Joel Osteen - Unconditional Trust

Joel Osteen
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It’s easy to trust God when things are going our way, but what about when things aren’t going our way? Are you frustrated or unhappy because something is not working out like you think it should? That’s conditional trust.
Let Joel teach you how to have unconditional trust in what God is doing in your life.
Psalm 138:8 promises us that “God will work out His plan for your life.” You don’t have to work it out. You don’t have to make it all happen in your own strength and fight all of your battles. God knows what’s best for you. Instead of living life frustrated, you can live contented and restful, trusting in God’s timing.
This is Message #721 “Unconditional Trust“ by Joel Osteen. For more inspirational messages, visit www.JoelOsteen.com/Messages

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Mar 26, 2017




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Shaludah Harris
Shaludah Harris 2 days ago
Praise God 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Kolinio Bulivakarua
Inspiring indeed, Sir, God bless you always and your blessed family in Jesus Name Amen.
Rahul Bhuria
Rahul Bhuria 8 days ago
God Bless You Joel
Sheroyl Stl
Sheroyl Stl 14 days ago
Thanks Joel for sharing the powerful sermon,very encouraging, Hallelujah 👍✌👏
Darren Hughes
Darren Hughes 18 days ago
Awesome word !!
Dharmender Rawat
Dharmender Rawat 18 days ago
I love you Joel Sir.... God Bless you😁
So You
So You 19 days ago
Amen in Jesus name amen amen and amen pastor 🙏
So You
So You 19 days ago
Amen amen and amen 🙏
So You
So You 19 days ago
Amen 😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Michael Kativa
Michael Kativa 21 day ago
Thanks for this message God bless you pastor Joel Osteen powerful man
AL Mutizira
AL Mutizira 24 days ago
Thank you ,I'm am highly motivated by your sermons,I'm blsd to have you in my life
Sonji Nonnon
Sonji Nonnon 25 days ago
Thank U Pastor Joel Osteen 4 This Beautiful Message From God, I Enjoyed It Totally; May God Continue 2 Richly Bless Ur Ministry Always! Staten Island, NY November 3, 2020 Happy Voting Day.
Rowena Gonzales
Rowena Gonzales 27 days ago
Thank you for this beautiful message from God.. I needed this at this moment. Amen to God!
GillC 29 days ago
Listening for the second time... and I know it won't be the last - This is just brilliant!
GillC 29 days ago
Adimchinaka Onyejekwulum
I'd trust you unconditionally dear Jesus
Saving the Farm!
When we have this baby then we'll be happy. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's not how babies work.
Catherine Trancess
Lord, I put my trust in you. I love you. ❤
Andrea Kingsley
Andrea Kingsley Month ago
Message me on Whatsapp+1 972-752-1665
Anhi Domeh
Anhi Domeh Month ago
Thank you for your inspire message.🙏🙏🙏
mmirandam22 Month ago
Unconditional trust, difficult but the best way to show God we trust him. 🙏
neethi sridharan
Amen Amen Amen
Princess Whitener
Wow powerful sermon!!!!! Take it to God and leave it!!!!!
Thanks Pastor Joe for all you inspiring messages..I’ve been watching you every day
Nina W
Nina W Month ago
blessed day here in aruba
Dion Maticic
Dion Maticic Month ago
I really appreciate this message about passing the test, trusting God even when things don't happen to go your way Amen👍
Gina Month ago
Gretchen Whitmer Partake of this bread (​Triscuit) and be protected from kidnapping plot 💪 Kenneth Copeland ​​
Biyo Lisu
Biyo Lisu Month ago
Inspired word of God. Thank you sir. May God bless you.
mary jane talbo
mary jane talbo Month ago
pls Pastor Joel Osteen,pls pray for me to heal and touch the heart and soul of my fiance ,Jesus Tenllado.Amen
Gabe Hern
Gabe Hern Month ago
I enjoy listening to Joel he brings God's in a great way..love God with all my life..Amen.God bless you and your family.
