John L. Esposito - The Future of Islam

University of Kentucky College of Arts & Sciences
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One of the most respected American scholarly authority on Islam, John L. Esposito, visited the University of Kentucky Wednesday, September 10, 2014, to discuss “The Future of Islam: Assessing the Elements of Reform, Revival, and Fundamentalism in the Muslim World,” at the Singletary Center Recital Hall.
The event was part of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Passport to the World 2014-15 program Year of the Middle East: Crossroads of the World.
A professor of Islamic Studies and International Affairs at Georgetown University, Esposito discussed his book on the portrait of Islam today and tomorrow, drawn by a lifetime of thought and research to sweep away the negative stereotypes of the fastest growing religion in the world.
Esposito’s interviews and articles with newspapers, magazines, and the media in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Economist, The Guardian, The Times of London, CNN, ABC Nightline, CBS, NBC and the BBC.

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Sep 22, 2014




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TruthBeTold 2 years ago
What a lame apologist this guy really is. Most probably a Communist with the creepy Bernie Sanders mannerism!
Teacher Ahmed
Teacher Ahmed 2 years ago
Always truth prevails very fast, and Islam is doing so, God willing it will.
Pet Charles
Pet Charles 2 years ago
Listen to this guy and then listen to Brigette Gabriel and then come to your own conclusion. Islam is as Islam does. It has a 1400 years history for all to see. As far as tolerance, most people from the Middle East and places like Pakistan are forced to tolerate Blacks in the US because the Black population is much larger. But all we have to do is look at how they treat Black people in those countries and come to our own conclusion.
M.ibraheem maan
M.ibraheem maan 2 years ago
Such a excellent stuff of knowledge john
Abdul hak
Abdul hak 2 years ago
Plz.send comments against lslam after studing it in detail
Jerryson Antu
Jerryson Antu 2 years ago
Isanabi is antichrist
Sham Roz
Sham Roz 2 years ago
Islam is global ideological theoretical system. It's here to stay.
KHA NITO 2 years ago
A very insightful man. Amazing.
Be Passions Be Passions
I am by born Muslim. I love all religions, I respect all religions people. I hate terrorism, as a Muslim it is my duty to promote Islam the only religion of peace. Understand please for prevailing peace war against devilish acts is necessary.
Be Passions Be Passions
Brothers and sisters understand Islam. Listen Quran. What it says.
Shama Khan
Shama Khan 2 years ago
In today's world one really need not to be an intellectual ,professor or a scholar as long as one can speak English,,,,,, just twist , paraphrase , speak briskly and vociferously and unapologetically,,,,,,,,, the day is urs............ this video is a living example....
hardnoxlife 2 years ago
the amount of Hippocratic in the comments on this topic is sickening. calling Muslims an evil group. read your own scriptures. 10 counts of incest and 500% more violent then the holy Quran. not once is the sward mention, while the bible mentions it 407 times. along with many scientific findings. i honesty feel sorry for you lot. www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/violence-more-common-in-bible-than-quran-text-analysis-reveals-a6863381.html
Bee Hive Pattern
Bee Hive Pattern 2 years ago
I love this lecture, I think big point is "Fuel"...mostly comes from Saudi to all Nations.
Redom Khan
Redom Khan 2 years ago
Aysha Ebrahim
Aysha Ebrahim 2 years ago
Darryl Harty
Darryl Harty 2 years ago
Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 2 years ago
The introduction to Esposito revealed him to be a 3rd rate intellectual. Esposito meandered around with the typical leftist excuses for Islam and I stopped watching when he used the Islamic victim expression Islamophobe. What a waste of time.
Bamber Banbury
Bamber Banbury 2 years ago
The future is Islam is defeat. In 2017 they were defeated in Myanmar, phillepenes, Yemen, Syria and Iraq where the Islamic state collapsed.
jorgenmoll 2 years ago
No no no Mr. E, your relativism won't work.
jorgenmoll 2 years ago
Again and again the western self hate. Mr E talks about all these countries, that have a past of westerne colonialism. The Turks haven't colonialieed Asia Minor, they've conquered it. Killed and expelled the Greeks. They tried to do the same with the rest of Europe, but were stopped at Vienna. That's the muslim way. PS. Don't forget the armenian genocide.
jorgenmoll 2 years ago
Mr Esposio do not consider, that the muslims were a conquering menace and reached Vienna, where they were stopped.
