Joe Rogan Recaps Stylebender/Gastelum w/Brendan Schaub

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Maximus Decimus Meridius
One of the best fights of all time? Really? Are we including Vale Tudo, King of the Cage, Pride, Pride, how about Pride?
TrapLives Matter14
People before the fight Adesanya can't beat someone in the top 5 after the fight Gastelum earned my respect for that fight I swear fans are extremely backwards😂
Your boy Justin
Your boy Justin 2 days ago
Gastelum is overrated, he is not championship material to me and there is no way he can cut to welterweight
john basedow
john basedow 3 days ago
I don’t understand why anyone would try and fight Yoel? He’s gonna kill you dude. It’s not a question. Just go home or he will put in the dirt.
HittokiriBatosai 5 days ago
Adesanya vs. Jon Jones is total bullshit. Jones has got 20 POUNDS ON HIM, wtf. Can't believe Dana's for it, but when has Dana denied Jones anything. I hope Izzy doesn't get sucked in and accept that bullshit.
Sam 5 days ago
Stylebenders face looked like brendan schaubs
Americanblood76 26 days ago
He would do it if Mcgregor told him to.
M. Month ago
Damn, Joe Rogan is aging fast. Hope it's not drugs. That fight was the best so far. Still want to see Gastelum vs Whittaker though.
The movie staytion
Stylebender same height as John Jones he to small for middle wight no he no he to big he just got extra couple pounds off extra
Glowbeamshine Month ago
'Stylebender's face looks like he was allergic to shellfish' - Brendan Schaub (2019).
Black Vitriol
Black Vitriol Month ago
Style Bender Beat his ass. Nothing the "White Boy defender "Brenden Schaub says is going to change this . Beat him solidly. All the jokes about what his face looks like are irrelevant and not even funny. When you lose your stock DOES GO DOWN!
Ray Lop
Ray Lop 2 months ago
I want StyleBender VS M.V.P
Omaree Sloan
Omaree Sloan 2 months ago
Total chaos ..which I love ..!!!
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham 2 months ago
Isreal's only 2 losses in his career are from being knocked out cold if I'm not mistaken. Both were in kick boxing as a result of a single right hook both times. Exactly what gastellum hit him with. I look forward to seeing more of isreal. He is my favorite fighter atm. Does more damage with feints and reads than actual physical punishment. It's fun to watch.
Caesar Georges
Caesar Georges 2 months ago
Rogan sucks
Caesar Georges
Caesar Georges 2 months ago
Rogan one of the best fights of all time guy wtf
Ekan Akpan
Ekan Akpan 2 months ago
Brendan got knocked out by noguirra and looked like he was climbing rope from his back
vulturnuszan 2 months ago
I dont think stylebender could make 170 easily, he just doesn't blow up and put on lots of weight between fights like most other fighters. the guy i 193cm tall ffs, he'd be a stick at 170
soloist One Love
soloist One Love 2 months ago
vulturnuszan agreed I’m sure he can make 205 and walks around above that
Joe Gama
Joe Gama 2 months ago
I hope DC was taking notes his and Jones fighting style are similar enough to where he could utilize some of what Gestelum did to neutralize style benders fighting style.
Marquis Harris
Marquis Harris 6 days ago
he would have to fight southpaw then also
Matthew McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel 2 months ago
I can't be the only one who wants to see Till vs Adesanya.??
Warren Roach
Warren Roach 2 months ago
Settle the fuck down joe rob going to sorthim right out
Sea12hawks 2 months ago
Bro yoel romero is a fuckin midget... yes he looks jacked but hes fuckin tiny
Layland Dawson
Layland Dawson 2 months ago
stylebender grew up fighting 220lb islanders in South Auckland so I can imagine he'd be able to take headshots
JackM Day ago
@Rock Roll Kelvin hits hard as fuck you dont have a clue what your talking about smh
Rock Roll
Rock Roll 2 days ago
He got dropped by a 170 lbr let that sink in your head 😂, Auckland fighters aren't UFC lvl
Masud Khoa
Masud Khoa 25 days ago
@DeferFire just shut the fuck up. I would drop your mum with a dickslap
DeferFire 28 days ago
@Rene Troncoso no you moron! Israel got wobbled by a right hand of kelvin which is not even his power hand
Rene Troncoso
Rene Troncoso 28 days ago
@DeferFire or any of his kickboxing fights? What do you even mean?
ANTHONY ALFANO 2 months ago
Jon would absolutely destroy Style Bender.
cvvvvvvvvc 2 months ago
Jon is a heavyweight.
336nc benzo
336nc benzo 2 months ago
This how i feel about weight classes if your a grown man who weighs under 150 u shouldn't even be fighting. Every 15lbs should go up in weight class
Tekena Amakiri
Tekena Amakiri 2 months ago
Joe "and they were dry" Rogan.
