Jon Snow || King in the North

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»I don't care if he's a bastard; Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my king, from this day until his last day.«
This video took me forever to finish. I went through all the GoT episodes and I had so much trouble to render it. Besides, I never liked Jon, but now, after looking back at his story, I am really rooting for him and I hope that he will be the great hero in the end (although I doubt it very much because it is GoT) or that at least his doing will make a difference in the final battle.
(What is his correct name now anyway? Jon Stark? Jon Targaryen?)
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► Character: Jon Snow
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Jul 18, 2016




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Comments 80
tabbleey Year ago
More GOT videos on my NEW CHANNEL: goo.gl/Q3xTwH
Winston M
Winston M 9 months ago
Also law of thermodynamics. The entropy theory, suggests cold death
Winston M
Winston M 9 months ago
Even without climate, we might be done by aliens
Winston M
Winston M 9 months ago
tabbleey but that’s unlikely
caw216 Year ago
What's the name of the theme music you used for this? Great video and very well done!!!
justinial1 21 hour ago
In fact; people would want him to be King because he's a true heir and he has done enough for humankind. And people would not be scared by gray worm and unsullied. Serie is terribly unrealistic
чо по чо чо?
juicehustlin 10 days ago
"He had a better story" smh I still hate D&D for what they did to this series
苍井空 11 days ago
Amber Latham
Amber Latham 12 days ago
you best get back to me
gerald miller
gerald miller 13 days ago
background music keeps repeaating. same old bleh
Mr_mehmet79 14 days ago
Such a shame he didn't become king in the end 😒😏
janice brown
janice brown 20 days ago
Jon Snow the King in the North always and forever 💯💯💯
Naresh jampala musica
5:42 😍😍
hfredydl 28 days ago
“You want to lead?” “Then learn how to follow!” GOT teaching us how to be a real leader
collin Blough
collin Blough 28 days ago
He deserved a better ending 😥
Rohith Kuppusamy
Me ( from seasons 1-7): Jon snow is born to destroy the white walkers and kill the night king.☺️ 'In season8' Arya suddenly pops in. Me: 😳
kart cass
kart cass Month ago
He deserve to bhe hero coz he win north he support truth he kill the new mad daenerys but he lost the iron thron that he deserve
_ Nirmal
_ Nirmal Month ago
White wolf
Kiorris Pitts
Kiorris Pitts Month ago
What’s the name of the music playing in the background?
dean ambrose
dean ambrose Month ago
Jon sno, the best character growth in entire got seasons , and atlast in s8 d&d , dishonoured him by killing danny and leaving the throne..
SAHIL KHAN Month ago
He is the lord of thr night king, he is king of thr north, he is best fighter ever, he is the most deserving king of the iron throne, he is john snow❤❤❤
Civil Ravi
Civil Ravi Month ago
I got goosebumps when Stannis uttered "without fear they won't follow u"
José Oliveira
José Oliveira Month ago
Tudo isso, pra no final abaixar a cabeça pro verme cinzento
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma 2 months ago
I can break my screen while liking this video to eternity
Jonathan Lauzon
Jonathan Lauzon 2 months ago
Jon Snow || King of Nothing
Gaurav Rawat
Gaurav Rawat 2 months ago
Bran know everything but do nothing Jon know nothing and do everything
Roy_Thousand 2 months ago
This editing is A-1!
keylove 3 months ago
"..You will find little joy in your command, but with luck you will the strength to do what needs to be done. Kill the boy Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy, and let the man be born" My King, the shield that guards the realms of men
Levi 3 months ago
This show ended when Jon was stabbed by brothers
Aayush Silawat
Aayush Silawat 3 months ago
This is a great way to live and serve the homeland 🇮🇳💞🐲🐲🙏🏻🙌
NovorSec 3 months ago
As probably the best series of the last decades, they made it justice and honor it by continuing the tradition of terrible and lazy endings All hail to the ancient syndicate of writers, honoring their ancient tradition
Kim Jong Skillz
Kim Jong Skillz 3 months ago
Fuck this stupid show could have been the GOAT if they didn't ruin season 8
David Wolfe
David Wolfe 3 months ago
He should have stayed king in the north. Out of all the characters he’s the one who actually deserved it. He’s the only one who could actually help people and keep peace. He inspires people better than anyone else. He didn’t deserve to be banished from Westeros by the people he loved and protected.
