Joel Osteen - Favor in the Storm

Joel Osteen
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You don’t have to be intimidated by trouble and trials any longer; God is right there with you through any challenge. His favor is going to make things happen that you didn’t see coming.
It’s easy to believe we have favor when good things are happening, but Joel wants to show you how we have favor even in the challenge. God will cause you to succeed in the middle of trouble. He’s not limited by our conditions; He’s limited by our thinking. When you believe, all things are possible.
This is message #757, "Favor in the Storm", by Joel Osteen. For more inspirational messages, visit www.JoelOsteen.com/Messages.

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Mar 18, 2018




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Gary Mitcham
Gary Mitcham 3 days ago
I love this ministry. I am struggling to feel courageous . I’m walking by faith and not by my own works for the first time in my life tonight. Peace to all.
What happened To
What happened To 5 days ago
God bless Joel and his family
mikita Harris
mikita Harris 5 days ago
I would to ask for pray
ProgramThis! 17 days ago
20:00 thank you!!
Christopher William
Jerry Jones Troy Akmin Cross Roy King Dome your own Turf
arpik markosyan
arpik markosyan 20 days ago
Pastor Fred C Arriola
Wonderful God.
Chelsea Padgett
Chelsea Padgett 23 days ago
Zithulele Sidwell Ntshudu
Favour is God's miracles when you are in trouble, almighty intervene with his miracles ".May God bless you Pastor Joel Osteen for inspiring sermon.
MatheLyn Rebenito
MatheLyn Rebenito 26 days ago
Yes Amen I'm surrounded with the favor of God, The favor that can deliver me from all the debts, legal problems and sickness in Jesus Name
TlakiTa Matlakala
TlakiTa Matlakala 28 days ago
Can someone share the scripture about the man who had to re-build the temple. Please, it really touched me 🙏
Leeann Oelf
Leeann Oelf 29 days ago
Amen,thank you Jesus
So You
So You Month ago
Amen pastor 🙏
Mike J Flores
Mike J Flores Month ago
Thank you Joel ..thank you...for I KNOW the Lord gives me great teaching's and lessons through your cermons... favor indeed I hope and pray Amen.
Daniel Greene
Daniel Greene Month ago
The traps that the enemies set up for me, they will end up falling into themselves. Amen.
Lodson Almeida
Lodson Almeida Month ago
If you are gonna follow Jesus for wrong reasons you too are gonna end up betraying him like Judas who followed only so he could get power and prestige. God Bless 🙏
Lodson Almeida
Lodson Almeida Month ago
Not criticising Joel or anyone here, I love Joel and appreciate his awesome sermons. God Bless 🙏
Be Gracious 8
Be Gracious 8 Month ago
Thank you, amen
Kuburat Ajao
Kuburat Ajao Month ago
What a great message.
Deborah Stark
Deborah Stark Month ago
I love each and every message just life changing
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Meyer Month ago
Amen 🙏❤️👼
Beatrice wanjiku Ritho
Am Beatrice am so blessed God bless u man of God.
Princess Whitener
Help me Lord! Let my daughter see things as they are..... Let me have favor to see a change soon!!!! My mothers family has taken and destroyed my daughters way of thinking!!!!! Please please please! I miss my daughter so much!!!! They have always been jealous of our relationship!
Carrol Lindsay
Carrol Lindsay Month ago
Thank youPastor Ostend this sermon is what I needed to hear. God’s favor is on my side.
burton mbewe
burton mbewe Month ago
i am blessed burton mbewe from zambia africa
Angelina Bara
Angelina Bara Month ago
Arthur Len
Arthur Len 2 months ago
That's not the way of preaching!
Njideka Patricia
Njideka Patricia 2 months ago
God Pls favour morten and his enter family.bless me too and my family.thank u my lord .it is done
Georgina Capioso
Georgina Capioso 2 months ago
Deborah Mcadam
Deborah Mcadam 2 months ago
I thank you lord for favor,for your mercy and for your grace.Thank you Jesus.
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner 2 months ago
Thank you God 😊 💓 Thank you God 😊 💓 Thank you God 😊 💓 Thank you God 😊 💓 Thank you God 😊 💓 Thank you God 😊 💓 God i Thank you for favouring me that the enemy dont defeated me I thank you God for everything 🙏 🙌 ❤ I love you God special ❤ 💖
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner 2 months ago
Thank you for favouring me in this storm...yes joel for spirituals message...i thank you God for everything in jesus powerful name 🙌 🙏❤♥....
