Joe Rogan Experience #769 - Bert Kreischer

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Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and reality television host. Check out his book "Life of the Party" on Amazon and his podcast "The Bertcast" on Stitcher & iTunes.
(There were a few seconds dropped during the original livestream, this is the full upload.)

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Mar 3, 2016




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Comments 80
Estrada603 16 hours ago
Every podcast with bert it turns into a slight intervention while he laughs at his problems n down plays them
that youtube channel
Somebody should make a video game where the whole game world is exactly modeled after an anthill and you start at the top and then descend and kill demons or some shit and each branch has a big ass boss fight at the end
Mikey Whitto
Mikey Whitto 3 days ago
Nothing but love all tho Joes idea of a normal job is far out not everyone works in a call centre lol
dominic liuzzo
dominic liuzzo 6 days ago
theyre not hiding the cure theyre simply not looking
Devon Sellers
Devon Sellers 6 days ago
What ever happened to the vr camera idea where we could be in the room. That would be lit
Chris Lambert
Chris Lambert 3 days ago
Chris Lambert
Chris Lambert 3 days ago
Yeah we eeryrywrywreyrywrwyryeyeryeryrywwryry is a time to to go go get what ewre
Chris Lambert
Chris Lambert 3 days ago
Years of
Chokeyer Frigginlightsout
Dudes laugh is cringy....his whole shit is annoying
Joseph Greenberg
Joseph Greenberg 11 days ago
great point about the guys in pool rooms century ago who didn’t want to be chained to a woman or job not loved. When you watch the old movies with Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Fred Astaire, Bing Crosby...there were sportsmen, travelers, wanderers, wastrels living day to day without much means of support. They were considered charming, welcome, admired. Those were the days.
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon 12 days ago
Who's here in 2020?
P. Kelly Stark 939393
Thanks Joe for reminding me of the wisdom of God exists in every living thing. We as humans listen to ourselves, thats what meditation and prayer are. To find the wisdom we are born with.
Mx Harescrambler
Mx Harescrambler 14 days ago
These guys are fucking clueless. $800 a night is not fucking cheap. Fucking assholes.
Tristan Lindsey
Tristan Lindsey 15 days ago
Egg Gang
Egg Gang 16 days ago
Jamie show me a heyna docking ritual .
Dan Raney
Dan Raney 17 days ago
7:26 lol
Jo a
Jo a 18 days ago
xCYSRxSUPERMAN 19 days ago
I might be just as baked as them but I thought Choi was on with bobby lee. I remember bobby lee having a friend that cooked that was on with him.
austin thies
austin thies 20 days ago
If time travel was ever going to exist wouldn't someone have come back and spread the news already?
a m
a m 21 day ago
5g towers cause mad radiation frequency firefighters passed a bill to not have any near their stations because they ran test thru mri and saw it causes confusion, fatigue and destroys brain cells worst part their near schools hospitas and even homes so it's constant attack on the body and dna structure
loveurlife4ever1 21 day ago
2:04:00 LMAOOO
The Swedish American
good god.nope its pesticides.
Santiago Carpio
Santiago Carpio 22 days ago
Oscar Villarreal
Oscar Villarreal 22 days ago
Wow and now we have Andrew Schultz
Ron Pierce
Ron Pierce 22 days ago
They actually do have body bodysuits where in certain games when you walk outside and the sun is hitting on your body IRL it feels like the sun is hitting your body or in first-person shooters when you get shot it gives a little electrode so it feels like you got shot IRL without the lasting pain of course. They are in testing as we speak
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 22 days ago
Intentions do not change the impact or effect.
Freelance opportunist
Yes they do.
The Griffin' s Den
The Griffin' s Den 23 days ago
No wonder burt's dad was concerned everything about health he said was retarded and wrong....
Supdawgjason 23 days ago
how does those who do drugs slip into episodes? all the excessive drug use from doug and her might be something...
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 23 days ago
is that jamie on aswell???
BorderBaby956 Herrera
Find Vanessa Guillen!
