Joe Rogan Recaps Stylebender/Gastelum w/Brendan Schaub

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Taken from MMA Show #62 w/Brendan Schaub:

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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 80
Zabe 28 days ago
Conor Vs Alvarez was my top favorite
Aaron Lealamisa
Aaron Lealamisa Month ago
Style Bender all day
Elliott Kloke
Elliott Kloke Month ago
the best thing about youtube is the lack of use of youtube while on youtube broadcasting to youtuberzts
Natty dread
Natty dread Month ago
His face looked like he had a bad reaction to shellfish funny made me laugh funny.
Orion films
Orion films Month ago
Stylebender is overrated, when I hear people say Israel is a better striker and fighter than anderson in fighting i get pissed. Anderson never got knocked out or was in any distress in the beginning of there careers. Now I know Anderson vs chael was the exception but that was on the later half of his reign
Miky ॐ
Miky ॐ 2 months ago
0:46 .. he talk about himself right ?
Sam Bellefeuille
Sam Bellefeuille 2 months ago
"think about Romero/Stylebender" oh Schaub, you were so optimistic... So were most of us.
David Haddad
David Haddad Month ago
@Teagan Wittmaack True, especially after Yoel landed that nasty looping overhand then did NOTHING after it was clear Israel was compromised and was even blinking heavy out of one eye. No takedown, no follow up, nada
Lecram Month ago
It's always great watching those talks and interviews again now and see what happened, came true or not
Teagan Wittmaack
Sam Bellefeuille so annoying how that fight was boring. it could’ve been fight of the year if they actually engaged
RJ W 2 months ago
The fact people are saying Izzy a fake champ or run away champ is hilarious. Casuals watch one fight and form a opinion based on nothing. Izzy is a beast.
Sui Generis
Sui Generis 2 months ago
I fucking love this god damn show.
Save Ferris
Save Ferris 2 months ago
Gastelum didn’t fight nearly as hard in his Darren Till fight.
Jay Are
Jay Are 3 months ago
That was the best fight I ever saw
michael smith
michael smith 3 months ago
God everything would just be better without Schaub in it.
sea-snake83 1
sea-snake83 1 3 months ago
im so sick of people roasting brendan schaub hes a normal, cool dude that DEFINITELY doesn't deserve the hate he gets
csorr 60s
csorr 60s 3 months ago
Style bender walks around at 203
Daniel Longyear
Daniel Longyear 3 months ago
Imagine having those 2 on your side in a bar fight! 💪🏻👊🏻😁
j dub
j dub 4 months ago
Stylebenders face really did look like he had a shellfish reaction
David Otunuku
David Otunuku 4 months ago
FK these 2 undercover racist hating living in fear ass bitches
Dont Judge
Dont Judge 4 months ago
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Dev Thakor
Dev Thakor 4 months ago
What sucks for kelvin is that his arms are so short
Daniel Aceves
Daniel Aceves 5 months ago
HELL YEAH KELVIN one if the few greats from that come from Yuma, Az very rare but we also got Cain so fuck yeah I REMEMBER U WORKING AT SAMS CLUB dope affff
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi Fruit 6 months ago
He did have adesanyas face looking like he was allergic to shellfish😂😂😂😂 beat Adesanyas ass in the beginning.. BUT IN THE END HE BEAT HIS💯💯💯💯😂
Sgtcaco 6 months ago
Blokes on blokes on blokes. Goodtime
Taylor Mears
Taylor Mears 7 months ago
looks like he was allegoric to shell fish ahahhahAHHAHAHAHAHhahahahahaha
bonginkosi nkosi
bonginkosi nkosi 7 months ago
Joe is clearly in love with Joel Romero. His face lights up and he giggles like a five-year-old everytime someone mentions Romero's name
blazin_marioLs1 7 months ago
I think after Masvidal and Diaz decide who is the baddest MFer in the game, they should fight at 165 for the BMF belt
Robert Ti
Robert Ti 8 months ago
Joe "he's not just tall but he's thick" Rogan
Paul's Health & Fitness
I thought stylebender didn’t cut weight... am I wrong?
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Hernandez 8 months ago
he cut a little bit of weight. he says he walks around at 200 out of competition. hes a small middleweight.
biLAWL 8 months ago
What you mean? Israel looks like a twig at even at middleweight this means he has a lot of room to bulk up, he could go up to Lightweight or even heavyweight
Aaron Filip
Aaron Filip 8 months ago
They should fight again
Atomic Punk
Atomic Punk 8 months ago
1:35 funny hearing this since Till is fighting Gastelum soon
Atomic Punk
Atomic Punk 8 months ago
IMPERIAL DWARF fuck man, lol it’s hard to call. I kinda want to see Till get some momentum, but I like Gastelum as well and feel like he might just blast his head off.