Human Rights
Human Rights 2 years ago
Islam is the last Religion to all humanity and Qur'an is the last warning book to all humanity IF YOU HAVE LOGIC YOU WILL ACCEPT THE TRUTH ☝️
Faizan Khan
Faizan Khan 2 years ago
is espizito Muslim or Christian?
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif 2 years ago
Faizan Khan Catholic
EyeInTheSky 2 years ago
Some people still not admitting or realising that the US did 9-11 to themselves for the agenda to invade the ME and to further the Zio con agenda to keep the dumb idiots in the US and ROTW to die for their wars.
Amal Mansi
Amal Mansi 2 years ago
this is leberal idiocy at its worst , traitors , liars , fascists , this man claims he knows everything about islam , it is so abvious that he knows shit about islam , or he is getting paid by the Saudis to implement islamic ideology in america and to get some support for it from the gullible americans who know nothing about islam , i came from a muslem country and believe i know everything about islam , just check out google and you will find hundreds and hundreds of muslem educated , enlightened intelligent and they will tell you how awful . dangerous and hateful and disgusting the cult of islam is
Darwin Ben Luca
Darwin Ben Luca 2 years ago
Mohamed Monem praying isn't a part of shari3a so your respected professor is not that respected. This guy does not know anything about shari3a !
baker 2 years ago
I don't know why America couldn't have Dr Esposito as President instead of Trump. It shows how stupid uninformed bunch we are. Of all the 400 million people, we chose Trump the lousiest of the lousy.
Brahim Agandouz
Brahim Agandouz 2 years ago
Waw spijtig dat ze niet allemaal zo denken. Maar degene de waarheid vertellen zullen niet gehoord worden. En degene die leugens vertellen geloven ze
Tom Koopman
Tom Koopman 2 years ago
wil you please get of my computer?
Bahad Baloch
Bahad Baloch 2 years ago
Some dumbass keyboard warriors think they r smarter than this professor.
Boeta K
Boeta K 2 years ago
Kkkkkkkkkkkk....all those commenting bad about Islam .I thank you for giving our religion your valuable time .and may Allah guide you .✌
The heart Sees
The heart Sees 2 years ago
people hate on his own findings let him speak his mind and instead of writing curses, just agreed to disagree and move on with your live. I wish everybody in the world would just be because life is short and every individual would be in the grave by himself/herself. FACTS.
Lek Lek Tan
Lek Lek Tan 2 years ago
So Esposito what is their future? Talk for 1.5 hrs but not answering the title of the talk. totally wrong on Sharia.. how can he be a scholar?
A. K.
A. K. 2 years ago
Only Jesus way you go heaven no way xxxxxx
thicky 2 years ago
i do agree with the paranoia that was set n place with ground zero by these pam geller types. however we cannot bury our head in the sand and act like there is not a problem within the islamic theology and what it actually teaches. its sad but people like geller are using the theology of islam to make people fearful. when it sould be about them creating dialogue and understanding about reform in the islamic movement.
thicky 2 years ago
this guys is not very educated on islam. bin ladens greivance was based on his view of islam. of course he wuld say he dont want folks in muslim lands. it is firbidden in islam to have non muslims over you. of course if muslims start to become dependant on non muslims it would begin to destroy the islamic movement. bin laden knew what he was talking about. unfortunately esposito does not understand islam.
MH MH 2 years ago
Here is a reference to one of the best explanation of what Islam is from non Muslims: ruvid.net/video/video-jhGnglI4Ktg.html
tahar chaib
tahar chaib 2 years ago
Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and careful stupidity ! just think twice ! The salvation lies within !!!!!
Emad M H Altaai
Emad M H Altaai 2 years ago
Firstly we all equal and be truthful to save each other on this ONLY planet You mention Iran, Iraq, terrorists etc. forgot to mention who planted the seeds of terror and the Balfour treaty that caused all the trouble in the world and caused terror to the muslims, Jews and Christians who they were living ALL IN PEACE and the west still celebrating the event. { Balfour Declaration. ... The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland } Compare the above treaty with with Prophet Muhammad's Treaty With The Jews (622 C.E.) to have peace with all. Correct your intention ..and we should call the subject (The Future and source of ISIS)
in-dem-Fall 2 years ago
A good comedian and a bad liar.
tabo israel
tabo israel 2 years ago
ruvid.net/video/video-TRGVGUPSQH4.html you want to be neighbor of an animal go live near them let them live in there countries and kill them self but not us they pray each day 5 times to kill you stupid ruvid.net/video/video-g9KqrRajY9Y.html
Abdul Shafi G
Abdul Shafi G 2 years ago
Never forget 911
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan 2 years ago
Truth hurts, huh?
