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Ray Lop
Ray Lop 10 days ago
I want StyleBender VS M.V.P
Omaree Sloan
Omaree Sloan 11 days ago
Total chaos ..which I love ..!!!
Ryan Cunningham
Ryan Cunningham 11 days ago
Isreal's only 2 losses in his career are from being knocked out cold if I'm not mistaken. Both were in kick boxing as a result of a single right hook both times. Exactly what gastellum hit him with. I look forward to seeing more of isreal. He is my favorite fighter atm. Does more damage with feints and reads than actual physical punishment. It's fun to watch.
Caesar Georges
Caesar Georges 15 days ago
Rogan sucks
Caesar Georges
Caesar Georges 15 days ago
Rogan one of the best fights of all time guy wtf
Ekan Akpan
Ekan Akpan 18 days ago
Brendan got knocked out by noguirra and looked like he was climbing rope from his back
vulturnuszan 20 days ago
I dont think stylebender could make 170 easily, he just doesn't blow up and put on lots of weight between fights like most other fighters. the guy i 193cm tall ffs, he'd be a stick at 170
soloist One Love
soloist One Love 8 days ago
vulturnuszan agreed I’m sure he can make 205 and walks around above that
Joe Gama
Joe Gama 24 days ago
I hope DC was taking notes his and Jones fighting style are similar enough to where he could utilize some of what Gestelum did to neutralize style benders fighting style.
Matthew McDaniel
Matthew McDaniel 27 days ago
I can't be the only one who wants to see Till vs Adesanya.??
Warren Roach
Warren Roach 28 days ago
Settle the fuck down joe rob going to sorthim right out
Sea12hawks 28 days ago
Bro yoel romero is a fuckin midget... yes he looks jacked but hes fuckin tiny
Layland Dawson
Layland Dawson 29 days ago
stylebender grew up fighting 220lb islanders in South Auckland so I can imagine he'd be able to take headshots
Tanner Angiletta
Tanner Angiletta 15 days ago
Layland Dawson right
ANTHONY ALFANO 29 days ago
Jon would absolutely destroy Style Bender.
cvvvvvvvvc 28 days ago
Jon is a heavyweight.
336nc benzo
336nc benzo Month ago
This how i feel about weight classes if your a grown man who weighs under 150 u shouldn't even be fighting. Every 15lbs should go up in weight class
Tekena Amakiri
Tekena Amakiri Month ago
Joe "and they were dry" Rogan.
Mischief Month ago
I didn't know Joe knew Paulie D
King Flacko
King Flacko Month ago
Style bender showed the levels he can go to. Hes alot better in orthodox tho lol every time he goes south paw he gets hit with big shots
Luke Mehalick
Luke Mehalick Month ago
Sorry for saying this & I'm sure tons of you will get offended or whatever, but not super impressed with style bender. I mean, he'd kick my ass, but I don't know. Just didn't look like an elite fighter to me. I guess time will tell when he fights Whittaker. I'm just really hoping Whittaker is healthy & doesn't break any bones Immediately when that fight happens.
Bry Ba
Bry Ba Month ago
You don't need another weight class, just make weigh-ins 24 hours before the fight. This would be crucial to most fighters because they would need to fight closer to their normal weight because they wouldn't have enough time to recover from weight loss.
AstaSupreme82 Month ago
Umm everyone is giving kelvin credit when Israel has won and dropped him 5 times 👀 hmmmmm
AstaSupreme82 28 days ago
+Euphoria brenden been sucking kelvin more listen closer bud
Euphoria 29 days ago
Weird thing to say... they're giving both fighters credit since it took 2 fighters to make it a great fight. Plus the fight was close, 2-2 going into round 5
Rogan looks high as f...
James Adam
James Adam Month ago
Joe "of all time" Rogan
MrHMQ52 Month ago
Who runs 20 miles a day?! That’s a marathon!
lulnug Month ago
Yeah we dont want people having to cut or bulk, so lets have a belt for every pound
Reaper vs stylebender who wins?
Alex Carvalho
Alex Carvalho Month ago
I usually lose 2 or 3 pounds just to sleep from one day to another .... 5 ponds are just 2 kilos is nothing. some ppl take a shit and loses 5 ponds in shit hole. to exist 165 there must not be 170 but 175
Ktom Month ago
Since Adesanya stood up against Brendan, Brendan is his bitch.
italioraucci Month ago
Excellent observation of Israel's face. Kelvin is one tough ombre
Hugo Souza
Hugo Souza Month ago
Adesanya got attack by bees lol
The Sauce Whisperer
Brendan Schaub has a tattoo on his arm that says “I’m with gay”
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller Month ago
Adesanya fought with his hands low to DEFEND TAKEDOWNS. Thus the striking skill difference was decreased, and Gastelum had more of a chance on the feet than if he would have if Adesanya wasn't concerened about being taken down, but less chance of a submission. Is this not a fair analysis of the key factors in the fight?
