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Oct 25, 2017




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Comments 80
Brook Bruns
Brook Bruns 18 hours ago
*turns into dr pimple popper*
Shane just sold his soul to the devil
Lu La
Lu La Day ago
And Hows it going for you now?
RuuRuu TV
RuuRuu TV Day ago
nunaa pop누나 팝
And now all of a sudden he's under a lot of heat (which happens to most celebrities and just makes them more famous) and is SUPER relevant. Not to mention his content has also changed drastically and its like he's a whole new person. Shane Dawson really did sell his soul and we all just watched it happen without batting an eye. The fact he made it look like a joke and we all just kinda found it funny is scary too.
Jinx :3
Jinx :3 3 days ago
The illuminati was said to put the person in a place of major discomfort or emotional trauma to the public. If you think that Taylor Swift went through crazy embarrassment. Shane is going through that right now. Perhaps this is his test to get into the higher power or higher position... 😳😳😳
Damon George
Damon George 3 days ago
If he's making millions, how do I join?
Tiffany Howard
Tiffany Howard 4 days ago
Shane is in it already
Zachránar Zámečník
Hello Illuminati, how are you?
brylee_ tate
brylee_ tate 4 days ago
omg why is this perfect
Sweetmagnolia s
Sweetmagnolia s 4 days ago
*house burning down* Shane: “DONT TURN OFF THE CAMERA ”
Mark Colburn
Mark Colburn 5 days ago
ASK ABOUT Geoengineering ;)
Dragon King
Dragon King 5 days ago
Omg i did to 🔺
Andrea Sevilla
Andrea Sevilla 5 days ago
I miss the old Shane he was the bomb.. now he hangs out with Jeffery star and he is a whole different person ... dam Shane why change how you use to be now u in all this drama ever since u started hanging out with jeff I dont understand smhhh
Grace Hannah
Grace Hannah 5 days ago
i miss this shane
Ally McDonald’
Ally McDonald’ 6 days ago
1:32 that is what optimus prime says to the guy in transformers...
pupu 6 days ago
i just choked on a chip why
blink twice if your being held by the illuminati shane
Yash Bacha Criminal
Hey Man I want to join the illuminati u can help me Man Pls
TheStrangeOne 7 days ago
I love how everyone is now making theories about Shane being part of the Illuminati in the comments.
Aaron Valeska
Aaron Valeska 8 days ago
Illuminati Official Head Council
The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. To apply for membership, Email illuminatiofficialheadcounil@gmail.com. Or Call via. +1 331 444 2541 All people, in all places, are eligible to apply for Illuminati membership. Initiates are not required to take any vows of loyalty, and may remove themselves from our membership at any time with no repercussions.
wesman 92
wesman 92 8 days ago
shane is definitely in the illuminati 🤤
wesman 92
wesman 92 3 days ago
@I_like_zebras_ I like coyotes🤤
wesman 92
wesman 92 3 days ago
@I_like_zebras_ lmao- why not buddy!?