Daniel Schaeffer
Daniel Schaeffer 2 years ago
What about the death sentence for apostasy? It's in the Koran.
Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif 2 years ago
It isn't. Can you provide a quote if you believe otherwise.
Sulaiman Mbonane
Sulaiman Mbonane 2 years ago
Daniel Schaeffer Apostasy In Islam theologically has ZERO sentence.There is no compulsion in religion (Qur’an).However the apostasy you referring to carrying death sentence has to do with POLITICAL security of the state.Its equivalent to treason in our current parlance.Also if someone leaves an Islamic rulership, it depends what they do after that.If they leave and go away in peace, they have to be left alone as they causing no harm to the rulership.However if they leave and start working actively with the enemies of that Islamic rulership.This is what qualifies for death sentence.This is essentially position of Islam regarding apostasy. Also Shariah Law applies in public space, not private space.Its there to regulate and maintain public order.What I do in my own home in my private space is between me and God.Its not the Shariah Law’s business.Nobody can come knocking at my door about Shariah Law in my own private place.
Ayatul Kursi
Ayatul Kursi 2 years ago
The soul with as much of a mustard seed of hate, intolerant arrogance, will not see the light (face) of the creator. Instead it will feel the most awful intense heat and unimaginable desperate despair on the day all souls will answer for its deeds (actions and spoken word). The tongue will be the souls noose, the soul will live in torment for time, you might want to deny, but that day is assured. By the token of time through the ages, man is at loss, except such as have faith, do righteous deeds and join together in truth and patience(Sur 103). Careful of what you speak and what enters your heart, most of our knowledge do not equate to a grain of sand. Dear souls do not ruin yourselves with ignorant arrogant conjecture, less you be counted among the few you despise as well.
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
He is talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and I don't get the point. Please make a clear point, short and clear. Thanks.
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
I agree with him in one point: US foreign policy needs to stop interventions in islamic countries. Stop war and leave them dealing with their problems in their own way. Bring all the oriental non-muslims to the west and then don't interfere anymore. There is no other chance to keep peace.
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
And by the way we got over the pope and the romans, but yet 50% of muslims in Europe still think that the Koran is the word of Allah and is the more important than our national laws. So why do you make excuses for all that??
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
These numbers about muslim education are fake!! 40% of muslims in USA have an academic degree???? Never!!! In Syria, one of the best educated muslim countries this is maybe 10%. Muslims in the USA have a higher employment rate than non-muslims??? In Europe,, 60% of all muslims live of welfare!!! This guy is a FAKE! Writing 40 books and talking to governments with FAKE data... so who is giving him the "science funding" ....Saudi Arabia? Turkey? Iran? Maaan .... US citizens how naive are you sitn there and clapping...
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
Germans like to kill?? Who is involved in recent wars? Germany? Besides, I was not talking about Germany but about education of muslims in Europe. The data of Esposito is not reflecting the situation in Europe at all. Look at Sweden, Denmark, England, France...are they closing the borders because muslims are such well educated? Give me a brake Esposito...
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
My data on academic Syrians was too old. Sorry. Recent data say 15 to 20% of Syrians have an academic title. In Europe about 40% of native europeans have academic education. Only 22% of Syrians living in europe have an academic title. Thats about half of the european standard. I dont know numbers of USA. But this professor doesn't seem realistic to me.
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
Ok, this guy is consultant on islam for western governments. Now I know why our governments know nothing about Islam. Meanwhile, my country germany is turning into a Jihad platform. Thanks a lot.
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
"The noble life of the prophet Muhammad" of Dr. Ali Muhammad As-Sallaabee is also a well respected source of Islam. It explains in detail the four stages of Jihad. Have fun...
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
Read Quran, Sira of Ibn Ishaq, main passages of Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, the you have the basics.
Sulaiman Mbonane
Sulaiman Mbonane 2 years ago
Denkmalnach! Who knows about Islam?You?
Lothar Geppert
Lothar Geppert 2 years ago
At least he admits that he is not 100% bright...
