Jon Stewart Climbs Out From Under Colbert's Desk To Debut "Irresistible" Movie Trailer

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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As President Trump's impeachment trial continues in the Senate, our dear friend Jon Stewart stops by to personally deliver the trailer for his new film "Irresistible" starring Steve Carell and Rose Byrne. Watch the trailer here, and visit www.irresistiblefilm.com for more info on the film. #Colbert #Irresistible #JonStewart
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Jan 24, 2020




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Comments 100
Jacqelune Morrison
No more. B. S
Jacqelune Morrison
Againsnt. Law. To. Hit. Mental. I'll. People. Pull. Med away. Also. Againsnt. Law.
Jacqelune Morrison
Codependent. On. Shity. Storm. .not happy
Pusher Love Man
Pusher Love Man 2 months ago
It’s only been 6 months, and yet Stephen putting his hand on Jon’s face has already aged terribly!
Rainman 3 months ago
Steve Carell , Rose Byrne..? I'm there...love those 2...and rosw doesnt know it but she my future wife..or just mistress will be just fine Hmmmm. Hmm-hmm-mmmmm
NotgreatBOB! 3 months ago
Normally I would laugh but I cringed when Stephen spit water in Jon’s face knowing Covid was already circulating when this was filmed. I don’t think I could psychologically take it if anything happened to Jon Stewart.
Carolyn Wolfe
Carolyn Wolfe 3 months ago
These two men are exceptional, insightful and amazing. John Stewart is an amazing person, humanitarian and philosopher. Colbert and Stewart are the dream team!
Han Wang
Han Wang 3 months ago
I miss Jon's jokes sooooooo much. Those unbiased jokes!
Anthony Lalli
Anthony Lalli 3 months ago
We need stewart to get colbert and Oliver to report my indictment . www.dropbox.com/s/ap6fai1knlrklr9/2014_10_18_11_37_02.pdf?dl=0
OxDEADBEEF 3 months ago
3:19 Pre-corona
MEEMS 3 months ago
I'm generally PISSED that Jon Stewart has not run for office. Anyone else? Just me? Put your money where your mouth is and run for office so we can fucking vote for you damnit.
jessica naan
jessica naan 3 months ago
Jon, I love you and I know you're basically an introvert but we need you badly. Funny, brilliant & caring, doesn't get much better.
Durzio 3 months ago
"no don't put all the black ones in the middle, he's running as a moderate!"
the ledge
the ledge 3 months ago
god i love jon stewart
MARKO 8462
MARKO 8462 3 months ago
0:15 I came here for this.
Melanie Stewart
Melanie Stewart 3 months ago
We need jon’s take on things. I miss him
Non Finale
Non Finale 3 months ago
Is it weird that bill o'Reilly had better chemistry with Jon?
Brenda Staeb
Brenda Staeb 4 months ago
Stephen ~ Please convey to Jon Stewart - That We NEED Him. 😡We have suffered thru this horrific presidency (?)😱 without him to make us laugh ... & now the pandemic 😷... & the social distancing 😲... & the quarantining 😬... & now George Floyd 😭...& the nationwide Protests, Riots, Looting & Destruction... PLEASE have him do you tube podcasts or SOMETHING ... we can't even go to theatres to see his "movie in the spring" 😵 I for one NEED some Jon Stewart in my life in addition to you Stephen !!!!!😵
Arturo Medina
Arturo Medina 3 months ago
what copy pasta is this?
Karen Malone
Karen Malone 4 months ago
I love Jon Stewart and miss him!
Sportstoe 4 months ago
Just another lame movie that’s very similar to Welcome to Mooseport
Bob Miller
Bob Miller 4 months ago
Stuart just thinks he's smart, wise, intelligence and is an intellectual; our president knows he's all this and much, much more in a big way, enormous, gigantic way. Now a lot of people don't know this, but all you need to do is go to Fox News to get the little picture.
