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Joker - Teaser Trailer - In Theaters October 4

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Comments 100
Sepuh Maulana
Sepuh Maulana Hour ago
I think this is a short movie.good trailer by the way
Da-Ja's Quality Crap
Okay but as long as I get to see him beat people up post-self-realisation *and they definitely don't laugh.*
Riz Khan
Riz Khan Hour ago
Absolutely love how unfair the world is.
Eddie Enigma074
Im looking forward to this its a relief from all the sjw bullshit..
abare killer2020
I find this this joker to be relatable
Isabella Guerra videojuegos y mas
I did not like Joker, put in this trailer y fell pain for him
TheMongolat 2 hours ago
42000 dislikes? No wonder Arthur Fleck went all psycho.
awais anwar
awais anwar 2 hours ago
Only goes to show how society has already descended itself into madness. We are all just waiting to eat each other like Heath Ledger's joker once said.
AdityaSingh Rajput
AdityaSingh Rajput 2 hours ago
2:07 joaquin holding oscar in his hand
Kate Guinabo
Kate Guinabo 2 hours ago
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Yu Liew
Yu Liew 2 hours ago
Poor past joker :c
Mohummed Reza Majarally
Hope Joaquin can a good job as the late Heath Ledger did...🚥 London N15 🇲🇺🚥
Mistah Joker
Mistah Joker 2 hours ago
Can't wait to see your antics Mr J. Gotham won't believe what's coming 🤡
Nirmal Mathew
Nirmal Mathew 2 hours ago
Just remember WB, once you sensitise the joker to the public, you will never be able to justify the comment ..."some men aren't looking for anything logical, like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn."
Manu J.
Manu J. 2 hours ago
Read some comics, noob!! And stop bootlicking Heath's joker so much. Joker has so many different and multiple origins in comic books. They can do whatever the fuck they because DC is multiversal and has many different interpretations of a single comic book character.
Nirmal Mathew
Nirmal Mathew 3 hours ago
Joaquin Phoenix might be good as the joker but you are tarnishing the whole mystery and aura of the joker. After this movie, he just becomes another psycho with a horrid past.
Manu J.
Manu J. 2 hours ago
Read some comics, noob!! And stop bootlicking Heath's joker so much. Joker has so many different and multiple origins in comic books. They can do whatever the fuck they because DC is multiversal and has many different interpretations of a single comic book character.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 3 hours ago
I feel this trailer so much. A good person who always try to put a smile on the face of everyone, do goodness. But in the end, the the people around you are just born wicked. Thinking that you might actually be living in a wrong society. SMILE EVEN IF IT'S HURTIN
Nirmal Mathew
Nirmal Mathew 3 hours ago
Dear Warner Bros, The 'Clown Prince of Crime' is only as good a his engmatic past. Please don't make Heath Ledger's awesome contribution to the world of cinema be blemished by an act of random movie making
Manu J.
Manu J. 2 hours ago
Read some comics, noob!! And stop bootlicking Heath's joker so much. Joker has so many different and multiple origins in comic books. They can do whatever the fuck they because DC is multiversal and has many different interpretations of a single comic book character.
malayanil chakraborty
The world saw him as a joke, so he is now a joker
Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary 3 hours ago
Maa ki choot pareshan kar diye ho
Ramon Chito Pudelanan
JoacoMrf 3 hours ago
Better than suicide squad, cant wait to see this :)
my name is
my name is 3 hours ago
Almost forgot to watch it today.
Mr. Purrtastic
Mr. Purrtastic 3 hours ago
Hmmm I wonder what those people who said DC is dead doing now??
Shayan Malik
Shayan Malik 3 hours ago
If the joker's mother name also turns out to be Martha I'm gonna stand in the theatre and IMMA start clappin
Frederik Hansen
Frederik Hansen 4 hours ago
I guess we all sympethize with him, we cant relate to these extremely pathetic characteristics, but in some way i think we all, in relation to eachother, can sympethize with the terrors he must have gone thru, feeling powerless and turning that into insanity, almost unwillingly Gives me goosebumps man
third eye order
third eye order 4 hours ago
This movie is like being inside the mind of the Dark Knight Joker
third eye order
third eye order 4 hours ago
That was a helluva right hook he layed on the Joker he might can connect on Floyd Mayweather with that😄😄😄😄
third eye order
third eye order 4 hours ago
Classic Trailer
Thumos 4 hours ago
Is this comedy, drama, or horror.. Still trying to figure that out...
nononom 96
nononom 96 4 hours ago
This is will be a masterpiece
Charon Starrine
Charon Starrine 5 hours ago
Are we finally going to get a good DC movie?
