Jordan vs Lebron - The Best GOAT Comparison

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Jordan vs. Lebron. Who is the GOAT??? In this video, we compare the two legends to determine -- once and for all -- who is basketball's Greatest Of All Time!
0:10 - Opening Montage
1:20 - Introduction
3:28 - Accomplishments
4:24 - Longevity
5:27 - Winning
11:17 - Statistics
17:18 - The "Eye Test"
28:46 - Mount Rushmore
30:33 - Closing Montage
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Apr 20, 2020




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Comments 80
DANGERProductions 2 months ago
Who do you think the GOAT is? Jordan, Lebron, or someone else?
Jnny 718
Jnny 718 16 days ago
KEEF CHIEF 16 days ago
Duke Nucleus no
Regino Abian
Regino Abian 16 days ago
Jordan ofcourse
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz 16 days ago
Duke Nucleus my man saying bird, Magic, Kobe, shaq, barkley, olajuwon, rodman, payton, ewing, stockton and malone are plumbers😂
The Madman Clan
The Madman Clan 16 days ago
@money Mark yeah which is why I dont watch the NBA at all I watch it from a far like I mean like I'll look at scores and records and watch some highlights here and there but it's so boring to watch cause it's just one on ones. I wish I could argue with you guys too but I'm only 17 and I would have no clue of how to defend bron or Mj so it's fun to read what you and upyall put on here. You both have good points lol
tilemahos michos
tilemahos michos 43 minutes ago
Lebron is much better.he plays in finals every year with teams like cleveland.when jordan play with bulls without the other superstars like pippen rodman etc he couldnt go to the finals.that proves the difference.lebron make his teamates better.there are many things like that which is most important
Osereme Okojie
larry Bird is the GOAT being the only white guy in the GOAT discussion
Katherine Breuer
Katherine Breuer 2 hours ago
Is this the I hate LeBRON negativity video
Cribeda Dabecri
Cribeda Dabecri 3 hours ago
Jordan, was "the killer" LeBron will never be. To me, the greatest difference.
Kapriizais 4 hours ago
if MJ didnt retire in the mid 90s, there would have been 8 titles in a row, maybe
Travis James Lehndorf
Wow! This GOAT comparison video was beautifully put together. Seriously, thank you for putting in the time, effort, and energy to create an absolute MASTERPIECE. Even though LeBron already has a place among my personal top 5 of all time, Michael Jeffrey Jordan will forever be the undisputed & incomparable GOAT. Your video serves as all the legit proof I’ll ever really need to continue to proudly justify why MJ is the one & only TRUE King of basketball. EXCELLENT WORK! Keep ‘em coming!
share mtm
share mtm 5 hours ago
FACT: Once Lebron retired. It will be someone vs the Goat MJ again.... HE IS THE DICTIONARY PERIOD
urielterry 6 hours ago
i think Jordan is the best... but the industria of economy needs to get your atention for money. The controversy is the best business phearps you compare MJ Vs MJ (Michael Jordan Vs Michael Jackson)
Diego De La Rosa
Diego De La Rosa 6 hours ago
No way out MF LBJ millenians Fans... MICHAEL JORDAN is ZEUS. Is that clear? is the High Lander of the NBA no one could cut his head on the the finals...
Bill Pap
Bill Pap 7 hours ago
You may olso change the title to "why I think mj is the goat and not lebron "
Spook 9 hours ago
HGH is great for durability and longevity
Zach 12 hours ago
His Airness and I love Lebron, but Mike is the greatest.
bob B
bob B 14 hours ago
now you know ! . jordan was a killer !
