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It might be easy to dismiss a music project from actor John Reilly, but that would be a huge mistake: Reilly is a fine singer, especially when he gets a hold of old-time material, and his guitar work provides a perfect foundation for these church and porch tunes from America's past.
Reilly's eclectic choice of collaborators speaks to his passion and dedication: Tom Brosseau and Becky Stark are no strangers to folk tradition. Brosseau's striking voice was first heard on NPR in 2006 - he performed a Tiny Desk Concert of his own last year - while Stark is a performer and a singer known to many as Lavender Diamond. Her voice fits in sweetly between Reilly's and Brosseau's in a way that recalls her work in the country trio The Living Sisters. Rounding out this home-brewed acoustic affair is Andru Bemis on banjo and fiddle, as well as Soul Coughing's Sebastian Steinberg, who plays upright bass with finesse and humor.
So turn off the lights, blot out the distractions, light a candle or two, and let the glow - and the glow of your screen - transport you to country's past, when singers would all gather around a single mic. This is a band meant to play a Tiny Desk Concert. -- BOB BOILEN
Set List
"It's Never Too Late" 0:00
"Wayward Traveler" 3:40
"Rock Of Ages" 9:12
"Blues Stay Away From Me" 3:13
Producers: Bob Boilen, Maggie Starbard; Audio Engineer: Kevin Wait; Videographers: Morgan McCloy, Nick Michael, Maggie Starbard; Assistant Producer: Colin Marshall; photo by Colin Marshall/NPR




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Comments 80
🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in 2020 march This video Phenomenal 1:20 💞💕🔥 👇👇👇💯
harry craft
harry craft 20 days ago
These folks r really good
Steve Doe
Steve Doe 23 days ago
Dynamics being leveraged in music is a beautiful thing, and seems to be a dwindling art. So good to see.
뽀삐누나 25 days ago
The more I see John C. Reilly contents, it is impossible not to love this guy..
Joseph Fazio
Joseph Fazio Month ago
Mi piace 🎶😎
Joseph Pickard
Joseph Pickard Month ago
I knew he was a good singer from Chicago but this is fantastic. Part of me wishes he belted out a tune like this when he was the hapless Dr. Steve Brule
fender71983 2 months ago
0:35 Is that Patrick Stewarts head on the shelf? 😂
S W 3 months ago
I wanna get my lips on that trumpet. Go get it boy
Denny Hanley
Denny Hanley 3 months ago
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis 3 months ago
One of my all time favorite's John C. Reilly.. What a pleasant surprise to have this pop up on my interest.. Ty.....
Dan N
Dan N 4 months ago
Satan&Jesus are always welcome at NPR.
Spencer G
Spencer G 4 months ago
Tommy chong on bass?
Mister Booth
Mister Booth 4 months ago
A proper artist, great stuff
GLJ 4 months ago
He would never be on here if he wasn't an actor. You can find any number of bluegrass outfits rolling out better performances than this.
William Sealy
William Sealy 4 months ago
Feeel feeeel feeeel my heatttttttt
yumadapaka 4 months ago
he should've sang at the catalina wine mixer.
Circus Brains
Circus Brains 4 months ago
i'm on a hike and this music is making me walk hard.
thall4997 4 months ago
Sooooo dewey cox?
Miguel Rios
Miguel Rios 4 months ago
C Lindley
C Lindley 4 months ago
I didn't know Tilda Swinton played the guitar. So talented!
Tim Jacuzzi
Tim Jacuzzi 4 months ago
Walk hard, hard, down life’s rocky road...
Chris Morlock
Chris Morlock 4 months ago
That lady is obnoxious
bigshel1963 4 months ago
I've never been into this type of music, but I enjoyed this immensely. The harmonies were beautiful. And I had no idea John C. Reilly could sing.
Alex E
Alex E 4 months ago
and he aint ever paid for drugs... not once!
Cory Santana
Cory Santana 4 months ago
Deathless Bliss \m/ @ 8:44
12D3 4 months ago
Great set! Love me some Tom Brosseau ;)
Jessie Farmer
Jessie Farmer 4 months ago
I hope no one at NPR touched his drum set.
Incomity 4 months ago
Looked for some music for this band on Spotify and none found 😭
Drawing with Jake Noway
I couldn't believe it when they broke into "Boats and Hoes" !!
Martin Henry
Martin Henry 4 months ago
Shake and Bake
Aaron Ledford
Aaron Ledford 4 months ago
He walks so hard
Toby Reinhardt
Toby Reinhardt 4 months ago
Eh, this next ones called “Dangus Rangus...for your health.”
Tyler Fisher
Tyler Fisher 4 months ago
Why is the algorithm just showing me this now?!?!
Hunter Erwin
Hunter Erwin 4 months ago
MsCygnusX1 4 months ago
Mike Concho
Ryan Rahe
Ryan Rahe 4 months ago
I came here for the acoustic version of Boats and Hoes
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 4 months ago
I hope that Becky Stark grows up to have her own opinion one day and know what she actually believes in
Op Reroll
Op Reroll 4 months ago
This is good music in a day where authentic music is becoming hard to find.
