JOKER Joaquin Phoenix Interview: Meeting Batman, Going To A Dark Place, Sequel, The Joker Laugh

Jake Hamilton
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SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CELEB INTERVIEWS! Emmy-Winner Jake Hamilton (@JakesTakes) talks with Joaquin Phoenix and director Todd Phillips about JOKER!


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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 4 272
Debbie Gomez
Debbie Gomez 2 days ago
What a great interviewer. Insightful questions he knew Joaquin wouldnt get testy about answering lol
Sobeida Lagrange
Sobeida Lagrange 3 days ago
Dave Zar
Dave Zar 3 days ago
Movie was a masterpiece!
Fa 1111
Fa 1111 4 days ago
My favourite actor
Howie Grossman
Howie Grossman 5 days ago
Wow fantastic interview 😘👍
Gspadez tooreal
Gspadez tooreal 6 days ago
I can’t unjoker him now... it’s like he always in character lol
Soundness Of Mind
I've heard he's very difficult to work with.. he can't seem to get out of his head
Savannah Justice
Savannah Justice 11 days ago
I love Joaquins smile and voice!! 😍😍😩
Awais Khan
Awais Khan 14 days ago
Hats off to the interviewer for in-depth questions 🙌🏼
Chip Faircloth
Chip Faircloth 15 days ago
Really good interviewer. No super vague questions and no pressure. Good job.
Tetiana Grabovska
Tetiana Grabovska 17 days ago
Joaquin the best actor all the time!!!❤️❤️❤️
sofiyan ali
sofiyan ali 19 days ago
Arthur would be genuinely happy if he met Batman.
Elle-Iza Logan
Elle-Iza Logan 20 days ago
Funny how Joaquin Phoenix nonchalantly stresses in those interviews, how much he didn't do any method acting, he didn't really immerse himself into the character and it didn't really mean anything special to him, just a role (like his "you're my hero!" exclamation at Robert DeNiro's comment); but his co-actors depict him/that a little different. ;)
Bug Bug
Bug Bug 21 day ago
Omg I could never be famous hahaha I have bad bad social anxiety and get so akward lol
Bug Bug
Bug Bug 19 days ago
Well I applaud. I could never honestly
ForGothamCity VWV
ForGothamCity VWV 19 days ago
Joaquin has anxiety.
Jason king
Jason king 22 days ago
Best film I have seen in years 10/10
Courtney 23 days ago
Great interview!!
Bermuda Inc
Bermuda Inc 24 days ago
someone named Joel has it me: *confused sweating*
alan murphy
alan murphy 24 days ago
Do I look like the kinda clown it can start a movement
deadblood 4115
deadblood 4115 25 days ago
I want a universe of batman villains with Bruce growing up the news and as he gets older he starts being on screen more and when he becomes batman he comes in to stop the villains and we see it from there point of view
Goku GhostTown
Goku GhostTown 27 days ago
He still talks like the JOKER ! After the movie lol
DM 1522
DM 1522 27 days ago
Can we get a location on Joel?
Vandarik576 27 days ago
Truth is the joker is not dark or evil in nature, he is a mentally ill man victim to abuse and abandoned and vilified by a society that failed him after a lifetime of deception and a desire to be loved. I think other actors couldn't get his character right because there are so many misconceptions about him being this self made psychopathic villain.
Martha Lucia González
I watch the movie but I was a little lost din’t understand the movie too much 🤷🏻‍♀️ however acting “Oscar” for sure amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 29 days ago
Phoenix was good, but the interviewer was amazing. If I can have like half that energy on any given day, my life would be perfect.
Peter Awaya
Peter Awaya 29 days ago
Best actor ever! Love Joaquin’s performance
cuong bui
cuong bui Month ago
We must look for Joel.
Clowns creep me out.
JoeMama Joastar
JoeMama Joastar Month ago
An interview where he is actually comfortable with an interviewer who isn't ass? What?
Joshua Ellis- D
Joshua Ellis- D Month ago
He has to know that joker is his best work by far... I really hope that he plays the role again
Amanda Stewart
Amanda Stewart Month ago
The one actor I need to meet
eric13upinriop Month ago
Awseome questions
nikodim Month ago
Joaquin Phoenix and Christian Bale should make a Batman & Joker movie together
aalever Month ago
He's either grossly underplaying his understanding of method acting, or the character that comes through for the Joker is his actual character.