Jessica Tindi
Jessica Tindi 2 months ago
This is my Bible. I am what it's says Iam. I have what it's says I have. I can do what it's says I can do. Today I will taught the word of God. I boldly confess,my mind is alert,my heart is receptive. I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME IN JESUS' NAME. GOD BLESS YOU. We love you Joel Osteen here in Uganda,Africa. Thanks for changing our lives.
Freeda Dsouza
Freeda Dsouza 2 months ago
Thanks u lord your favours r there on me and my family in Jesus mighty name Amen.
David Nava
David Nava 2 months ago
You will always be in my father's hearth. Your a good man
Anni Smalberger
Anni Smalberger 2 months ago
Over the years your family have been such a great encouragement, comfort etc to me...I Thankyou all for your love...a family (including those who support you in every area) who hold up the arms of others....that's the vision I get....sending love & blessings to all...
Gina Jansen
Gina Jansen 2 months ago
This was perfect sermon for me. Thank You Joe Osteen🙏🙏🙏🙏
Althea Lindsay
Althea Lindsay 2 months ago
AMEN sir please pray for me and my family thank u
Said Alsharif
Said Alsharif 2 months ago
Thank you very much and God bless you and protect you you and your family and your ministry keep the good work and please please please never change you can change for the better I don’t know if you can do better than that
stefano 2 months ago
Everytime I have negative thoughts,I think of joel and everything bad in my mind disappears...I have downloaded him in my phone and mind
chebet eudius
chebet eudius 2 months ago
Glory to Jesus.Great messages from our BRO Joel.God blessings.
JOEFLO 3 months ago
Diana Yowela
Diana Yowela 3 months ago
Amen and l receive the favor of Jesus Christ Amen🙏
Jordan Vas
Jordan Vas 3 months ago
Pray vaccine to come soon as God Jesus loved,healed n died 4 all to take ur punishment of ur sins upon Himself n arose frm the grave on the 3rd day.....C 'miracles of Jesus' in Google!....
Tasheka Short
Tasheka Short 3 months ago
I have the Favor in the storm I will not fear.
Mzilikazi Bafana
Mzilikazi Bafana 3 months ago
Joel is a Blessing to my Life. God has sent Him with a Purpose to Our Lives. Every morning I send his wonderful preaching to my friends.. God Bless You Man God.
matilda Amponsah
matilda Amponsah 3 months ago
am soo blessed in Jesus name
JENNIFER GARCIA 3 months ago
God has raised you up for such a time as this to bring hope to many. God bless you and your family.
Peter Osteen
Peter Osteen 3 months ago
Amen 🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐
Ronald Jeremy Siciliano
Amen I recieve IN JESUS NAME
Celeste Davids
Celeste Davids 3 months ago
August 2020 I lost my job in March and yet God's still providing. Amen!
Anugrah Stephen Topno
Amen , blessed .
Mary Sebente
Mary Sebente 3 months ago
Thank you God that you are opening doors that no man can shut.
Evans Grimball
Evans Grimball 3 months ago
I watch Joel Osteen every morning and night. Thank you for your sermons. My life and my mind is changing everyday. Thank you God for Joel.. Thank you for coming into my life of struggles and amending my life to better. Amen..
Agnes Richards
Agnes Richards 3 months ago
Amen Amen
Xandra Cayat
Xandra Cayat 3 months ago
Amen thank you for all your prayer pastor Joel Godbless you more and your family
Young Riley Laramike
Amen I start my morning with Joel
Freeda Dsouza
Freeda Dsouza 3 months ago
Favours r there with me and my family God has put hid favours on us in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Teresa Agbayani
Teresa Agbayani 3 months ago
Yes Lord amen 🙏
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 3 months ago
In Jesus name amen and amen 🙏
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 3 months ago
Sophia Youboty
Sophia Youboty 3 months ago
Christine Franco
Christine Franco 3 months ago
Ooun it p
Esther Ohale
Esther Ohale 4 months ago
Thank you so much Joel Osteen. God bless for your words of encouragements, ijmn🙏🏽🙏🏽
MSF 4 months ago
Pray for favor to get the job i seek. been jobless for a year, then I got a temp job and then I am jobless again 10 months now. so many debts. I don't know how I have survived but I pray for favor. AMEN.
