Joe Rogan Explains Hunting to Russell Brand

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1283 w/Russell Brand:

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Apr 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Come here Coward
Come here Coward 52 seconds ago
A very respectful conversation between 2 great men
Half Monkey Half Evil
Half Monkey Half Evil 4 minutes ago
tree love human human kill vegetarian animal .
Half Monkey Half Evil
Half Monkey Half Evil 7 minutes ago
creo que comer carne frita o asada sabe mejor con sal,true.
Martyn Lennox
Martyn Lennox Hour ago
Joe being very respectful there by saying to a vegan you should eats egg's...
William Molina
William Molina 2 hours ago
The only hunting that we need in this day and age is for food. So, if it's food, you can shoot it. That's my take. Either way, killing something that is not harming you or anyone else is egotistical even if it is for food. The whole "i wanna connect with my ancestors, way of life, culture, primal instincts" or whatever bullshit from thousands of years ago argument is just pure fantasy... we are not living in those time and you have to accept it. Otherwise, you're just delusional. Im not really anti hunting. I'm aware that the hunting tax and all the programs funded by it have done more for wildlife that anything else up to date, maybe without that hunting as a sport revenue, wildlife would be worse (who knows) I still think hunting as a sport is completely unnecessary and most of the time the rationalization is bullshit. Just another thing for humans to feel superior, in control and get that different trill (ego) nothing more, nothing less. You can paint it whoever you want and it's still bullshit... we all full of bullshit at the end. I also believe, anti hunting people who pay others to do the hunting and slaughtering so they can eat their bacon or whatever meat at home are hypocritical bags of crazy. I do respect the ones that take it serious and go the full mile with their no kill diets. Im still taking a hard pass on that diet. Tough cookies.
Vulgarr the Viking
Vulgarr the Viking 2 hours ago
I appreciate how Russell Brand is clearly opposed to hunting, but was willing to hear the reasons why and didn't immediately set his feet and just say no it's wrong. He understood that hunting is the biggest supporter of conservation.
kakka carrotcake supersandlegend
Russell brand is a twat...
you predict
you predict 9 hours ago
Christian Duque
Christian Duque 16 hours ago
Russell “Nothing but V-Neck” Brand
RedTPC 18 hours ago
I didn’t know khal drogo could speak english
Eternal Paradigm
Eternal Paradigm 20 hours ago
The real issue is overpopulation, we need to slow down on the procreation. Thin out our population numbers.
Emilio Villagrana
The last couple minutes were awesome
Former Everything
I know he's smart, but I can't stand Russell Brand. He should stick to pretending to be other people for a living .(acting). He's so fucking pompous, like a typical Brit. Hunting a human role in nature, just like cougars, bears, and wolves. Brits can't understand nature because they obliterated every vestige of nature on the British Isles 1000 years ago. Now dickheads like Russell here pontificate as if they are a moral authority on the state of nature. The hypocrisy makes me want to vomit on Russell Brand. Maybe take a shit on him, too. Fuck him.
Doktor Drift
Doktor Drift Day ago
It's still only fair if you strap rifles to the elk and put Joe and friends in the bush naked and make them try to get out alive...
BUMGOD Day ago
So wha u stoolkin an ewk on da pwains
Gumsvibe Day ago
the animals life that you are taking when hunting is the same life within you, there is no difference.
Tony Montana mang
This is what we used to call an "adult conversation," kids.
White Power
White Power Day ago
Facts don't care about your feelings
DeathWhitch 2 days ago
Goddamn Russell Brand is annoying.
Alpha47 2 days ago
You only hunt what you eat. End.
Veni, Vidi, Vici
Veni, Vidi, Vici 2 days ago
I understand both sides. I told my sister I wanted a farm to grow my own cows for milk and meat and she knew I wouldn’t be able to kill ole Betty after years of looking after her. Lol
Indigo47 2 days ago
5:55 till the end is my stream of thought
Callum Boscoe
Callum Boscoe 2 days ago
Hunting is alright we have done it to survive for so long as long as the animals death is quick and not painful there’s nothing wrong with killing animals , it would be a waste of food which allows us to survive and have a balanced diet. However I don’t like it when people take photos with the animals to show off killing them. Them people lack empathy and are just sick because they’re glorifying death if that was your pet dog dead you be in tears but because you can eat this animal or just want to kill for fun your happy. I only think farmyards animals should be eaten.
Joe Davies
Joe Davies 2 days ago
wish he would hunt that junkie hippy
ds 2 days ago
russell pit stains brand hahaha jk love him
Mic Wil
Mic Wil 2 days ago
I love that they are able to have a civil conversation about both sides of hunting. Also I agree with Joe, Utah is beautiful and great for elk hunting.
Rouge Omen
Rouge Omen 2 days ago
The lesson of my day, Russel isn't as big of a twat as I previously thought. Respect anybody who can converse with another of differing ideologies in this kind of manner.
