John Kavanagh's instant reaction to Conor McGregor's 170-pound weigh-in

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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 524
Rya N
Rya N Month ago
Connor should working on getting rid of the weight cut in the ufc
FraserAllDay Month ago
Ah FFS, I give credit where it's due, I dislike Connor, I shot off n maintain I hate his actions punchin old men and throwin things at buses and possible abuse of female, but he made quick work of Cowboy, I expected a longer fight... if he wins rubber match against Diaz I'll give him cred, or if he beats Khabib, but I don't see that happenin.
Benedict Month ago
lol the guy on the right 0:41
janus lie
janus lie Month ago
conor doesnt have to cut weight for this time instead bulking up lol
Signs Month ago
Guy below me is a fucking prick
Avenger No1
Avenger No1 Month ago
Darren till is not even a natural middleweight the guys like over 210 pounds 😂
Magen Colony
Magen Colony Month ago
Lookin like geazy
google Google
google Google Month ago
I cant stand his team
Street Heat
Street Heat Month ago
I’m not a conspiracy theorist but there is something just a little strange about the McGregor camp and I cant put my finger on it.
Brandon White
Brandon White Month ago
Love the answer to the weight cutting. I mean "natural xx" is used so freely. Those dudes you are calling natural are cutting a solid amount of weight.
God King
God King Month ago
DR.Khabib changed McGregor A humbling experience ⭐
x x
x x Month ago
good one lol, now get out your head out of your ass
Jason Olinger
Jason Olinger Month ago
i wonder if he still gets a percentage of Conors purse since it went from 200k in the old days to 15 million hahaha
merctrader Month ago
.....Cowboy leg to head, Conor head to mat, submission. Connor apologises to fans... Conor doesnt get a new coach next UFC and loses again then retires...
P. Brown
P. Brown Month ago
Connor 2nd round KO!
Rick Rojas
Rick Rojas Month ago
Conor needs a real boxing coach not this dude you can tell he's only for the money plus he don't loom like he knows shit
Tj Severino
Tj Severino Month ago
Connor's known for gassing so adding muscle is not that smart, but realistically this is a show fight cerrone way past prime but still big name to get people like omg connor is so great again. Than he gets in ring with ferguson or khabib and gets beat up for however long the fight lasts.
Lukas Maier
Lukas Maier Month ago
It's actually funny how we could just make every weightclass move up by one and it wouldnt matter at all except for the fact that fighters wouldn't have to cut weight.
Mishon Month ago
Conor would kill Justin gaethje my god
Jesus Of Suburbia
Cowboy will win by head kick in round 3, then he will pick mcgregor up and slam dunk him into Dana's man boobs, aw bless....
1226dragon Month ago
Fucking cowboy you better send mcnuggets to retirement goshdarnit
MR. D.
MR. D. Month ago
Cowboy is going to last longer on a bull than with Conner.
MR. D.
MR. D. Month ago
I think Conner means business.
Deven Patel
Deven Patel Month ago
Khabib time
Matthew retard
Matthew retard Month ago
Cowboy doesn't care about winning this fight he wants to compare himself to conor and test himself that's why he said he's gonna try to stand up
Ravi Vaghmaria
Ravi Vaghmaria Month ago
Dan Hardy just casually standing in the background 🤗
Jason Henderson
Jason Henderson Month ago
At 170 lb Cowboys is going to beat Conor
Etienne Bunbury
Etienne Bunbury Month ago
This is the Irish charm that I’ve come to associate with the Irish! Maybe that doesn’t sell but it’s interesting that this guy is central to Conor McGregors development and preparation...
Stable Jeanious
Stable Jeanious Month ago
How many woman has Connor raped now?
roy jennison
roy jennison Month ago
Kavanagh , i would not be leave any thing that comes out his mouth , as he just lies he told when Kabib jumped the cage to slap Connors team mate .