J Lawless
J Lawless Month ago
I'm a fan of Kelvin, but he got his ass kicked. If this was a fight to the finish, he'd be dead smh. Much respect for Stylebender.
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman 22 days ago
+AstaSupreme82 Isreal is overrated. Whittaker is going to fuckin murder him.
AstaSupreme82 23 days ago
+Evasive Explosion i can give him credit without him overshadowing israel oh well look how brenden sucking him off just go back honestly and listen
Evasive Explosion
Evasive Explosion 23 days ago
+AstaSupreme82 How can you not give the guy credit? Every pro will tell you the same thing, Height and reach are big advantages and a smaller guy has to work harder to come in. Everyone knows israel is a talented fighter its just whether or not hes as good as the UFC is hyping him up to be. Kelvin gave him a tough ass fight and couldve won the fight if he took the 5th. He didnt so props to Israel for grinding through it. Hopefully he can stay undefeated after that last performance. He did good but hes hittable and he wont be durable when someone closes in on him and lays the hammer to him. Styles make fights
AstaSupreme82 23 days ago
+Evasive Explosion regardless everyone's giving kelvin more credit but israel almost put him out 7 times
Evasive Explosion
Evasive Explosion 23 days ago
+AstaSupreme82 Height and reach are advantages in a pro sport like ufc and you act like their not. Your a fuckin hater type get lost
Super frsh tv
Super frsh tv Month ago
Shellfish allergy lmao
Diego de la vega
Brendan looks and sounds like a kid stinged by bees on his face
Esteban Zamora
Esteban Zamora 29 days ago
Diego de la vega lmao
Alexander Thailand
Joe: No one listens to me. That is the stupidest and most incorrect thing I’ve heard anyone say about anything ever. This coming from a guy who just had a Thai bitch lie to me about being on birth control, doing it on purpose, and wanting to take the kid and bounce permanently. All because her mom is dying of liver cancer and its her final wish. Shut the fuck up, Joe.
fck the left right is right
These 2 pricks are the most annoying mma clowns listen to the 1st 30 seconds I thought one of them was going to have a wet dream
CMDR Viriatus
CMDR Viriatus Month ago
Oh look its oprah for men- not my line
Gamingturtle The First
gastelum needs to trow more then just the same combo tho. he rocked adasanja With a headkick then never tried again.
Igor Raic
Igor Raic Month ago
Make fighters take wieghins just before the fight. That way no one can bulk up for the fight. And then you can make more clases
rik rik
rik rik Month ago
No kelvin stock will not go down he will fight the winner of isereal vs whittker that is a awsum fight
WhyTheHorseface Month ago
You can’t run a marathon every day. It’s not humanly possible. Brandon Davis has to be on PED’s.
Kasabian Cruz
Kasabian Cruz Month ago
Hes not right.. what would end up happening is u would have a bunch of two weight champs
Tmapples Gaming
Tmapples Gaming Month ago
Joe “He’s not just tall, he’s thick” Rogan
Ginn N. Juice
Ginn N. Juice Month ago
Not too many weight classes please.
Hao_93 Month ago
Stylebender used to be 100kg
willywhispa Month ago
when he fought heavyweights(100kg) in king of the ring he was only weighing 84kg and thats not even with a weight cut haha
willywhispa Month ago
yes i am familiar with him fighting heavyweights here in new zealand. he cleaned out his weight division. so he went up to fight heavyweights even tho he was much lighter than them
Hao_93 Month ago
+willywhispa yea check out his kick boxing stuff. All these people that say omg how can he make 205 pounds confuse me lol
willywhispa Month ago
wait what??
Anthony Husband Jr
Style bender amazing but kelvin earned my respect tremendously
Coolnav 27 days ago
That fight made both of them look good tbh
17carramirez 28 days ago
+Esteban Zamora yeah kelvin is something special, kinda like mike tyson. They used their relatively shorter but much more stockier build to their advantage while most fighters would be at a disadvantage in that situation. Of course kelvin still doesnt have that inhumane speed and Power mike had, but hes still one hell of a fighter.