Tee Lewis
Tee Lewis Month ago
🙏🏽💜 Thanks Pastor. Much love. 🙌🏽👌🏾
Mabel Britto
Mabel Britto Month ago
I love your preaching it gives me great comfort
Mabel Britto
Mabel Britto Month ago
I love your preaching it gives me great comfort
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner Month ago
AM GOING THROUGH IT JOEL...AM GOINV THROUGH IT BOTH WHERE I LIVE AND WORKPLACE...FIGHT FOR ME GOD..GOD Am still gonna hanoured you...and am still gonna trust you...i won't give up ..am holding unto my great God. Stay with me Gox let me finished it...i have noond on my side but you alone God...you alone in jesus powerful name 🙌 🙏❤♥....
Melojane Nepacena
Thank you Lord for unconditional love.🙏🙏🙏
lea reyes
lea reyes Month ago
Thank God for both Pastor Joel and Victoria!
Leigh Volmary
Leigh Volmary Month ago
That was an awesome message really made me think hard about what I value. I love you and Joel so much. Y'all help me daily with my walk with Christ. My motivation is strengthen everyday by both your words of encouragement. God Bless you both.
Debt Commander
Debt Commander Month ago
Say it Joel: JESUS. Just once. Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior.
Larry Vargas
Larry Vargas Month ago
I run mint.
Nyebaza Shivan
Nyebaza Shivan 2 months ago
Gloria Dennison
Gloria Dennison 2 months ago
Thank you for your great living sermon you give. Love to listen to your Son, Jon. Good sermon.
Meena Solomon
Meena Solomon 2 months ago
Beautiful message love to hear from you the word of God 🙏🙏🙏
Samuel Muthu
Samuel Muthu 2 months ago
God Jesus bless you sir
Hawerd Barbee
Hawerd Barbee 2 months ago
Joel and Victoria are awesome
JAMES RUTH 2 months ago
Thanks sir God bless you 🙏💐
Maggie Me
Maggie Me 2 months ago
Maggie Me
Maggie Me 2 months ago
Faith is trusting God when life doesn’t make sense!
god563616 2 months ago
Can't wait to get back to church
Jean Lewis
Jean Lewis 2 months ago
Carlorine Baliruno
Carlorine Baliruno 2 months ago
thank you God for how your providing to us
Jolokeni Kunga-Kohe
Jolokeni Kunga-Kohe 2 months ago
God,please work out your plan in my life ,in my husband's life and in my children's life.bless and protect my sister Martha.
I had a friend who I had unconditional trust. But they blew it and now I am not that person's friend anymore.
Sonia Castaneda
Sonia Castaneda 2 months ago
I am so grateful, and appreciate my family, I so blessed God gives to me a beautiful mother that grew up me on my knees prays the Lord, and all my family serve the Lord, thanks jesucristo for my beautiful family
Erlinda Jalandoon
Erlinda Jalandoon 2 months ago
Lord Jesus solve my problem amen
Jane Wilker
Jane Wilker 2 months ago
Wonderful teachings! Thank you
Erlinda Jalandoon
Erlinda Jalandoon 2 months ago
Dear Pastor i please pray for me and my school i have big problem i have worries thank you so much for a very inspuring message help us to setle all these i have property somewhere in san vicente Palawan to solve it please help me pray that tgere is someone who buy that to solve these problem
Rich Girl
Rich Girl 2 months ago
Wow" say it now
Uni 2 months ago
I love God and he works in mysterious ways - thanks for preaching Joel - your video has reached all the way to Melbourne Australia - i pray the Lord bless you and i look forward to more of his messages - thank you - Praise God almighty.
Paul Simon
Paul Simon 2 months ago
Bondye papa nou bezwen w
Cara Mia
Cara Mia 2 months ago
My dad died of cancer. God took my dad out of the cancer.
Cara Mia
Cara Mia 2 months ago
Voltaire Cruz
Voltaire Cruz 2 months ago
God bless us in His own way and timing just trust Jesus unconditionally ...
Grace Ismail
Grace Ismail 2 months ago
Morning thanks fr the word
Irene Alvarado
Irene Alvarado 2 months ago
I have two addicts in my life my son n a daughter. N I like want it out of my life. N the girl like never stops talking n bugging the son is just mentally like in his own world but messes with my stuff
Champa Seebunheuang
Champa Seebunheuang 2 months ago
Thankyou :)
Sonia Robert
Sonia Robert 2 months ago
Beautiful 🌹 msg
Sonia Robert
Sonia Robert 2 months ago
God bless you all
Jacqueline Biala
Jacqueline Biala 2 months ago
Tessy Dick
Tessy Dick 2 months ago
Am not doing life on my own but by the strength of God.