I_like_zebras_ 3 days ago
Ew why the emoji? Disgusting
vasari corridor
vasari corridor 9 days ago
Dutch fin·an·cier, Ronald Bernard: Global financial pyramid (part 2) ruvid.net/video/video-XIiQuzS7xDQ.html ruvid.net/video/video-EyNlhuCJPTo.html
vasari corridor
vasari corridor 9 days ago
Eustace Mullins, Curse of Canaan pdf excerpt: pg66 Freemasonry has been repeatedly banned ....................... by European government-but never in the United States, where it has exercised political power since 1776. It has been repeatedly denounced by the papacy. Holland banned Freemasonry in 1735; Germany in 1738; Zurich in 1740; Berne in 1745. Russia first banned Freemasonry in 1792, again in 1822, and by the Soviet Government in 1922. On Apri128, 1738, Pope Clement VII issued "In eminenti," which condemned Masonry for its naturalism and its demand for oaths. Benedict XIV condemned Masonry in his "Providas" edict, May 18, 1751; Pius VII in "Ecc1esiam," September 13, 1821; Leo XIII, "Quo graviora," March 13, 1825; Gregory XVI, "Mirari," August 15, 1832; Pius IX in six separate edicts dating from 1846-1873; Leo XIII, five edicts condemning Freemasonry from 1882-1902. Gen. Pike responded by terming the papacy "a deadly, treacherous enemy" in his letter to the Italian Grand Master Timoteo Riboli. "The Papacy has been for a thousand years the torturer and curse of Humanity, the most shameless imposture, in its pretence to spiritual power of all ages." Despite these edicts, the Catholic Duke of Norfolk became Grand Master of English Masons in 1730; the Catholic Viscount Montagu, the ninth Lord Petre, who was the head of English Catholics, was also the Grand Master of England from 1772-77. On March 19, 1902, in the fifth of his edicts condemning Freemasonry, Pope Leo XIII said, "Freemasonry is the personification of the Revolution .... whose aim is to exercise an occult overlords hip upon society and whose sole raison d'etre consists in waging war against God and His Church." What a pity that Pope Leo XIII did not know about the Curse of Canaan, or that Freemasonry was simply Satan's rebellion against God, which was being carried on in the twentieth century by his descendants, the Canaanites. ............................... Eustace Mullins the curse of cannan pdf treatise masonic origin www.eustacemullins.us/wp-content/works/Books/Eustace%20Mullins%20-%20The%20Curse%20Of%20Canaan%20-%201987.pdf
Aaron Valeska
Aaron Valeska 9 days ago
Damn when the illuminati had better books and merch than you
skylar yammy
skylar yammy 10 days ago
so no one realizes that he wears only one t-shirt,,in all videos
Lexie Beezz
Lexie Beezz 11 days ago
Shane: "let's join the illuminati!!" Me: whatever you do, IM DOING IT TOO BITCH!
senait G. Mehari
senait G. Mehari 11 days ago
You are a phedophile Schau dir "Shane Dowson "versteht nicht" warum KP illegal ist" auf RUvid an ruvid.net/video/video-C_NkRLrLbYk.html
Sarah Manko
Sarah Manko 11 days ago
Does Shane fart right after garret throws the shoe? Right before Shane’ says “ow that really hurt” right at the very end??
Sweet Raw Healing
Sweet Raw Healing 11 days ago
Sheeple like him are being used by the psychopaths to make everyone, who is still sleeping, believe that all this illuminati stuff is just a silly theory. Oh your forced awakening will be horrible.
Maria Gstl
Maria Gstl 11 days ago
IlluminaTEA I'll go home
Emmitt Otterton UwU
Your profile picture is evErYtHiNg
_ ncappalot
_ ncappalot 13 days ago
peep how he said " are you really about to cut your self for a video "
Ryan Marie
Ryan Marie 13 days ago
The illuminati contract needs blood. Ryline: *i have a pimple* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 He's my mood
That’s right I said it
Why why why why whyyyy... was rain on me by lady Gaga and Ariana grande suggested to me at the end of this video
Kaneki Eto1000-7
Kaneki Eto1000-7 14 days ago
Later he meets jefree star
AustinHas SixPack
AustinHas SixPack 14 days ago
is this fake
Peachy. blush
Peachy. blush 14 days ago
i read shane’s book 7 times and i will never get tired of it.
Kindness Kindness
Kindness Kindness 12 hours ago
U should
Rick Talks
Rick Talks 15 days ago
leya chang
leya chang 15 days ago
shane* joins the illuminati * Also shane * starts wearing robes*
Jayden Galloway
Jayden Galloway 15 days ago
After I joined the Illuminati, I got more than 2 emails
Abdalla Qaadi
Abdalla Qaadi 15 days ago
Who can i help me plz
Abdalla Qaadi
Abdalla Qaadi 15 days ago
I want to join illuminati
Abdalla Qaadi
Abdalla Qaadi 15 days ago
Supreme. God
Supreme. God 15 days ago
Doesn’t this remind you of Kifflom from GTA?
