John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell on Some Good News [FULL INTERVIEW]

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John Krasinski calls Steve Carell to be the first interview for his new show Some Good News. They celebrate The Office's 15 year anniversary and share their favorite memories. More importantly, an excuse for two friends to reconnect with each other.

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Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Cesar Wyde
Cesar Wyde 9 hours ago
and why is Paul Rudd's character on Anchorman on Steve's wall????
Cesar Wyde
Cesar Wyde 9 hours ago
Reminder: Steve Carell is 57 yrs old
Jet gol
Jet gol 11 hours ago
[while they're talkin' about michael and jim's emotional scene] Steve: that was hard one. that was really, that was tough. me: 🙃 you get it
Pushon Islam
Pushon Islam Day ago
My heart my heart my heartttt😭
paras kwatra
paras kwatra Day ago
Yes yes yes.. waiting for the next time you do it together, in the characters... Please involve dwight too..
I just finished the office
Deee S
Deee S 2 days ago
Krasinski was doing this for cash the whole time.
Sophia Wilkinson
Sophia Wilkinson 3 days ago
I actualy think this was the best quarentine show
Rob B
Rob B 3 days ago
The Office The Movie?
David Stedmond
David Stedmond 3 days ago
John Krasinski’s voice sounds different
Nikhil Dharne
Nikhil Dharne 3 days ago
The Anchorman poster!!!!!
Fine Arts With Afnan Rauf
Steve Carell is a national treasure.
Jon M
Jon M 4 days ago
So jim from the office is a youtuber now? I wonder why he decided to quit his job
Techstudio DN
Techstudio DN 4 days ago
Oh I can see tears in Jim's eyes when they talked about Michael's last day in office, it was heartbreaking
Techstudio DN
Techstudio DN 4 days ago
These guys are love
JW Williams
JW Williams 4 days ago
Michel you are so funny and everyone loves you and want to know who was your girlfriend
Super ME
Super ME 4 days ago
Guys u just great ! The office is a real master piece so How about making a new session called ( Michael is back) just more 2 sessions ! . Steve I don't why you left the office, all i know that if u back again Steve Carell u will relive the show ! I think the production company of the office show must think to collaborate again with Steve and the rest of the cast ❤
Maria Dominguez
Maria Dominguez 4 days ago
LOVE these guys FOREVER
Lukas 4 days ago
I haven't seen anyone talking about the video at the end, that was so wicked
Bayanni Rivera
Bayanni Rivera 5 days ago
Who's this Steve Carell that Michael's acting for?
Skeelo 5 days ago
6:44 always gets me....just watching that shedding tears rn. 😢
andrew syndergaard
Why is nobody talking about the lob over the plate at 7:08 that John completely missed?.... "That's what she said!"
Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw 5 days ago
I never understood when actors would be upset when fans will associate the character they played with them. That character is the person we fell in love with and it is YOU who created that character we love. It is refreshing to see that you embrace being "Jim" for that reason.
Maria P
Maria P 5 days ago
john: steve: *laughing hysterically*
MaximumPlayz 5 days ago
I've watched the office 13 times... is that a problem?
Tammy 6237
Tammy 6237 5 days ago
Best interview ever🙋🏻‍♀️
Сергей Фамилия
Ни слова не понял, но очень интересно)
Gary Urich
Gary Urich 6 days ago
The fan vid at the end...Priceless and Timeless!!!
Hestia Demeter
Hestia Demeter 6 days ago
Why do people care for d rated actors like this guy.....the most cringiest and unfunny guy ever
Pablo García
Pablo García 6 days ago
0.24 ''Is this working?'' That's what she said.
Jackey Tsui
Jackey Tsui 6 days ago
Steve doesn't age !
Charlie 6 days ago
*everyone liked that*
Antonio Martínez
" " -She
Carlos Salvetti
Carlos Salvetti 6 days ago
Steve is awesome. John, please Jack Ryan needs to continue. You are the man when it comes to that character.
fati ْ
fati ْ 6 days ago
"say hi to emily" "who is that?" when i tell you i lost it.
Yoshi24 6 days ago
Crazy to see how different Steve looks, makes me sad and feels crazy.
Yoshi24 6 days ago
Hello Jim, wait I meant John.