Peter Murphy
Peter Murphy 23 days ago
There is absolutely no universe where setting something on fire and inhaling the smoke is good for you. It does not have a positive effect on the human body because smoke inhalation quite literally kills your lungs by carrying around carcinogenic particles through your blood stream. I’m not arguing the for or against weed here but the simple act of setting anything on fire and inhaling that smoke is 100% bad for you.
Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández
@3:10:00 Joe predicts Ready Player One
Ricardo Thomas Manuel Hernández
where's the VR headset where I can feel like I'm in the room with y'all, Jamie?! Lies! lmfao!
justin horton
justin horton 24 days ago
I feel like no matter when we create a time machine, if we did in the future, wouldn't we prob know about it?! Wouldn't we come back to help ourselves? Or tell ourselves? It must not happen in this timeline or universe. Right?
Isaiah Burns
Isaiah Burns 22 days ago
Not if you can’t go back to before the time machine was built
Dawn St. Louis
Dawn St. Louis 24 days ago
4:19 anti-inflammatory is a vasodilator (eg. thins your blood, eg. effects alcohol can produce)
Robert C
Robert C 24 days ago
Bert is legitimately a bad person. You see how he swore up and down that he was right? He even said google, Joe and Jamie were all wrong, about Joe Choi being on the podcast. Dumb people can be convincing, because they truly believe what theyre saying.
George J Salomskas III
Roof Top Koreans 1992
This wasn’t totally random for 4 years ago. He just mapped out the Coronavirus fraud.. Bill Gates has the patents on the virus and cure, DR Fauci, WHO.. and time travel before. Im getting a CIA vibe.
John Penn
John Penn 24 days ago
LMAO Joe's joey diez impersonation is spot on 😂😂😂
yamommasbox 24 days ago
Bert is an American hero
Dan Hall
Dan Hall 24 days ago
When they talk about Bingo, I thought they were talking about a dog.
Codename Johnny
Codename Johnny 24 days ago
"Frequencies are making bees autistic" holy fuck I'm in bits!!
Earth Monkey
Earth Monkey 24 days ago
Drinkin an partying in 2020
Sam Witch
Sam Witch 25 days ago
My brain is gonna take a few weeks to process this podcast.
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Hernandez 25 days ago
Why the fuck do I enjoy this shit so much?
patrick joyce
patrick joyce 25 days ago
I know joe doesn’t read shit but here I am drinking old fashions and totally connecting with this show only it’s June 2020 and it’s so true and jivin with looking back saying WTF. Great show and they need to do more together.
Gina C
Gina C 25 days ago
JRE with the dope podcast
Bre S
Bre S 25 days ago
They talking about African Killer Bees and Quick Sand being scary...to be sure back then they were...crazy how now it's Murder Hornets and Corona Virus! I've been stung by both a regular bee (a dead one, but same effect living or dead I think IDK) & a regular hornet, I stepped on the bee at the pool I was like 6 or 7 remember it hurting like HELL...the Hornet, once again at the pool but fast forward to 14 or 15 add one super bad sunburn (fell asleep at the pool IN the sun IN AZ) typa hella sunburned which I only mention cause it's the ONLY thing I Can figure as a reason for the damn bastard to sting me since it was completely unprovoked in any way...so I figure it must've either thought I was a bright red flower or my bright color pissed him off that badly IDK BUT going by the regular stings of both if I had to choose between Killer Bees & Murder Hornets I'd without a doubt choose the Killer Bees instantly! That regular hornet BTW stung me repeatedly for a grip, on my sunburn & it literally made my vision hella blurry & it felt as though my brain was in a fog & it was difficult to even turn my head to try to see wtf was going on & all that didn't start to clear up till he was done stinging me & flew away...STILL ALIVE! The bee was dead already however it would've still died had it been alive & stung me on purpose, plus it was 1 sting that was a localized pain...so yeah...Crazy daze crazy days as I'm typing this I hear "Get tickets to my show, its gonna be great so I wanna fill it up..." (something like that) & dude replies with "Don't you want it to be empty..." So some crazy ass 20/20 vision or whatever it was! So Joe coincidences OR psyhcic telepathy...SMS IDK (barely watched the show with Joe talking about bigfoot/sasquash & thinking about someone from high school & then they call you...there's more but I gotta run so I'll leave his novel here
Mitch Wnorowski
Mitch Wnorowski 26 days ago
This moron has NO idea what hes talking about, if anything its CULTURAL and the only true statement was made by Joe and it was about Japan because of the 'kooza
Radio Silence
Radio Silence 26 days ago
The reason all the ethnic clubs don't want people who aren't like them there is because they're all just fronts for laundering money. Russian bathhouses, Korean spas, etc.