Esteban Zamora
Esteban Zamora 29 days ago
J Lawless he earned our respect because look at the arm reach and height advantage israel has on kelvin. The fact that kelvin gave him a beating means israel aint that good of a fighter but im not gonna take away anything from israel in this fight. It was an amazing fight that im thankful i got to witness.
17carramirez Month ago
+J Lawless are you retarded? My man that was a huge display of skill, heart and chin. If all you can see is skin colors when you see such an incredible fucking fight just commit toaster bath. You dint know what fightings about.
Neil S
Neil S Month ago
+J Lawless hang urself though. Would do ur entire fam a favor
SwizzKid 316
SwizzKid 316 Month ago
175 would be perfect for Kalvin his to small for 185 if had been a little taller and had a longer reach he would have won that fight against style vender 👊🏼
SwizzKid 316
SwizzKid 316 Month ago
J- Phill that's true also
J- Phill
J- Phill Month ago
SwizzKid 316 yeah but him being so short help him close distance and create momentum as he does it. If he was taller he wouldnt have to close the distance and his game would be different
Grant Knaver
Grant Knaver Month ago
Is anyone else worrying about Rogan?
Grant Knaver
Grant Knaver Month ago
+AstaSupreme82 memory
AstaSupreme82 Month ago
His shoulder
SpensurgeX7 Month ago
Kelvin “lil adversity” Gastelum
Deano Month ago
Who gives a shite about weights....what about the fight?
Adam Carmichael
Adam Carmichael Month ago
Rogan is blazed ✌️
Theo Knight
Theo Knight Month ago
Shaubs face lights up when he starts talking about rockhold
rusky driver
rusky driver Month ago
idk why dana doesnt want to do a 165-175 division. Both the 155 and 170 division is just stacked with killers that can slot into being either too big or small for each division. The fact that anyone in the top 10 can probably beat each other speaks volumes for how deep the division. He also literally said it himself, having more (interim) champions are good for the fighters as it gives them better ppv's and marketing. This isn't boxing where there are so many different organisations hence multiple belts for a single weight division so his argument about becoming like boxing and having titles at every couple of pounds is a dumb one.
Timikara Taurerewa
I'm Israel fan but I want see more Kelvin man ...... Dang
J Lawless
J Lawless Month ago
False! You're not a Israel fan. Why do you salty fans say shit like this?
Abi Fajardo
Abi Fajardo Month ago
That spinning elbow by Adesanya!! 👍🏾🔥 BEAST!
Ninja Junior
Ninja Junior 23 days ago
+Drae Love it dropped him lol it was like a second and a half delay. Seen it heaps before
Marquis Harris
Marquis Harris 25 days ago
+Drae Love 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Bastian P
Bastian P Month ago
+Matrix Deprogrammed lmfao
Drae Love
Drae Love Month ago
That didn't even hurt Kelvin a lil..
Matrix Deprogrammed
I would love to do it on your face tbh
Swazi Prince
Swazi Prince Month ago
Joe so secretly wanted Gastelum to win he was trying his best to hide it but the bias was visible for all to hear.
Brandon Moss
Brandon Moss Month ago
Haha what are you even on about?
Joe Jones
Joe Jones Month ago
If they made more weight classes, that would not eliminate interim belts. People still get injured. Someome will have to be the interin champ if a guy is out a year.
Brandon Schlob sucks
Kelvin won.
John Damper
John Damper 20 days ago
Joseleon Jimenez
Rematch ?
Grod silv
Grod silv Month ago
Kelvin earned my respect real warrior
Obitrice For life
The two fighters brought it
E Dub
E Dub Month ago
That was one of the best Ive seen. I was like man. I am gonna have to say this might be one of the greatest fight ever. and relized and thats big to say. Love to hear you say the same. Loved it. good fight. next level stuff
Kherla DesBois
Kherla DesBois Month ago
Best fight of all times? Gtfoh
JC Castillo
JC Castillo Month ago
ONE of the best
online naga
online naga Month ago
Joe "Booombbsss" Rogan
Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter Month ago
Robert Whittaker has got to be a bit worried after seeing that ground game by Adesanya. He last loss was to a triangle hold. So thinking that taking down Adesanya to the ground will beat him obviously isnt the path or he keeps it standing up an he's got to contend with his reach and striking. Gonna be a good one!
Blake Digma
Blake Digma Month ago
Why does joe keep looking above the camera?
