JoJo Siwa vs. Charli D'Amelio! Extended full episode w/ bonus content! | Celebrity Family Feud

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Charli D'Amelio and JoJo Siwa battle it out on Celebrity Family Feud! Don't miss this extended version of their full episode with exclusive bonus content from behind the scenes! Steve Harvey is getting on TikTok y'all!

00:00 Introduction
00:35 Let's start the show!
01:25 D'Amelio family introduction
02:22 Siwa family introduction
02:52 Bonus clip
03:41 Siwa family introduction (cont.)
04:41 Question #1
08:01 Charli's TiTok
08:27 Question #2
11:52 Mid-game update
12:22 Question #3
15:13 The Steves
15:20 Question #4
20:02 Bonus clip
20:15 About to play Fast Money!
20:27 Fast Money
25:24 Victory update

@The Official Steve Harvey
@Its JoJo Siwa
@charli d'amelio
@Dixie D'Amelio

Producer & Editor: Ed Delage
Mixer: Erich Rettermayer

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Jul 8, 2021




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Comments 5 479
LANDAYA KANOU 2 months ago
i..nawt_s0ra 5 days ago
leo❤ 6 days ago
@Haya Omar sure u hate her and ur the problem
Felix Conboy
Felix Conboy 9 days ago
and extremely cringe
cazzo ti frega
cazzo ti frega 12 days ago
@Haya Omar i hate her too ahahha
Halima Ammar
Halima Ammar 15 days ago
Jojo it’s okay if People say I I I don’t hate you for your videos I dance to your videos I don’t really care about what song
Alliana Ali
Alliana Ali 5 hours ago
jojo is a teenager and dressed like a 6yr old ?!
Aadhya Day ago
i'm still tryna process the fact that jojo is older than charli
Exlipze Tech Tips ✓
Imagine steve thinking:- Man I used to do this show with oscar winners legendary actors and now I am less famous than a 16 year old with anxiety
Ketaki Urankar
NOBODY is perfect. Seeing the whole comment section hating on charli and damelios is just sad
Misa Amber
Misa Amber Day ago
Ok but these answers were honestly ridiculous and made no sense 💀 everyone is saying the siwas carried the show but they just got the practical answers first and the d’melios were left with the 🤯 answers idk lol
tutoriales en cap cup
Por qué todos los comentarios en ingles
Masons' Neighborhood
missedperiod Day ago
7:51 that was embarrassing..
moyagaye robinson
Charli need to go sit down with that family, they're extremely boring not to mention all of them wearing black🤦
Leximushroomo2 2 days ago
Charli team sorry jojo
Halli Osborne
Halli Osborne 2 days ago
Just watching this and seeing how vibe you JoJo Siwa is it literally makes me want to stand up get dressed like JoJo Siwa and just surviving like she did on the shelf I really think JoJo Siwa is the person who like vibes a lot but also I straight up saying that it looks like they were going to a literal funeral because like they were all just a black and they were just like really come on the other hand or Josie was just Vibin
Selena Martinez
Selena Martinez 3 days ago
U could see the anger in Charlie’s eyes when he said jojo had 3 bill views 💀
Unstoppab1e Duck
Unstoppab1e Duck 3 days ago
“i am bayek of siwa” is all i get in my head while watching this
XxNaomiiixX 3 days ago
the siwas were so fun to watch😫
ellenn g5
ellenn g5 3 days ago
Jojo has mad Miley Cyrus energy and I’m living for it.
treebles 3 days ago
dang, jojo + her fam dominated! 🌈🦄
Bryan Hanton
Bryan Hanton 4 days ago
no i dont love jojo but i vote her
Nini girl
Nini girl 4 days ago
I like that Demilio’s
i..nawt_s0ra 5 days ago
esther schumann
esther schumann 5 days ago