Botond Bolgar
Botond Bolgar 7 days ago
Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica
Kana Beats
Kana Beats 8 days ago
i am so ready for space force
Lisa D'Amato
Lisa D'Amato 8 days ago
This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. It made me so happy. I literally watch The Office over and over and over again. You guys are amazing and thank you John for SGN. 🙏🏻
Dop eSkiis
Dop eSkiis 8 days ago
That was some great acting.
Guttulus 8 days ago
Sold out.
Yes Yes
Yes Yes 8 days ago
That's what she Said
Brenda Reyes
Brenda Reyes 9 days ago
This show must never be forgotten! These two are such great humans like I wish this show would have kept going. I love them seeing them together ❤️😭
nikolas lovretic
nikolas lovretic 9 days ago
you sold this, shame men
Obi-wan Shinobi
Obi-wan Shinobi 9 days ago
i really wish steve would have said thats what she said when john said you make me smile, jus for old times sake
Yates Webb
Yates Webb 10 days ago
John talks too much in this interview but that’s ok.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 10 days ago
I loved the office so much, I literally watched the series from start to finish 5 times no joke I miss them
Tammy Asher
Tammy Asher 10 days ago
Everyone should unsubscribe to this test audience show. We were so used. Sure he's not donating any if the money he made in his bid to sell show
Emma 10 days ago
great show!
N H 11 days ago
Wow! I love the fan video! AMAZING!
Sigh 11 days ago
Haters will always hate. Congrats for your deal.
Sanika Devdikar
Sanika Devdikar 11 days ago
Vadera Neel
Vadera Neel 11 days ago
you two are rocking my lock down situation PS i would love the rly from steve - "That's what she said"
RMC GAMEZ 12 days ago
I've rewatched the office 4 times and whenever Jim says goodbye to Michael I break
Bradley Bartolino
Bradley Bartolino 12 days ago
4:10 Best blooper/outtake of all time. Convince me I'm wrong.
Jujuba 13 days ago
Great to know they didn't move on... just like us! I miss this show!
Brennan Young
Brennan Young 13 days ago
The song at the end brought back memories
Ella Heckman
Ella Heckman 13 days ago
2:30 the only time i set the bar low is for limbo - Michael Scott
Dave Nilaya
Dave Nilaya 13 days ago
Is that Brian Fantana behind Steve??? :D
mohsen NY
mohsen NY 13 days ago
Honestly, how can anyone dislike this video? It's just a mix of love, happy memories, and awesomeness.
Parks3452 13 days ago
is that Michael Scarn
Charles Self
Charles Self 14 days ago
No Steve, please don't get any older. We need you forever pal.
catie kain
catie kain 14 days ago
petiton for the entire cast to zoom in character | | |
Evan Freeman
Evan Freeman 14 days ago
They should do a segment with the entire cast and have them do a short skit of what the characters would be like in quarantine
Gavin Huang
Gavin Huang 14 days ago
I might buy the Office box set because of this
Vikas Chaudhary
Vikas Chaudhary 14 days ago
Steve should have never left the Office, I have never seen a rerun after he leaves
amarjeet rai
amarjeet rai 14 days ago
I have a confession......I love Jim (the office) and almost hate every other roles he played
Mugdha Pillappa
Mugdha Pillappa 14 days ago
EricTGK 15 days ago
John’s voice sounds different
Nallheli Alcaraz Bringas
I didn't saw The office until last month on Prime Video, all seasons in two weeks, and I just loved it! Im so happy to see you guys doing this!
Jason White
Jason White 15 days ago
Best interview I've seen this year.
Paleojay Bowers
Paleojay Bowers 15 days ago
wish they had a decent mic
Toni T
Toni T 15 days ago
Best show ever!
Jeannie H
Jeannie H 15 days ago
Wonderful show!❤️
B W 15 days ago
( 7:08 ) Steve: that was a hard one THATS WHAT SHE SAID
Brenda Royal
Brenda Royal 15 days ago
Thanks for bringing SO much joy to SO many people.
Walter Nowak
Walter Nowak 15 days ago
THE funniest shows ever. All the characters were so funny. I cannot count the times I watched the entire series. Extraordinary cast. I would love to see a return even for just 1 season.
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 16 days ago
Damm that Steve dude is pretty skinny
The Underwood Planet
Michael cried 😢
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