Gerard Guitarist
The fix is in. There's no way the UFC will allow Cowboy to win this fight. Period. Hence the sudden pre fight injury. How can he pass the medical to fight when he has an obvious injury only days before? What a joke. This UFC game, from the perspective of ownership is about one thing and one thing only... MONEY. Period. McGregor is their Golden Goose and they will do whatever is necessary to protect their future profits. Get it straight.
Daniel Rice
Daniel Rice Month ago
People are stupid if you really think Conor walks around at 160ish. He's easily 170 175. P.s. Cowboy is overall bigger than Conor...but look at the lunchboxes on the end of Conor's arms. His hands are huge compares to Cowboys.
pg Month ago
I’m excited about the fight but indifferent about the outcome. I used to be a big Connor fan. But when I saw how he acted in the Khabib Press Conference, and saw the video of him punching that old man in the face.. I wasn’t a fan anymore. I thought “what a rich cocky bully this guy is”. Talking about people’s wives, fathers, sons, etc. Disrespecting people’s religions. Punching elderly men in the face for not wanting to drink his liquor. Fucking prick. Now Connor seems to be acting like he’s past those behaviors. But I’m not sure if I’m buying it. I hope it’s genuine because I love a good redemption story. A part of me that was once a fan of Connor wants him to win. But there’s also another part of me that wouldn’t mind him getting knocked out. And who better to knock him out than Cowboy? Every bully deserves some karma. Should be a fun fight to watch. Regardless of everything I’m happy Connor’s fighting again
Tracy Gun'z
Tracy Gun'z Month ago
Kinda weird, but he is the only MMA coach I know by name lol. Gotta go with my own though. USA and Cowboy... Cowboy by KO-Head Kick!
T Nicho
T Nicho Month ago
I dunno man I feel on fight night Cerrone is gunna be a lot bigger and Connor is just going to be just bang on 170
wobbly nostrils
wobbly nostrils Month ago
Dan Hardy in background.
TDsly Month ago
Cowboy is FOOKED🥊💯
The purple Warrior
All this talk of a it been the first fight of his season.....sounds like an excuse id he gets beaten..as theres the rest of the season to come...its all bollix..a fighter..fights one fight at a time..complete focus on one fight..i hope he wins because hes finished if he doesnt..
TerraLPU Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-hfA8nwYFKZM.html no way?! i like you!
Lorem Junior
Lorem Junior Month ago
Is that SHEAMUS !!??? IN THE background?
waseem Barahmeh
waseem Barahmeh Month ago
That’s dan hardy mate
Andrew Majin
Andrew Majin Month ago
I am very close in age to Conor. I have naturally began to carry more weight and have more naturally "full" frame. I am not an elite athlete, but I stay in good shape. He should be stronger and more adjusted to the weight since he carries it naturally. I think people forget he was the 145lb champ when he fought Nate both times. This should be an awesome fight
Angelo Matta
Angelo Matta Month ago
Conor did look phenomenal at the weight in
Southern Gypsy
Southern Gypsy Month ago
A yes man to a rapist. Sad and pathetic!
DankzIsh Month ago
I really hope he doesn't run out of gas after round 1 other than that he looks BIG!!
kyren Month ago
hope he's not gonna gas out within 2 rounds like in his previous fights at 170. I know he went 25 minutes with Nate so his cardio isn't as bad as some people think but it's insane to ignore how much conor faded before the the 2nd round even ended in that fight, and at the time he was a few pounds lighter than he is now. he has never weighed in heavier for a fight. I hope he knows what he's doing.
Gerry Connolly
Gerry Connolly Month ago
mac in da 2nd
Remus Month ago
The eminem song at the end is so fitting, good job team!
Remus Month ago
@Matt Coughlan was over before i finished my drink! Good fight
Matt Coughlan
Matt Coughlan Month ago
Remus some win🇮🇪✅
Remus Month ago
@Matt Coughlan "Without me"
Matt Coughlan
Matt Coughlan Month ago
It’s so good, u know the song name?
robert de niro
robert de niro Month ago
Spot on about being a natural welterweight in that division compared to the majority, closest to his walking around weight but hey... all the belts yeehawwwwww
No.7 Sly
No.7 Sly Month ago
Cowboy to keep McGregor at distance by using smart leg kicks,,cowboy will use all of the octagon and foot movement to make McGregor gas out and probably in round 4 The Cowboy will take McGregors head off with a high kick and so begins McGregors retirement from MMA. You read it here first folks.