*Peace is for all if you do not want to be peaceful goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!*
MrKebasi 2 years ago
twas judas Iscariot who was cruxified on the cross on the night of gethsemane before the day of atonement
Ray Assaf
Ray Assaf 2 years ago
Correction : The Levant, namely Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan , in Arabic is ( بلاد ألشام ) it's the area used to call before Sykes - Picot agreement in 1916 , by ( ألهلال ألخصيب ) The Fertile Crescent .
Elias Smyrneos
Elias Smyrneos 2 years ago
Catholicism created Islam......Hajidah the first wife of this false prophet was a catholic nun and Waqiadah a was the head nun in a near by catholic monestery....
Bahad Baloch
Bahad Baloch 2 years ago
Elias Smyrneos Hilarious
Roy George
Roy George 2 years ago
he is totally naive
james mayer
james mayer 2 years ago
All Religions are the MARK of Unrefined Minds. Illusions of the Unknown is a poor substitute of Reality. However Religion may quell the mind, it fails to represent the stark nature of material existence, the pains and pleasures that make up the human experience on this planet. Religions have not been successful to conquer the beasts that we are. Religions also failed to refine us to coexist peacefully. Personally, do not have respect for those living willfully in illusions.
Abdul Shafi G
Abdul Shafi G 2 years ago
The future of Islam is victory but until then there will be a lot of troubles next is Egypt the Prophet (PBUH) told us about the destruction of Iraq and Syria and then Egypt also the second coming of Jesus (PBUH) and the son of the Blessed Mary (PBUT) will kill the one eyed Dajjal the Antichrist
Kaleemulla M
Kaleemulla M 2 years ago
Quran 9:33 He is the One who sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, and will make it dominate all religions, in spite of the idol worshipers.
Mike Michael
Mike Michael 2 years ago
Seems to me this man who calls himself an expert in Islam never read Al Bukhari and it's explanation by Al Tabari
NUGT L 2 years ago
Before Islam take over the world people will rise up to fight first. Only stupid people would think a 6 century lunatic decided the future for all mankind.
NUGT L 2 years ago
I married a Muslim I have not been killed yet. Because I am not living in a Muslim country
The heart Sees
The heart Sees 2 years ago
Bad Apple L so u believe your girl is respecting u because of the country u live in? 😂
NUGT L 2 years ago
Islam is cancer, virus. If Islam stop killing, terrorize they will not grow.
Tajamal Ghumman
Tajamal Ghumman 2 years ago
Future belongs to islam whether haters like it or not...West is giving its best people and minds to islam. Today defenders of islam are not Arabs , African or South Asians but white converts...Dear haters you can,t stop islam from spreading because truth can,t be suppressed long with blind hate and baseless lies.
Basheer MP
Basheer MP 2 years ago
Youtub 1, shakir naik 2, talk islam 3, boona muhammad
know your self first
Islam or Muslim You might be Muslim too. If (you believe and submit your well to the only one God). Then you are Muslim. Ibraham and Mosis and Jesus and all the prophets believed in one God and what ever they were doing not in their well but to the well of only one God.
Sabir Sindhu
Sabir Sindhu 2 years ago
to get the true picture first one has to take off the colored glasses....
Sabir Sindhu
Sabir Sindhu 2 years ago
excellent lecture thank for sharing
utubetruthteller utubetruthteller
Giving freedom to muslim women is the answer to counter islam.
Azmol Hossain
Azmol Hossain 2 years ago
heheh. what is freedom ? the whoring around like christian women in the west. single mothers, slut, stripers, hookers, adulterous women, bikini clud women on the beech . hahaha. jesus must be so proud .
Blair Franklin
Blair Franklin 3 years ago
No matter what anyone says about Islam, Muslims are winning the procreation war and that's irrefutable. If you look at how many moderate Muslims want Islamic Law in America and how many of them want it Britain and Australia; It's only a matter of time. As an atheist I say irradiate or amend all the man made holy books. All religions are man made.
mmary952 3 years ago
I don't understand you Westerner siding with political ideology which is killing you left and right. You are stupid
King Breezy
King Breezy 2 years ago
mmary952 it's funny you say that because it's the Christian countries that have been invading bombing overthrowing governments and killing millions of people over 20 years.. christianity is the real political death cult 😂😂😂😂
Bahad Baloch
Bahad Baloch 2 years ago
mmary952 Infact u r lie from top to bottom.