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 4 months ago
Rookie ruvid.net/video/video-e6d0VF3TCiQ.html
oliver closehoff
oliver closehoff 4 months ago
i use to like john but now i hate him he tries to scream at conservatives as if they are all these rich assholes and hes just a regular guy lmao when hes a millionaire richer than those "big bad republicans" that he hates lol thats what lots of jews do tho
oliver closehoff
oliver closehoff 4 months ago
lol johns so angry trump didnt get kicked out office xD
fred houpt
fred houpt 4 months ago
May 8'th when I'm watching this. Is it not seriously depressing that this is what constituted important entertainment topics, [on that date] given that all around New York City the pandemic was spreading at a phenomenally fast pace, soon to cause thousands of deaths. I look back on this type of entertainment for what it always was: irrelevant, irreverent, broadcasting only the home teams perspective and ultimately, really, having zero impact on the disastrous flames consuming the United States. I do not know how America goes back wanting to listen to funny folks pander to their deepest held beliefs when in fact it really is a bubble that does not allow in any opposing narratives from "the others". I do not think it is now even possible for a television personality to even try to appear objective. I think that that time has passed. The future will only move to the extremes with ever greater urgency. Will this turn off viewers? Has the era of comedic satire died? Is there objective news reporting being done in America? Really? Where?
LegendaryGutts 5 months ago
Everything post lockdown is surreal. Watching Stephen spitting water in Jon's face is now essentially attempted murder.
G B 5 months ago
Is John developing a speech impediment with the letter ‘s’ in his words?
Christine Schnitzka
Christine Schnitzka 5 months ago
I wanna see Jon do some videos on Corona. Unless he already has and I haven't found them?
TrulyEgg 5 months ago
This was missed on my suggestions, now that Berine is out and endorsing Biden looks like we gotta look to the woke comedian Jon Stewart to be our Charlie Chaplin of this cluster fuck of a time we're living in.
Bill 5 months ago
JOn's next project should be Escape from New York. Cuomo and progressives declare New York can never open up again! Biden wins and puts up wall around NYNY. Jon returns to save the city.
Tamara Kane
Tamara Kane 5 months ago
It’s too bad he’s not allowed to talk about politics anymore. Remember this gem of him calling Biden out for being a creepy disgusting groper? ruvid.net/video/video--uGBRDcJESQ.html
This Guy
This Guy 5 months ago
Ik I'm late..."impeachment was a big deal and whatever" We need jon to talk to us about this "new normal"...whether you like it or not. Jon, you ARE the most trusted name in news. Idk...please?
Bjeffert 5 months ago
Why cant John run AS president your maling a movie about yourself. You would crush Donald
Bjeffert 5 months ago
What happened? John looks like hes gone throgh Normandie 20 times withouth food
Bjeffert 5 months ago
I was about to say the country needs you John. Then i remember i live in Norway. The world needs you
André A
André A 5 months ago
The USA need Jon Stewart today, more then ever. USA is falling apart!
Pluvo2for1 6 months ago
I see what people have been saying about Job Stewart aging so much lately. I struggle to recognize him. Genetics, diet, stress??
S N 6 months ago
S N 6 months ago
EllieBelly 6 months ago
Corona Virus was probably already in New York at this time
Panda Squad
Panda Squad 6 months ago
They should kiss....
HCaulfield115 6 months ago
He should do a interview show like Letterman on Netflix since he doesn’t want to do a daily show.
coolaunt516 6 months ago
FYI the movie comes out in May this year.
argus duckwell
argus duckwell 6 months ago
Not anymore.
alienv5 7 months ago
We need Stewart back on TV. I have the perfect show idea. Jon Stewart and Greg Gutfeld have a humorous weekly debate show. A half an hour, once a week debating one topic per show. I'd watch that! Netflix you in?
Somali Kanye
Somali Kanye 7 months ago
Come back!
GuySaysThings 7 months ago
he looks thin
David DeLaney
David DeLaney 7 months ago
If northing else, I have to admire the size of John's... ...wrench. --Dave, speaking of public porn
John Karpierz
John Karpierz 7 months ago
What was he doing under the table before the camera came on? Blowing him? Aaah prime time propaganda is sooooo much fun! Happy happy joy joy!