David Deng
David Deng 16 hours ago
2016 win with Kyrie putting in work and hitting the winning shot does not take away that loss in 2011 when LBJ got schooled by a role player little man Jason Terry and choked. He won 2 other rings via creating a super team wow big impressive lol You Bronsexuals talking shit about his hero in MJ who he said himself in many videos that MJ is no.1 on his list of GOAT before making that stupid comment praising himself suggesting he might be goat coz of 2016 vs GSW. Oh and CP3 and James Harden took the KD Warriors 7 games and only loss bc CP3 was injured and didn't play in game 7. Does this mean James Harden is better than LBJ ? Did LBJ ever take the KD Warriors 7 games ? Yeah shut up lol
BigTime Bucket
BigTime Bucket 19 hours ago
I don't think you can compare them tbh. They have different playstyles and they have each mastered their own style of play. Jordan's the goat of his generation lebron's the goat of his end of discussion. Let's stop comparing these legend's. I hate that he admits they played in two different eras under different positions but proceeds to compare their stats. That's a huge contradiction in itself
mary jane Balmas
mary jane Balmas 20 hours ago
No debate is needed. Pretty obvious. Only stupid people will compare anyone to MJ 😂
Alex Obed
Alex Obed 21 hour ago
Holy crap, man. This was the BEST video on the truly over-hyped and frankly unnecessary "debate" about GOAT that I've seen (and I've watched a ton). I mean, seriously brilliant. The only place you lost me was the "eye" test; you seemed to throw a lot of stats in there (different category). I think many could easily argue for Lebron, just given his amazing force of nature. Now, I wouldn't, but it really depends on what we mean by "eye test." Notwithstanding, fantastic, amazing, incredible job! Thanks so much. You've earned a fan.
Alex Obed
Alex Obed 22 hours ago
"So what's the greater achievement: beating the juggernaut--or being the juggernaut?" Damn, this question is just so good.
Retired Captain Luck
This was so well done. Amazing. Chill inducing
Anti Scam
Anti Scam Day ago
Bias.. as a summary basketball is a team sport... greatest team ever played is the jordans bulls.. 1991.to 1998 ,and the greatest all around player is lebron.. hes bigger stronger and not focusing only on points
christopher kettler
To me magic has an arguement for goat and i would argue if he didnt get hiv the lakers would have made some off season moves after 91 and would have been back!!!!
christopher kettler
Magic and bird should be on mount rushmoore and lebron should get an honorable mention or maybe a statuette at the base
Mike McGraw
Mike McGraw Day ago
The biggest thing missing in this recap are the rules in Jordans era vs Labron. Jordan could be hand-checked and was often knocked down. Labron plays in a Hands-off era and because of his build he often literally runs over people without drawing calls. Jordan played in a much harder time than Lebron. Jordan easily G.O.A.T.
Olitha Lokupathirage
@Mike McGraw Bruh Labron, its Lebron r/woosh
Mike McGraw
Mike McGraw 10 hours ago
@Olitha Lokupathirage Labron is indefensible. He either shoots if open or charges over people to the basket and the Refs give him the call 99% of the time. So there is no way to defend him. Jordan got hand-checked, held and knocked down. A whole different game back then.
Olitha Lokupathirage
LAbron James
Aldrin Elezaj
One major thing u overlooked the team jordan vs the teams lebron had
franz mutuc
franz mutuc Day ago
Michael Jordan is far better than LeBron.. Even the late Kobe Bryant is BETTER than LeBron... Jordan NEVER allow the Finals Series to reach Game 7 and NEVER switched teams during his basketball career... IF LEBRON CAN DO 3 CHAMPIONSHIP 3PEATS, THEN HE IS BETTER THAN JORDAN... I WISH! LOL 😂🤣😂 #FACTS
Renegade8652 Day ago
MJ is the goat all day. I don't think he will ever be surpassed.
Bryson McMahon
i 100% think that MJ is the goat but you completely disrespected lebron in multiple ways. great vid tho
Bryson McMahon
the only thing i don’t like about the vid is that they didn’t credit accumulative stats. besides that it’s perfect
John Woodrum
John Woodrum Day ago
If anyone had any doubts who the Goat was, after watching this video it is crystal clear it is Michael Jordan.