Dic Flair
Dic Flair 27 days ago
We are the camera, he is subliminally saying he is better than you
Rob Erickson
Rob Erickson Month ago
Running 20 miles a day is a terrible idea. Must be a mistake. He would be so worn out come fight night he’d be fucked. Running is great don’t get me wrong but 20 miles a day is excessive.
Sobrotha Month ago
Joe you influence the refs in many of these fights. You sit over there yelling “stop the fight”. Israel said that he even heard you yelling that. So there’s no doubt they hear it and are influenced by it. You should not do that.
6 Pack Productions
Rogan is right on weight classes. Just make divisions in ten pound increments.
harleyzeth 22 days ago
+6 Pack Productions It really isn't a problem though. This problem will always exist for some people, it's no different than 125 to 135 to 145.
6 Pack Productions
6 Pack Productions 23 days ago
+harleyzeth They already are spaced further at higher classes...that's the problem. 155 to 170 to 185 to 205 does not leave much room for someone who can't make the cut for one but is small in the next class above it.
harleyzeth 23 days ago
That doesn't make sense. They should get spaced further out the father up you go. 10 pounds on a 130 pound guy is completely different than 10 pounds on a 230 pound guy.
BrorFraNord 27 days ago
I would like the 170 division to be replaced by 165 and 175 and a 230/240 weight class
Ginn N. Juice
Ginn N. Juice Month ago
Troy Yang
Troy Yang Month ago
Schaub is such a douchebag lmao "why does adesanya look like hes allergic to shellfish" lol
Osvaldo Aldana
Osvaldo Aldana Month ago
Gastelum should be on this
Erick Román
Erick Román Month ago
To me fight of the year !!
Destroyer Month ago
Rogan always says Zabit’s last name just to show he can pronounce it properly lol there’s no other zabit’s in the UFC
Trouser Troll
Trouser Troll Month ago
Yep. I've heard him to it before.
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue Month ago
Gastelum made a big mistake in his game he throws almost no kicks while Adesanya depends on his 4 limbs Gastelum only depends on 2 he is more like a boxer vs a kick boxer hopefully he can learn how to depend on all 4 limbs.
peter pace
peter pace Month ago
That one kick in the 4th round was fire tho.
LegacyEvoAce Month ago
165, 175 and 195 need to happen also 215 should be the final weight class. No need to go higher or lower. Obviously 170 needs to go bye bye.
LoLUnderstated Month ago
Can we all stop saying that the Porier and Holloway fight was a back and forth, Porier lit up Holloway. Seeing too many idiots in the comments saying the Porier Holloway fight was a war. No it wasn’t.
Hector Resto
Hector Resto Month ago
Talking about idiots...Poirier himself said Holloway had him extremely hurt. Poirier’s power showed, but Holloway was tenacious, threw volume, and was backing Poirier up OFTEN. Idiot.
Manny Fernandez
Manny Fernandez Month ago
People kill themselves cutting weight so they can pick on little guys
Money Talk
Money Talk Month ago
No doubt Stylebender is the closest in actual skill to being able to hang with Jon Jones, but the size difference! Dude, Jones could EASILY be 220, and Israel can't even get to 185 on fight night.
Sui G
Sui G Month ago
Michael Page Vs Israel Adesanya
kevin johnson
kevin johnson Month ago
Whittaker is gonna ko stylebender easy
Jon Tom
Jon Tom Month ago
the belts would mean less if there were too many
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Month ago
Joe I wanna come on fight companion 💯💯hook a die hard fan up and shoot the shit wit u guys
Tayk1987 Month ago
Schaub suckin Rogans dick as usual.
Baba Semka
Baba Semka Month ago
Brendan "your boi, Dana" Schaub
Javier Vasquez
Javier Vasquez Month ago
Can we stop calling him stylebender
Javier Vasquez
Javier Vasquez Month ago
Dana Black but that’s almost everyone ,it’s not called “Mixed Martial Arts” for no reason Edit: Your channel name and profile picture 😂
Dana Black
Dana Black Month ago
he’s a legit stylebender
Drr Dank
Drr Dank Month ago
If Kelvin doesn't go down with the current WW top 5 he is insane. He matches up so fucking well with every one of them.
