Jon Snow || The Real North (GoT)

King FireMan
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Now that the series is over, I had to make an edit on jon snow!
Many of you will criticize jon snow with his last season a little missed,
I must tell you that jon snow is my favorite character of got, he brought us the best episodes, the most beautiful scenes, the biggest bounces, and also a really touching story,
He goes from a bastard to a legitimate king, all this to finish where all started, the night watch..
this incredible series ends, and I will miss her terribly ..
now I can tell you that this is the best series in the world
Hope you will like it, enjoy guys ;)
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May 22, 2019




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Mhmd Shafil
Mhmd Shafil 2 hours ago
Ganesh Saru
Ganesh Saru Day ago
Ned stark's blood runs through his veins
KD Arjun
KD Arjun 4 days ago
How can i download this video?
Marlon Basco
Marlon Basco 4 days ago
This was great !
MMO321 4 days ago
All wanted is Jon sitting on the throne 😢
Muneer mohammed
Muneer mohammed 4 days ago
നിങ്ങൾ മുത്താണ്.... jhon snow.... my hero...... മല്ലൂസ് ആരും ഇല്ലേ.....
Priya Gorai
Priya Gorai 7 days ago
craig g
craig g 7 days ago
Man want love not power real men are comfortable in the shadows of that woman
Abhinav Suresh
Abhinav Suresh 8 days ago
priyanshu mishra
priyanshu mishra 9 days ago
Background music made me emotional 🥺
Daniel Angel
Daniel Angel 9 days ago
Its pretty easy to see how Robert became king now
Bhaskar Jyoti Nath
Jon Snow is the most idealistic a human can ever be.. Everyone can connect with him at the most pure level.. So we'll crafted that his presence was enough to shoulder GOT success..
Cristiano Messis
Cristiano Messis 10 days ago
Ramos was better
Kicia Dycia
Kicia Dycia 10 days ago
You have a good heart Jon. ❤️
Meera A
Meera A 11 days ago
Every character in the show: “bring me their heads” Jon Snow: no Me: thank you
Moootu 11 days ago
A dragon raised by wolves And when he became more powerful than them he protected wolves All hail to jhon snow
Mark Lucchese
Mark Lucchese 11 days ago
Jon Snow deserved the crown.
Nate DawGg
Nate DawGg 11 days ago
Such a great watch!
Cristiano Messis
Cristiano Messis 12 days ago
My hero 333.
Akhil appu
Akhil appu 13 days ago
This video is better than season 8
Padmanaban Kumar
Padmanaban Kumar 13 days ago
Love is the death of duty. It may be true for others. But not for the bastard raised by the honorable Lord Eddard Stark. How many times he had to give up on his loved ones to full fill his duty? Slaying his brother of the nights watch Quorin Halfhand to know the truth about the horn of winter and letting Ygritte die to save those he was sworn to save and finally killing Danny after seeing her drunken with rage and power, knowing finally too well that the god has flipped this Targaryen coin to fall on the wrong side. A man with power to resit power is Jon Snow. Bastard of Winterfell.
عبدو الشبلي
DeathGun 187
DeathGun 187 14 days ago
He was the real king thanks season 8 to ruin it bad writting man..
Daniel S
Daniel S 14 days ago
Jon did nothing wrong. The final development of his character just ended up in hands of terrible writers.
Cain !
Cain ! 15 days ago
i DuN wUnT iT
wasim akram
wasim akram 15 days ago
Dragon + wolf = The Real King(White wolf)
Elders' Pakistan
Elders' Pakistan 16 days ago
Who knows about Dirilis Ertugrul series
saurabh kumar sahu
saurabh kumar sahu 16 days ago
But he always be a night watch
saurabh raj
saurabh raj 17 days ago
I heard somewhere that the deads made a wall to protect themselves from Jon snow.
Zach V
Zach V 17 days ago
I will admit, rankings of fictional television characters is absolutely worthless, but how Jon Snow isn't the number one answer in most polls is unfathomable to me. I'll come straight. I binge watched it over the course of 3 months last year. Maybe if you watched GoT season by season you would think less of this character.