Before you fuck me ,I
Lets how good Lebron will be at age of 40, then we will talk.
Listen Lebron can’t and will never get to Jordan if he still can’t reach Kobe
Michael Price
Can you do "Why Sugar Ray Robinson is the GOAT in boxing".
Michael Price
You are a genius. This is the best and clearest video proving why Jordan is the GOAT. AMAZING!!!!!!!
Duncan LOL
Duncan LOL Day ago
Do Jordan v Kobe
Brian Day ago
Seems that most of the people who think LeBron is the goat are not old enough to remember when Jordan played. It's like a "my dad's music sucks" thing
Gigi Declouet
You made a great show and i didn't need it to know even Lebron says...Sometimes I dream that He is me, you know that's how i dream to be, i dream i grew, i dream i move like Mike, try to be like Mike , i wanna be like Mike, like Mike, try to he like Mike!!!! Case Closed!!!
mehdi boularas
mehdi boularas 2 days ago
and what about koby bryant !!!!!!!!!!, i wish you can do the same video with koby , he deserves this , the real debate was always between koby bryant and jordan let's face it , i do agree that there is no question that mj is better , mutch better then lebron james
Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire
yes I'm subscribing bc I want to see more... this is the best Jordan vs LeBron debate video out there and it simply put that discussion to bed 😂😂 as if was a legitimate discussion to begin with 😒 Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and it ain't even close 🐐 x10 💯
Shuddhasattwa Chakrabarty
Comparision should be between kobe and LeBron. Jordan is way to big.
Eric Maldonado
Eric Maldonado 2 days ago
Michael Jeffrey Jordan
f_stop_fit 2 days ago
Goat MJ Bron comparison video I have ever seen. And I’ve seen them all. Well done sir.
jomer catibog
jomer catibog 2 days ago
To those who did not witness Michael Jordan's era. Just shut the f*** off!!!! You don't know anything how dominate jordan is in his era. It is not even close! Lebron is just on my top 10 list. Kobe is better than him,
jomer catibog
jomer catibog 2 days ago
Jordan is the most dominating player in his prime, every year he gets better and better. Unlike lebron kawhi and draymond did shut him down, and in an NBA finals he quits and take the energy out of his teammates. Lebron can't win finals game without ray allen clutch 3 point shot. And kyrie irving clutch 3 points shot.
Alberto Papa
Alberto Papa 2 days ago
Lebron has no dunk trophy yet.
42 2 days ago
But you're not considering the fact that NBA has much stronger players now. Every player is a Jordan now which makes it much harder to compete.
C Lay
C Lay 2 days ago
Jordan is as close as it gets to a perfect player. Good in all fields.
star wars fan number 1902
KoBE KOBE Bryant
Henry Menendez
Henry Menendez 3 days ago
Jordan had Pippen for 6 years bro. Lebron had what, Kyrie for 2-3? Then charmers and the shit cavaliers ? I’m tired of the comparison, they don’t even play the same position.
You're "tired of the comparison," yet you took the time to watch and comment on a video where the very title of the video made clear that it was a *comparison* of the two players. Makes total sense. LOL. Also don't overlook Chris Bosh and Kevin Love. The year before he joined Lebron in Miami, Bosh averaged 24.0 pts, 10.8 rebounds, 3.4 assists and was 4th in the league in PER. The year before he joined Lebron in Cleveland, Kevin Love averaged 26.1 pts, 12.5 reb, 4.4 asst and was 3rd in the league in PER. These guys were superstars on their respective teams before they joined Lebron. On Lebron's teams, they were the THIRD option. Who was the third option on Jordan's best teams? Horace Grant? Toni Kukoc? I like those guys, but we're talking about role players, not superstars.