Skip Garney III
Skip Garney III 7 months ago
Pathetic eccuse for television and comic satire.
joe 6pack
joe 6pack 7 months ago
Remember when people actually gave a sh.t about Jon Stewart?
shafey danish
shafey danish 7 months ago
Why is he getting so thin? Is he unwell? Is that why he left his show? He looks like Steve Jobs in his last years 😔😭😢
Young Vices
Young Vices 7 months ago
So we gon ignore he spit on him by accident he was supposed to be wearing the helmet on que
Dayanara Ryelle
Dayanara Ryelle 7 months ago
I just want a place (besides twitter) to say that "John Wayne had a baby with a tractor" is literally the *best* description of Chris Cooper I have ever heard. 😂
Brigadierprick 7 months ago
Steve Frazier
Steve Frazier 7 months ago
WE have an impeached president. His name? Yeah...ronald DUMP. Impeached forever...history books will say so. Hehe...
Tai Dayy
Tai Dayy 7 months ago
He spit in this man’s face as part of promo 😭. The dedication is wild.
Free Speech Advocate
I miss Jon Stewart. We need his wit, intelligence and humor now more than ever.
85dime 7 months ago
I miss Jon. The guy can deliver a line better than anybody in late night. Anybody in late night Anybody in late night ANY. BODY.... looking at you Colbert. Get your game up. Gettin' a lil sad bud.
Leslie Vey
Leslie Vey 7 months ago
Well , that says it all .
TurboT8er 7 months ago
I used to think Jon Stewart was the best in the early 2000s, back before I knew anything about politics. I didn't really know or care who he was making fun of, but it was hilarious. Just in the past 10 years have I started paying attention and caring, and now I see him as just another face in the media. It's funny how humor is completely relative.
PlumBerryCherries 7 months ago
I wanna hug Jon Stewart. #CantWaitToSeeHisMovie
Joe T
Joe T 7 months ago
Let me say this now. 100% if Jon Stewart ran for President he would have my vote.
Marie 7 months ago
🐱🐱Love John Stewart🐄🐶
Joan Berka
Joan Berka 7 months ago
I really really miss him!😭😭😭😭
Dave Savedra
Dave Savedra 7 months ago
Jon was s..kin' on Steve.....they both s..k.
Kathryn Jones
Kathryn Jones 8 months ago
I miss Jon Stewart so much.
Ricky 8 months ago
i was a little disappointed when he didn't report the news but this movie looks awesome
Sharan Srinivas
Sharan Srinivas 8 months ago
Not a single black guy in the movie eh, Jon?
Katheryne Mero
Katheryne Mero 8 months ago
I might have seen this if Steve Carell wasn't in it. He sucks.
treefiddytwo 8 months ago
that movie finna bomb but i appreciate Jon’s effort
Backinblack Bunny
Backinblack Bunny 8 months ago
My movie idea is a lot funnier and it would be great if I could get Steve carrel to play a corrupt Jimmy Carter.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 8 months ago
Me: Oh hey, it's John, I bet he's got something great to say about the impea- John Stewart: So check out my new movie I've been working on with Steve Carell...
Luke Kirchner
Luke Kirchner 8 months ago
As a Wisconsinite... WHY WOULD YOU USE BUDWEISER OVER MILLER?!?!?! Or, you know, use a real Wisco beer like Spotted Cow. Fake news.
4IN14094 8 months ago
0:08"This is extremely dangerous to our democracy" Just saying.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 8 months ago
That wrench is in the like $150 range... not a cheap prop
bikeamour 8 months ago
Oftewel: het doel heiligt de middelen
Patricia Eroz
Patricia Eroz 8 months ago
THANK U, Stevie & Jonny For Making Me Laugh For 2 Decades & For Championing Me & Mine From Afar, Like With This New Movie ‘IRRESISTIBLE’ ❗️❤️❗️❤️ The WISCONSIN Setting Is Already Lighting-Up The Locals, Who Could Really Use A Boost Right Now As We Navigate Connecting To The Outside World❗️ Yes, Indeedy, There Are A Lot Of ‘Cow Folk’ Here, And Many Of Them Have Much To Share If Given The Opportunity. So Let’s Do That Now ❗️ 💃🏽
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner 8 months ago
Also, is it not a bit ironic that 'Faith' (Rose Byrne's character) is actually pretty smart when America's actual faith first groups seem so incredibly stupid? "Send me 50$ for this prayer cloth-huh, I'm not a billionaire yet, and God-duh wants me to exploit.. I mean HELP you."