Chris Sandoval
Chris Sandoval 4 months ago
knew he played drums for tenacious d once, but never expected this. no idea how he got famous for doing dumb comedies instead of music. i guess the lesson is go for the money, then you can follow your dreams.
Aaron Kirby
Aaron Kirby 4 months ago
How come nobody asks why bob Dylan sounds like Dewey's cox?
Rich Ratchford
Rich Ratchford 4 months ago
"Wrong kid died"
The swole BRO terrence bembury
What ..noooooooooooo... How can funny ... Be this lame in real life... Step Brothers no longer my favorite..danmmm
Cody Burke
Cody Burke 4 months ago
I do believe in you I just know you're gonna fail
Seth Tate
Seth Tate 4 months ago
That lady is a real buzz killington
george villagrana
george villagrana 4 months ago
Where's Will Ferrell at
Rachelstorrersings 4 months ago
Fabulous 💓💓💓
Steven Riddle Music
Steven Riddle Music 4 months ago
Love his music. Amazing
Protohyp3 4 months ago
I just can’t believe he learned to play the guitar so good. Without having a sense of smell!
Jon Evans
Jon Evans 4 months ago
Boats and Hoes
RJ Long
RJ Long 4 months ago
Theodore Dowman
Theodore Dowman 4 months ago
Dr. Brule is a man of so many talents.
ruinerfixxxer 4 months ago
What a subtle way to call religion garbage.
Andy Rookstool
Andy Rookstool 4 months ago
Sounds like a velvet pancake
Abram Porras
Abram Porras 4 months ago
Did we just become best friends
Bobby Mechling
Bobby Mechling 4 months ago
Glad to see Dewy cox get back on his feet and into music again.
big boof
big boof 4 months ago
Mikey B
Mikey B 4 months ago
Hey what gives? He didn't wreck it! Amazing work John, thanks for this. I'm now learning wayward traveler on ukulele to sing at church ;)
Sean 4 months ago
What microphone is that?
Cinzia Tschantret
Cinzia Tschantret 4 months ago
Hey John just so you and your friends know ....without Jesus Christ you are all already dead. Repent brother before it’s to late the devil is close at hand as you well know.
Matt Pike
Matt Pike 4 months ago
John is one is probably in the top 20 of my favorite humans that I don't personally know.
kiernan thomas
kiernan thomas 4 months ago
Did he drop the "C" out of his name?
Sabrina Cawthorn
Sabrina Cawthorn 4 months ago
Man I remember originally knowing him as dr Steve Brule. Then my friend showed me Chicago and I couldn’t stop laughing. Now I see this?? What a cool guy.
daniel hayes
daniel hayes 4 months ago
Never gunna make it
Brendan Fien
Brendan Fien 4 months ago
Boats nd hoes.
InexperiencedLady WithAGun
Wow apologizing for saying Christ in a song like he's embarassed will NPR staff implode if they hear that word??
ajc bng
ajc bng 4 months ago
I wonder if he hangs out with Steve Martin? 🌞
Steve Doe
Steve Doe 23 days ago
ajc bng I was thinking same thing. They must have taken same, good medicine.
Clayton McCrary
Clayton McCrary 4 months ago
Shawn Greyling
Shawn Greyling 4 months ago
If Elvis and Buddy Holly are the Cain and Abel of rock and roll, Bruce Springsteen is Zachariah, Iggy Pop is Methuselah, and, of course, Neil Young is the wise prophet Ezekiel, then what does that make Dewey Cox?
H. Astley
H. Astley 4 months ago
You need only look at the strange mixture of severity and calm that comes over the faces of people singing vintage country and bluegrass to see that it’s a profoundly spiritual discipline
H. Astley
H. Astley 4 months ago
‘We basically are advocates for deathless bliss’
Miko Mido
Miko Mido 4 months ago
And he never once paid for drugs! Not once!
Tim Jacuzzi
Tim Jacuzzi 4 months ago
Get outta here Dewey you don’t want none of this
Aaron Kirby
Aaron Kirby 4 months ago
Nooooot once
Blood Lords Rpg
Blood Lords Rpg 4 months ago
more john
Jon 4 months ago
These comments are gold...
Poppy WS
Poppy WS 5 months ago
Yass John C Reilly! Please get Oscar Isaac on 🎶
Chance Copper
Chance Copper 5 months ago
Love the shout out to Jesus and the Christian faith even if it was just them saying “hey liberals don’t be mad we’re singing songs about Jesus we really don’t believe or mean it!” 👍🏻🤦🏻‍♂️ You might come to wish you meant it one of these days. I’ll keep listening to your lovely covers of faith filled tunes and maybe even throw a prayer up to the big man for ya you just keep spreading the good word for the rest of us God fearing folk. 😁
Bob Leroe
Bob Leroe 5 months ago
Don't apologize for singing hymns.
Scott Anders
Scott Anders 5 months ago
the bass players' brows doe
julien van hoeymissen
Great songs !!! Thanks for those fellows !!
bigmidget117 5 months ago
The Legend of Cox is truly gracing our ears my good people
Mr. Sudburry
Mr. Sudburry 5 months ago
We need Dewey Cox !!!!
qaqsqw 5 months ago
I have a band of my own. I don't care
Ban Fasso
Ban Fasso 5 months ago
Did me and Tiny desk just become best friends?!
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