Jonas Brothers: Only Human

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Music guest the Jonas Brothers perform "Only Human" for the Tonight Show audience.
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Jonas Brothers: Only Human


Published on


Jun 13, 2019




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Comments 2 492
Mailani Robison
Mailani Robison 19 hours ago
I love this song too
terickfic Day ago
Same beat as stick figure world on fire lol
terickfic Day ago
Some one was smokeing weed when this song was made lol😀👍👍
GamerDaniel Daniel
Man I liked your music 🎶 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Sacred Underground
Eric Day ago
Is Kevin actually playing anything
Kiomi Reyes
Kiomi Reyes Day ago
Hans Rust
Hans Rust 3 days ago
nice but not the original key
Isabella Golinski
In the music video when Nick Jonas blows a kiss he looked a me!#Nabella
Wiktoria 3 days ago
They are so cute omg💍
nostressannie 4 days ago
Thank you ...beautiful music
Joshua Woods
Joshua Woods 4 days ago
I really like this only human , It’s a good song ... I bought it on iTunes :) .... Nick Jonas is my boy ...
Alvin Chen
Alvin Chen 4 days ago
2019 version of the Beatles
anthony y
anthony y 5 days ago
who else would of liked the women out front dancing too. Great song..
Edna Alfaro
Edna Alfaro 5 days ago
Divya Dharshini
Divya Dharshini 9 days ago
The 514 disliked people r not humans
Isabella Golinski
Meowwwwwwwwwwwwww! hello handsomes! Nick,1,you sound like an angel and 2,you look good in pink.
sayed farhad
sayed farhad 10 days ago
Love this song so much.
Christopher Kazior
Christopher Kazior 11 days ago
-Sees Christmas add in November- Me: I DONT WANNA LIE FOR CHRISTMAS!!! Like if you love Christmas! (Using my dads account)
Lobos & Cuervos
Lobos & Cuervos 11 days ago
This song is fire!
Shamim Kazemi
Shamim Kazemi 12 days ago
I love it 😍😍😍😍😍
Desi Adila
Desi Adila 12 days ago
Selina Rose
Selina Rose 12 days ago
Did someone besides me noticed nicks hand when he sings?
Meloddy Gomez
Meloddy Gomez 12 days ago
Why does nick always look cute in every color???😭
Miley Chatterjee
Miley Chatterjee 13 days ago
Kevin is classy, Nick is cute but Joe is crazy love !!
gypsieladie 13 days ago
These live performances are turning me into a damn Jonas Brothers fan. Lol I'm an actual adult. I grew up laughing at their depiction on South Park. But I'm a late Jonas fan now, I guess. It's just so nice to see a live performance that's actually live YET sounds as good, if not better, than the studio version. Hats off gentlemen.
Ewa Pawlak
Ewa Pawlak 14 days ago
I Love👌
Montserrat Cruz
Montserrat Cruz 14 days ago
Aar Kay
Aar Kay 15 days ago
Why does Jimmy Fallon look washed up?
Peter's Healthy Living
cale7291 cale7291
cale7291 cale7291 16 days ago
there so good
Fernando Ricca
Fernando Ricca 17 days ago
The band is amazing
mc meraklı
mc meraklı 18 days ago
Joe's voice is perfect
Grace Randazzo
Grace Randazzo 18 days ago
I love them so much especially nick
Grace Randazzo
Grace Randazzo 18 days ago
Best of 2019? The Jonas Brothers themselves
Paige Lantz
Paige Lantz 18 days ago
Why doesn’t Kevin ever have a solo it’s usually joe or nick?? I would like to hear his solo too love the jones brothers
FemMechanic 18
FemMechanic 18 18 days ago
I'm still waiting for Kevin to actually use a freaking microphone!!! Is his guitar an article of clothing now?! 😅
YouTube News اخبار اليوتيوب
I can’t stop watching this video
87forseco 20 days ago
Saabiriin Mahad
Saabiriin Mahad 21 day ago
Norma Moreno
Norma Moreno 21 day ago
Kevin should get a lot more credit and he should sing too
Brandon Nguyen
Brandon Nguyen 22 days ago
I know this video is about the Jonas Brothers... but ehy does Jimmy Fallon look like he just woke up from a hangover? 😬
FemMechanic 18
FemMechanic 18 18 days ago
I think it's the unshaven face... not very pleasing to the eye, is it?! 😅
Jane Skei
Jane Skei 24 days ago
Three gorgeous guys singing THAT WELL??????? Love it!!
Vinayak Arora
Vinayak Arora 24 days ago
The Official Andy Saenz
How come Kevin never sings? I want to hear his voice!
David G.
David G. 28 days ago
Leah Sapp
Leah Sapp 29 days ago
Joe is actually so perfect. Sophia is so lucky.
Ched Beckford
Ched Beckford Month ago
Joe should have sung both verses for this song
Shikha Agarwal
Shikha Agarwal Month ago
I love this song just dance with them😄😄😄😄😄
Marco Vasquez
Marco Vasquez Month ago
*me watching the bassist*
Im SO excited that tomorrow im gonna see them live!
Orxan Osmanov
Orxan Osmanov Month ago
👍 👍 👍 👍
Jenni Boo
Jenni Boo Month ago
I was never a huge fan when they were younger, but man they are killin it now. I've liked every one of their new singles. The songs are so catchy
Jihane Khedir
Jihane Khedir Month ago
Mariyam Ansari
Mariyam Ansari Month ago
Tara Severa-Miller
I have always loved me some Nick😍😘
Kosmita55 Month ago
halo halo Polska odzywamy się, pora przejmować USA :D a i kto z Open.FM :)
Artur Sabaś
Artur Sabaś Month ago
Love ❤️❤️❤️
Elizabeth Snyder_baldonado
Linoska Mejia
Linoska Mejia Month ago
Next videos