CFH Month ago
He really does, but he needs to get his diet in check first.
ralmanza6 Month ago
Travis Scott Houston rockets Jersey 😍
ruffles oe
ruffles oe Month ago
+Kobe Robertson shit is clean, hater
Kobe Robertson
Kobe Robertson Month ago
mcsub Month ago
I'd say more weight classes, esepcially for the males, I'd go 125lb (flyweight), 135lb (bantamweight), 145lb (featherweight), 155lb (lightweight), 165lb (light-welterweight), 175lb (welterwight), 185lb (middleweight), 200lb (cruiserweight), 215/220lb(light-heavyweight), 265lb(heavyweight). Have the current champions of divisions that don't will no longer exist (170lb, 205lb) decide if they want to go up or down to the new weights, and run tournaments for the vacant weight classes. You could even bring something in around 240/5lb as how many guys have to force themselves down to light-heavyweight cause they are to small for heavyweight. I think on the whole more weight classes gives healthier fighters and therefore better fights, more marketing opportunities, and would reduce the need to keep making interim belts which really don't mean anything. I don't really see the issue with fighters jumping from weight class to weight class especially if it makes more interesting fights, it happens in boxing all the time and nobody really cares, in fact it probably benefits those fighters who will probably never be champion but people want to watch as they have more earning opportunities by being able headline FN cards against guys who should give them exciting fights
elrashid elmardi
Waiting patiently for this
Brimstone Helix
Brimstone Helix Month ago
Fuck the look its not about the cosmetics. Its about the skills and thrills.
donald trump
donald trump Month ago
When's the next fight companion
DhDeadMan Month ago
Just how good is Conor Mcgregor tho?
peter pace
peter pace Month ago
He has lost his mind & the fire he once had after drowning in all that money lol.
Kemal Akeren
Kemal Akeren Month ago
Deffo people and fighters needs a 165 and ww to became 175. I mean look at Kelvin too big for 170 too small for 185 he clearly needs a 175. Look at Ben askren small for ww too big for 155, look at RDA, Jose Masvidal, Dustin Poirier (too big for 155), probably Khabib, and other lots of fighters. Dana thinks a 165 would harm lw and ww. No dude new fighters would came in couple months and you would have 3 stacked division.
Freddy bates
Freddy bates Month ago
You Should work for the ufc dude.
Gm 24
Gm 24 Month ago
Kemal Akeren 15 lb weight difference is jus do damn big
Michael Month ago
Fuck yo Rockets. Go Jazz :D
Wasn’t Schaub saying stylebender was just an average kickboxer a month ago
maga mag
maga mag Month ago
Did he?
warri187 Month ago
More weight classes would be to confusing and fighters would just jump from class to class all the time. Not a smart move for the ufc
This Guy
This Guy Month ago
+warri187 you are right about guys jumping around. That big gap between 55-70 - 85 keeps guys in check but if there was a 55 65 75 they all would be hopping all over the place. UFC needs a union and rules for champions vacating and shit like that.
warri187 Month ago
+This Guy sounds good
This Guy
This Guy Month ago
If they eliminate 25 and add 65 and move 70 - 75 you aren't really changing much
Jossua Garcia
Jossua Garcia Month ago
They could add 165 and bump 170 to 175. Also add 195 and if they wanna get nitpicky split heavyweight from 206-225(heavyweight) & 226-300(Super Heavyweight)
Lightnin McKing
Lightnin McKing Month ago
Don’t know about weight classes every 10lbs... however i do believe they should do a Grand Prix once a year like the original UFC was... no weight classes. No holds barred. Last man standing and those results should determine pound for pound goats 🐐
Mario Vlaovic
Mario Vlaovic Month ago
Pound for pound is a term used to circumvent the weight differences between fighters, it effectively is talking about how good fighters are if they were all the same weight. Im all for cross division fights because I think there are lighter fighters who could beat heavier fighters and it would be interesting to see for example Khabib vs Masvidal or Zabit vs Ferguson, but you can't determine pound for pound rankings from such a contest because of the fact the weights would be different. If someone from the lightest weight classes could win in an all inclusive tournament he wouldn't just be the pound for pound g.o.a.t., he would be the straight up g.o.a.t.. And if someone from lightweight or heavyweight would win such a tournament you wouldn't exactly be able to label him as the pound for pound g.o.a.t. because there would be many fighters with less weight than him.
Corrosive Month ago
Ya cuz someone like jon jones wouldnt kill cejudo...id like to see brock in that run thru em all
Mic Wop
Mic Wop Month ago
I think stylebender doesn’t get much love from the American fans and fans from bigger countries just because he fights out of a smaller place like New Zealand
Mic Wop
Mic Wop Month ago
warri187 dude rocked kelvin and dudes still saying he ain’t good saying kelvin should’ve won
Mic Wop
Mic Wop Month ago
warri187 most hyped and most hated fuck u mean
warri187 Month ago
Izzy is probably the most hyped up fighter right now, the fuck you talking
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