Emmie Garvey
Emmie Garvey 15 days ago
shane: Ha when the illuminatti is more reasonable than james charles's merch me: *cries in june 2020* NO SHANE SHHH
Emmie Garvey
Emmie Garvey 15 days ago
*me binge watching all the spooky bois videos reminiscing about the good old days while shane and jeffree get dragged through the dirt by everyone on twitter*
Loujin bd
Loujin bd 15 days ago
i laughed yi death 😂😂😂☠️
Grandlodge Washington
+1(478)241-0387.._ 👁🔺👁
Grandlodge Washington
💬The Great Grandmaster On WhatApp💯💯💯
Grandlodge Washington
Join the ILLUMINATI and become Wealthy, Rich, Famous, Successful👌👌👌🔺
Grandlodge Washington
I'm Bartley Jones a senior recruiter_💯💯
little group
little group 16 days ago
is it just me, or is the alumanati a religion
tayegan bradshaw
tayegan bradshaw 16 days ago
“Illumi-naughty” Same
Bailey Stuart
Bailey Stuart 16 days ago
Bailey Stuart
Bailey Stuart 16 days ago
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper 16 days ago
Lmfaoo I posted a comment saying “we are very real” to try and scare ppl a year ago lmfao I’m crying 😂😭💀
Spider Pig
Spider Pig 17 days ago
I just thought of something they said he was going to be safe but the demon in he’s house my demon in my room and follow me it is trying to kill me plz help me
Emmie Garvey
Emmie Garvey 15 days ago
u good bro
Claudia Cook
Claudia Cook 17 days ago
Why did this entire video just sound like my church-
Emmie Garvey
Emmie Garvey 15 days ago
bahahahahhah same
moonwalker x
moonwalker x 17 days ago
anyone watching this after he announced he is making a horror movie possibly? this is weirdly relevant now
Miss. Scarlett
Miss. Scarlett 18 days ago
Anyone else notice that the background music is the music you hear when on the epsilon page in GTA 5? No just me... Okay
Robyn Holly
Robyn Holly 18 days ago
8:14 Shane: no it’s not I found an website Garret: a website what was it called illuminati.com 😂😂😂
Robyn Holly
Robyn Holly 18 days ago
0:49 I love this bit it’s so funny 😂😂😂
Eduardo Hernandez
Eduardo Hernandez 19 days ago
Shane your crazy..and funny
Bere Garcia
Bere Garcia 19 days ago
11:35 when the teacher picks me to read and I need help saying a word 😭😭😭
Speed Art Gamer Girl
Illuminati: Who let Jerry make a public website, merch, and social media accounts?
Chrrxy Cheetos
Chrrxy Cheetos 19 days ago
Who’s here during quarantine?!?!
Kay l
Kay l 20 days ago
This is still one of my fav videos from Shane 😂💚🌻
Happy Life
Happy Life 20 days ago
I wonder why others say that Shane is a psycho
Idk Lol
Idk Lol 20 days ago
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole 21 day ago
Don’t forget Shane is a part of the illuminati
Zubaydah Akbar
Zubaydah Akbar 22 days ago
look what happened to Michael Jackson he didn't sell his soul the devil and then he got killed they planned it when you look at all the famous popstars they told them to sell their soul to the devil so they earn more money and be famous
Zubaydah Akbar
Zubaydah Akbar 22 days ago
they pay people to say this stuff it's not good they say everyone is equal to attract more people to support them they control everything remember they can make people say what they want them to say and they get big money this is fake the Illuminati is evil it says in the Quran about it and the world will fall the day the Illuminati will arrive in the bible the Illuminati is known as 'The False Messiah' which is true I'm only saying this to tell everyone the truth because this is the society nowadays it's backwards and evil! we don't want that so if you read this comment may god guide you to the right path . peace
Plant Gang
Plant Gang 22 days ago
RUvid says this is a music video
Rachel Nixon
Rachel Nixon 23 days ago
The only testament I'll read is from the bible jesus help us all !!!
Lala Collin
Lala Collin 23 days ago
So did you really join 🥺 ?
ariq hanif
ariq hanif 23 days ago
illuminati corrupts all religions and beliefs(faith) of a person, right?
Omar Ambriz
Omar Ambriz 23 days ago
I was laughing the whole video especially when they set the book on fire 😂😂😂
lil kells the soldier
Hannah Stewart
Hannah Stewart 24 days ago
the illuminati commercial starts Me ; gets up to get holy cross , sits back down . Ok now im ready
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