 months ago
This man fought for the title in 6 days notice.....do the right thing by Gamebred with an immediate rematch screw the Diaz rematch and the Connor fight
Artificial Dopamine
Artificial Dopamine 2 months ago
George will be an afterthought in ufc real quick
Rdawg 2 months ago
masvidal couldn't hold that belt even if he got it. wonderboy is on another level and would whoop him 10 out of 10 times
Nguri Niya
Nguri Niya 2 months ago
Corona.. Lol
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez 3 months ago
This dude is a professional and that’s why UFC loves him.
FoundGamer 3 months ago
Respect to Usman but imagine Jorge at his physical peak... he was literally passing out cutting weight for this fight.
Beast TV
Beast TV 2 months ago
He chose to do that. He lost. Deal with it.
shreyas kamath
shreyas kamath 3 months ago
Masvidal won the first round no doubt. UFC need to stop employing kfc employees as judges.
shreyas kamath
shreyas kamath 2 months ago
@Beast TV not sure what a wide margin is when marty literally clinched for 10mins. Inflicted least damage. Apart from 2 head butts which cut masvidal there was nothing significant at all
Beast TV
Beast TV 2 months ago
Still lost the fight by a wide margin.
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia 3 months ago
I hate a woman interviewer
Beast TV
Beast TV 2 months ago
That's not nice.
MB DaGoAt 3 months ago
I'm a fan now. Dude solid af. Hope he get the belt💯💯💪🏿
Tj Jons
Tj Jons 3 months ago
Will you sign my toe? I mean my autograph.
pendejo298 3 months ago
Masvidal: takes the loss like a man mean while all the nuthuggers are complaining that Usman did a few foot stomps. Grown men too. Grow a pair
Harry Sher
Harry Sher 3 months ago
Gamebred's class act aftr the fight and I'll bet my last dollar on JM 🍗🥤with 7/8 weeks camp, full cardio Jorge will beat Hoosman cause 3piece is the best and people's champion 🤟👌👍☝️👊🙌🙏
Lightup Darkness
Lightup Darkness 3 months ago
Deep deep down Colby hated Gooseman beating Jorge... Usman didn't even try for a takedown vs Covington that say something then he leaves ATT
R. William Comm
R. William Comm 3 months ago
Gamebred is a stud. UFC is much better w/out all the insults & face off antics. Masvidal is a true fighter.
Blood Rated
Blood Rated 3 months ago
What a boring fight it was
Hard Road
Hard Road 3 months ago
And the winner is.... COVID 19!!
Zachary Squires
Zachary Squires 3 months ago
He wasn’t ready for this fight and I don’t think his corner helped him any
Beast TV
Beast TV 2 months ago
He wasn't ready? Why make excuses for a grown man who signed the contract?
A Unofficial 11
A Unofficial 11 3 months ago
You recon he would destroy usman with full camp?
xEXx G0D
xEXx G0D 3 months ago
A natural fighter is a real fighter. No excuse why you couldnt beat your rivel
Rdawg 4 months ago
Jorge is old he's probably on the decline now
juggernuts1000 4 months ago
Megan is usually very smily and playful when interviewing masvidal, but not this time. she gives him that "you are not my man anymore" look.
Nίy 4 months ago
Tf does everyone in the comment section said masvidal is humble? He is being humble by usman. Go watch other jorge interview to see his real face. Ha ha ha.
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan 4 months ago
The years do not go in vain
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan 4 months ago
Where is the pizza at now fool
STx ANGLER 4 months ago
Only if he trained more then a few days. He would of got him.
Michael Flores
Michael Flores 4 months ago
Jorge fans “he only had 6 days! .. all Kamaru did was hold him and step on toes! Actual Jorge masvidal : “He fought a beautiful fight “ Difference between professionals & casuals
fredwill13 Month ago
jorge is a mans man. no excuses. that is a good thing
Nike life
Nike life 4 months ago
Should have never took this fight. Not all money is good 💰
Mani Khan
Mani Khan 4 months ago
Americans barks alot but can't bite.. Masidaval, Tony
Mani Khan
Mani Khan 4 months ago
Big mouth shut down 👇
Ashlee Tyler
Ashlee Tyler 4 months ago
Yall mad a BLACK MAN WON lol
Santos Garcia J.r
Santos Garcia J.r 4 months ago
What happened thought you were gonna baptize him you lost that is why you don't talk when fighting no trash talk back in my day there was no trash talking you fought that was it.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 4 months ago
She didn't like that "thank you, ma'am" much from Jorge. 🤣🤣
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 4 months ago
and we’ll run it back “
Usman used his size to tire Jorge. Jorge should have prepared for that but seemed scared and unprepared. Jorge ddidnt bring it leave everything out there.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 4 months ago
Just a good person all around
usachatnow 4 months ago
He will be back and with a full camp he will win
Beast TV
Beast TV 2 months ago
He's not getting a rematch lol Full camp or not this is a bad match up for him.
James 4 months ago
Masvidal has a little boy body and zero stamina.Just retire chump!
Beast TV
Beast TV 2 months ago
That's not nice.
Tyson Mars
Tyson Mars 4 months ago
If masvidal cant knock kamaru out early rounds theres no way he can beat kamaru.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 4 months ago
and we’ll run it back “
Just Joe
Just Joe 4 months ago
te Quiero Jorge.
YouTube Reviewer
YouTube Reviewer 4 months ago
Am a huge street Jesus fan but come on you basically had a full camp with the exception of 2 weeks when he was training for him and fight fell
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 4 months ago
Both, Mr. MASVIDAL and Mr. USMAN, they're one of, the (greatest) (warriors,) in (mma.)
ONTI 1992
ONTI 1992 4 months ago
You dont like this!!!
Ahmed Benitez Ibn Ragnar Al-Andalusi
The fight sucked.. fell asleep. The Diaz fight was Way Better, Masdoval looked better in that fight. Because this fight they were just grabbing and hugging each other
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 months ago
That’s a real fighter. Acknowledged he took an L, gave major props to his opponent, and wants some “git-back”....Oooh, nice!
Sean Simon
Sean Simon 4 months ago
Gracious in defeat
Briktu Lucy
Briktu Lucy 4 months ago
🍙🍘🍱🌹💖💗💓♋️🏴🏳🏁♓💎 *Jesus Kristus er Guds Sønn, som døde og stod opp fra de døde for å gi oss evig liv.* *Han har også lovet å helbrede kroppen.* *Dette er ekte kjærlighet !!! (slå opp og spør ham)*
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 months ago
Lmao this guy was the biggest trash talker before this fighter
J D 4 months ago
If Masvidal had a full camp,would the results be the same? I think it would be good and that Masvidal would have a higher chance then this past fight!!! My opinion
miko foin
miko foin 4 months ago
That’s a real fighter. Acknowledged he took an L, gave major props to his opponent, and wants some “git-back”....Oooh, nice!
WAOR Gaming
WAOR Gaming 4 months ago
He is learning to be himself, to open up and be humble. Love it
WAOR Gaming
WAOR Gaming 4 months ago
Cough cough!!! Don't worry it's not Corona...
Theo Riginal
Theo Riginal 4 months ago
He will doubt himself after this unfortunately
miko foin
miko foin 4 months ago
back a rematch. Lots of respect
TurkyMurky 4 months ago
footstomps, thigh slaps, shoulder bone pokes, headbutts, cage grinds. The most masterful techniques in mma... Deserved win for Usman
Gray 4 months ago
He looks/sounds softer then ever.
David Flynn
David Flynn 4 months ago
Everybody has a plan until they get stomped on the toe - Kamaru Usman
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