Dick Piano
Dick Piano 2 days ago
Joe Rogan should bring Vegangains on the show.
simul8rduude 2 days ago
I'm deaf... You have Italian only subtitles...really?? -20 points.
Top Hatter Fyn
Top Hatter Fyn 3 days ago
Bloody Russel brand is hilarious
Drake19995 3 days ago
To be honest the conversation about hunting pails in comparison to the fact the discussion about whatever side you're on that's you and no one is right or wrong we all have our own way and we need to accept people as they are.
Tyler M
Tyler M 3 days ago
Hunting for food and sport is where I'm conflicted. Hunting for food is natural and necessary. Trophy hunting seems more of like a bloodlust or ego driven thing.
Seppo 3 days ago
Russel Brand is just the most....cool guy ever.
Stefan 3 days ago
The whole vegan vs meat eating debate is just so terrifyingly stupid and shows the pathology of our modern society IMO! Many people don't adopt ideologies because they want to find the truth, but they do it to seperate themselves from people, to make a statement! So, all they're gonna do is being very annoying and unreasonable about defending their side of things. They even push it so far that people on the other side won't even look at the potential advantages of veganism anymore! This also gets clear when you're just looking at the comment sections of many vegan or carnivore diet comment sections! There is literally nothing you could comment under those videos that will put anyone off their way of thinking. It is not because they can not understand it (at least so I hope), but they don't WANT to understand it! We are in the process of spiraling ourselves into the abyss!
Jon 3 days ago
RB won’t eat animals but he’ll take any amount of Illegal drugs and supports cartels murders and gangs... I’d rather be hunting !
Memoiana 3 days ago
Man if everyone took a liking for hunting, or had to hunt, we’d run out of animals. So this whole hunting business is at best a sport for the privileged few, at worse a very unsustainable way to feed a large number of people.
Aaron Nievar
Aaron Nievar 21 hour ago
Some places already have a lottery system because so many people want to hunt now.
The Infamous Horeldo
I'm not going to watch this because it's Russel Brand and he's a twat. Love the show though
ThatsANoobThing 3 days ago
i love the fact that you said bipedal hominids, very specific😂
ANGEL MORALES 3 days ago
Wow, im amazed by the ammount of respect comming out of Russel he speaks like the type of persons who earns respect
Natanael Tavares
Natanael Tavares 3 days ago
A true master of words this Russell man
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott 3 days ago
people against hunting are also against animals who hunt animals as natural prey right? LOL
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott 3 days ago
poor Joe having to feel like he has to justify his hunting... LOL... animals are not humans...we don't hunt cats dogs and horses... meat is life, meat is good, even animals in the wild hunt and eat animals. don't be wimps....
Tor Crawley
Tor Crawley 4 days ago
Nice to see Russell Brand being reasonable. Little bit passive-aggressive, but that might just be him.
Ahmezing 4 days ago
I think Russel makes a really good argument, about how you need to have empathy for the animals and I think that has a place in a carnivorous diet, because if you see the animal that you will be eating and have to kill it you have a much higher appreciation for the meat you will be eating.
Hunter S Thompson
Who cares you'll die one day do what you want
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 4 days ago
Russell Brand is such a cunt
Tyler M
Tyler M 3 days ago
Ok joe can be cunt sometimes as well. Especially when you bring up religion or pot.
Ryś w sieci
Ryś w sieci 4 days ago
What Russel is into is called bambinism (from deer Bambi).
bondosho 4 days ago
I can't hunt it, but I'll eat it!
Hisham Dinari
Hisham Dinari 4 days ago
you think you speak English until you listen to Russell Brand speaks English
Mina Soto
Mina Soto 4 days ago
Joe is a Quack
p4sm4ter 4 days ago
Who is the interviewer? :')
C. lorenz
C. lorenz 4 days ago
Natural we are hunters, the problem is, we're to many people.
Daniel Fichtner
Daniel Fichtner 4 days ago
Hunting for food is okay, Trophy Hunting is disgusting.
Bris Focus
Bris Focus 4 days ago
go and hunt it like your ancestors did...no weapons...see how you go...
its always interesting to hear someone justify ending another living beings existence. the animal has just one life to enjoy just like every human has. and it is in it's home in some woods somewhere breathing the air and eating something and feeling the breeze on his face and smelling the smells, and just totally living and enjoying his existence. and a hunter has no problem justifying taking that animals entire existence and ending it for his own greed and selfish reasons. but I think what bothers me the most is the jumping up and down with the smiles on there faces when they blow some beautiful animal away, if I was hunting for food, I would probably cry after killing the animal, and ask the universe and the animal for forgiveness for ending this life so I could feed myself. I wouldn't be sitting there smiling with someone taking a picture like I just did something wonderful. and hunters love telling themselves that they are conservationist to take away their guilt.