Anish shrestha
Anish shrestha 5 hours ago
This my 21th time watching this trailer ! Wtf !
sj c
sj c 5 hours ago
Because its so good 😀
R E Y 5 hours ago
Cant stop watching💀
Squishy Potato
Squishy Potato 6 hours ago
Joker didn't crack. The world cracked Joker.
Martin Kim
Martin Kim 6 hours ago
Return of the King
Jam Pig
Jam Pig 6 hours ago
Imagine if this Joker comes back and and we get "The Dark Knight Returns"
PacyGun 6 hours ago
If this doesn’t get at least an Oscar nominee I’m done..
Goku Saiyan
Goku Saiyan 7 hours ago
I know that it's hard to match Heath Ledger but still Joaquin did this role pretty close to awesome.
Goku Saiyan
Goku Saiyan Hour ago
+Anibal Raymundo i agree.
Anibal Raymundo
+Goku Saiyan the movie hasn't been out yet, so let's wait and see, then we can both come back here and share our opinions on it. But I believe Heath's Joker is just ok, even though his Joker is number one IMO.
Goku Saiyan
Goku Saiyan 3 hours ago
+Anibal Raymundo I am no critic. But i firmly believe that it's hard to match heath ledger. He was a legend and will always be a legend.
Anibal Raymundo
Anibal Raymundo 3 hours ago
Nah you are being to nice, I think Heath might have found his match.
D4LERAY 7 hours ago
Every freaking time I come back to watch this teaser (32 and counting), I'm always saddened that October 4 doesn't come sooner and that I can't freakin' hit LIKE again!!!! I don't want a full trailer, this teaser will hold me until October 4th!!
The Crow
The Crow 7 hours ago
I don't know why but I saw batwoman trailer, and to feel great again I came to see this trailer
Ghamzy 73
Ghamzy 73 8 hours ago
At 2:13 u if u pause it on his face u can see his crying
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 8 hours ago
Tejender Mohan
Tejender Mohan 8 hours ago
My doctor prescribed me the daily dose of this trailer.
Yomo Kontabi
Yomo Kontabi 9 hours ago
Probably my 20th time seeing this lol
Upt Group
Upt Group 9 hours ago
I am back for the 10,000 time.
teetor 1234
teetor 1234 9 hours ago
Under those smiles are depressions
Samson Abdurachmanov
Heath Ledger would be very proud.
Azazel 9 hours ago
I gotta watch this trailer at least twice a day FR!
Raphael Coolz
Raphael Coolz 9 hours ago
This trailer's vibe even gets better when you recently had a breakup 💔
Khan 10 hours ago
"Gotham needs a better class of jokers". ~Joker
Raymond Weise
Raymond Weise 10 hours ago
i dont like it. why does he look weak and stupid, curled in shoulders. the joker should be strong
jim laker
jim laker 7 hours ago
ARTHUR looks "weak and stupid", NOT the Joker. I guess you don't know ANYTHING about the Joker character!
prettyflacko947 10 hours ago
2:11 when you get out of school
M M 10 hours ago
How could 40k people dislike this, this looks 1,000,000,000 times better than Jared Leto's Joker
Suvashan Pillay
Suvashan Pillay 10 hours ago
1:01 - 1:07 gives me goosebumps.
Sain Kitts
Sain Kitts 10 hours ago
Wow never knew they documented my life lmao
Jose Quispe
Jose Quispe 10 hours ago
pretty sure even the Joker is Marvel's fans' favorite villain..
Duke Togo13
Duke Togo13 11 hours ago
OC Anims
OC Anims 11 hours ago
This Joker Is The Best Actor
Patrick Chole
Patrick Chole 11 hours ago
Brilliant music choice, in a time of terrible choices, really adds an edge of menace.
animalsong 11 hours ago
sorry leo, but joaquin is coming for that oscar that has been stolen from his hands since 2000
Nerd Girl Crystal
Nerd Girl Crystal 11 hours ago
Joaquin Phoenix already nailed this role. Amazing!! THIS is a joker film for sure!! Can’t wait! 💚
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash 12 hours ago
wow...truly amazing cant wait
Leon Kennedy
Leon Kennedy 12 hours ago
1:35, why was Arthur thrown away from Chaplin's "Modern Time" show theater?
Damn Bro!
Damn Bro! 12 hours ago
Fuck yeah!
VENM v2 12 hours ago
What are the songs
Erick Ceron
Erick Ceron 12 hours ago
orquest name? 1:24
Arnav Shah
Arnav Shah 13 hours ago
Never forget Heath Ledger and his incredible performance.
Anibal Raymundo
Anibal Raymundo 10 hours ago
I think I just forgot.
R.A.H. R.A.H.