Henry Menendez
Henry Menendez 2 days ago
Man In Black d wade yeah, but Kevin love and bosh do not compare to pippen and Rodman my friend. AD, it’s their first year together so we’ll see how they do
Man In Black
Man In Black 2 days ago
Henry Menendez How Are you forgetting DWade Bosh Love and now AD??
idcook 3 days ago
Great job! Even while my interest in following sports was waning I couldn’t keep my eyes of Michael. I just couldn’t allow myself to miss a moment of what I could easily see was the greatest basketball player I’d ever seen in near 50 years following the game! To my mind Jordan was and remains GOAT and I don’t see a soul coming within a mile of truly unseating him during my lifetime! On the other hand, it’s guys like Mike who inspire greater effort on the parts of those who come after. So, it could happen! Lebron? … No! The closest possible for that crown, sadly, left with Kobe Bryant.
Tyler Beaudoin
Tyler Beaudoin 3 days ago
This is not even an opinion it’s a fact: MJ is the Goat. It’s just like the Brady vs Montana debate: Brady is The Goat🐐
Michael Price
The same people that have always believed MJ was the GOAT believe Montana is the GOAT. Wait until this guy comes out with the Montana vs Brady video and all of the Patriot fans have heart attacks.
Gigi Declouet
I disagree. Brady lost 3 and could have been much more like Seattle, Atlanta, Carolina, The Rams etc.... Montana is 4 and 0 like Mike is 6 and 0 with 2 , 2 peats. So i will vote Montana there. Sorry. Brady went 18 and 0 and lost to go 18 and 1. With randy moss still at the end of his prime.
metal pharaoh
metal pharaoh 3 days ago
Yikes, Shannon sharpe and nick Wright need to see this video, their stomach will fall out of their bodies..... even when presented with facts people are still gonna try to argue against them🤣🤣
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 3 days ago
All those 90s eastern conference teams mentioned: Knicks, Pacers, Magic (w/Shaq & Penny), Heat, Pistons could beat Lebron's 2011-2014 Heat team in a seven game series. The 90s had some tough, seasoned, professional teams.
Raven Nito
Raven Nito 3 days ago
You are Stupid,, LEBRON IS BETTER than MJ..Lebron is a PERFECT PLAYER..mj don’t pass the ball
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips 3 days ago
jordan. obviously. he was the full package.
richard 3 days ago
i mean, will there ever be someone to dethrone MJ? hard to imagine that. great video btw my man
richard Day ago
@Michael Price oh yes definitely, I look at him playing and I just get the feeling it's the most perfect someone could play basketball. Perhaps one could perform at his level but better? Nah.
Michael Price
@richard His accomplishments are one thing. Old people like me will tell you that nobody has even come close on the "eye test".
richard Day ago
@Michael Price exactly, but it's just that Michael accomplished so much in the NBA. Imagine what the next goat would have to do to surpass him. Win 7 championships with 7 MVPs? 11 scoring titles? 3 DPOY?I mean, who's gonna do that you know? Lololol
Michael Price
There may be, but it is not LeBron. I thought Pete Sampras was the greatest male tennis player, then Roger Federer came along. I thought Walter Payton was the GOAT, then Barry Sanders came along. It is hard to imagine anybody being better than MJ, but who knows.
Yanlong Fu
Yanlong Fu 3 days ago
Incredible analysis. Thanks and very enjoyable.