i love both families
DonnyGBuckets 5 days ago
Jojo gotta be in something
RANIA ASSI, 5 days ago
The funniest part was when jojo and Jess were dancing love u jojo♡︎
Elena Surovtseva
Elena Surovtseva 5 days ago
i hete jojo jojo so softy end so ugly
Jantina Hoekstra
Jantina Hoekstra 5 days ago
I love jojo siwa en charli damelio😗😙😘😙😚🤗😇😀😁😃😄😆😉😊😋
Cassidy K
Cassidy K 5 days ago
No one: Charli: 😄😁😌
Sophia Hovey
Sophia Hovey 5 days ago
I'm sorry Charlie you didn't even get a chance
WileyCoyote69 5 days ago
Doesn't that girl ever get tired of murdering her hair like that?
Ehren Wesley S Santos
20:30 The way Siwa Show The Face😭
John Dean
John Dean 6 days ago
If Santa returns home his reindeer couldn’t be gone cause he just got home with them but I was thinking reindeer too lol
chris san
chris san 6 days ago
Are they celebrity.!
bianqui 6 days ago
Jojo vs jojo
Lyla Scott
Lyla Scott 6 days ago
They way it said for charli Social media personality & dancer but for Dixie she got Charli’s sister like why not Social media personality & singer no hate but love Dixie more and she should not be called charli’s sister like I bet she would feel sad if she got called Dixies sister all the time byeee people
Music4u 7 days ago
Right ok let's see if I've got this right 😂😂 D'amelio family - going to a funeral? Jojo family - going to a party/club?
Fadil Sahib
Fadil Sahib 7 days ago
Aren't prison uniforms all one colour (orange) 🤔 I thought of zebra and referee shirt first thing
Sonia Cruz
Sonia Cruz 7 days ago
Charli Charli charli
koely 7 days ago
Siwa family : dressed up colourful like they are enjoying the time. D'amelio famliy: dressed up like they are going to a funeral.
KRōck 8 days ago
charlies face when the answer was his comfy chair, like gurl, you thought his raindeer who flew him home would be missing when he got home ya fool
Lyrically 8 days ago
me screaming: THE PRESENTS
KRōck 8 days ago
one family exhibits gratitude and joy, the other family gives off vampire vibes
Lyrically 8 days ago
Idk how bad breath wasn’t up there
grady marty
grady marty 8 days ago
The vulgar balloon consequentially curve because hardboard univariately post in a brave crab. encouraging, smoggy gun
Spongbob for life!!!!!!!
Charlie’s face kinda of looked like dixies
I Luv 2 Sing
I Luv 2 Sing 8 days ago
Everyone: Jojo’s fam was so fun and the D’amelios were legit dead 💀 Me: The Siwa’s we’re kinda annoying
Filip Dodig
Filip Dodig 9 days ago
i think it's not fair,siwa family had 3 strikes and d'amelios only 1
Universal De Campamentos
charli vs jojo
Skeco Skender
Skeco Skender 9 days ago
I love you D'amelio familly
Tre'Keiya Bush
Tre'Keiya Bush 9 days ago
i said eat it
The four drama boys
Wow steve is 46
haset Samuel
haset Samuel 10 days ago
The d,Amelia are so dark but love there tic toc and the Siw are so colerful
logah mayhue
logah mayhue 10 days ago
JOJO is gonna be on dancing with the stars💛
logah mayhue
logah mayhue 10 days ago
Charlie is so sweetest girl ever💜💙💖
logah mayhue
logah mayhue 10 days ago
I’ve already watched this💙
SuicideGamersDK 10 days ago
This Jojo kid is way too much tbh
Dima Hazhar
Dima Hazhar 10 days ago
I hate jojo
Sheshanhee Suresh
Sheshanhee Suresh 10 days ago
Can we have Harry Potter family feud
Jade Brouet
Jade Brouet 10 days ago
My cringe radar went off
Mariam Alkhoori
Mariam Alkhoori 10 days ago
The siwa’s were so bubbly and joyful I absolutely I adored watching them
aphailure 10 days ago
This is like having a birthday party beside a funeral
aphailure 10 days ago