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Meyer 4 months ago
There's alwayore 👼🙏 thank you Jesus 🙏
Anugrah Stephen Topno
Amen , blessed .
Tamie Briggs
Tamie Briggs 4 months ago
Valerie Williams
Valerie Williams 4 months ago
jermar pennymon
jermar pennymon 4 months ago
ketsei Metha
ketsei Metha 4 months ago
Always speaks to me God through Pastor Joel...
Howard Jones
Howard Jones 4 months ago
I was kina down one day dent have but two dollars washungry went to checkers got a buger as i pulled around seen a. Lady with her hood up i stopped and asked if i could help gave her jump a man came out the back door and said think you that's my wife can i buy you lunch i knew god was there for me. I cryed like a little boy. Think you father
Guillermo Gonzalez
Guillermo Gonzalez 4 months ago
Thanks Joel For all the spiritual message and positive things, is caming in the right time,God bless all the brothers and sisters Regards Guillermo
Susan Chick
Susan Chick 4 months ago
Wow! Never thought of Favor in the Storm during the Storm and out of the Storm. Still Standing}} God bless 💙 you for your Spiritual guidance ¥ His Ways are Not Our Own, Amen! God bless you Joel and your Family ❤
Robert Drake
Robert Drake 5 months ago
When Joel talked about the toxic relationship not making it through Wow God is definitely talking through him This was deep
Carmen clarke
Carmen clarke 5 months ago
Thank you Jesus Amen
Mayfrid De Santa Maria
Joel Osteen... U have been my mentor for the last 18 years right from the time my son was born... God's word through u has ministered to me through ups and downs.. Pl pray that my son Isaiah comes to know the Lord as his LORD AND SAVIOUR.
Romans Tan
Romans Tan 5 months ago
Romans Tan
Romans Tan 5 months ago
Israel Wychesit
Israel Wychesit 5 months ago
I was Fired from my job because of unworthy people who lie about me and try to discredit me 🙏 God will find FAVOR in me and give me strength courage and Forgiveness to the EVILDOERS who are TRYING to steal everything I worked so hard for to Live a HONEST LIFE with my son Eddie and they are trying to pull my son down but with God's GRACE He will prevail and Love Light and Happiness will be ours 🙏🙏🙏😇👼🤗✨✨✨ AMEN
Yasmin Russell
Yasmin Russell 5 months ago
Broemma Jesus
Broemma Jesus 5 months ago
Arundathi Mahadiulwewa
Chris Riddle's Art and Music
the enemy is messing with the wrong person
masibulele mpuqa
masibulele mpuqa 5 months ago
Love Joel Osteen, I always thank God for him🙌❤
Deniel Douglas
Deniel Douglas 6 months ago
I have favor Lord❤️
Jaime Alvarez
Jaime Alvarez 6 months ago
Amen and Amen
Rogue Driver
Rogue Driver 6 months ago
Out of 88,000 truck drivers that lost their jobs in april, I had favor and worked the whole time. Thankyou Jesus for favor.
dianaTwiggy 6 months ago
2020.... 😭😭
claudia carbon
claudia carbon 6 months ago
Joel makes my day
Janis 6 months ago
valerie burnett
valerie burnett 6 months ago
mark 10:11-12 kjv
Amaria Stella
Amaria Stella 7 months ago
May God continue to bless you like never before Pastor Joel.Thank you Jesus
Priscilla Barnabas
Priscilla Barnabas 7 months ago
Kindly Blessed
Kindly Blessed 7 months ago
Wayne Ellis
Wayne Ellis 7 months ago
Your words are a blessing to me and my family thanks
Real Men Real life
Real Men Real life 7 months ago
A value added to my life anytime I hear God's amazing voice through you, Mr Joel
Dan kayanda
Dan kayanda 7 months ago
If there is speech I 💗,, I love this #favor in the storm
MsA 7 months ago
This is so relevant today! I see the favor of God in the storm and famine! Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus!!! Amen🙏🔥🔥🔥
Thomson Udezue
Thomson Udezue 7 months ago
Amen and amen 🙏🙏
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