Freddy Gomez Thinks Too Much
For Basketball Fans Young and Old. The Millennial N.B.A. is a timeline playlist of the greatest players of all time. ruvid.net/group/PLR_ip9VVL8vrRw4tyoaQTUHGN2Y4ID-cC
Clay Dexheimer
Clay Dexheimer 3 days ago
Not saying lebron is better but you have 0 knowledge and common since
Clay Dexheimer
Clay Dexheimer 3 days ago
Fact you may not know about lebron he’s a pass first player like how kyrie averaged more shots than lebron when they played together
Clay Dexheimer
Clay Dexheimer 3 days ago
Zone defense is a thing now and wasn’t in the past even Jordan said himself that if he played in a era with zones he wouldn’t have been as good
Bronson Moton
Bronson Moton 3 days ago
Lebron is the goat no question. Great video but you can skew or present things in any fashion. Once again the video is dope but Stop it, nobody affects the game in the manner the King does
Aaron Reagan
Aaron Reagan 3 days ago
poor Lebron aint getting no check marks lol
Richard Dougherty
I do think there are some things you misrepresent in this video. Jordan was my absolute idol as a kid, and I watched his entire career. I am not some kid coming into this. I am a man in his 40s, and I have watched a lot of basketball. The "clutch" metrics are arguable, because statistics have shown that to be a crap shoot. Either way, Jordan always had other players on his team to take that shot. We remember Paxson, Kerr, etc. This doesn't even account for Pippen, who was one of the 50 greatest players of all-time. Lebron has always been the major option. His major skill, as you stated, is not scoring, but he is responsible for that down the stretch. Sure, when you lose a championship, you hate it. The fans hate it. Still, you made it to the Finals. Jordan just didn't make it to the Finals as many times as LeBron. Lebron "won" more, because he got his teams to the Finals more. Now, did he have Pippen, Grant/Rodman, etc? No. He lost some of those Finals. Of course, he won some single-handedly. When Jordan was in a similar spot (the only star on his team), he wasn't making the Finals. When he got talent around him, he made it more. If Lebron had Pippen, he would have won more, and made more Finals. As for Jordan's college accomplishments, versus LeBron's longevity, it is important to remember that Lebron has the longevity and no college stats BECAUSE of how great he was at the time. Instead of going to the ACC, which was strong, but not NBA strong, Lebron was on an NBA team with no help. Jordan played 80+ games a lot, but he also burned out at least two times. Lebron has rested, and done other things to keep that career long. Lebron started his career earlier, and it was because he was good enough to do it. They are obviously the two greatest players of all-time, but I believe it is closer than you made it sound, and some of the stats you used to show Lebron being worse are actually ones that show why he is better in those areas.
Thanks Richard for your detailed comments, but I have to disagree with a few of your points. As far as clutch shooting being a "crap shoot," I'm not sure what you mean. A lot of good players struggle with their shot in the closing seconds of a game, but Lebron is worse than most. 20% isn't a crap shoot; it's statistically bad. As far as Lebron not having other players to take the shot in that situation, that's not true. At different times in his career, he's had DWade, Ray Allen, Kyrie Irving, and other shooting specialists around him. In fact, you can easily argue that the two biggest shots of Lebron's career were made by Ray Allen (Game 6, 2013 Finals) and Kyrie Irving (Game 7, 2016 Finals), not by Lebron himself. Yes, Jordan had Pippen and, for 3 years, Rodman. But Lebron also had plenty of help. The claim that Lebron won "single-handedly" is demonstrably false. For two championships he had Wade and Bosh. For his other championship he had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. All those guys are future Hall of Famers. And Jordan never had a third option on his team anywhere near as good as Bosh or Love. The year before he joined the Heat, Bosh averaged 24.0 pts, 10.8 rebounds and 3.4 assists and was 4th in the league in PER. The year before he joined the Cavs, Kevin Love averaged 26.1, 12.5 and 4.4 and was 3rd in the league in PER. These guys were superstars on their teams before they joined Lebron. On Lebron's teams, they were the THIRD option. As far as longevity, I gave the checkmark to Lebron. But if you think Jordan wasn't a stud before he entered the NBA, you should watch this video: ruvid.net/video/video--oay7-en5Ow.html. In the summer of 1984, Jordan led the college Olympic team to an 8-0 record vs. NBA all-stars, with Magic saying