Joel Osteen - Coming Out Better

Joel Osteen
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In this message, you will be encouraged that not only will God bring you out, but He will bring you out better. Subscribe to receive Joel's new weekly messages: bit.ly/1No0ElD.
Are you in a challenging time facing a sickness, heartbreak, or discouragement? You are not going to be overcome by your circumstances, but you are going to be an overcomer.
This is message #798, "Coming Out Better", by Joel Osteen. For more inspirational messages, visit www.JoelOsteen.com/Messages
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Apr 14, 2019




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Comments 97
yu tsai
yu tsai 2 days ago
Christopher Janeck
Christopher Janeck 11 days ago
God is answering my prayers, guiding me on the moment to moment as long as I stay in faith!
Sallie Walters
Sallie Walters 12 days ago
No proction his mom died
Sallie Walters
Sallie Walters 12 days ago
God didn't help much did he
Sallie Walters
Sallie Walters 12 days ago
Now my sweet daughter has died .My grandson mom she leaves 4 boys behind.I don't think I can go on I mad at God .Im a shame
Maria Bravo
Maria Bravo 14 days ago
Please help me.pray for God's instrument, whom He will use as a sponsor for my brother and daughter's schooling. I claim in Jesus name, the Lord will make a way, He will provide, He will send the right people whom He is going to make as his intrument for my daighter and brother's schooling...AMEN
Maria Bravo
Maria Bravo 14 days ago
Praying for God's provision for my Brother and Daughter's tuition fees. Praying for God's instrument for them to be able to continue their schooling
Eddy Bass
Eddy Bass 14 days ago
Beena Bharadwaj
Beena Bharadwaj 25 days ago
Joel your are great your words are like Lord speaking to me. God bless you and your family.
Beena Bharadwaj
Beena Bharadwaj 25 days ago
So true all your words are effective and God will get back after 10years and give me double and victorious message also was great. Thank you.
Devil Destroyer
Devil Destroyer Month ago
Joel is such a good minister He has encouraged me so much in his sermons. God Bless you Joel.
Cassandra Kelley
Absolutely love this message thank you. God's grace and mercy is sufficient 🥰
DaNgeRoUSly NLoVe
Thank you Lord, I am coming out better🙏🏾❤
Khalilah Mims
Khalilah Mims Month ago
I'm ready
Djemanian Conde
Djemanian Conde Month ago
Please pray for me and my family 🙏❤️🙏
Kathie Warren
Kathie Warren Month ago
Pam Bershad
Pam Bershad Month ago
Please pray 4 us all ,husband Robert and I love the words God put in your mouth 🎯
Alex Rojas
Alex Rojas Month ago
I will ALWAYS keep you in 1st place my LORD SAVIOR KING CHRIST JESUS.. thank you for all the MERCY you've showed me thru all my mistakes & failing you..I LOVE YOU MY RULER
Expat Lifestyle
Expat Lifestyle Month ago
I hope all is well remember wen u feel down that your mind can play tricks on you sometimes when you have anxiety you need to try to think about how god loves you how he is powerful and no situation is permanent
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner Month ago
Double for my trouble...thank you God when you give me my good reward in jesus powerful name 🙌 🙏❤♥.... 🙏
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner Month ago
G'day pastor joel and Victoria, God continue use them in directions of your people...covered us under covenant and redeem us in jesus powerful name 🙌 🙏❤♥....
Mercy Bwalya
Mercy Bwalya Month ago
Iam coming out better. powerful.
Darlene Rea
Darlene Rea Month ago
Joel, this is so true! I wish you could see my face. It is a living miracle of testimony. Not 12 weeks ago I had an accident that caught my face on fire. They sent me to the Burn and Reconstructive Center. They came out and asked me what I was doing. I told them what Jesus was doing. I had taken pictures each day and put them on FB to show that Jesus Christ is still very much in the healing business. Not for perfect people, but for believers who love him. Every one of us. I have a lot of followers on my Facebook and I love giving God the glory. There is nothing better than sharing the truth of how wonderful our God really is. Love your messages!
Curt's Channel
Curt's Channel Month ago
Amen thank you great message😃🙏
Harika saripella
Thank you LORD for everything
Wayne Perry
Wayne Perry Month ago
Angela Park
Angela Park Month ago
Helping healing thoughtful caring God Bless us all...inspiring words....restores....better....normal. ...boom....new life....health, vitality....for you and me and us.....many blessings.....miracles....restoration......do no harm....⚖ no damages.....We love you Joel and Victoria....Angela Monica Lovero Park....stay whole healthy wealthy and wise
Carlene Wint
Carlene Wint Month ago
God bless you man of God🙏🙏
Kathie Warren
Kathie Warren 2 months ago
Prayers for anxiety back pain shoulder pain and gum pain
A blessed woman Boe
A blessed woman Boe 2 months ago
Peter Osteen
Peter Osteen 2 months ago
Amen 🌹🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💐
angelia northington
angelia northington 2 months ago
Yes, even Jesus needed help with the cross. Prayers go up for you please pray for me as well 🙏
MatheLyn Rebenito
MatheLyn Rebenito 2 months ago
I recieve it in Jesus Name. I believe and declare my past and sickness can't stop me from my purpose😇🙏
Alicia Subasingh
Alicia Subasingh 2 months ago
I hannah Subasingh is coming out better💯🙏🙏🙏❤in Jesus name.