Vikram Hegde
Vikram Hegde 3 months ago
It took 6 seasons to develop a character like Jon Snow and only took 6 episodes to destroy it.
hasanyellovv 3 months ago
Turkish cc pls
Magdalena Arciszewska
Jon doesn't make my personal top 3 favourite characters in the show, but he ceratinly makes a king I'd follow :)
Matt Kuritar
Matt Kuritar 3 months ago
Too bad he doesn't want it.
My Kitchen
My Kitchen 4 months ago
A king who dint deserve the title, A moron who gave it away to fuck a chic...
Ankit Wawage
Ankit Wawage 4 months ago
Clive Njoke
Clive Njoke 4 months ago
What's this soundtrack?
Sanjeev Kumar Rai
Sanjeev Kumar Rai 4 months ago
battle of bastard is really gooosebump
Barış D
Barış D 4 months ago
Charlyeduard 4 months ago
Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez 4 months ago
“now im back...why?” for no reason. what a joke.
Mustafa Ammar
Mustafa Ammar 5 months ago
I miss it and come to see it❤
mikeyp8044 5 months ago
Ned took the baby, brought it to Starfall with the Greatsword Dawn, Ashara took the baby she had with Brandon Stark and they swapped the baby's so no one would find the true heir. Jon Snow is the child of Brandon and Ashara Dayne (you may not have my name...but you have my blood..., he may have never had the Stark name, but god damn would this make him the next Sword of the Morning. if that aint a good story Arc, i don't know what is.
Drengr Of The Old Blood
Seeing how he matured through the show is awesome
himanshu pandey
himanshu pandey 5 months ago
All John Snow fans hit like
OrianPax 6 months ago
Man I remember when this show was Legendary :( and 1 season fucked everything ......
Ethan Harmer
Ethan Harmer 6 months ago
OrianPax yeah. Like I don’t think it was a matter of the flaws being hard to notice. Everyone saw them. It was more of a matter of that we were taken up by the accomplishments of earlier seasons. And because of that, and the fact that we trusted the writing, it was easy to overlook the flaws despite how obnoxious they became. I am starting to realize how much the writers depended on the the set pieces. The bigger they became, the lower the quality of the writing was. Like looking back. Even season six(which is my favorite of the seasons after the fourth one) was held down by pretty crappy writing. But those dope action pieces hid the writing. Like it used to be that the highlights of the earlier seasons weren’t just the big moments. Like the red wedding. But also the small intense monologues. Personally I feel like Oberyn’s most bad ass moments was his small conversations with the Lannister’s. And his fight with Ser Gregor just solidified what we already knew. I WISH WE GOT SHIT LIKE THAT IN SEASON 8
OrianPax 6 months ago
@Ethan Harmer yea man I remember when season 5 hit and people started teleporting :) but still season 8 killed all the hype.
Ethan Harmer
Ethan Harmer 6 months ago
nah man. season 8 was the worst season. but it didn't magically become that way. looking back on it. the past three seasons that came before it were honestly mediocre at best. with some really awesome moments sprinkled between to hide its mediocrity. in the early seasons, the awesome set pieces were always a treat. but that wasn't what fans loved most about it. but once season 5 hit, the set pieces were all we really had. and when season 8 came to be, it just wasn't enough. mainly CAUSE EVEN THE SET PIECES MADE NO SENSE
ibra nika
ibra nika 6 months ago
Jon snow The name of inspiration...
Azhar Abbas
Azhar Abbas 6 months ago
Best Character Jon snow ❤❤
evocative01 6 months ago
crazy that the most memorable line from 8 seasons of this show is " you know nothing jon snow." what an abstract context only quote. but its so powerful to those who know the show for some reason.
evocative01 6 months ago
this show will be remembered as having one of the worst ending seasons in history.
Bradders -
Bradders - 6 months ago
One thing ive always thought they got wrong was the statement “when dead men come marching do you think it matters who sits on the throne” yes yea it does, id much prefer a strong king who unites all 7 kingdoms like robb who would fight united against the dead instead of a king who half the realm hates and will never unite behind and doesnt care about protecting his people and would likely just flee.
Ibrahim Tarawally
Ibrahim Tarawally 6 months ago
Wouldve been quite the story but somehow GOT managed to fuck it up at the finish line.