ONE WAY 3 years ago
John Esposito is an intellectual barbarian moron
claire zet
claire zet 3 years ago
So many words and nothing in reality was said other than the Muslims are being wrongly targeted and discriminated. Not surprising, coming from a friend of Obama. It is sad that academia produces such shallowness. a waste of precious time.
claire zet You people are hopelessly bigots.
Nun, Gina12345
Nun, Gina12345 3 years ago
You are an acedemic fraud, dispite all your titles.
Waqas Noorani
Waqas Noorani 3 years ago
if you want understand islam read quran and authentic hadith simple
Abu Masud
Abu Masud 3 years ago
accept or reject ISLAM will not surrender like Japan . ISLAM will remain and remain and remain
Boqoreh 2 years ago
Well111 Islam in the end is the submission to ALLAH'S will. If Allah wills it, Islam will flourish in the West.
Mr Express
Mr Express 2 years ago
you are a not a nice person are you. get yourself an education and learn to respect. your mother will not be happy with your comments on here.
Azmol Hossain
Azmol Hossain 2 years ago
what are going to do. go read our islamic history of treatment of roman and persian empire. ask orthodox christians if you can.
Ailaw Hilaw
Ailaw Hilaw 3 years ago
truth is bitter !!!!! he said it very well thats why some are hurt and commenting with their dumb brain to realise that fact in this video
Haseb Hawrami
Haseb Hawrami 3 years ago
alot of rubbish...
Rotebuehl1 3 years ago
This man is nuts! He quoted baroness Warsi, a muslim life peer and member of the British House of Lords! Well, that lady became a member of the House of Lords, NOT BECAUSE OF ISLAMIC COMPATIBILITY, BUT BECAUSE OF BRITISH DEMOCRATIC FAIRNESS & ANGLICAN-CHRISTIAN RIGHTEOUSNESS! What a twister this man is! It's outrageous !!!!!!!!!
Mr Express
Mr Express 2 years ago
i have to agree with citizenofnowhere777 because you are a bigot rotebuehl1
Rotebuehl1 You took out of context what he was saying you bigots.
filip van steenbrugge
clearly monny pays all,it make even people say the most stupid things.
Propagator Prop
Propagator Prop 3 years ago
This guy is misleading people trying to sugar coat Islam. Bin-Laden is a typical radical Muslim and his dream was to establish the Islamic Impire. He knows nothing about Islam. He was paid to speak highly of Islam. Can anyone say anything good in Islam. It has nothing but hatred and killing non-Muslims. This is the bitter reality about Islam.
Avi ben Ze'ev
Avi ben Ze'ev 3 years ago
Waste of time listening to this apologist.
King Breezy
King Breezy 2 years ago
Avi ben Ze'ev zionism is a political genocidal death cult
Marco Polo
Marco Polo 2 years ago
Dear Avi ben Ze'ev....IF u r really an scholar on Comparative Studies of World Religion.. .do research on Islam...and do compare with Judaism and Christianity...u will find the true religion...Question for u...Why u r here in this world?? Do think...shalom
Mr Express
Mr Express 2 years ago
zionist bitch
Mr Express
Mr Express 2 years ago
zionist bitch
H MF 3 years ago
lol apologist...the talmud is and zionism speaks for itself but i bet you're the first to cry discrimination when critiqued.
Shahid Aalam
Shahid Aalam 3 years ago
isis means, israel secret intelligence service.
Mr Express
Mr Express 2 years ago
i wont get into a long discussion with you because your a man of hatred and lies. i would say that you are misguided and have an agenda. you are from the same side of the coin as terrorists and hold extremist views.
Andre Aladdin
Andre Aladdin 3 years ago
Islam is a religous mafia with the crime boss being mohammed. It's persecution of women, children, and the termination of any critical thought makes it a redundant broken vehicle for any intelligent, free discussion
VoiceForJustice AndProportionalResponse
Yep. Not like the superior american critical thought as they went to war in iraq over non existent wmds. Not very effective critical thinking then eh? ... i wonder how many women and children american critical thinking killed in Iraq?
Akbar Ali Khan
Akbar Ali Khan 3 years ago
Andre Aladdin that is why 50% of new converts to Islam are western women.