Nekky Nate
Nekky Nate 2 months ago
I thank God for His words
Nekky Nate
Nekky Nate 2 months ago
Wonderful God
Fribelene Soliven
Fribelene Soliven 2 months ago
Sonia Castaneda
Sonia Castaneda 2 months ago
I received the God mercy. Thanks bless you all your remanent, I believe your all you church is praying for me Amen
Love First
Love First 3 months ago
💗 THANK YOU ❣❣❣🌱🥰🕊😍👍🌎
Mary Mugure Mathe
Mary Mugure Mathe 4 months ago
May God bless you Joel Osteen. I love your words full of encouragement and wisdom.
Mary Mugure Mathe
Mary Mugure Mathe 4 months ago
jusna khan
jusna khan 4 months ago
Thank you Lord Jesus of Nazareth. I AM in Agreement with this Powerful Prayer. AMEN
Jason Dozier
Jason Dozier 4 months ago
I am willing to follow God's order on this message like returning full time work at Burlington and finances, and getting approved for unemployment
Carlos Davila
Carlos Davila 4 months ago
Thank you Divine one with in for sending that great message through the great preacher Joel
Georgina Capioso
Georgina Capioso 4 months ago
john viswas
john viswas 5 months ago
Praise the lord 🙏
Shauna lee Smith
Shauna lee Smith 5 months ago
Thank you Jesus although I don't see a way out, pastor please pray for me 😭😭
Eduardo Roquinaza
Eduardo Roquinaza 5 months ago
Lord thank you for using Joel to amplify your voice!
Lisa L. M. Stubbs
Lisa L. M. Stubbs 5 months ago
🙌I am coming out better than I was before 🙌
Fidelia Novita Epp
Fidelia Novita Epp 5 months ago
I salut with pastor Joel..He real annoiting person.. keep spirit in Jesus Lord.. God bless you and family
Lebo Matsaneng
Lebo Matsaneng 5 months ago
Hi Joel Osteen I agree that I will come out batter. In Jesus Christ Name
Valorie Gunn
Valorie Gunn 5 months ago
Keep my son Jacob in prayer he's looking for a job praying that God favor be on him when he he go and God will restore Health unto Jacob he was smoking cigarettes he have quit now he has a really deep and bad cough keep him in your prayers
Sharda Goundar
Sharda Goundar 5 months ago
Jas Kay
Jas Kay 5 months ago
Yeah I will come out better!!!! I will break my addiction
Jerald Nadar
Jerald Nadar 5 months ago
Thanks Brother. God Bless the Preacher by wisdom.
jared simon
jared simon 6 months ago
Joel, it amazes me how god uses you to give me a message (not just any but the right message) at the right time when I ask our father to give me a sign that I can clearly hear or see and understand. I thankyou and I praise the good lord. It is clear to me now that I need him every second in my life.
burton mbewe
burton mbewe 6 months ago
Alejandro EastLA
Alejandro EastLA 6 months ago
His helping me now!
Gaetana Nelson
Gaetana Nelson 6 months ago
12:22 Peter and the Rock (Christ).
Jaime Alvarez
Jaime Alvarez 6 months ago
Amen and amen
Darna Gutter
Darna Gutter 6 months ago
Beautiful message. God bless you - Joel, Victory and the Lakewood family.
Larry Sandoval
Larry Sandoval 7 months ago
Government organization like child support is taking stimulas payments
Larry Sandoval
Larry Sandoval 7 months ago
I am trusting God in these trying times.
Jamgin Baite
Jamgin Baite 7 months ago
Saru X
Saru X 8 months ago
Amen I receive God’s mercy upon my life and my children 🙏🏽
Steffy 8 months ago
This is what i needed. Amen
Nathan Thackeray
Nathan Thackeray 8 months ago
This was a particularly remarkable sermon from Joel. He is a remarkable human being. Full of confidence and the anointing of God!!
K4DPS 8 months ago
Thank you Pastor Joel for speaking the words of God directly into my heart and soul! God Bless you and your family! I am praying for you!
Gigi R
Gigi R 8 months ago
Nothing that is coming against me shall prosper. Hallelujah! 🙌
Robert Gainz
Robert Gainz 8 months ago
Thank you Jesus
Bright liz
Bright liz 8 months ago
Will Schrock
Will Schrock 8 months ago
Not even a smell of smoke! Restoration, What a beautiful life, God!