Nolan Kuffner
Nolan Kuffner 8 months ago
Also starring Topher Grace and Mackenzie Davis? And Brad Pitt was involved? Sounds pretty good, actually!
falkura 8 months ago
Steve can seriously only play 1 single type of role....
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 8 months ago
This Jon Stewart dude is good. He should have his own show or something
Christopher Lundgren
Sorry, I love Jon Stewart, but the movie looks pretty weak. I'll give it a shot when it comes out, but so far, not excited
Gary Cooper
Gary Cooper 8 months ago
Looking at cattle: “Don’t put all the black ones in the center! He’s running as a moderate,”. That’s pretty doggone funny.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 8 months ago
This is some how considered "news" by libtards. 😂😂😂
Sandra J Gobely
Sandra J Gobely 8 months ago
#RightMatters #PresidentSanders #RemoveTrump #TrumpResign #Bernie2020 #Resist #MeToo #WaterIsLife
►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼
I knew that wikiporn admin was Jon no one believed me.
munchfacedoom 8 months ago
You had me at Natasha Lyonne.
The Grimm Raven
The Grimm Raven 8 months ago
Irresistible looks hilarious
The Grimm Raven
The Grimm Raven 8 months ago
John Stewart is the new George Carlin
Bardyman 8 months ago
i watched the trailer and i'm still not sure what the movies gonna be about. someone running for sth in an election with some old jokes mixed in? is that really the "plot"? I love Jon Stewart but that seems quite boring :/
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 8 months ago
Is that blond a knock off Kellyanne?. She acts like a witch!. Movie looks pretty good. I love Jon Stewart!.
Nate Hill
Nate Hill 8 months ago
That wrench is in the like $150 range... not a cheap prop
Cachi -
Cachi - 8 months ago
Pompeo! Sounds like a Summer drink or something. Pompeo! Refreshing like a douche...bag...
Mercedes Aponte
Mercedes Aponte 8 months ago
I want to buy the Pompeo Douchebag!!
Nathan Cox
Nathan Cox 8 months ago
Was that Louis CK in the trailer? And if so does that mean that it's okay for me to like him again?
Allen Janz
Allen Janz 8 months ago
Jon should get Obama’s Nobel prize, he has done so much for all of us and now he is such a mess he lives under a desk. PTSD anyone.
FlameAdder 8 months ago
We can see the thing that we already watched? Awesome
sirmathmansir 8 months ago
I see in the newspaper, Lorem Ipsum is at it again. What's he up to this time?
Donation World Nation
This is some how considered "news" by libtards. 😂😂😂
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 8 months ago
Did anyone else laugh when John Stewart said ‘Dont’ when Colbert took a sip of his water lmao
Dragon Dodger
Dragon Dodger 8 months ago
Repeating the same joke over and over is a sign of "Dementia"
World's Netizen
World's Netizen 8 months ago
what the hell I will be irresistible So, what do you want from me? glad I'm back home again. I spent all I have, money, time to play your game while doing the supporting as you asked. Of course, you did great efforts for all these, but I just not the type of your game, don't you see it time and time again? don't you see that I'm focusing on thinking/understanding things more than knowing things? So I'm so dumb in your game... 😵😵😵😵 "what we are? Broken" I don't care who I am, but care about what I'm doing.
World's Netizen
World's Netizen 8 months ago
@huttio srreu how funny as if you being caught for others' joke? 😒😒😒😒
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 8 months ago
Sorry but that just wasn't funny.
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