R.A.H. R.A.H. 13 hours ago
Gino Siguencia
Gino Siguencia 11 hours ago
R.A.H. R.A.H. 👎👎
Megaton Cafe Radio
Megaton Cafe Radio 13 hours ago
To: James Cameron This is how you make a real trailer for a real movie. No CGI morphing half human hybrid aging Terminator prototype .
brent gust
brent gust 13 hours ago
They should turn this into a comic book character
Micah Lee
Micah Lee 14 hours ago
They did Heath Ledger right by this one.
Richard Miranda
Richard Miranda 14 hours ago
Adithya Nair
Adithya Nair 14 hours ago
0:09 felt like a game
Mix 95
Mix 95 14 hours ago
يُرجى إضافتي إلى أصدقائك على RUvid youtu.be/addme/YXf9n6lIvziC-570gMqdiWgd5WZj_Q
Ediana Ventrice
Ediana Ventrice 14 hours ago
The trailer itself is pure gold. I think if Heath was still alive he would be proud of this too.
Kasdan Norton
Kasdan Norton 14 hours ago
Yep! He lost a lot of weight to portray the Joker.
nomoreheroes1718 15 hours ago
I love the Joker. He can do the very thing i want to, yet cannot: he can just @!d#'ing LOSE IT! 😂😂🤣
Kyle connolly
Kyle connolly 15 hours ago
Arthur is dead, my friend, You can call me Joker
xTriXKillerx 15 hours ago
This is why I’m a DC fan
Tom Woody
Tom Woody 16 hours ago
The music is phenomenal. Keep humming the score and getting chills. If the film is as good as this teaser it will be a masterpiece
TCK CHARISMA 16 hours ago
Actor is amazing
golffan 16 hours ago
We live *in a society* Bottom text
Luis Fernando Cruz
Luis Fernando Cruz 16 hours ago
-The illumination is dim but perfectly lit -The locales are great perfectly symmetrical or asymmetrical -The color palette beautiful and even in all the scenes -The shots are impecable, artistic and memorable -The acting seems heartfelt and real, timeless expressionism -The design and fonts are striking and gritty -The music is amazingly powerful and it seems to all blend together .... Give it to me!
Arun kumar B
Arun kumar B 16 hours ago
There is always two sides...If someone doesn’t get what you are meant to be, doesn’t mean that you were wrong...if it is right, one day whole will get what you really meant...
zerosava 16 hours ago
This looks terrible. Please, please leave the Joker concept alone for a while.
Alberto Mario Caparroso Uribe
0:38 wtf with his back
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 17 hours ago
Warning: this movie isn't for mcu pussies
Brenon Hallaran
Brenon Hallaran 17 hours ago
This trailer music is so much better than Sonic the Hedgehogs.
Brenon Hallaran
Brenon Hallaran 14 hours ago
+05 51 Agreed. I wasn't even mad about how Sonic looked. Just about how mostly terrible the trailer was. This trailer is great. Hopefully the movie is too.
05 51
05 51 16 hours ago
This trailer is overall much better than Sonic the Hedgehogs
Mikulas Banik
Mikulas Banik 17 hours ago
It looks too good for DCU movie. Like to much great dialogue and character development. Oh yes and I dont see a stupid amount of bad cgi in this. Damn I really hope this is something special.
FIRE WOLF 17 hours ago
Why so serious?
Anthony Zisa
Anthony Zisa 17 hours ago
This is better than the Medellin trailer with Vinny Chase and Billy Walsh!!!!
Igor 17 hours ago
Please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre, please don´t be mediocre......
William Chalé
William Chalé 17 hours ago
Seria genial que tenga combate militar para que sea letal para batman
Saitoe Duarte
Saitoe Duarte 18 hours ago
We're about to see the first good DC movie that isnt hand held off comic script by C. Nolan. (hands have been clapped)
SgtSarcasm 18 hours ago
The psychotic laugh at 1:22 followed by the musical tone shift is what completely sells me with this trailer. The rest of it is fantastic, but that moment is addictive to me and gives me complete chills every time.
Thoranzalar Vhazen
Thoranzalar Vhazen 18 hours ago
After the movie comes out and we get some more shots I want to see someone mash this up with the IT 2 trailer.
Shariq Shaikh
Shariq Shaikh 18 hours ago
let's watch it another time
Vanessa Rosas
Vanessa Rosas 19 hours ago
Can't freaking wait!! This is going to be amazing with an amazing actor.
Teddy Moulin
Teddy Moulin 19 hours ago
who else notice the song playing slower during the subway scene making it creepy?
William Fetters
William Fetters 19 hours ago
Wonder if it will be joker that kills Bruce's parents in this world
Antonio Rivero
Antonio Rivero 19 hours ago
"'Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there.." Brilliant, I ask myself that every night after I go to bed. Look around you, it seriously is.
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