Joel Embiid loves getting booed by his own fans - Paul Pierce | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols recaps the Philadelphia 76ers' big win vs. the LA Clippers, which featured Joel Embiid getting booed by Philly fans, Ben Simmons going toe-to-toe with Kawhi Leonard, both of them benefiting from Al Horford going to the bench, and a late scuffle between Embiid and Marcus Morris Sr. Nichols, Nick Friedell and Paul Pierce then (3:09) discuss whether the Sixers can be more consistent, and if Embiid embraces the boos.
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Published on


Feb 12, 2020




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Comments 80
JAKOB 2 months ago
🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀nice shoot🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀* 1:44 💯💗💞 👇💓
Isc23I 3 months ago
I love The Jump because its the place to get Tmac and Pippens perspective on the NBA. But god dammm do i hate Rachel Nichols cheesy monologues....
Gen4John 3 months ago
Embiid better not go to The Heat. The Heat will expect him to have some kind of work ethic
Lycan Demon
Lycan Demon 3 months ago
Heat are scary too though, buddy. Idk who's gonna come out the East.
Mike CMW
Mike CMW 3 months ago
Not negativity. Philly is ALL negativity! Stop downplaying it.
Papaya Sirithes
Papaya Sirithes 3 months ago
Soft team. Embid is tissue paper soft in the mental toughness department.
Brandon Munro
Brandon Munro 3 months ago
Rachel holds the jump together
Leonardo Trinidad
Leonardo Trinidad 3 months ago
Barkley Suns
Jay Rizz
Jay Rizz 3 months ago
You crazy if you think they are better without Al Horford...it was just one game!
Golden Gaming
Golden Gaming 3 months ago
Philly fans are the most classless in sports
Rainey LaZerBeams
Rainey LaZerBeams 3 months ago
Love how surprised Rachel Nichols is when Nick says the sixers can get out of the east and past Milwaukee. Milwaukee hasn't even been out of the east is so is it that big of a stretch.
Speedy 3 months ago
I can’t stop laughing at Embiid, when they say you soft, they don’t mean go fight every man in the league😂.
CoollikeDat 007
CoollikeDat 007 3 months ago
I wouldn't even be mad or frustrated if I was Al, I'll be more than happy and willing to come off the bench especially when you already got the bag and also it's going to help the team overall. Al is a true all around player
DCGuru 3 months ago
Who would of thought that not having 3 big men on the floor at one time would free up space 😏
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy 3 months ago
Joel should go to Boston. They need to split that team, it’s not built to favor either one
Jay Tillah
Jay Tillah 3 months ago
I love her she bad and she know basketball where’s her husband ?!
Tucker Antonsen
Tucker Antonsen 3 months ago
Philly fans wonder why their team ain’t won a ring since 1983 with Dr J.. it’s cause nobody wants to play for a city that boos their own team lol.
ParkinGlass 3 months ago
Still celtics in 5
kyrie irving
kyrie irving 3 months ago
Al be upset because he left us (celtics)
BbandzBrandon -
BbandzBrandon - 3 months ago
0:03 - philly isn’t a place of extreme negativity Laughs in edp445
Shin Chang
Shin Chang 3 months ago
Joel Embiid is like Jach Nicholson in Kubrick's "The Shining." Long live the inglorious villain!
Hatrick Laine
Hatrick Laine 3 months ago
Rachel Nichols opening for these segments could make a baby jump off a cliff.
Cmon Pascal
Cmon Pascal 3 months ago
Embiid fouls Morris before the block.
TorontoRaptors77 3 months ago
If Embiid and Simons were on Milwaukee and had the same record and in the 5th, y'all still would talk about the Sixers than you would about the sixers more than Milwaukee or Toronto, or Miami, or Boston.
TorontoRaptors77 3 months ago
Stop talking about the sixers, they're so overrated, you talk about them because they're in a big market, you talk about them more than Miami Boston or Toronto and they're better than the Sixer's. With as much attention as given to them, I hope the sixers fail, because if Milwaukee was in the 5th seed and in the sixers position you'd never talk about them as much, still would talk about the sixers more, so stupid!
Roy marr
Roy marr 3 months ago
76 sixers sucks only my raptors and maimi heat will give the bucks a good go
Dee Jones
Dee Jones 3 months ago
Lol philly boo'd kobe all his career and he from philly embiid aint excluded but they finally cheered for kobe so yeah that city is legit with the love and hate shits
magmax76 3 months ago
They both got technical fouls..smh
Physics 3 months ago
I hate this woman’s monologues
Frank Tank
Frank Tank 3 months ago
embiid is the biggest whiner crybaby flopper punk in the league - the biggest , bar none
Z 3 months ago
25-2 at home and people still think philly is getting bounced in the first round 😂
Frank Tank
Frank Tank 3 months ago
passion is a very polite way to call them rude ignorant pathetic classless brainless and uneducated - but you go ahead and use passionate to be politically correct
Brooklyn_P_718 3 months ago
Joel is the NBA version of a wrestling Heal lol 😂
Scoring Machine
Scoring Machine 3 months ago
Him and Jimmy will be the next Shaq and Kobe in Miami
bob bib
bob bib 3 months ago
i wonder if 76ers fans are as bad as Eagles Fan ? lol i swear it seemed like every eagle fan wanted to write a book on how to win a superbowl after they won hahahaha
Flawless Begetz
Flawless Begetz 3 months ago
Trade Horford back to Boston for peanuts. 2nd rd pick at best
Dick Lindenhoffer
Dick Lindenhoffer 3 months ago
Time to reallllly switch the style up...Kardashian style Weave is tired
THE KING 3 months ago
Philly lacks the mental toughness to beat the Bucks.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 3 months ago
doesn't morris other Twin act like a punk like Marcus
brysnqb7 3 months ago
Al Horford has been starting this whole time!?!