Terry C
Terry C 8 months ago
😃🦋 Amen Pastor Joel God has healed me so many times of sickness and disease I’m a walking miracle and I acknowledge him for my healing‘s praise his holy name Children, God uses doctors too don’t feel that you’re not in faith if you need a doctor God uses doctors and he used the doctor and his wisdom to help direct my thoughts so I could be better at recovering praise his holy name I am fully healed and fully blessed because I choose to love God I choose to love people do the same choose love and you will never be the same hallelujah thank you Pastor Joel
Daphnée Pierre
Daphnée Pierre 9 months ago
Deepa Joy
Deepa Joy 9 months ago
This is God speaking to me directly, Thank you Pastor. I don't think I would have pulled through the tough times without you. Every single word resonates. Every morning I listen to you. I dream of attending your service one day. Thank you Pastor.
siuabc 9 months ago
Thank You
Rick Sadler
Rick Sadler 9 months ago
Thank you
V Sayiah
V Sayiah 9 months ago
Bhupinder Mudaliar
Bhupinder Mudaliar 9 months ago
I come into agreement in the mighty name of Jesus Christ with Joel Sir Amen Thankyou Jesus Praise u Jesus Hallelujah
Naira Muradyan
Naira Muradyan 9 months ago
Every time when I listen to you it’s exactly what I need. God bless you 🙏
Eugenia Butler
Eugenia Butler 9 months ago
Amen Thank you Father God Hallelujah I receive it in the name of Jesus
Justin Hicks
Justin Hicks 9 months ago
Thank you 🙏 for another day that I had woke up this morning god I hope you hep me to find me a soulmate in my life god bless my heart in the name of Jesus
Indecisive Explorer
Indecisive Explorer 9 months ago
Actually I think my face shows what I've been through. It's like it broke so I always look sad and angry.
chaddzilla12 10 months ago
I will be coming out better. We will be coming out better. Very thankful for my god. My past, present, and future with Jesus. I haven't memorized it yet but Psalm 91. Good morning. For everyone here on planet or for those who are here no longer you will be coming out better. For the future people who have yet to come. You will be coming out better. Thank you Joel. Thank you Tyler.
Sandi Candice
Sandi Candice 10 months ago
This man is amazing, and so emotional. God does speak through him. I live in Germany and i listen to all his sermons, always uplifting. Stay blessed, man of God
Aurea Santos
Aurea Santos 10 months ago
I Have Been Waiting For My Financial Break Through After A Person Stalld My Sweepstakes When I Was Teen Ager ,In Philippines Sweepstakes Is Super Lotto . In 1998 April 26 It Happened Again In Colorado .When I Got Here It's Happened Again And Where Ever I Put My Money ,Clothes,Kitchen ware's Silver ,Gold Jewelrie's DIAMOND'S, BLUE ,GREEN BUNGLE JADE HUGE Not A Small 1 One .
Chasy Daniela
Chasy Daniela 10 months ago
When I was teenager I was soul winning in my church I used to go to the street where heavy traffic of people sharing the word of God and lead people to Christ ,giving out pamphlets and inviting people to our church because that is what I was taught ...I like the way Pastor Joel Osteen share the word of God before ending up he give everybody opportunity to receive Christ as personal savior and he made it clear “Get good Bible Base church”
Stephen Njoroge
Stephen Njoroge 10 months ago
Joel has been a great help to my life may God blessing be apon him
TotalTruth .ca
TotalTruth .ca 10 months ago
Talk about injustice...I too have gone through a Job experience...we were a little computer company sued by Microsoft, yet God helped us win the case, then when that was over, we started losing our home, business had gone down, then my grandmother died, we lost the ability to adopt a boy and then my health crashed, bed ridden full of disease...we ended up renting a friends townhouse as I was bed ridden, then we were able to move and purchase a tiny house, I was anointed with oil and slowly started getting my health back, I still struggle some with health but life is better, and now God is showing me that I am going into an even greater future...Thanks Joel God has been speaking through you to encourage me that I will too have beauty for ashes :) God bless you and your ministry!
12krinson 10 months ago
This is a great message!
We Love You Father!
We Love You Father! 10 months ago
a good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces bad fruit a tree is recongnized by it's fruit!
Asif Azeem
Asif Azeem 10 months ago
awesome message
Lawrence Bhatti
Lawrence Bhatti 11 months ago
Billions of Amen and glory to our God, who is worthy. Jesus said, it will not be you, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you...💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚
Preeti Thulung
Preeti Thulung 11 months ago
Rossy Khongsai
Rossy Khongsai 11 months ago
I receive in Jesus mighty name AMEN
moises montanez
moises montanez 11 months ago
Thankyouuuuuuuu Jesus Amen Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee God Is Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee
Taash Greenwood
Taash Greenwood 11 months ago
Amen best Preacher Ever
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