Jordan Peele Crashed A 'Get Out' College Course

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Get Out' director Jordan Peele went undercover at a UCLA college course about his own movie.
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Nov 16, 2017

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Comments 2 909
Joshua Castro
Left jab right jab uppercut -peele wins
saulgoodman 5 days ago
God this show has really turned me on Colbert. Here we have a guest in Jordan Peele that would have been fantastic on The Colbert Report but somehow here, I don't know whether Stephen's ego has gotten big or maybe Stephen has always just out of touch, but he made this super awkward for Jordan. Why is he making this so confrontational and making him feel uncomfortable? 3:46, 6:38 Stephen was pretty condescending and I'm glad Jordan kind of called him out on it. GET OUT of this interview.
Sid Arthur
Sid Arthur 9 days ago
99% on rotten tomatoes, that's fucking mental. are all people really that scared to admit that get out is one of the most racist films ever made?
m x m
m x m 9 days ago
The 1 % !
m x m
m x m 9 days ago
My mother !
new york dave
new york dave 11 days ago
Stephen Colbert is a little racist
123kid 123
123kid 123 13 days ago
Colbert has to be black not just anyone can be cool like that
ariel martinez
ariel martinez 22 days ago
Amazing how diferent jordan peele is when he is off duty . Mysterious serious not trying to be funny and very diferent from his charecters
MrSlanderer 22 days ago
Gotta watch Get Out again, but re-imagine it as the Kanye West biopic.
Mellissa Compston
Mellissa Compston 23 days ago
One of my favorites great idea wonder where you got it?
Raphael Marec
Raphael Marec 25 days ago
I like peele but imo, he's trying way too hard to segregate black people from everybody else in this interview. Not a big fan of the whole "us and them" way of thinking
Rhiannon Thrasher
Rhiannon Thrasher 27 days ago
I'm just waiting for Lupita to crash a college 'Us' course, as Red.
preetham anumapuram
Jordan Peele had to be high during this
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
I watched the movie with my white gf and kids🤣🤣 it was the most awkward thing EVER.. no one said a word for 2 hrs😂😂
Sabrina Hwang
Sabrina Hwang Month ago
It was Eddie Murphy.
Carleigh Rousseau
"It was my favorite movie that I never seen"- Perfect. Love this dude
Passive voice, not passive tense.
Denise Nunja
Denise Nunja Month ago
Racism is real happy that we can make light of it when we can laugh about things that hurt we win🙂
João donate
João donate Month ago
I made a presentation about this movie
Michael Cider
Michael Cider Month ago
0:47 someone needs to teach the guy in the upper section with blue shirt and brown jacket how to clap.
mobiz711 Month ago
This interview was interestingly awkward. It barely touched the surface of the racial commentary in the film, and yet you could kind of tell that both guys were a little reluctant to totally open up the conversation. Goes to show you how difficult it is to discuss race in this country, and why we so desperately need to.
Cray Entertainment
Maybe it’s because neither of them actually wanted to talk about race? Jordan Peele initially didn’t understand how people saw his film Get Out as a social commentary on racism. It wasn’t until the media really pushed that narrative and he was getting all this praise about it that he suddenly changed his tone. Please don’t take this as me knocking Peele, I think he’s a freakin genius and love everything he makes, including this movie. He simply set out to make a good horror film and he succeeded. Race is only hard to talk about in America because one wrong word can end your career. Hollywood is notoriously progressive and Peele would have been crucified if he did anything other than agree. I have zero issue with people talking about race or social commentary. What I have an issue with is when we’re being forced to at the end of a loaded gun. We can’t have real, honest discussions when people are so volatile that they’ll seek out to destroy you if you don’t say the right thing. Does the right do this too? Yes, but the left had almost all of the power when it comes to Hollywood which gives actors very little choice in expressing themselves.
Katherene Wedic
Katherene Wedic Month ago
So it's a movie about black people laughing at white people that's not new that's not original maybe the way the movie is formatted is differentwhat if we left at something that was actually funny rather than derogatory to begin with
Cray Entertainment
Eh... it’s actually a really good horror film. I disagree with the media’s portrayal of it as being this fantastic racial/social commentary. Peele didn’t even initially like that until he was getting all this praise for it. But objectively, as a horror movie, it’s pretty darn good.
UFOlici Month ago
very weird...he seems uncomfortable around White people..I guesss!>!?!!?
Gluh 2 months ago
that’s a genius way of going about advertising your movie, if you don’t like my movie then you’re rascist
Cray Entertainment
@Gluh yeah, don't get me wrong, I still love the guy and his work :)
Gluh Month ago
Cray Entertainment that makes sense to me, based on how he handled comedy before this
Cray Entertainment
You can blame the media for that. Peele didn’t initially have this view on it, but you know how strong handed Hollywood is with its “progressive” values. He really had no other choice than to run with it. Unfortunately I think all the praise/success with it has really dug its claws in based on his relatively recent comments about not casting white leads.