Rotten Feather
Rotten Feather 26 days ago
what happened to the 360 camera or that VR camera?
Rotten Feather
Rotten Feather 26 days ago
1:47:00 captin here
Rotten Feather
Rotten Feather 26 days ago
whole podcast i coundt accept a human bingo
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
4 years later and they still havent got the VR Rogan show 'goggles'. Ya lazy bunch of stoners!
Tomás Ó Treasaigh
There is a pub in Waterford that is men only.
Levityz 28 days ago
Joe "in fact" Rogan
Frank Pepper
Frank Pepper 28 days ago
the freemasons are an all men club
Sean Wade
Sean Wade 28 days ago
Do you ever thing your wife thinks after one of your shows has married a child. Hit it again Joe.
Alexis Lamboy
Alexis Lamboy 28 days ago
The Joe Rogan experience the best adult podcast on planet earth.
Alexis Lamboy
Alexis Lamboy 28 days ago
Tony & Tina's Funeral
01:24:27 I fucking HATE when people touch the inside of their nose while in a common space. Dude. Your gonna rub your funk all over my shit then shake my hand when you leave right? Nasty.
The Bans
The Bans Month ago
Joe needs this interview right now
Raph H
Raph H Month ago
Bong ma haha think he maybe talking about banh mi?
David Black
David Black Month ago
There is enough Joe Rogan weird out of context audio out there that if you got high an AI randomly played clips from a Joe Rogan sound board it would pass the Turing test.
P Don
P Don Month ago
my computer put this on autoplay when i was going to sleep. Bert stinks. hes hacky and hes unbearable. he ruins everything he touches. i cant even watch Bill Burrs new show because Bert polluted it. leave us alone!
sigs signor
sigs signor Month ago
I thought they were saying Dom irrera got a show where he teaches us about ants n shit! That would be a great show make it happen Rogan!!
Joseph Benjamin
Joseph Benjamin Month ago
2:56:15 Dr Facci and Covid-19 of 2020. Maybe Joe Rogan + Civil War
Koolaid Jammers
Koolaid Jammers Month ago
Ricardo Rivera
Ricardo Rivera Month ago
ruvid.net/video/video-Ddx94xya4Lw.html I don't understand how this police execution didn't start protests. So messed up
357MagnumPlinkster Society
57:00 nope you can have manors and be well dressed and be yourself
Razvan Coco
Razvan Coco Month ago
My first time comment
Simca33 Month ago
denise marie
denise marie Month ago
Bert says he has high blood pressure but he's totally fine. Umm, no. High blood pressure, overweight, and a huge drinker? Sounds like a time bomb..
Eric LaBonte
Eric LaBonte Month ago
Joe "labernith" rogan
bull shiyot
bull shiyot Month ago
lab-rinth not lab bur nith Joe.
AnimationLA Month ago
Кариир ин уирд жлит
AnimationLA Month ago
John Myers
John Myers Month ago
If anyone else is interested, a box of wine is roughly 4 bottles of wine.
Matthew McGinn
Matthew McGinn Month ago
I'm mad neither of them said zerc-bees, at 949.
tanner bartlow
tanner bartlow Month ago
You guys are fucked so funny totally random
tony Marques
tony Marques Month ago
Someone please let me know who Joey is ??
Christian Gomez
Christian Gomez Month ago
Joey Diaz
tony Marques
tony Marques Month ago
Who is Joey that they keep talking about
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