Craig 8 months ago
Yeah who's your money on??
David Wheeler
David Wheeler 8 months ago
One of my fav f.o.a.t. for sure! Both guys are warriors & I've watched kelvin since tuf but am officially a fan of both now
Dictator6214 8 months ago
It's a shame we didn't see Kelvin vs Whittaker. That would of been such a food fight.
MastermindX 8 months ago
Kelvin was going to win
Petrol-Dollar 8 months ago
Hilarious how schaub agrees with everything Joe says, repeats and even changes his own opinion based on Joe's. Sad
adw4891 8 months ago
Joe loves pronouncing full Dagestan’y names.
zau n'mawn
zau n'mawn 8 months ago
Shellfish allergies 😂😂😂😂
David Otunuku
David Otunuku 4 months ago
Not knowing his face permanently looks like a shellfish
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown 9 months ago
Should have probably been stopped in the 5th
R_ P_
R_ P_ 9 months ago
Oh boy thats the funniest shit Shaub ever said 😂😂 face looked like allergic to shellfish 😂
Kyle Lyons
Kyle Lyons 9 months ago
Funny he mentions Till makes 170 and Kelvin should make 170, as they're booked to fight each other at 185 lol
efccoyney 7 months ago
Kyle Lyons till destroyed himself making 170 it plays a big factor on taking punches less water on the brain etc , he will be super healthy at 180, till wouldn’t look that out of place at 205 he is a big big lad
Jack Rosen
Jack Rosen 9 months ago
Best title for me, I've ever watched. Its one of the best fights of all time. You sure you guys isn't over hyping it?
PickStar81 9 months ago
Isreal can't put on his pants now with Schaub hanging on his nuts. It wasn't that long ago Brendan was hating on him.
Rottidog 10 months ago
Guess I'm not stylish. A wife beater, muscle shirt, tank top, whatever, over a T-shirt. Never woulda thunk it.
smccorkle23 10 months ago
Brendan “the parrot”
dawit ambaye
dawit ambaye 10 months ago
Prisoners of the moment. The cocaine guy vs. That Swedish guy that took it took it to him. C'mon that shit was unreal
Gennaro 10 months ago
Joe "No one listens to me, and I dont want them to!" Brendan "I do!" Joe "Id rather just stay out here and talk about it" Brendan "yeah me too"
bluejackscanada 10 months ago
Not sure why Anderson didn't try more to take Style bender to the ground.... BJJ Black Belt vs. Blue Belt.......???
Max Media Company
Max Media Company 10 months ago
Brendan “we sawl” Schaub
King Quan Gaming
King Quan Gaming 10 months ago
I like Isreal but he won't beat Jon...
Ad e
Ad e 10 months ago
Yoel will absolutely destroy stylebender the guy got rocked by kelvin
Mr. A
Mr. A 10 months ago
Jacare got dropped bad by Kelvin and almost beat Yoel in a decision stop using MMA math
TrapLives Matter14
TrapLives Matter14 10 months ago
People before the fight Adesanya can't beat someone in the top 5 after the fight Gastelum earned my respect for that fight I swear fans are extremely backwards😂
himode 6 months ago
Biased against black fighters. They find any excuse to not root for them
jamaris Carothers
jamaris Carothers 9 months ago
TrapLives Matter14 straight haters
Your boy Justin
Your boy Justin 10 months ago
Gastelum is overrated, he is not championship material to me and there is no way he can cut to welterweight
john basedow
john basedow 10 months ago
I don’t understand why anyone would try and fight Yoel? He’s gonna kill you dude. It’s not a question. Just go home or he will put in the dirt.
HittokiriBatosai 10 months ago
Adesanya vs. Jon Jones is total bullshit. Jones has got 20 POUNDS ON HIM, wtf. Can't believe Dana's for it, but when has Dana denied Jones anything. I hope Izzy doesn't get sucked in and accept that bullshit.
Sam 10 months ago
Stylebenders face looked like brendan schaubs
Americanblood76 11 months ago
He would do it if Mcgregor told him to.
M. 11 months ago
Damn, Joe Rogan is aging fast. Hope it's not drugs. That fight was the best so far. Still want to see Gastelum vs Whittaker though.
Rokanza 9 months ago
M. He's 50 and something and looks pretty amazing for his age, what are you talking about?
The movie staytion
The movie staytion 11 months ago
Stylebender same height as John Jones he to small for middle wight no he no he to big he just got extra couple pounds off extra
Glowbeamshine 11 months ago
'Stylebender's face looks like he was allergic to shellfish' - Brendan Schaub (2019).