There were times I forgot the D’amelios were there
Aurhorah 11 days ago
Why is there an #Ad every time there’s a good part?
bob 11 days ago
Lmaoooo $25,000? Is this show stuck in the 90's? 25k wont even buy you a new car these day
Ken 11 days ago
Looking to buy 2 forks for my eyes if anyone is selling.
DARTH VADER 12 days ago
Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am really happy JoJo won instead of Charlie
Danah Bernal
Danah Bernal 12 days ago
I think charli is more mature than jojo
cazzo ti frega
cazzo ti frega 12 days ago
Wtf Siwa calm down
Alexander Björklund
Extroverts vs Introverts
Luke Bell
Luke Bell 12 days ago
Is ur cuz trans
Zee Zee
Zee Zee 12 days ago
Go d'melio
Carlin Smith
Carlin Smith 12 days ago
When Santa comes home his reindeer are with him- who is leading the sled then miss Charli?
Living for BTS!🇮🇪
Siwa(s) are just so funny
Rii Vero
Rii Vero 12 days ago
Dixie family is cheating
Rii Vero
Rii Vero 12 days ago
Jojo family is best of all
G008Y 13 days ago
Khaby gonna pass that girl w/ EZZZZ
James Salt
James Salt 13 days ago
Jojo i hate her
spectre 13 days ago
Alright I'm just gonna say it. Dixie looks like a female Anthony Ramos
Lica 13 days ago
I hate Jojo
tpms.peinture Mesdour
Charlie damelio ilove you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
King Kevin
King Kevin 14 days ago
bruh all y’all sayin jojo and her fam better y’all are trippen fr they childish af especially jojo charlie and her fam are matured and calm meanwhile jojo actin like a fuckin kid
LorQ 14 days ago
team charli honestly lmao
TAEHYUNG OPPA 14 days ago
The Damelio seemed like they had low confidence and nervous af
Lexi 15 days ago
Jojo is acting like 6 year old lol
Laila Davis
Laila Davis 15 days ago
Jojo Fred said he hate you
yanet castellanos
yanet castellanos 15 days ago
About Charlie she looks beautiful beautiful I can't even say nothing she looks so beautiful I don't even know what to say
yanet castellanos
yanet castellanos 15 days ago
Jojo Jojo JoJo's the best I can't believe you she won
Tsadaf naz
Tsadaf naz 15 days ago
Djoke Dam
Djoke Dam 15 days ago
im sorry but yoyo i hate you
Lina Alsubaie
Lina Alsubaie 15 days ago
Pretty sure that Jojo will be the next Miley Cyrus
Marely Avelar
Marely Avelar 15 days ago
i hate jojo siwa 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Marely Avelar
Marely Avelar 15 days ago
jojo lost so charli win
Frank Bushenlog
Frank Bushenlog 15 days ago
The snobbish desire willy approve because united kingdom fourthly prevent from a knowing clipper. tested, obsolete toy
Ameliyah Law
Ameliyah Law 15 days ago
CHARLIE DAMELIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I follow u on TikTok 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Darling Cupcake
Darling Cupcake 15 days ago
Oh my god , sometimes I forget that Jojo is older than Charli 😧😯
Adriana rumph🐴💓
His cookies
iShawn 15 days ago
the siwa's, ready to go to a birthday party and the d' milios, ready for a funeral.
aka501z 15 days ago
D'Amelio looks like the kind of dark family always pointing the fingers to others like Siwa's. I have to keep my eyes on this JoJo. She is fun!
Demi Rees-Williams
Demi Rees-Williams 15 days ago
JoJos fam and Charli’s fam
Demi Rees-Williams
Demi Rees-Williams 15 days ago
A trick
Elizabeth Willis
Elizabeth Willis 16 days ago
Did anyone want the damelios to win 😭
Sophy zee
Sophy zee 16 days ago
I would love to live in the siwa house, they all so bubbly ❤️
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