Ab Dilawar
Ab Dilawar 3 years ago
Esposito is a great genius and a great authority on comparative religion
Henrik Reimann-Philipp
34 people can't last more than 5 minutes >:D
amoralis123 3 years ago
Islamophobia is not new. It started when Islam started. Its staunch enemies were in that order: Pagan Arabs, Jews and Christians. They still are. It was a new flame in the cesspool of Abrahamic Religions: Judaism and Christianity. Christianity emerged as a force against the Tyranny of the Romans. Islam rose due to the Tyranny in Persia in the East and in Christianity in the West until the technical evolution in the West that destroyed Islam putting it into hiding. Yom Kippur War sealed its fate. Zionist owned and operated Western Media was already anti Islam, it started demonizing Islam even more zealously. I see no good future for Islam and Muslims in this century, at least for the next 5 decades. Islamophobia shall continue as long as 85% of Mineral Resources remain within the areas where Muslims live, period. Terrorism is a lovely enemy to justify the gargantuan Defence Budget of the West. 911, whether orchestrated or happened gave the unprecedented control the governments all over the world reaching to supermarkets and shops. Now ordinary people live under the Tyranny of Surveillance Technology.
amoralis123 Your point is quite valid except that you missed the point that Islam as a force has to be reckoned with because nobody can control the appeal it has for humanity.
Mumtaz Shamsee
Mumtaz Shamsee 4 years ago
Dr. Esposito, may God bless you for standing up for new favorite group to pick on. I also hope that God rewards you with guidance towards truth and you accept and bow only to one God and his prophets.
Robert Gift
Robert Gift 2 years ago
I have heard: "Islamic countries are the _shitholes_ of the world."
LogansWarning 2 years ago
Save the victim card. Islam is the cancer of the world.
Sana HATIM 2 years ago
Hi +worfoz , I accept your deep ignorance. I know many non-Muslims but I had never judge their beliefs or talk with them in such as uneducated way. I just wanna to specify that we don't force anybody, or bother them to revert to Islam. they have mind and freedom so they search. And who search find. N.B: If you can just use another way to express your opinion, without insulting or hurt the other person who is different from you. Learn to give your point of view without showing hate, ignorance and stupidity in your comments. We are not here to judge Muslims or not Muslims, it's a case study from educated people, don't come and say whatever your month tell you, think my friend think USE YOUR BRAIN if you have one. Regards.
Sana HATIM 2 years ago
+Robert Gift Hi, I was wondering why you spent your time to reply to every person who is proud of being Muslim and the fact that the Islam will be the fastest growing religion. maybe because you envy them, or because you are dumb crazy and you believe what media and social networks are saying about Islam. it's all fake news.Just try to not judge the book by its cover but try to open it and read it, if you hate the Islam religion then go and look inside the Coran surats. Be an open minded and let ignorance away from you! Thanks.
Robert Gift
Robert Gift 2 years ago
Mumtaz Shamsee. God uses prophets who *miss countless people* ? That's as laughable as the *laughable forced butt-ups myth of HIslam* .
A.A chile
A.A chile 4 years ago
when i listen this guy, just for 5 min i already know what he mean, he is totaly one of abu jahil cousin, him self he migrate america why he didn't stay italy, he don't see george washington he use to have his on copy of quran, america was mosque before his great gran father was born, but for me, he never bother me, god say give them little bit time, before he going to meat his lord, why he don't work more hard so he can create life forever, he can beat death, but god say they think they are claver, but i make them totally deaf,dumb and blind. they invade hole word by guns libya, ethiopia, asia hole world, but islam dont invade any country he bring true message people follows and agree because they are smart not like you, so please work hard and hard with help of all organisation with all devils, you name it, you can not stop spreading of islam because is true, you have planning and God have planning and always victorious God plan. 14.42 quran and don't think God is unaware of what the wrongdoers he is only delays them for a day when eyes will stare in horror. proprio un tipo italiano quando divenantato americano, questa tipo di ignoranza proprio deve essere, allora per me no mi soprezza questa tipo di delinguenza o maleducato con un proprio persone come lui.
Pooran Singh Sikarwar
25 million Muslim in Europ 25 year after they become 50 million and take over full Europ.
Nick Z
Nick Z 3 years ago
Oh wow you have a dream
Mohamed Monem
Mohamed Monem 4 years ago
It is so sad to see how ignorant people in the comments are so proud of their ignorance. They hate it when when respected professors present thoroughly studied facts, analysis and conclusions, and a broad view of the world. And love to listen to empty ignorant shells like the religious warmongering fanatic Sam Harris.
