John Kavanagh prefers Conor McGregor to keep fighting at 170 pounds | Ariel Helwani's MMA Show

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On Ariel Helwani's MMA Show, SBG Ireland and Conor McGregor's head coach John Kavanagh discusses what he thought of McGregor's main-event knockout of Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. He says he wants McGregor to also fight again quickly, but he'd be surprised if it wasn't before the summer. If anything, Kavanagh said he would want McGregor to fill in for Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov. Kavanagh also gives his stance on whether McGregor should fight Jorge Masvidal and Justin Gaethje as well.
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Jan 20, 2020




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Comments 1 748
Rahim Floki
Rahim Floki 11 days ago
Great man, great coach!
Doc Dreamer
Doc Dreamer 18 days ago
Fight at 170 for 155 belt. What a bunch of welfare Queens.
MMA GURU Bloopers
MMA GURU Bloopers 19 days ago
Anyone been to UFC before ...what's the best seats for view Vs price ?
Kyla 20 days ago
With out Kavanagh. Conor wouldn’t be where he is today. In his teens Conor double crossed his coach Kavanagh. Kavanagh didn’t want nothing to do with Conor, too ashamed of his actions Until........
Kyla 20 days ago
You can be a fighter but without a reputable Club backing you & organising professional fights on you’re behalf, you’re just another street fighter
Juggling Taxi Famous
Ariel Helwains MMA Show John Kavanagh interview abut Conor McGregor, I know he want’s to fight Khabib, I think Khabib should fight at T 170 . I apologize John Kavanagh, got a little exited, me to it only in respect.. Just like John said take a risk, I did that day with John.
Roman Kresne
Roman Kresne 20 days ago
Meanwhile Khabib is cutting from 190 to 145 just to choke small guys and being undefeated :D
Mike Cowboy
Mike Cowboy 21 day ago
I préfer him to retire. hé is bad for thé sports with is t rash talking and no respect for is opponent
Alex Emery
Alex Emery 22 days ago
John ur awesome. Take care brother.
Youssef Zaharna
Youssef Zaharna 22 days ago
Cowboy level changed up before Conor sprawled. Cowboy had no intention of completing a take down
Tom A
Tom A 22 days ago
Conor is 5ft 7, and he’s going to fight 6ft 2 170 pounders? Cmon
ProgrammingWithSid 22 days ago
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to tell Gary V. to create daily content
Richard Kovacs
Richard Kovacs 22 days ago
Mcgregor is back and suddenly everybodys value went down 200%. Masvidal didnt get the expected interaction from conor. Instead he stod there in a robe conor used long ago and looked like a psyko. Lmfao
Jon Gurniak
Jon Gurniak 22 days ago
It must of been easy for Conor to be so good against such an underwhelming opponent.
Grady Whitman
Grady Whitman 22 days ago
This guys delusional if he thinks Conor can bang with legit welters...Usman, Woodley, Masvidal etc, those guys walk around near 200lbs, they would literally walk through him.
King Richard
King Richard 23 days ago
Conor is lucky to have John. And John is lucky to have Conor.
wheelmanstan 23 days ago
his coach wants him to fight knock-out artists at 170? wow
Josh Hernandez
Josh Hernandez 23 days ago
nitla asalp
nitla asalp 23 days ago
Boring boring boring
nitla asalp
nitla asalp 23 days ago
Conor fighting at 170 stupid and boring and very desperate on ufc part
patrick pilkington
patrick pilkington 23 days ago
John Kavanagh is the best. True Irish indomitable spirit and love of life. He looks like the cat who swallowed the canary as if he’s living a life he never expected to live. God Bless you John. America, Boston, the Boston Irish, we all love ya!☘️
Red Panda Music
Red Panda Music 24 days ago
Guys check out Punchlines Podcast for the exclusive Gaethje interview references here
jasmin chaudhari
jasmin chaudhari 24 days ago
John Kavanagh is a genius man.
Cameron Harouch
Cameron Harouch 24 days ago
What a coach ! What a personality 💪🏽❤
Ein 24 days ago
john kavanagh frusciante
PJ Mac Fadden
PJ Mac Fadden 24 days ago
Ariel " i'll ask the same question over and over again" Helwani
Serena Transistor Felix Archibald III
they are definitely tentative about accepting that Masvidal bout.
J Galvin
J Galvin 24 days ago
A true legend.
Ioan Medcraft
Ioan Medcraft 24 days ago
John “Systems” Kavanagh
morris Laslo
morris Laslo 24 days ago
Connor beats a 4 and 3 over the last two years fighter in another weight class but passes Gaethje in the UFC 155lb rankings and no one is talking about this. Cerone didn't have to take a fall he's become a palooka.