Coney Tulod
Coney Tulod 2 months ago
IM so proud that my family and I have a picture with this Eloquent speaker
angela kelley
angela kelley 2 months ago
kathure doris
kathure doris 2 months ago
Joel you always insipire me l can't go a day without listening to your sermon ..each time am turned in your Channel my strength is renowned
BRAVE ARTISTS 3 months ago
Your guys styles are not the same and that's a good thing. I find his sermons more big picture and abstract and her messages more everyday practicality and that's a good thing their difference in preaching styles. It's impressive Victoria has her own style stepping into such big shoes after her husband's sermons and hey ladies how cool is it to see a woman preaching. We have all heard that women are not supposed to preach. Making history in the church.
BRAVE ARTISTS 3 months ago
What a great outfit Joel's wife is wearing, cool and sophisticated. Who says modesty is boring.
N N Edwards
N N Edwards 3 months ago
Trust God.
Katrina Clarke
Katrina Clarke 3 months ago
God how I needed to hear this... thank you Jesus
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas 3 months ago
Arun Karen
Arun Karen 3 months ago
Praise be to God 👆🙏👍🌸🌸 God bless you pastor Joel osteen 🙌👆👏👏👏🌸👍 God bless your family and your ministry 💐💐👏👍 God bless all 👍🌸💐
Vijaya Nethala
Vijaya Nethala 3 months ago
Thank u for this wonderful message
Hellen Komo
Hellen Komo 3 months ago
Thank you so much Victoria this message just make me to remember some thing may God continue to bless you and your family in Jesus name amen
Hellen Komo
Hellen Komo 3 months ago
Jahzem Enterprise
Jahzem Enterprise 3 months ago
Anugrah Stephen Topno
Amen , blessed .
J Rambo
J Rambo 3 months ago
This guy is a real hero.
Thanakrit siripatwattanakul
Thank so much for your sermon ,very good indeed and help me to have great faith in God .Your mission is so wonderful and helpful.
Clement Ilunga
Clement Ilunga 3 months ago
GOD I trust that you have it all under control. Please order my steps. In JESUS' name!
Yoga With Rowena
Yoga With Rowena 3 months ago
thank you, i believe and trust god on his will for me...
Sword 3 months ago
Thank You Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth For Everything, For Life!
linah korikori
linah korikori 3 months ago
Susan Ndegwa
Susan Ndegwa 4 months ago
Rita Sharp
Rita Sharp 4 months ago
Thank you so much for inspiration
Juel raith
Juel raith 4 months ago
Pastor keep us in mind in yours prayers Amen and Amen
Juel raith
Juel raith 4 months ago
Amen and Amen hallelujah hosanna who is in the highest praise the Lord
TheSavage Gamer
TheSavage Gamer 4 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing God’s word!
Linda Eley
Linda Eley 4 months ago
Hello my Joel and church family. Love Linda Eley
Whitney Witherspoon
Whitney Witherspoon 4 months ago
I’m not Christians but I appreciate the Christian perspective of faith and hope. Thank you
sky summers
sky summers 4 months ago
Thank you joel for being such a great teacher. You have helped me in so many ways.
Penso Positivo
Penso Positivo 4 months ago
🙌🙏💗 I’m grateful! Thank you for the reminder
Sarah Chwyl
Sarah Chwyl 4 months ago
Such a beautiful reminder... A Daily Prayer of Gratitude.. A Heartfelt Thanksgiving for the Blessings Bestowed Upon Us,Amen.❤️🙏🏻
Keember-Laine Billote
I was amazed by the story. Thank u Pastor Joel I am enlightened in every words and stories u tell. I am Catholic, my parents are also Catholic and my husband is Catholic. God bless us all!
Araceli Barocio
Araceli Barocio 4 months ago
this message gave me hope I am dealing with a lot at this moment in my life but God is on the throne and that's all that matters
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