Suresh Hotwani
Suresh Hotwani 2 years ago
Tony Awan who are in war spirit UP TILL TODAY??still waking up in the morning with heart burning desire to kill people....only that one n only ideology bro..
Suresh Hotwani
Suresh Hotwani 2 years ago
Akbar Yusefzai yes...your father might be somebody who " married" your mother illegally...but allowed by your god...
Suresh Hotwani
Suresh Hotwani 2 years ago
Akbar Yusefzai Killings n murders by people are FORBIDDEN by human law n murderers are IMPRISONED..on the other hand Killings n beheading are ORDERED by Islam.n the murderers are called heroes n awarded with virgins....
Suresh Hotwani
Suresh Hotwani 2 years ago
Akbar Yusefzai Jesus preaches : Love Salvation Forgiveness Way of truth Kindness to human Sacredness of marriage Love towards wife etc...Islam teaches : Kill unbelievers Beat wives Have sex with maids n children Worship n kiss the black stone Have 4 legal wives n unlimited illegal wives...
LogansWarning 2 years ago
Esposito is a sellout for Islam. Runs from the points I make on Islam.
لوسيفر جبريل
Great talk
لوسيفر جبريل
@clarence spencer you are entitled to you opinion
clarence spencer
clarence spencer 4 years ago
yeah, in a wind tunnel
clarence spencer
clarence spencer 4 years ago
The usual self-hating Westerner, considering anyone--anyone--to be better than a Western man. He makes fun of Catholicism and the pope. I dare him to make fun of Islam and their saints, but still hope to live to see the light of the day next week....
Eis Pap
Eis Pap 2 years ago
clarence spencer well do you count also the numbers of Muslims who contributed great works in this world or is it only Isis you count as muslims? If so then you have a great problem and time to seek for help!
Eis Pap
Eis Pap 2 years ago
clarence spencer hey Clarence please post your 72 virgins in the Quran people who don't have knowledge about Quran are mostly have the biggest mouth to speak against it, honestly to surprise you Quran speaks about people like you in surah Al baqarah deaf dumb and blind ! I wish you luck if you can find 72 virgins in the Quran hahhahahah
Bernie8330 3 years ago
Clarence spencer, no not at all - read back through everything you have written, and anything that I have replied to.Nice try.Not sure what you are on about regarding 'Sanders'???
clarence spencer
clarence spencer 3 years ago
wrong posting, Bernie (Sanders?)
Bernie8330 3 years ago
In fact, master Clarence, never mind the end of the civil war in 1865, what about what took place in the south over the following century up until the civil rights movement led my Martin Luther King??? Huh huh huh??????? Who are you to judge anybody?????
mcmemmo 4 years ago
Islam has no Pope, no Magisterium, and thus no way to develope doctrine in a way that must be universally accepted by all Muslims. It weren't for Nostra Aetate, a Roman Catholic majority in the U.S. WOULD BE rightly understood as a threat to the west. Islam's doctrine on Church/State relations is still based on the 7th century Arab conquests! Until this changes, it is not a "phobia" to be concerned about the threat of Muslim majorities to western democracies. Please stop conflating the issue with ad hominem attacks on valid critics of Islam. I am a Roman Catholic and I find this apologetic speech to be as disturbing as listening to the polemics of Pamela Geller.
ICECREAMK1NG1 4 years ago
Delusional stupid old man, who the hell takes this idiot seriously? I guess being a catholic converting to islam makes it easier to worship a paedophile.
Jalal Uddin
Jalal Uddin 4 years ago
WOW I am impressed to see how people reject truth and how people find truth.
Mr Express
Mr Express 2 years ago
sorry robert but hatred has eaten you up. you need to learn and respect. move away from the hatred robert.
Robert Gift
Robert Gift 2 years ago
Jalal Uddin. If trvth, why would anyone reject it? People reject the *laughable forced butt-ups myth of HIslam* because it is man-made *religious myth* .
dunkenus 4 years ago
so many people put interest in Islam here..see those bashers you know how much they love to find out about Islam listening to talks and bash...well thats common even during the time of Prophet Muhammad even the polytheists listened to Quran..:)
LogansWarning 2 years ago
Islam is a disgrace to humanity.