Kevin Pillay
Kevin Pillay 2 months ago
Its Eddie Murphy's the joke, Delirious. Eddie was with a red leather, in the 80s
voltair 2 months ago
I’m not white but the way some blacks people talk about white people right in front of them is just shameful. And they just sit there and take it. Unbelievable. And it’s sad to see a black person looking at the world in black and white. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. You’re a prisoner to your own race at the end of the day.
IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
Because white people have been bothering us for 350+ years😂😂😅😂🤣 white people are still burning black churches in 2019,white people call the cops on black kids delivering papers or selling water,white people call the cops on someone coming home to his own house,white people stalk every black video on RUvid and comment racist stuff. Shall I really go on
Bdpc Bdpc
Bdpc Bdpc 2 months ago
That movie sucked
ArtemisScribe 2 months ago
"There's only one black guy in night of the living dead!" Oh Stephen, there is ALWAYS only one black dude in everything. Black kids gotta get creative when studying blackness in popular culture.
Bri Albright
Bri Albright 2 months ago
this whole interaction just made me cringe
Homer Sapienne
Homer Sapienne 2 months ago
4:20 Jordan Peele admits that all black people look the same.
Peace Beuponyou
Peace Beuponyou 2 months ago
1 donut donut=blank stare from Colbert Peele brilliantly=It’s a black thing Colbert’s face=that was my first thought 🥴 Priceless moment Colbert clueless Peele on target. Love him!!!
Eli Elsaf
Eli Elsaf 2 months ago
This is an awkward interaction.
Sam Laruson
Sam Laruson 2 months ago
Jordan is so great and humble... He must be getting lots of pussy
Prudent Student
Prudent Student 2 months ago
The joke was originally from Richard Pryor. Eddie took it.
Briallyn Rose
Briallyn Rose 2 months ago
I want to just hear him talk about his movie for like an hour, he is one of the most interesting guests I’ve ever seen on this show
Suedi Elmi
Suedi Elmi 2 months ago
Nysi Tay
Nysi Tay 3 months ago
Stephen had no clue what to say to that peel was playin him
Lina Bonilla
Lina Bonilla 3 months ago
I can't believe he's married with Chelsea.
mattloveOHIOST5 3 months ago
we studied get out in our english class, so many things that wouldve completely gone over my head
Daniel Olson
Daniel Olson 3 months ago
They showed the sunken place on a fucking late night talkshow? Wow, stephen, that's really low...
Universe Milkshake
Universe Milkshake 3 months ago
0:00 me when I’m having sleep paralysis. Sometimes that’s what it feels like... it’s fucking scary. Your helpless to anything that happens to you. The good news it, it always ends. But sometimes I wonder what would happen if it didn’t. That’s sometimes how I feel with anxiety. Like this side of me with anxiety has taken control and I can’t actually do anything. I’m powerless. With depression as well. This could be about race, but it feels like lots of other things to be as well. Fear, depression, discrimination. There are so many instances where I feel powerless.
Alex Mkay
Alex Mkay 3 months ago
The way Black people are almost the same everywhere around the globe lol. I am African and whenever I hear what African-Americans do/react to certain things and it's some sort of a "Black thing" and we have the same It shocks me. Lol. We just don't do creeps. 4:50 "Get Out' "Too bad we can't stay baby!" and things like dance and music.
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 3 months ago
Noice👍Ibrahim Moizeus and my rhymes are clean like my name is Dr.Seuss
harsh sharma
harsh sharma 3 months ago
i absolutely love this movie and i am a brown guy !
Leah Taylor
Leah Taylor 3 months ago
"99...I'll get 'em next time" -Gets %100 on Us.
Nate Gonsalves
Nate Gonsalves 3 months ago
"it was my favourite movie that I had never seen" Wow! I think this guy just became my hero.
Tess hortz
Tess hortz 3 months ago
That was one of the whitest handshakes I have ever seen
Mistah47 3 months ago
Color Jordan purple and you get Thanos. 💀
Greg Jacques Lucifer's Jizz Gargler
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 3 months ago
If only he wasn't a hypocrite and a racist, Jordan Peele would be so cool.
Ian L.H
Ian L.H 3 months ago
@Michael Kelly He doesn't direct movies with black leads, just like how someone like christopher nolan never casts black leads. Is that a problem? I don't think you'd complain about that
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 3 months ago
@Ian L.H That's no excuse for it. And the fact that he is racist towards white people despite having a white mother is what I meant about being ashamed of his mother.
Ian L.H
Ian L.H 3 months ago
@Michael Kelly he hasnt had a very white experience, and a his movies rely on social norms and experiences. I'd like to see a source for the mother thing
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly 3 months ago
@Romocop He just said earlier this week that he could never see himself casting a White Dude as the lead in any of his movies, and is ashamed of his White, Jewish mother.
Romocop 3 months ago
Michael Kelly oh god not Jordan peele what did he do.
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