Black Vitriol
Black Vitriol Year ago
Style Bender Beat his ass. Nothing the "White Boy defender "Brenden Schaub says is going to change this . Beat him solidly. All the jokes about what his face looks like are irrelevant and not even funny. When you lose your stock DOES GO DOWN!
Ray Lop
Ray Lop Year ago
I want StyleBender VS M.V.P
Omaree Sloan
Omaree Sloan Year ago
Total chaos ..which I love ..!!!
Ryan Cunningham
Isreal's only 2 losses in his career are from being knocked out cold if I'm not mistaken. Both were in kick boxing as a result of a single right hook both times. Exactly what gastellum hit him with. I look forward to seeing more of isreal. He is my favorite fighter atm. Does more damage with feints and reads than actual physical punishment. It's fun to watch.
james turner
james turner 9 months ago
Ryan Cunningham too cocky for me personally
Caesar Georges
Rogan sucks
Caesar Georges
Rogan one of the best fights of all time guy wtf
Ekan Akpan
Ekan Akpan Year ago
Brendan got knocked out by noguirra and looked like he was climbing rope from his back
vulturnuszan Year ago
I dont think stylebender could make 170 easily, he just doesn't blow up and put on lots of weight between fights like most other fighters. the guy i 193cm tall ffs, he'd be a stick at 170
soloist One Love
vulturnuszan agreed I’m sure he can make 205 and walks around above that
Joe Gama
Joe Gama Year ago
I hope DC was taking notes his and Jones fighting style are similar enough to where he could utilize some of what Gestelum did to neutralize style benders fighting style.
Marquis Harris
Marquis Harris 10 months ago
he would have to fight southpaw then also
Matthew McDaniel
I can't be the only one who wants to see Till vs Adesanya.??
Warren Roach
Warren Roach Year ago
Settle the fuck down joe rob going to sorthim right out
Sea12hawks Year ago
Bro yoel romero is a fuckin midget... yes he looks jacked but hes fuckin tiny
086 Nate
086 Nate Year ago
stylebender grew up fighting 220lb islanders in South Auckland so I can imagine he'd be able to take headshots
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li 6 months ago
south auckland fuckin scary my dude, gladis to be a westy
Antony Fitzgerald
Antony Fitzgerald 7 months ago
@Rock Roll shut your mouth you don't know. Izzy beat the best of middleweight and he's top ufc clown. Your an idiot. Also hooker beat up the number 6 guy and now ranked. Nz boys are tough and you would know if you lived there unless you don't move from Your key board.
Antony Fitzgerald
Antony Fitzgerald 7 months ago
Layland brother he don't like to get hit lol he the man he shows skill being able to go in and out with striking and not get touched. Izzy said he would prefer to fight heavy guys because he don't have to bulk up to beat them they slow enough that his striking would put them away and slide outa the shots like he did to Bobby knuckles. Izzy also fought at heavy and knocked them out
DeferFire 8 months ago
@Drew Adams comparing to kelvin i said he doesn't have a good chin.
DeferFire 8 months ago
@John Irving tony
Jon would absolutely destroy Style Bender.
cvvvvvvvvc Year ago
Jon is a heavyweight.
336nc benzo
336nc benzo Year ago
This how i feel about weight classes if your a grown man who weighs under 150 u shouldn't even be fighting. Every 15lbs should go up in weight class
Tekena Amakiri
Joe "and they were dry" Rogan.
Mischief Year ago
I didn't know Joe knew Paulie D
kung fu kenny
kung fu kenny Year ago
Style bender showed the levels he can go to. Hes alot better in orthodox tho lol every time he goes south paw he gets hit with big shots
Luke Mehalick
Luke Mehalick Year ago
Sorry for saying this & I'm sure tons of you will get offended or whatever, but not super impressed with style bender. I mean, he'd kick my ass, but I don't know. Just didn't look like an elite fighter to me. I guess time will tell when he fights Whittaker. I'm just really hoping Whittaker is healthy & doesn't break any bones Immediately when that fight happens.
Bry Ba
Bry Ba Year ago
You don't need another weight class, just make weigh-ins 24 hours before the fight. This would be crucial to most fighters because they would need to fight closer to their normal weight because they wouldn't have enough time to recover from weight loss.
DellofAction Year ago
Umm everyone is giving kelvin credit when Israel has won and dropped him 5 times 👀 hmmmmm
DellofAction Year ago
@Euphoria brenden been sucking kelvin more listen closer bud
Euphoria Year ago
Weird thing to say... they're giving both fighters credit since it took 2 fighters to make it a great fight. Plus the fight was close, 2-2 going into round 5
Rogan looks high as f...
James Adam
James Adam Year ago
Joe "of all time" Rogan
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