Jon Snow || The Real North (GoT)

King FireMan
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Now that the series is over, I had to make an edit on jon snow!
Many of you will criticize jon snow with his last season a little missed,
I must tell you that jon snow is my favorite character of got, he brought us the best episodes, the most beautiful scenes, the biggest bounces, and also a really touching story,
He goes from a bastard to a legitimate king, all this to finish where all started, the night watch..
this incredible series ends, and I will miss her terribly ..
now I can tell you that this is the best series in the world
Hope you will like it, enjoy guys ;)
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Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav 2 days ago
I guess i need to watch this all over again. P.s. his is one the best character development I've seen so far.
Rekan Burhan
Rekan Burhan 2 days ago
Diane's Perception
Excellent job!! As I wipe my tears! The King in the North, The Prince that was promised! Why did this show have to end? Best show ever!
SAHIL KHAN 3 days ago
The only deserving king of the 7 kingdoms, the king, the fighter, the man with golden heart, the man of peace, the man who's name is John Snow💪💪💪💪💪
Josh Fahrney
Josh Fahrney 4 days ago
What a simp
Damir Vujovic
Damir Vujovic 4 days ago
Now that kind of leader we need in real life, not those bunch of selfish bastards!!!!
Shawn Lu
Shawn Lu 5 days ago
Shame they ruined the series with a boring ending.
Dawson Hill
Dawson Hill 5 days ago
This video hyped me the fuck up
Marlene Watt
Marlene Watt 5 days ago
The real north as in for far hey Sammy Stewart your home town hahhhhhhhhhh Whatever?
Tanya Renteria
Tanya Renteria 6 days ago
I still cry .. GOT did me like this :(
ZAYED D 6 days ago
i am crying
Lootful Tuhin
Lootful Tuhin 6 days ago
Pritam Naha
Pritam Naha 6 days ago
Mark 7 days ago
Mark 7 days ago
he got a bit chubby as the seasons went on didn't he, that's what happens in your 30's
Vectivius 7 days ago
This just fucked me up 😔
Clariño D. Marc
Clariño D. Marc 8 days ago
Jon Snow: Exists Season 8: "I'm going to end this man's career..."
Tommaso Benso
Ankesh Barnwal
Ankesh Barnwal 8 days ago
He was the real king
Thank you.
bigjohncoley 9 days ago
I got goosebumps watching this shit I didn't realize how much I'm missed it
Oathbreaker 9 days ago
Fuck the ending.. but best show ever.
R N 9 days ago
Man I miss this show. What a beautifully put together montage.. very well done!! 👏 👏
kouider boukraa
kouider boukraa 11 days ago
mcfloat 12 days ago
Too bad Lady Stark never knew the truth about Jon’s identity.
Johnny Soun
Johnny Soun 12 days ago
Jon Snow= Jon Son No One Wanted. Blown my mind. Found out the second time watching it.
Mark Bloomfield
Mark Bloomfield 13 days ago
Amazing video combination, I still think people's expectations where far to high for season 8, personally it took 2 times watching from start to finish but love the entire series👍
Lemonade 15 days ago
Looking at this made me wonder what the fuck happened to this show Gods it was so strong back then
Tyler Allgeier
Tyler Allgeier 17 days ago
Remember little ones. Hail odin.
Karl Andersen
Karl Andersen 17 days ago
Why does the soundtrack have to be so frigging loud!!!!!!!!! It overpowers the dialogue 1/2 the time. Just like in the series.
Surabhi Dwivedi
Surabhi Dwivedi 18 days ago
2:59 meanwhile Night King continues nailing that Shahrukh pose beyond as well as south of the wall!
spideybishops 18 days ago
I always wondered if any of D&D or GRRM know how Jon's Snow real ending. LIKE THE REAL ENDING, do any of them have any idea how they would close his character arc
sooraj r
sooraj r 19 days ago
from the childhood he was never fully happy, he was raised as a bastard, he suffered a lot in nighta watch, he lost his lover twice, and he had to kill his secnd lover!!! He took a knife in his heart and came back!!! I say atleast he got peace and a happy ending... i am happy for you jon snow!!!!!
Spacewiz 19 days ago
I am just speechless. Thanks a lot for this video, a great storytelling of one of the best characters
tAmmy PArker
tAmmy PArker 19 days ago
The one true king
bogen 20 days ago
Nothing will ever come close to this show, nothing will ever compare to this show.
Nornäsboy 21 day ago
Poor John. He lost every Girl he eve loved
CBR600RR 21 day ago
The story could've gone so many different, better ways but they ruined it. I would have preferred Daenerys recognize Jon Snow as a Targaryen, then bow down to him... but liberal Hollywood would never allow it.