Suyash Purohit
Suyash Purohit 6 months ago
Great tribute to one of the nicest character in TV history......👍
mline 41
mline 41 6 months ago
No clan can stop them, the Free Folk can't stop them, the Nights Watch can't stop them, and all the Southern Kings can't stop them. Only together. All of us. And even then it may not be enough, but at least we'll give the fuckers a fight.
bubblewrapstargirl 6 months ago
This gave me chills.... So fucking satisfying!! Yet it makes the end of the show even more of a let down. S7&8 were a massive waste of all these years of slow burn development. Jon went from arrogant youth to battle-tested warrior, with the beginnings of decent political acumen. His potential as positive ruler for the North and then the 7K was off the charts, and it honestly hurts and infuriates me that all this investment, time and energy was wasted on such a tremendous narrative let down, all in the name of 'a cOoL TWisT EnDiNG'.
Terrence Williams
Terrence Williams 6 months ago
Watching this before series finale I couldn't wait in anticipation. After series finale watching this makes more bitter and frustrated how they ended his story.
Darryan Newkirk
Darryan Newkirk 6 months ago
John snow was the spirit of an old man in the body of a young one. Loved his character through and through. They failed him in the end
Marcus Wambura
Marcus Wambura 6 months ago
you want to lead one day, you must learn how to follow ..
Ajay S
Ajay S 6 months ago
King of seven bloody KINGDOMS
alexander Giannarakis
when GOT was good and kept you captivated by plots and potential story's just so that they lead up to not giving an explanation to anything and all the hype and potential clammed up into basically the worst ending possible . Just CGI and empty characters that dan & dave ruined with plot armor ,predictability and some times just throwing away any character development of 7 Seasons and any logic to there actions . S8 summed up for me was 2 words "HIGHLY DISAPPOINTING"
Sanya I
Sanya I 6 months ago
Little Lyanna's word at the very end of the vid... Honor & loyalty
Jakes Easter
Jakes Easter 6 months ago
700th comment! I'm binging the series this week
brooklyn560 6 months ago
I know no king but the one beyond the wall who’s name is Snow
Austin Farrell
Austin Farrell 7 months ago
Fuck season 8 for screwing this man over
Polireddy Chiranjeevi
i always drinks and i always watches it
Rollin s
Rollin s 7 months ago
Fucking shame how d&d ruined his character
selma hehe
selma hehe 7 months ago
just think about what a life jon would have if he had a loving mother like lyanna...
Alok Sharma
Alok Sharma 7 months ago
Ygritte was right for Jon...."we should have stayed in that cave"
Nick G
Nick G 7 months ago
Could have ended so much better
Agent Orren
Agent Orren 7 months ago
Jon snow is my favorite character of any story I've ever watched, heard, read period. Hes the baddest mofo that ever lived and hes a targeryn/stark true born?? Sheeeeut
pencil case
pencil case 7 months ago
And this all amounted to fucking nothing🙃
James Harrison
James Harrison 7 months ago
Still here! #NorthernKing
Francis 'The Predator' Ngannou
Seeing these videos now actually make me angry after season 8
Jacob Zarn
Jacob Zarn 8 months ago
This edit is awesome!! Better than many others
Sharon Haya ALee - V
"כ"ב אשוח מלוא וו". כוחנו בפינו חיים של אמא ובעייננו". "רשש שה, יתרבו". ראיתי ששמחת שנגמר החוב שלנו. "בכי בכי אישומי". כי בחרתי בך אפילו שאהובי מוטי. "לב עממה וו החלל". בשביל הילדים עשינו היינו חייבים להציל.
Leo Korn
Leo Korn 8 months ago
He should be the King, not Bran.
wickz chacko
wickz chacko 8 months ago
Gael Castro
Gael Castro 8 months ago
Can some one help me understand something? when Jon was born n his mother die and ned Stark took Jon right!.who was that man he fought n with some help killed him was that Jon father? Cuz he looks way different no white like your typical Targaryen hair any ways ya if some body can help me out with that thank you
NewYawk !
NewYawk ! 9 months ago
Can’t stand Kit Harrington after he shit all over the fans that hated season 8. Fuck off, Kit.
Rahul kumar
Rahul kumar 9 months ago
Now Jon Snow would be Black Knight , his watch continues again...
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