DeadDylan 4 days ago
I guess joe don’t know about the eggs that are male. They fucking die
Rogue-Spear 4 days ago
Russell Brand is a real despicable piece of human trash
messemcee 4 days ago
I’m pretty sure if everyone hunted we would have to hunt as a community and this is sustainable @joerogan
Daniel Ballew
Daniel Ballew 4 days ago
Love that a vegan like Russell Brand can talk to a hunter like Joe and simply say, I couldnt do that but I can see why you do it and how you are able to and I respect that as a way of attuning yourself to our natural hunting instincts we lost through modernization while Joe never once tries to sell him on hunting or eating meat as the better way. He (Russell) may not be able to or even agree with it but the respectful disagreement and understanding is what is missing in our world.
Branden Hayes
Branden Hayes 4 days ago
love Russell’s capacity for articulation
Err0r madne5S
Err0r madne5S 4 days ago
russel is hella self obsessed, i jus wanna bang him in his jaw
Tom bryan
Tom bryan 4 days ago
Hunting is no longer necessary, it was years ago, now its sport. Thats the sickening part, its mans insatiable desire to conquer, destroy, reign supreme. Man is flawed.
killumination87 4 days ago
Hitler was a vegetarian and didnt allow meat to be consumed in his presence. He did tolerate eggs to be on the table because that meant the chicken was alive to produce eggs. So.... are we going to make out now or should I tell you more interesting facts about Hitler?
AxeMastersINC 4 days ago
Man has dominion over the entire planet Russell, get over it. FFS.
David Saraceno
David Saraceno 5 days ago
This is great. If only all vegans could respect hunting and fishing
Laslo Petrović
Laslo Petrović 5 days ago
I don't like hunting because of 2 reasons. 1. Some people just do it for sport. I live in a small not so wealthy country where rich people (sometimes americans) come and hunt for sport, and they pay the local politicians to organise this events. In one of this events where they participate maybe 5 hunters with 2 guides the kill count can go up to 5-7 adult bears and 10-20 wild boars. And this is all proven by photos taken and released in the media multiple times so I am not just talking out of my head. 2. I just couldn't kill an animal with all this equipment. From my point of view I find it cowardice to go after an animal with cross-bikes, sniper rifles, all this modern equipment. Now if you ask me to go after it by foot and maybe with an antique spear or just a knife in our hands, and actually fight it that is entirely different.
powersliding 5 days ago
kill animal for food not hunting nor sport fukken piece of shit..simple as
C o o l r e c o r d e r G u y 4 2 0
Must admit Joe Rogan’s argument for hunting is very compelling. There’s a dilemma here as in my opinion I don’t believe that we can afford the luxury of getting to hunt until we sort out our unsustainable meat consumption, but game is definitely a much more sustainable and humane alternative to agricultural meats which are a driving force of deforestation and pressure on water supply as well as inhumane ways of rearing the livestock. I think that instead of just trying to convince meat eaters to jump straight to the extreme of being vegan/veggie, try to instead promote more mindful and conscious meat consumption such as only eating game, poultry and fish which are much more sustainable options, because that will also have a positive impact on our environment.
Everett01 5 days ago
"If you oppose the moral aspect of killing an animal, I totally understand and appreciate that, and that's what led me to become a hunter in the first place." -Joe Rogan
sup3rskrull 5 days ago
Russell Brand wins
Francisco Holdman
Thank you this was conversation
just another account
I'm all for hunting, as long as it's done quickly and the animal doesn't suffer too much. I could never kill an animal myself, but I do still eat meat, if I could hunt in my area (and wasn't afraid of killing animals myself), then I would definitely do that over eating farmed animals, but the human body has evolved to eat both meat and plants, in my opinion, humans need to eat meat to thrive which is why I eat pre-packaged meat. I don't support farmed animals, but I don't have any alternative since I don't live near woods (Guns are also very restricted in Australia, and I could never hunt with a bow since it doesn't kill quick enough)
Donald The duck
Donald The duck 5 days ago
I have a question. It’s wrong to shoot a lion right? Like is it ok if I go poke one with a spear.
Scott Abell
Scott Abell 5 days ago
You only hunt the mature animals....what a fucking fraud!
Scott Abell
Scott Abell 5 days ago
Where the fuck does anyone ride their bike into the woods to hunt Whitetail deer. What a load of shit!
Tylor Smith
Tylor Smith 5 days ago
I am an emotionless, sexless, meaningless creature.
Bill Haggard
Bill Haggard 4 days ago
Nick The Pepper Guy
I think it fucking sucks.the whole spotify thing. Fucking pissy.
Spiritual Empress
Omg Russell. I love the idea of hunting but I could never kill it. You couldn’t refrigerate an entire elk back in the day Rogan. Nothing you say is making sense ❤️❤️❤️
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas 5 days ago
No one should attempt to impose their world view on ANYONE.
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas 5 days ago
That's funny ... If Everyone is "not everyone" ...THAT'S EVERYONE.
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