No.7 Sly
No.7 Sly Month ago
@Muiris Egan true story, and hopefully we'll see it again soon inside the octagon.
Muiris Egan
Muiris Egan Month ago
@No.7 Sly Well I guess an advantage conor has, is that nobody has seen him fight for what has felt like 10 years 😂, so he had unpredictability going into the fight
No.7 Sly
No.7 Sly Month ago
@Muiris Egan I don't think cowboy was expecting the quick start from McGregor and the head kick totally surprised him, it's not like McGregor to throw them, but yah I didn't like to see how quick Cowboy was finished, he's one of the old stock fighters and a real fan favourite.
Muiris Egan
Muiris Egan Month ago
@No.7 Sly I know cowboy is a great fighter, but it was surprising to see how quickly conor ended it
No.7 Sly
No.7 Sly Month ago
@Muiris Egan I know.. What a performance, he came with intent and delivered.
xlifewritex Month ago
I bet nates pissed off that the UFC showed his worst moments in that fight lol. Nate lights a joint! fuck the UFC and goes on another 5 year hiatus
nicelysaid Month ago
The more I listen to John's recent interviews , the more I see him kinda distancing himself a lil bit from Conor's fight. Idk he doesn't sound like the head coach , especially his interview with Ariel, his phrasing where not as if he run this camp.
nicelysaid Month ago
LastbutNotFirst yeah I sensed that Conor was avoided the question in press conference. I think it's bcz of John's comments after Khabib's fight about Conor need to convince him to coach him again. The worst thing that Conor might have is Yes men around him.
LastbutNotFirst Month ago
mcregor hired a personal camp this time around. i think the coach is around while conor is just staying in shape.. but when game time comes, connor gets his camp/sparring partners and doesnt use kavannaugh.
HULK-ROGAN Month ago
Reporter: What's biggest difference here at 170 John: Me: hold my beer John, that's easy, Conor chose this weight this time. He was forced to 170 even in rematch
Granulated Month ago
DId Cerrone cut ? I'm a wee bit concerned that if he did then he's gonna show at 200ish !
Think unthoughtful thoughts
Not gonna say Peds cos its cerrone but he was NEVER making 55 if this was a LW bout so ill just say hes got a great dietion
leather Guy
leather Guy Month ago
McGregor is a drug addict Rapist
302QuestSwap Month ago
0:54 1:03 and 1:14 You’re welcome
It’s a 3 min video lol just watch it
Rehan Mohamed
Rehan Mohamed Month ago
302QuestSwap erm
El Kay
El Kay Month ago
Conor is gonna knockout him on second round in the first 2 minutes! He will acclimate in the first round to see how his body reacts and in the second he is gonna counter him while Cowboy try to go inside!
El Kay
El Kay Month ago
@Wide Awake when it happens come back and ask me how i knew it ....
Wide Awake
Wide Awake Month ago
Shut up. You’re only making assumptions
JR LAKIN Month ago
Jacked V Ripped
Red 91
Red 91 Month ago
Dan hardy in the back looking like a jackass extra from the 2000s.
Jason Olinger
Jason Olinger Month ago
This poor guy has to repeat himself constantly and come up with different ways to say the same things haha great guy
Jason Olinger
Jason Olinger Month ago
Smile like a donut 🍩
Signs Month ago
Shut up
jino y
jino y Month ago
Good man!
Pik Osyris
Pik Osyris Month ago
Jason Olinger Must be so difficult. How does one man do so much? 😒
gaff Gaff
gaff Gaff Month ago
This guy has a shady look on his face he's got that 🐍 look about him he also looks like a proper snitch to me just them snitch white boys
BlackPill Jesus
BlackPill Jesus Month ago
Living Legend
Living Legend Month ago
Chopped and looking at the weirdo camera men we hear
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