Jon Snow || King in the North

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»I don't care if he's a bastard; Ned Stark's blood runs through his veins. He's my king, from this day until his last day.«
This video took me forever to finish. I went through all the GoT episodes and I had so much trouble to render it. Besides, I never liked Jon, but now, after looking back at his story, I am really rooting for him and I hope that he will be the great hero in the end (although I doubt it very much because it is GoT) or that at least his doing will make a difference in the final battle.
(What is his correct name now anyway? Jon Stark? Jon Targaryen?)
► Song: Being Alive
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► Fandom: Game of Thrones
► Character: Jon Snow
► Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13
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Jul 18, 2016




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Comments 100
tabbleey Year ago
More GOT videos on my NEW CHANNEL: goo.gl/Q3xTwH
C X 5 months ago
@tabbleey I see this was from 2016. On behalf of all intelligent life-forms, thank you for *NOT* changing it to include Season 8!!
Winston M
Winston M Year ago
Also law of thermodynamics. The entropy theory, suggests cold death
Winston M
Winston M Year ago
Even without climate, we might be done by aliens
Winston M
Winston M Year ago
tabbleey but that’s unlikely
caw216 Year ago
What's the name of the theme music you used for this? Great video and very well done!!!
Defne Suman
Defne Suman 22 hours ago
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes 7 days ago
Jon had the most epic Story.. season 8 threw it all away
gaz hannon
gaz hannon 19 days ago
fuck i wish they did so much more with season 8, such a massive disappointment considering how good the show was, honestly wish they would go back and do it all again, would make everything better
Saleem Ali
Saleem Ali 21 day ago
house of the dragon coming soon
Javier Pacheca
Javier Pacheca 21 day ago
He born like a dragon he grow like a wolve
He should’ve been king... piss off otherwise.
Rocky Month ago
Arya fan Must watch - ruvid.net/video/video-pmJEW1OIpMA.html
Rocky Month ago
Arya fan must watch and like - ruvid.net/video/video-pmJEW1OIpMA.html
Eva Shullai
Eva Shullai Month ago
He should have been a king as he had been a true heir to the Iron throne..... But this season ruined it.... Gone is gone but the starks doesn't...
kunni Hruthik
kunni Hruthik Month ago
Basted of winter fall and 7 kingdoms traitor
Lucifer morningstar
wade alexs
wade alexs Month ago
The true king becomes an outcast....season 8 was shit
dhruvil sutaria
dhruvil sutaria Month ago
Jon Snow the true king of all the bloody seven kingdoms 🙌🙌🙌
AQuaX Gaming
AQuaX Gaming Month ago
I wish Catelyn Stark was alive and she bending the knee to Jon Snow when she realise who Jon Snow was and what he did for the people.. That would have been a million dollar scene ❤️
Javier Pacheca
Javier Pacheca 21 day ago
Then he have the loyalty of the north, of the Tully and the Arryn thus would be the First to bow
Christian Marten
Christian Marten 2 months ago
Benjens line about fathering children and his response to Jon you might if you knew what it meant suggests he knew about Jon's parents
Annie Gilbertson
Annie Gilbertson 2 months ago
how did you do your cover for this video
Suraj D Bhat
Suraj D Bhat 2 months ago
Even if we don't consider his parental or his ancestors or his blood line he was the leader where he went he is the true worthy leader for 7 and every kingdoms
Viktor Lebedev
Viktor Lebedev 2 months ago
armenie pukaet izza nihnei swetavoi kraske.swowalyeye
Viktor Lebedev
Viktor Lebedev 2 months ago
bram eto nalogo oblashaeschee englie ...kak ves himi po miru ..u nih filtr paund...
Viktor Lebedev
Viktor Lebedev 2 months ago
petusharu apusschenuie v swowake swawareeie
Viktor Lebedev
Viktor Lebedev 2 months ago
eto oni na pohoranah s modonnoi bram perevarachevaut v psehicheskih podzarabotak ka pometnik sabachei semiem za berezavui mesti kotorui tam ne zsvel..tagshe kak i otshdeki eh norweshskoi pusasnoi matzsu
Viktor Lebedev
Viktor Lebedev 2 months ago
archivnui perez
Yessya Indri
Yessya Indri 2 months ago
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Adia Zulpa Fauzan
Adia Zulpa Fauzan 2 months ago
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Utkarsh Upadhyaya
Utkarsh Upadhyaya 2 months ago
The first line and i was like instinctively "Denny Crane"!
L. Nicholas Ablaña
L. Nicholas Ablaña 2 months ago
Funny that this character's development has been thrown out the window
Tron Studios
Tron Studios 2 months ago
Hi everyone! I've made a trailer video on Game Of Thrones, if you interested go and take a look :)
Ayush Chavhan
Ayush Chavhan 2 months ago
Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like Armor and it can never used to hurt you. ~ Tyrion Lannister
jeffrin n
jeffrin n 2 months ago
He is Ice He is Fire. He is The Song.
Mr AM 2 months ago
King of the north 2020
The Trax
The Trax 2 months ago
The free folk can’t stop them the nights watch can’t stop them all the southern kings can’t stop them. But Arya will stop them.