Jason C
Jason C 22 days ago
The same feeling this gives you is the same feeling I had joining the US military...and I went to the wall
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar 23 days ago
And they send the hero of the Westeros to the wall. Good writing
Adryan Franck
Adryan Franck 24 days ago
His name, his real name is '' Aegon Targaryen ". I really wanted him to be the king of the seven kingdoms
Coltyn Seifert
Coltyn Seifert 24 days ago
I ended the show in my mind, the way it should have ended. #RIPGOT
Rye Noe
Rye Noe 24 days ago
My heart is still broken from season 8.
mony hassan
mony hassan 24 days ago
What is the name of the music at the end ????
Malik Burhan
Malik Burhan 24 days ago
What would have happened if danaerys had got jon snow killed (just like jon did to her) at the end thinking that he'd became a hurdle in her way ?????😦
Full Dump
Full Dump 23 days ago
Achiko Puturidze
Achiko Puturidze 25 days ago
dany at least dyeid jon was the one who lilled her the one who he loved and had to live woth that fuck D&D
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter 26 days ago
Imo, one of the best casting decisions of all time.
snowriderist 26 days ago
He needs a sequel show based after the events of season 8 they could call it beyond the wall
Lonewolfoperations 26 days ago
well done...
NANA K 27 days ago
All hail AegonTargaryen
M. younes
M. younes 27 days ago
i missed game of thrones this video make me cry
Karina Jansson
Karina Jansson 27 days ago
A powerful tribute to Kit Harington..thanks for sharing and posting!
Oakley Gates
Oakley Gates 28 days ago
Pete Rose
Pete Rose 28 days ago
Fuck you Bran!
GemForTheWin 28 days ago
Ending Jon's arc by returning him to where he was in season 1 is so infuriating it almost angers me more than Jamie forsaking his entire progression as the Tragic hero for the sake of a woman who tried to kill him.
Jack Trudeau
Jack Trudeau 28 days ago
Jon was done so dirty, he was the rightful king the whole time. Fuck Bran, Fuck Bran's "story" and Fuck Bran as King
Lovely Skull
Lovely Skull 29 days ago
And yet all betrayed Jon Snow, just like 2020 real-time.
B1oodyKiller37 29 days ago
Jon do the right thing no matter the cost. Rather than Robb sadly
Irene Stein
Irene Stein 29 days ago
SB oogy
SB oogy Month ago
Jon was the last dragon
LukeFREEZY 24 Month ago
I come back to GOT clips cuz I miss it so much
Celt Fenrir
Celt Fenrir Month ago
Best character of Game of Throne with Arya !
chefmarco305 Month ago
Jon snow is the best character on the show period fight me
Gabe Shinder
Gabe Shinder Month ago
The fact that he wasn’t the one that killed the night king was dumb. His entire story was that he was the chosen one, that he would be the Azhura Hai and kill the night king and prevent the long night once again. Nope. It was Arya because she trained to be an assassin. She didn’t even know that the night king was a thing until season 8.
Happy Life
Happy Life Month ago
It turned out that all these prophecies were bullshit.
Gabriel De Oliveira Assis
Jon Sniw fav character of the show
Muhammad Herdanto
The best of the best THE KING IN THE NORTH
TPTWP Month ago
Did they rewrite season 8 yet?
andres areiza
andres areiza Month ago
Que Clase de Persona hace eso un loco o un REYYYY!!! 👑
Nerdy Rancher
Nerdy Rancher Month ago
Beautiful video, beautiful story, beautiful show, beautiful ending.
The_SCP _Foundation
Aegon Targaryen, eighth of his name, Avenger of the Red Wedding, the dragon of the north, the white wolf, the resurrected, former lord commander of the nights watch, the savior of the free folk, the king in the north.
Matheus Froes
Matheus Froes Month ago
06:06 : Love is the death of duty. Jon is holding Daenarys then Ygritte....
C.G. Pacheco
C.G. Pacheco Month ago
Wonderful tribute to my favorite Got character. Thank you!
AyZiK Month ago
Aegon Targarien
Almighty God
Almighty God Month ago
Anybody cried?
Tiago Andrade
Tiago Andrade Month ago
You know nothing, John Snow.
Hassan M
Hassan M Month ago
The Real North is Ragnar Lothbrok
Souf W
Souf W Month ago
I dun wonni, I nevve av
Legend Finder
Legend Finder Month ago
Too bad the show got it all wrong. He was supposed to defeat the white walkers. Not Arya. Instead Jon Snow did nothing. His heritage meant nothing.
joy durand
joy durand Month ago
A true King ❤️👑
Prefend Month ago
I love Jon Snow more than life
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