Miguelangel Diaz
Miguelangel Diaz 24 days ago
I absolutely love how Ariel is trying to help make and in a way instigate the Conor vs Jorge fight. He knows what WE want !!
Fred Geller
Fred Geller 24 days ago
Say what you want about Conor but that man is loyal. Still with his day 1 crew even with all money and fame. Still with his day 1 woman too.
WeAreLive! 25 days ago
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to tell David Goggins to “stay hard” 😂
Joe Frisco
Joe Frisco 25 days ago
Connor fight at 170 will hopefully get us a 165$lb division
Joe Frisco
Joe Frisco 25 days ago
LEE BRANDON 25 days ago
the masvidal fight would be sweet yeah but it's always gonna be there. masvidal do your own thing man quick sweating other dudes. masvidal and usman need to fight. if masvidal wins the belt and defends it he will make millions. forge ur own path. conor should fight gaethje to dispose of the highest ranked LW then take on the khabib/ tony winner. perfect.
LEE BRANDON 25 days ago
tony and khabib will happen, it better. i don't want to see conor jump in at last minute i want him to have a full training camp to prepare for either guy. he's not gonna have a full training camp in hopes of something pulling out is he?? he should fight justin gaethje at 170 so all the people bitching will shut up and then fight the winner of khabib/tony. hopefully it's tony but i think khabib will smash tony.
ethnicAlbert 25 days ago
no one has ever got out of bed and got smacked by a bus. unless you sleep in the road
Shrute Farms
Shrute Farms 25 days ago
The most pleasant insightful man in MMA!! Love coach Kavanaugh!
Jeff T
Jeff T 25 days ago
Keep fighting at 170? Man idk if that's a smart choice. I say Conor should go back down to 155.
Kazushi Shaquraba
Kazushi Shaquraba 25 days ago
McGregor gets the underhook 1:42
Aaron Redding
Aaron Redding 25 days ago
Ariel plis shut up. Just accept the fight between Conor vs Gaethje. the two most entertaining fighters in the UFC
Buddy Evans
Buddy Evans 25 days ago
Love John
MrLewger 25 days ago
Conor got wrecked by a 155 wrestler, a 170 wrestler would be like a bear fighting a toddler.
James Jordan
James Jordan 25 days ago
Ariel is so beta
Nat Rfc
Nat Rfc 25 days ago
Shut up ya welsh Schmuk
The Zero Conditional
Great interview!
LR266 25 days ago
I agree Gaethje should be next but it should be at 155 pounds.
santanu malakar
santanu malakar 25 days ago
As we know Masvidal wants to fight Connor just for money ,its not about winning or losing its just money!!!but Connor has a vision towards belts , being champion again for respect!!In real Masvidal is too big for Connor as he needs to Cut weight but connor need not!!
Anonymous Tracks
Anonymous Tracks 25 days ago
I like the Gaethje fight for Conor but if he is serious about the 155lb belt then he should make the weight cut. I understand that they are both lightweights not making a weight cut but the weight cut is apart of the process. Just because he is Conor doesn’t mean he deserves that sort of special treatment. It’s not like Khabib can weigh in at 170 when he fights Tony in April. If he could it would make weight specific belts pointless!
Tiago Mota
Tiago Mota 25 days ago
Happy for you John!
wipemysmile 25 days ago
I guess welterweight fighters are more likely to take a big check and roll over for McRapist like cowgirl did.
Stay Tuned
Stay Tuned 25 days ago
best drake interview to date
Lduds 25 days ago
I couldn’t focus on anything other than the huge vein on john’s face
Sam Allen
Sam Allen 25 days ago
We want the 155lbs belt but want the competition at 170 In what world does that make sense
Seth Feroce
Seth Feroce 25 days ago
Such a lovable guy !
Soulware3D - Soulvex
Conor said something along the lines of "I'd kill that previous version of me".
Chris Shergie
Chris Shergie 25 days ago
Ecxept I dont think Justin cuts weight already and he still fights at 155...if thats true conors gonna have to bite the bullet and fight at 155.
i.e.m. 26 days ago
Conor should listen to his coach. He looked like a beast at 170. Even his shoulder strikes nearly KOed Cowboy. Normally they just annoy you. Conor looks explosive even at 170, fast and super-strong. The only problem I see Conor having in this division is against crotch-sniffer Usman who has the body of a middleweight. But if Conor lets his hands go, he will not let him get near him. I think he is more exciting at 170. Just my opinion.
I am the bored life 99
Masvidal is the fight
Ian Christensen
Ian Christensen 26 days ago
John Kavanagh>justin gaethje is my personal favorit!!! Yes Baby. Wanna see that fight
J Dizzle
J Dizzle 26 days ago
Conor is going to fight Barbie next then bambie.
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