Bradford Hastreiter
Many parts of the Quran predate mr M..... thus his whole story doesn't fly anymore.... what else did he make up?
Francis Mazanet
Francis Mazanet 4 years ago
Nothing worse than a LIBERAL Catholic and that is what he is ... a liberal
There's NO god but ALLAH
+Francis Mazanet _Nothing worse than a LIBERAL Catholic and that is what he is ... a liberal_ *You just discredited the message and focused on the messenger. It is a very sad fact unfortunately and that's one of the reasons why you will remain ignorant about Islam and what it stands for.*
seaplaneguy 4 years ago
If God created all out of nothing, as claimed by Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism claim, and there is evil in the world, then God is EVIL. God cannot create the intelligence or part that makes the choice else the God is evil. Simple logic. For example, who gets the ticket with a Google Car that drives itself? The passenger (no driver) or the car (Google artificial intelligence machine)? The point of choice has the guilt, not the part that does not decide. Guilty act (Actus Reus) and guilty mind (mens rae) are required to convict for a crime. So, to not be guilty as the manufacturer, you need a driver. Same applies to a creature. If God created the intelligence (like the artificial intelligence in a Google car) then all the acts are the fault of God. If there is evil, then God is evil. Bottom line is ALL THREE religions are FALSE. It only takes ONE question to prove they are false. Note: there are religions that don't have God creating the intelligences....
seaplaneguy 4 years ago
@Ali Rezai I watched the video and commented on it. Go read my comment. They admit Allah is evil. Islam has no answers.
Ali Rezai
Ali Rezai 4 years ago
+seaplaneguy Peace be with you my brother, check this video out as it talks about the problem of "evil" that you mentioned "Hamza Tzortzis Response To Stephen Fry On Problem Of Evil"
seaplaneguy 4 years ago
@Maamar Huq I agree, that "blah, blah, blah" sums up Islam.
42BETWO 4 years ago
Delusional...the liberalism is strong in this one.
أحمد عبد المطلب
Some people are putting terms for accepting the existence of Islam, which is to be modified in a way that makes it lose its characteristics totally.
Michael McGuirk
Michael McGuirk 5 years ago
Reform Islam before its too late. The religion is a stone age creed that is not fit for modern society. Covering up should not be compulsory. Homosexuals and apostates should not be chastised or hurt but accepted as other human beings leading their own lives. Judaism and Christianity went through periods of reform to sift out all the nasty stuff. Islam has not fully sifted out its nasty stuff and is in dire need of doing so. Muslims must understand that religion is for the individual and that no one else need to be forced to live a certain way. Let people be happy. Allow women to be free and equal, understand that homosexuality is not a perversion and is not a choice, and do not try to abridge free speech for certain things like cartoons. Reform Islam before its too late; live in the 21st century, not the 7th.
Akbar Yusefzai Covering up is not required in Islam. The literal meaning of Hijab was not covering up.
Akbar Ali Khan
Akbar Ali Khan 3 years ago
Michael McGuirk Islam cannot be reformed. It is never to change. Covering up is required of Islam, because that is the basis of Islam. Piety and decency. If you don't like Islam, no one is forcing you. There are a lot of Ex Muslims. They are not covering up. But if someone accepts Islam, covering up becomes a part of their belief. So what's the point in reforming? By the way, lots of Muslims in Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Egypt don't cover up.
rostomic 4 years ago
+Michael McGuirk Slight misconception here ... islam / sharianism is not a religion, its a political system that requires total submission to their ideology and political system. There is very little to now chance of reforming .. its forbidden!
Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart 5 years ago
Humanity is doomed unless it rejects all religions. Hopefully, Islam would be the first to disappear.
zah123 2 years ago
Richard Stewart Islam was here in the beginning of time and will be here until the horn on Judgement Day is belowing. Read Quran 3:19
Richard Stewart Contrary. The embedded transforming power of Islam will make it more appealing as time goes on.
Sajid Ayub
Sajid Ayub 2 years ago
Keep Dreaming Sir Richard Stewart - There is no harm in Dreaming and trust me its absolutely free... No Offend!
Abdul Hakim
Abdul Hakim 2 years ago
Richard Stewart how old are you ? reflect your thoughts in about a decade or two .
Simor Lanko
Simor Lanko 3 years ago
Richard Stewart keep crying baby and islam is still growing up so fast ;)
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