Joel Lobo
Joel Lobo 3 months ago
let me make it clear for those outside of philly. WE THINK THE 15TH MAN IS CAPABLE OF BEING A SUPERSTAR AND THE STARTER CAN BE A LEGEND. AS LONG AS THEY WORK HARD AND GIVE IT THEIR ALL. We boo them when their effort is in question.
¿SabesQue...? 3 months ago
That derpy thumbnail.
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 3 months ago
Screw those Philadelphia sports fans
basketballkid 35
basketballkid 35 3 months ago
The best part about Philadelphia is the Philly cheese steaks
Book of shadows contributor Brian
340th comment 🌡💉💊🏷
cortexgreen12 3 months ago
Pierce getting kinda thicc need to hit the gym
Jonathan Laynas
Jonathan Laynas 3 months ago
i love how they talk about the fans in philly are soo flip floppy but yet ESPN themselves are exactly the same. last week they were hating on the sixers and now they say the sixers are the favorites in the east. the media just loves to hate on the philly fans.
jackakhan 3 months ago
Always love Rachel's take. Pretty red head always a plus too:)
anima099 3 months ago
I played 76ers in 2K and I fit Simmons better as an SF and still do his passes. It's just more efficient. If he's being groomed as LeBron 2.0, better play him like one.
anima099 3 months ago
Philly burns cars even when they win lol
BennoJames 3 months ago
TOPIAS HARRIS, learn how to speak women
Aflex1481 3 months ago
NO, he doesn't. And Philly must have tried to move Al but no takers?
Black Ops 4
Black Ops 4 3 months ago
Yall 76ers fans tuff yk yall fucked up right joel going leave
Searches 3 months ago
Rock Chalk boys same team
Shawn Boyer
Shawn Boyer 3 months ago
Ouch horf is gone
martin ombata
martin ombata 3 months ago
Did I hear Rachel Nichols say " Topias Harris" instead of "Tobias Harris"? Haahahahaaa.
Kalexer 3 months ago
Jorl Embiid is just a soft Clown. Overrated af
Al Capwned
Al Capwned 3 months ago
Philly fans show their passion and they are not ashamed to let you know how they feel. They love their teams. They are invested. It matters to them.. They'll embrace you if you work hard and give them everything you got and again they'll let you know when they're upset with you. It's not out of hatred. It's out of love and passion.
KneelBe 3 months ago
Le Dan Theman Playlists
On the Road, the Sixers dont hit open shots lol. thats the difference . watch the tape.
Le Dan Theman Playlists
When you have two great players, moving one just to improve the production of the other doesnt make you win more games. Its a team game so you obviously should really get those two great players working together well, which they do in my opinion.
BrimReaper 3 months ago
We love you Rachel
John B
John B 3 months ago
This man is on drugs, Milwaukee would destroy the sixers in the playoffs and I’m not a bucks fan
RexAppeal 3 months ago
3 minutes or saying everything without saying anything... I hate her soliloquys
Bernie & Vickey
Bernie & Vickey 3 months ago
Philly needs to get rid of him. He's a big cry, baby.
Trey Kennedy
Trey Kennedy 3 months ago
Al should be sixth man. We’re use to the greats guards being sixth men, but Al could be a great leader for the second unit. His stats would probably go up. Unorthodox approach for an unorthodox team.
Crappy Crane
Crappy Crane 3 months ago
There literally wasn’t any boos I’m confused. I was at the game and he got nothing but love
elai314 3 months ago
video start 3:09
legofan1799 3 months ago
It was a double technical Rachel 🤦‍♂️
ClearSmoke100 3 months ago
Lol philly isn't a challenge for the bucks. The media seems to forget the DEFENDING CHAMPS are playing better than philly with half the team being injured. The Raptors are 3rd in the league probably be first if it wasnt for the injuries.
John Hand
John Hand 3 months ago
who's topias harris tho?
Duane 3 months ago
Marcus always trying to fight....fam, just hoop.
Greenbay backer animesempai0
The thumbnail 😷
Rob rain
Rob rain 3 months ago
Dont do that to al horford they gunna need him in the playoffs!!! Facts!!
Unruly Rebel
Unruly Rebel 3 months ago
Rachel and these corny monologues I’m sick of it 😂
J.Dub.Nation 3 months ago
She is boring asf,.had me falling asleep listening to her voice.
Siew Bian Ang
Siew Bian Ang 3 months ago
Philly fans care about the game. We appreciated toughness, hustle, intensity and heart. We are not interested in your clothes, shoes, cars or GF. Philadelphia 76ers need to be mentally tough. That ringing the bell locker room celebration should be banned because it polarises team-mates and make some feel unappreciated. It doesn't motivate other team members and discourages them. Instead, the teammate who performed the best that game should thank teammates or others and talk about five things they were blessed/grateful for on game day. The coach should thank team-mates for things they did right in the game. The coach should also encourage some team-mates to work on their weaknesses.
KIПG ΉЦППΛ 3 months ago
we're just some honest fans... if you're not doing good then we aren't gonna sugarcoat anything, we're gonna tell you like it is that's what Brotherly Love is 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
celso cinches jr
celso cinches jr 3 months ago
Philly should have traded al horford back to celtics for gordon hayward
Nean Derthal
Nean Derthal 3 months ago
Rachel Nichols sure is ugly!
Jayden Popa
Jayden Popa 3 months ago
Rachel Nichols sucks
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