Mischief 2 months ago
I didn't know Joe knew Paulie D
King Flacko
King Flacko 2 months ago
Style bender showed the levels he can go to. Hes alot better in orthodox tho lol every time he goes south paw he gets hit with big shots
Luke Mehalick
Luke Mehalick 2 months ago
Sorry for saying this & I'm sure tons of you will get offended or whatever, but not super impressed with style bender. I mean, he'd kick my ass, but I don't know. Just didn't look like an elite fighter to me. I guess time will tell when he fights Whittaker. I'm just really hoping Whittaker is healthy & doesn't break any bones Immediately when that fight happens.
Bry Ba
Bry Ba 2 months ago
You don't need another weight class, just make weigh-ins 24 hours before the fight. This would be crucial to most fighters because they would need to fight closer to their normal weight because they wouldn't have enough time to recover from weight loss.
AstaSupreme82 2 months ago
Umm everyone is giving kelvin credit when Israel has won and dropped him 5 times 👀 hmmmmm
AstaSupreme82 2 months ago
@Euphoria brenden been sucking kelvin more listen closer bud
Euphoria 2 months ago
Weird thing to say... they're giving both fighters credit since it took 2 fighters to make it a great fight. Plus the fight was close, 2-2 going into round 5
ABUBAKR ISMAIL 2 months ago
Rogan looks high as f...
James Adam
James Adam 2 months ago
Joe "of all time" Rogan
MrHMQ52 2 months ago
Who runs 20 miles a day?! That’s a marathon!
lulnug 2 months ago
Yeah we dont want people having to cut or bulk, so lets have a belt for every pound
RU MADDNESS 2 months ago
Reaper vs stylebender who wins?
Alex Carvalho
Alex Carvalho 2 months ago
I usually lose 2 or 3 pounds just to sleep from one day to another .... 5 ponds are just 2 kilos is nothing. some ppl take a shit and loses 5 ponds in shit hole. to exist 165 there must not be 170 but 175
Ktom 2 months ago
Since Adesanya stood up against Brendan, Brendan is his bitch.
italioraucci 2 months ago
Excellent observation of Israel's face. Kelvin is one tough ombre
Souzax79 Souzax79
Souzax79 Souzax79 2 months ago
Adesanya got attack by bees lol
The Sauce Whisperer
The Sauce Whisperer 2 months ago
Brendan Schaub has a tattoo on his arm that says “I’m with gay”
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller 2 months ago
Adesanya fought with his hands low to DEFEND TAKEDOWNS. Thus the striking skill difference was decreased, and Gastelum had more of a chance on the feet than if he would have if Adesanya wasn't concerened about being taken down, but less chance of a submission. Is this not a fair analysis of the key factors in the fight?
Marquis Harris
Marquis Harris 6 days ago
its pretty fair
J Lawless
J Lawless 2 months ago
I'm a fan of Kelvin, but he got his ass kicked. If this was a fight to the finish, he'd be dead smh. Much respect for Stylebender.
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman 2 months ago
@AstaSupreme82 Isreal is overrated. Whittaker is going to fuckin murder him.
AstaSupreme82 2 months ago
@Evasive Explosion i can give him credit without him overshadowing israel oh well look how brenden sucking him off just go back honestly and listen
Evasive Explosion
Evasive Explosion 2 months ago
@AstaSupreme82 How can you not give the guy credit? Every pro will tell you the same thing, Height and reach are big advantages and a smaller guy has to work harder to come in. Everyone knows israel is a talented fighter its just whether or not hes as good as the UFC is hyping him up to be. Kelvin gave him a tough ass fight and couldve won the fight if he took the 5th. He didnt so props to Israel for grinding through it. Hopefully he can stay undefeated after that last performance. He did good but hes hittable and he wont be durable when someone closes in on him and lays the hammer to him. Styles make fights
AstaSupreme82 2 months ago
@Evasive Explosion regardless everyone's giving kelvin more credit but israel almost put him out 7 times
Evasive Explosion
Evasive Explosion 2 months ago
@AstaSupreme82 Height and reach are advantages in a pro sport like ufc and you act like their not. Your a fuckin hater type get lost
Super frsh tv
Super frsh tv 2 months ago
Shellfish allergy lmao
Diego de la vega
Diego de la vega 2 months ago
Brendan looks and sounds like a kid stinged by bees on his face
Esteban Zamora
Esteban Zamora 2 months ago
Diego de la vega lmao
Alexander Thailand
Alexander Thailand 2 months ago
Joe: No one listens to me. That is the stupidest and most incorrect thing I’ve heard anyone say about anything ever. This coming from a guy who just had a Thai bitch lie to me about being on birth control, doing it on purpose, and wanting to take the kid and bounce permanently. All because her mom is dying of liver cancer and its her final wish. Shut the fuck up, Joe.
fck the left right is right
These 2 pricks are the most annoying mma clowns listen to the 1st 30 seconds I thought one of them was going to have a wet dream
CMDR Viriatus
CMDR Viriatus 2 months ago
Oh look its oprah for men- not my line
Gamingturtle The First
gastelum needs to trow more then just the same combo tho. he rocked adasanja With a headkick then never tried again.
Igor Raic
Igor Raic 2 months ago
Make fighters take wieghins just before the fight. That way no one can bulk up for the fight. And then you can make more clases
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