Patrick Carlile
Patrick Carlile 17 days ago
Nobody deserved better than Jon Snow
Avinash Yadav
Avinash Yadav 18 days ago
paparoach158 18 days ago
He might not be Neds real son, but jon is Neds true son!
Isaiah Harvin
Isaiah Harvin 18 days ago
Chrissi toma
Chrissi toma 18 days ago
If i have one King. John Snow will be it
W Khany
W Khany 18 days ago
If only there was another way
الله اكبر لا اله الا الله
I am curious Does he get paid for these videos since it belongs to game of thrones which belongs to HBO and I think RUvid restrict you from that or is it okay to take any scenes from tv series and edit it and make it a montage and you can start a RUvid channel with it or will I face problems someone answer me .great montage by the way
Pooja Mahla
Pooja Mahla 19 days ago
O as A
Gus Fox
Gus Fox 20 days ago
Jon got screwed over, at least he's gone to live with Tormund and the free folk they respected him more then anyone else. Maybe he can marry one of Tormunds daughters. Then Tormund would be his father in law lol
Hanzla Aka Zayn
Hanzla Aka Zayn 18 days ago
@Gus Fox bish i miss GOT
Gus Fox
Gus Fox 18 days ago
@Hanzla Aka Zayn rood lol
Hanzla Aka Zayn
Hanzla Aka Zayn 18 days ago
Fuk u
Loud Duck
Loud Duck 20 days ago
After all these years house stark finally ended House Targaryen once and for all
Marius Gfrörer
Marius Gfrörer 20 days ago
Who agrees that Jon Snow should have been the king on the Iron throne
situated4 20 days ago
Abhishek Pathania
Abhishek Pathania 20 days ago
Only reason i watched got king snow👍
Anshika Panwar
Anshika Panwar 21 day ago
Jon Snow should be the king of seven kingdom 😣
Mitch g
Mitch g 21 day ago
He really did get a raw deal...then again did he? He is now leading the wildings....he will then go on to build a great society of people who love family, their faith, their land! Imagine the sequel they could have done...as the failed experiment crumbles..he leads his army of thousands to reclaim his rightful spot as KING!
MMA FLASH 22 days ago
Jonnnn snow
Manoj Animations
Manoj Animations 22 days ago
Jon & Robb fighting together would be legendary, sadly that didn't happened.
JATIN JATIN 23 days ago
I think we deserve an epic season - 8 rather than a shit one we got.
Sagar Bhandari
Sagar Bhandari 23 days ago
Bro can I upload it in Facebook? I'm gonna give you credit
Sachin Sankar
Sachin Sankar 23 days ago
From 2:20 🔥🔥🔥
TrasH KING 23 days ago
Still John snow not like iron throne
Public Comment
Public Comment 24 days ago
King of the north for me Jon snow
ART Gallery Art and everything
Sreenu Sree
Sreenu Sree 24 days ago
Game Of Thrones Full Series HD Bluray 480p tipsli.com/meM1D
VIRAL WEED 24 days ago
I vouch my 6minutes
The_SCP _Foundation
“Do you know what I could’ve been if I’d just said the word?”
Infinity 25 days ago
All this buildup......... for nothing
Muneeb Yasseen
Muneeb Yasseen 27 days ago
I want them to make a squel...kill Brian so that john comes back and takes back what he deserved....😢
Sandeep Joshua
Sandeep Joshua 28 days ago
Two greatest TV roles of all time. 1. Walter White aka Heisenberg 2. Others.
Amir RedMan
Amir RedMan 28 days ago
At 2:35 A mad man or a king. Jon was supposed to be a king but D&D banished him
Averyl Cobb
Averyl Cobb 29 days ago
Year later reminded me why I stan
Humza Khokhar
Humza Khokhar 29 days ago
Those moments whenever they cheers king in the North ❤️
chandra sekar
chandra sekar 29 days ago
Real king Jon Snow...
Jaeric 29 days ago
This makes me so sad. This series could have been incredible the best series ever. And it was. Until a certain point.