IÑIGO MATA 2 months ago
The only king in the world is the young wolf Robb Stark 🐺
Nino Bregvadze
Nino Bregvadze 2 months ago
Jon Snow, make the North great again
John Wick JL
John Wick JL 2 months ago
My fav character in the show...
Ur boy Skinnywinny
Ur boy Skinnywinny 2 months ago
A dragon raised by wolves
vipul ranjan
vipul ranjan 2 months ago
The bravest character in the whole show.
jaymit patel
jaymit patel 2 months ago
Best GOT video I have seen on RUvid
HM1998 2 months ago
Shi Dimon
Shi Dimon 3 months ago
One theory I've heard of that makes the 8th season more theatrical but depressing the bloodraven was the strongest greenseer and via the weirwood trees he looked into the future and learned of the end of the targaryon (however that's spelled) then via a very convoluted set up he planned to rule the seven kingdoms from the shadows and build a defense against the walkers to secure his power the old gods cursed him and due to this curse he fled north hiding under a giant weirwood to defend him until he gets the chance to permanently warg into another and escape his curse at the end of the series he begins to slowly deteriorate dany's mind to imply madness and have jon take the fall leaving a gap in power for him to fill he then exiles the only rival to the throne. Apologies for the mess it was more of a rant than explanation.
Div Gaba
Div Gaba 3 months ago
jon wouldn't be a good king , for a long time atleast , jon is not the guy who play this game to win it, he always played it coz the situation needed him to , "the one who doesn't want to be the king will be a great king " it sounds great on paper as a moral justice but in real life ... his fate wouldn't be any different than what ned stark's was , remember this lannister's aren't the only smart people in the world , there will always be another little finger and always be another king slayer ... and that's why jon being the king would've never worked , even being at the night's watch got him killed regardless of how great his morals and ideals are , same could have happened in his rule . and he knows it ... that's why even after knowing his dynasty , he chooses to give up the throne coz in the end he is just a guy "who knows nothing" and a guy "who is tired of fighting " . i don't know why are people so idiotically following snow to be the king , also bran being the king is still outta nowhere and i don't support that , i get it why ... i just needed more screentime for bran as ... bran and maybe the actual goals of the raven we all followed dany coz we knew what she initially wanted but with the raven it's just left unclear .... we don't even know if bran is even alive inside him or not , or is he struggling with knowledge and the tree inside of him , how can he grow his branches , his powers ..... we needed to learn all that to accept him as a king which the show didn't emphasized enough but yeah bran being the king sucked but jon being the king would have sucked more , it's like making captain america leader of new avengers at the end if endgame ... he would be great for us but not for the arc they were building for the guy ... jon's arc was started to get any sort of recoganition other than the bastard and then evolved to a guy who just wants to live as a free folk away from everything with his woman in a cave with a pool and serve the north whenever he is needed ... that's the only logical ending this guy deserves in a world like this.... i guess somewhere between the the battle of the night's watch and the battle of winterfell people kinda forgot what the guy wanted beyond serving the north and it's people . every action jon took was for the people , to keep the undead to the north , to fight the night king , all his actions and motivation were not for the power , but for the people ...... he never wanted to be the king , the guy only wanted to be "a hero" ... same motivations are seen inside another hero we all love .... batman... and i guess by this point you would have gotten my point .... if not then i guess i can understand why you need every single detail to be mouth feeded to u .. s8 sucked no arguements there but people who are rooting for jon to be the king really didn't understood the character and the world which was built for 7 seasons .. and for people again and again calling out that him being the true heir never really paid off ... well it's a yes no type situation .... the show didn't implicate it directly but it was clear that even if he was given the choice he would have declined ... he had to kill his own aunt for this ..... he had to be exactly like the people who killed him in the nights watch for a game he never even wanted to play but was obligated to participate again and again.....
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali 3 months ago
King in the North.....
Mini Gamer
Mini Gamer 3 months ago
Jon: What's my name? Deadpool: Who fuckin cares?
SURU DEY 3 months ago
Northing muhqueen
Mary Caty
Mary Caty 3 months ago
I like that you don’t mention the scenes with Dany
santu patil
santu patil 3 months ago
I don't know why I'm addicted to this show and this man even after many years???
Rupanjan Dasz
Rupanjan Dasz 3 months ago
Look how they massacred my boy😔
Manmaya Mishra
Manmaya Mishra 3 months ago
Such a great series with such a shitter ending
Aaryan 0604
Aaryan 0604 3 months ago
UTHRED son of uthred is the true king in the north , after s8 jon isn't at the top I'm sorry... DESTINY IS ALL
Radu Popa
Radu Popa 3 months ago
Ma intreb daca vom primi vreodata credit pentru asta ni l-au furat englezii si l-au modificat pe Vlad Tepes facandu-l "Dracula" acum ne fura Lupul Alb. Si noi tacem si disparem incet. Pacat. Macar Danezii ne dau credit pentru Baeowulf.
WIZARD of oZ 3 months ago
And Finally The King Beyond the WaLL
John Dalton
John Dalton 3 months ago
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Ramindu Jeewantha
Ramindu Jeewantha 3 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-MtvYk1lVQpU.html history of got
Klex Uncut
Klex Uncut 3 months ago
30 fps, great.