that Jordan was already one of the best basketball players in the world (yes, before Jordan had even played a single NBA game). Lastly, are you really claiming that Lebron "won" more than Jordan because he made it to the Finals more? So now we're giving awards for 2nd place? It's fine if you think championships are overrated. But by focusing on Finals appearances, you're simply cherry-picking a different round of the playoffs (more conference finals wins) to judge who "won" more. Note that Jordan didn't just have a better record in the Finals; he also had a better overall playoff series record than Lebron. And if your point is that Lebron finished with either the first or second best team more often than Jordan, even that statement would be incorrect. As we know, Jordan finished as the league's best team 6 times (6 titles). And in 1989 and 1990, even though the Bulls lost in the conference finals, by the end of the year they were clearly the league's second best team. In 1989, the NBA champion Pistons went 15-2 in the playoffs -- both losses were to Jordan's Bulls. In 1990, the NBA champion Pistons went 15-5 in the playoffs -- 3 of those losses were to the Bulls. So, in reality, eight times Jordan's Bulls finished as either the league's best or second best team. Now compare that to Lebron. 3 times he finished as the league's best team (3 titles). Of the other 6 times he made the Finals, only 3 of those times were his teams really the league's second best team. In 2007, when his Cavs were swept by the Spurs, there were several Western Conference teams that were better than the Cavs. In 2014, both the Mavs and Thunder played the champion Spurs a lot tougher in the playoffs than Lebron's Heat did. And in 2018, the Rockets took the Warriors to 7 games, before the Warriors swept Lebron's Cavs. Lebron just happened to be fortunate to play in the Eastern Conference at a time when the competition in the East was really weak. That's not Lebron's fault, but it would be ignorant to think that the East being the JV conference wasn't a major factor in Lebron's reaching the Finals 9 times. In any case, it sounds like you might agree with the overall conclusion of the video, but you just think that the comparison is closer. And I can appreciate that point of view, though I don't find your reasons very compelling.
thehnic734 3 days ago
This was the best breakdown I've seen.
42 3 days ago
But you have give your criteria weights. I mean accomplishments are more important than longevity but you considered them equal in value.
trake 3 days ago
James is only the GOAT of his era.
Renaud Boucher
Renaud Boucher 3 days ago
Men Lebron never had a pippen or rodman to help him contain the stars on the other team, not a J.R Smith or bs players
SEAN 3 days ago
Renaud Boucher what are you talking about? R u just forgetting the fact that LeBron has had Kyrie, Love, Shaq, d wade and Chris bosh and one time or another?
Gabriel Kawa
Gabriel Kawa 4 days ago
Great video
Gabriel Kawa
Gabriel Kawa 4 days ago
MJ. No contest.
locoripper vang
locoripper vang 4 days ago
lebron is great kobe is greater mj is greatest of all times lebron is not humble at all
patrick sutter
patrick sutter 4 days ago
One more statistic. MJ 2 time billionaire Lebron 0
john lewis
john lewis 4 days ago
The NBA's Goat is Kareem. Jordan is the best NBA made player, and Lebron is probably the best self-made NBA player.
Nick Rericha
Nick Rericha 4 days ago
I'd like to see the Kobe metrics comparison.
Jonas Ostendorf
Jonas Ostendorf 4 days ago
i knew MJ was the GOAT, today i learnt that it wasnt even close
Robert Thurman
Robert Thurman 4 days ago
Best analytics I've seen on who is truly the GOAT.
Renee Castle
Renee Castle 4 days ago
Thank you for this great analysis,you taught me a lot
Hello Hi
Hello Hi 4 days ago
Good video but u forgot one most important factor: opponent. LBJ has more stronger opponents in his era on same position (KB, PP, MELO, KD, PG, now KL and GA etc.). On the other hand, MJ's opponents in his era are much weaker.
Accembly 4 days ago
There's nothing wrong with having your own opinion, if you actually think Lebron is the GOAT that's your opinion and you're entitled to it....but having an opinion without knowing the facts makes your opinion far less valid. This video is a great breakdown of why there really isn't a debate to be had. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever (so far) and it's not even close. Someone may dethrone him one day but it can't and won't be Lebron James.
Danny 4 days ago
FREE THROWS. You can't be the goat if you can't make free throws. If LeBron was a clutch free throw shooter... he might have been the goat.
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