Derrick Davis
Derrick Davis Month ago
This movie saved Hollywood, this the first movie since the marvel movies that had people hype and waiting to see it. Trust me, a sequel is coming.
Cynthia Haley
Cynthia Haley Month ago
I would hope they didn't ruin this with making a second one introducing Bateman. For me It would take the humanity out of Arthur's story... Bateman is too artificial and animated.
Laci Knight
Laci Knight Month ago
I love Joker and I love Joaquin .... but I can’t help but think about Kaa from Disney’s The Jungle Book ( the cartoon version ) 😂😂
Rainonhead Farah
the interviewer is really good at his job. keep up
victory victory
victory victory Month ago
Look at his eyes, mannerisms, he is off the set, surely he can relax and let his guard down
victory victory
victory victory Month ago
This guy, the way he responds to questions, as if something is going on with him, seems drowsy all the time,or something
topoblue Month ago
Great interviewer. Way to go¡
Efren Valle
Efren Valle Month ago
Jared leto is not the joker his portrayal of the character was 🗑 as was the whole movie.
Shady Allaf
Shady Allaf Month ago
By far the #best interviewer ever talked about the movie
HOW DARE YOU Month ago
Joaquin didn't go to a dark place for the film cause he's already in the dark place.
ohdaUtube Month ago
Shocked nobody is talking about the real underlying problem with what had happened. The ridiculous income disparity that is the undercurrent of the entire movie. It's a way to subconsciously state that blaming others that struggle (build the wall, neo nazi sentiment) won't change the harsh struggle people in America go through cause they are not the cause. It's the 1% that had cut funding, cut jobs, cut income, etc for their benefit that creates this manic conflict within people because of the pressure and extent people are further forced to struggle with.
gracie wilson
gracie wilson Month ago
someone named joel has it...
Jamie Joe Thompson
What a brilliant interviewer, his questions were unique and he’s clearly done his research. He’s so polite and has a good energy, so wholesome. Subscribed
B Mc
B Mc Month ago
Great actor, but he moves his head like a teenage black girl...
Colby Halterman
Colby Halterman Month ago
Maisey Month ago
He’s so articulate and reads ppl fast. Good interview ...sticking to topic makes Joaquin appear to be relaxed here - good questions too
Lukas Month ago
Dude it’s fucking nuts I recognized Todd Phillips as the weird guy in Road Trip, I was like who the fuck is he I know that guy he was weird in a movie. That’s good shit he was funny with that and obviously a very brilliant mind as well.
xg3131 Month ago
the host looks like eric trump!!
Logmatt Month ago
It doesn’t need a sequel but we want it
John Evans
John Evans Month ago
where is joel?
Dina Tedesco
Dina Tedesco Month ago
Claps for joaquin
Such a great interview. Well done honestly. You skipped past the obvious questions and gave a really good, entertaining video.
sofiyan ali
sofiyan ali Month ago
Another interview where I REALLY didn’t want Joaquin to tell a ‘Knock Knock’ joke! This went way better than that Kimmel fiasco!
sofiyan ali
sofiyan ali Month ago
You wanna know what’s better than this interview? Jake’s hair!
bigyote Month ago
No!! No sequel! DO NOT DEGRADE THIS MASTERPIECE by providing a lame follow-up that will NEVER do justice to the Joker. The Joker is NOT a comic-book movie. Arrrggh! The comic-book genre only serves as a framework for the in-depth character study. If anything, the movie is a left-handed criticism of the the worn-out comic-book genre -- a genre that is boring and predictable and as tiresome as the Star Wars garbage. The Joker is a visceral commentary on our defective society and its warped value system. The key to the movie is in the very first scene: "Everything Must Go!""
Loki 2020 Joker
Loki 2020 Joker Month ago
Characters that deserve hard chore rated r character backstory study 1:Thanos 2:Bruce banner childhood 3: lex Luther 4:riddler 5:bob gray as a human joker 6:yondu 7;nebula and gamora 8:the black order
New fiction
New fiction Month ago
I love Joaquin's neck movements, that's funny and cute🥺
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