Hasir dz
Hasir dz 3 months ago
King in the north
Thamac15 3 months ago
Such a waste of character plots. Wtf happened? Glad they focused on who Jon Snow was, just to send him back to the nights watch. Lol
Amjad Roshan
Amjad Roshan 3 months ago
fucking 8 season bad feel
chendaddy 3 months ago
Season 6: Jon Snow is the King in the North! Season 7: Aegon Targaryen is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne! Season 8: Just kidding lol!
Brandon Riddlesprigger
That shit is hard....
Avinash Yadav
Avinash Yadav 4 months ago
The_SCP _Foundation
The_SCP _Foundation 4 months ago
Jon Snow, White Wolf, dragon of the north
Abounimir 4 months ago
Best King in the North
Bryan Toromo
Bryan Toromo 4 months ago
After this brilliant build up, the ending was so trash
Jaya Bhaskar Dadi
Jaya Bhaskar Dadi 4 months ago
The best character development I have ever seen, until the 8th season pissed on it
Munem Shahariar
Munem Shahariar 4 months ago
DnD made us chug a brick load of stiff shit with the last season didnt they
Lord Roo
Lord Roo 4 months ago
Lyanna Mormont
Noodle Man
Noodle Man 4 months ago
shehzad haider
shehzad haider 4 months ago
Dirilis Ertrugrul killed the ratings of GOT
Kałaj 4 months ago
They have to do briliant spin off which make season 8 just a little bit good. There is no other chance.
sunsamurai 4 months ago
More like King beyond the wall
VIRAL WEED 4 months ago
7:30 goosebumps
Nezih Talha Karakoç
thank you because you made me live this
Muhammed Nazim
Muhammed Nazim 5 months ago
Epic ❤️ but season 8 failed to deliver the prince promised 🤷‍♀️
C X 5 months ago
@tabbleey I see this was from 2016. On behalf of all intelligent life-forms, thank you for *NOT* changing it to include Season 8!!
Harsha Ganji
Harsha Ganji 5 months ago
When winter comes for war, You shall hear no Lions roar. When winter forces you to yield, No Stags shall graze upon the field. When winter creeps upon you from the shadows, No Roses shall bloom from the meadows. When winter wreaks havoc on the land, You can bet there'll be no Snakes in the sand. When winter brings to life all it finds grim, The Krakens will freeze where they swim. When winter sets and the land begins to shiver, The Flayed Man will start to rot and wither. When winter fights to the last sliver, No more Trouts shall swim in the river. When winter ravages and all despair, No Falcons shall fly high in the air. When winter shows you what happens when snow falls, Not even Dragons Breath shall warm you in your halls. When winter comes with all it's might, Only the Wolves shall howl in the night.
Prabhat shrestha
Prabhat shrestha 5 months ago
The only reasonn he survived is because of the plot written by the authors.
SKYJOKER 5 months ago
majemaje0805 5 months ago
I'm still watching GOT's dream, I wanted John to become King of the Seven Kingdoms
James Harrison
James Harrison 5 months ago
Still my drunken go to video, thank you! ❤️
Kaalen Bhaiya
Kaalen Bhaiya 5 months ago
Season 8 :
Vikram Hegde
Vikram Hegde 5 months ago
It took 6 seasons to develop a character like Jon Snow and took only 6 episodes to destroy it. Lightning MyQueen
Ashwin Rah
Ashwin Rah 6 months ago
Everyone :- Jon snow "the king in the north" Sansa:- hold my flicks 🤣
ismail ismail
ismail ismail 6 months ago
jon snow avenged the red wedding he is the white wolf ;'(
Selim Taşlı
Selim Taşlı 6 months ago
moctogon football
moctogon football 6 months ago
They spoiled my queen and they spoiled Jon snow
justinial1 6 months ago
In fact; people would want him to be King because he's a true heir and he has done enough for humankind. And people would not be scared by gray worm and unsullied. Serie is terribly unrealistic
чо по чо чо?
juicehustlin 6 months ago
"He had a better story" smh I still hate D&D for what they did to this series
Amber Latham
Amber Latham 6 months ago
you best get back to me
gerald miller
gerald miller 6 months ago
background music keeps repeaating. same old bleh
King of Kings
King of Kings 6 months ago
Such a shame he didn't become king in the end 😒😏
janice brown
janice brown 7 months ago
Jon Snow the King in the North always and forever 💯💯💯
Naresh jampala musica
hfredydl 7 months ago
“You want to lead?” “Then learn how to follow!” GOT teaching us how to be a real leader
collin Blough
collin Blough 7 months ago
He deserved a better ending 😥
Rohith Kuppusamy
Rohith Kuppusamy 7 months ago
Me ( from seasons 1-7): Jon snow is born to destroy the white walkers and kill the night king.☺️ 'In season8' Arya suddenly pops in. Me: 😳
kart cass
kart cass 7 months ago
He deserve to bhe hero coz he win north he support truth he kill the new mad daenerys but he lost the iron thron that he deserve
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