Joshua Maynard
Joshua Maynard Month ago
The Targaryen who ruled the North as a stark his mother would be proud
Bhushan Talware
Bhushan Talware Month ago
John snow. You know nothing 😄❤️
Mohammed Akhil
Mohammed Akhil Month ago
To those who truly understand the charecter of Jon snow....they will understand that Jon actually saved the whole world....he did it for everyone...❤
Mohammed Akhil
Mohammed Akhil Month ago
"We know no king But king in the north...and hes name is john snow...no matter hes a bastard ..ned starks blood runs in his veins" ...😙.. Real king are chosen by people....and they chose him....he might not have the thrown but He is the Real king for me.. He is the White Wolf. The Real north.
Spencer Herren
Spencer Herren Month ago
" You know nothing Jon Snow"
Abood Alqasem
Abood Alqasem Month ago
The best character I have ever seen 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Farukh Khan
Farukh Khan Month ago
If believe if Jon , didn't reveal himself , khalessi wouldn't have gone mad , she had to prove that she was the true heir to the throne ,and I so destroy everything
Anant Singh
Anant Singh Month ago
His name is aegon Targaryen
JoshVision Month ago
Jon Is What Rhaegar Could’ve been If he thought with his head and not his cock
Aidan Rogers
Aidan Rogers Month ago
This pretty much sums up why he’s my favourite character.
Subhodip Kumar
Subhodip Kumar Month ago
Damn Jon Snow 🔥
Abdelmadjid Aimen Larabi
Miss you got♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Muhammed Nazim
Muhammed Nazim Month ago
The King in the North ❤️. This is one epic 6mins man . Well put together 👌. Respect 👏
immortal ash
immortal ash Month ago
It's some editing man loved it
sakar mishra
sakar mishra Month ago
Ya got mad editing skills eh
MAn i lovs GOT and jons character
cool bro
cool bro Month ago
If i would've known S8 gonna end that way, i would never watched the whole show..they ruined so badly.
Sai goud Lingala
Perfect end :Centuries ago, ageon conquered the entire west and made it one. Now ageon (Jon) liberated the West and divided it into seven kingdoms and he set out on a true north
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Month ago
piyush sharma
piyush sharma Month ago
John snow real king of westros😍😍😍😍😍
george clooney
george clooney Month ago
you know nothing king fireman, let george finish his book 🤩🤩
You are the shield...that guards the realms of men
Bindita Sinha
Bindita Sinha Month ago
Still watching ❤️
Dylan Besharah Hull
Man this was amazing!!
Pratik Smith
Pratik Smith Month ago
How fucking amazing show this was until season 8 came out!
alex maggy
alex maggy Month ago
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Abhilash Dhulia
Abhilash Dhulia Month ago
S8 sucked, I could write a better story with a tenth of the money that D&D got. They did Jon and Danaerys dirty
Bhavesh Month ago
Please do house stark video with "Winter Has Come" music.
stoagy mahalo
stoagy mahalo Month ago
SPOILERS Was probably the ONLY GRIPE I had for the battle of Winter, that the Children of Stark SHOULD have gotten kills to match Arya. I mean I'd have LOVED it to seen Jon take Vasarus down, sansa Kill her aunt's reincarnated corpse AND then Arya. Man....... WHAT A FUCKING RUN.
Krypton edits
Krypton edits Month ago
Watch this ruvid.net/video/video-7Jxoed8yBnI.html I made it for Jon snow
Kian Marco Dumangas
The ending should have been like this, daenerys' get defeated by the Lannisters but a wounded drogon escapes along with daenerys. Jon and the northerners came to to daenerys' aid and dany with drogon alongside the northerners beat the Lannisters then the people of king's landing proclaim jon snow as the king but jon snow explains why daenerys deserves to be the ruler of the seven kingdoms. Then the true identity of jon snow was revealed but he still doesn't want the throne but instead he will go with the free folk to the real north and proclaims sansa as the queen in the north. The end Quite a simple ending but it's better than the one we've got
A Gone Girl
A Gone Girl Month ago
John Snow ♥️
Adam Dockal
Adam Dockal Month ago
Jon Snow IS Real name IS agon targarien
BeLivYou Month ago
Damn I need to see the whole show again for this
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