Joe Rogan Experience #1480 - Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. His new audiobook "The Decision: Overcoming Today's BS for Tomorrow's Success" is available now on Audible.

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May 25, 2020




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Comments 80
SNEAKO Turbine
SNEAKO Turbine 4 hours ago
Marvn Alln
Marvn Alln 5 hours ago
The dog, who chases his tail, loses the bone, that's in his mouth.. -Bro Shaquille Sunflower
Your name lol
Your name lol 8 hours ago
my birthday is one day before kevin heart
Josh 20 hours ago
Are you saying granite? It's granted, with a D. Take things for granted. Did you actually think it was....jesus christ Kevin, what are you a boulder... a rock person? How long have you been saying that wrong? -Morty-
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire 21 hour ago
THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON ..........................ex 2 REP
Quin Hendrickson
Why do people like joe?
Derek Nicolay
William Conway
Can I invest into Kevin heart ?
Pablo Day ago
At the end “Damn Jamie, skills” when he pulled up the dinner picture was so wholesome.
Kev and joe should have a podcast together. The way they feed off each other, i never once lost interest. They're a great calib.💯
Bud Mckendree
Bud Mckendree 2 days ago
NATHANXHAI 2 days ago
49:25 Kevin hart demonstrates how to disagree in a civil manner. Great way of words and communication
Brenden Gauch
Brenden Gauch 3 days ago
If all we did we learn and pass knowledge around the world for free we would probably be exploring our solar system by now, but hate war and personal gain fuel this world.
João Marcelo Alves Cardoso
thats just beautiful bro
Thiago Soares
Thiago Soares 3 days ago
haha go plant-based kevin!
Bert Garcia
Bert Garcia 3 days ago
I am onnit tho
Bert Garcia
Bert Garcia 3 days ago
Cant feel it, should i yake more
Sikorsky Family
Sikorsky Family 3 days ago
I heart you Kevin! What an inspiring story. You are an amazing human!
Roosevelt Sequeira
Kevin: tell me I'm fucking saying something wrong Joe: you're saying something right
Alden Graham
Alden Graham 3 days ago
he right about social media though
The Coz
The Coz 3 days ago
I went to a private HS...no one taught us shit besides how to pass BS tests...no one is teaching us this stuff before college.
saurabh kori
saurabh kori 3 days ago
Which documentary is Kevin talking about? I want name
Jztn 3 days ago
The Last Dance
Patrick 3 days ago
I don't believe everyone can get a hopeful, success focused positive mindset like this Change my mind (please)
Paddy Garrigan
Paddy Garrigan 4 days ago
They talk about this “go get it mindset” how do you begin to develop that mindset if you find it difficult to motivate yourself and focus on one thing for extended periods of time
Evan Carre
Evan Carre 3 days ago
You practice developing the mindset ? Just like you practice anything else you aren’t good at
Marty martmartin
Marty martmartin 4 days ago
You don't just put money into things because you think they're going to grow... As Kevin Hart said at the start, we're paving the way and preparing for the next generation to do better. ESG's all day baby.
Jztn 4 days ago
Chilled and Cool
Chilled and Cool 4 days ago
Great intellectual interview/conversations! 👍🏾👍🏾
Ploti Nologi
Ploti Nologi 4 days ago
Greenwood Mills
Greenwood Mills 4 days ago
I gained a new found respect and admiration for Kevin Hart after hearing this podcast. He’s a lot deeper than just a comedian.
KO with Dbow.
KO with Dbow. 4 days ago
What part (time) is it where the comedian talks about trump? I can’t find it for the life of me
eyecrave art
eyecrave art 4 days ago
Simple, thank you joe thank you @Kevinhart
Michele P
Michele P 4 days ago
geeeeeehee hee , extroverts driving bumper cars at each other what fun
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 4 days ago
What Mj Documentary are they talking about?
Robert Jene
Robert Jene 4 days ago
I heart-shapes this episode on many levels.
David K
David K 5 days ago
I hate it when comics talk about finances like they've just discovered something that nobody knows about... This is actually hard to listen to.
oseaaa rubi
oseaaa rubi 5 days ago
Loved this i csn honestly it was inspiring thank you to both. Thanks to my brother as well for sending me this video
Devon C
Devon C 5 days ago
34:28 lol I was dying he said beating my self pause
Nellosphere 5 days ago
Love'n it when Kevin starts talks about being curious about intelligence.
SZL201 5 days ago
I rarely write comments on RUvid, but I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to do it on this video. It’s amazing how Kevin talks about the game of life and how we just got to play it. It reminds me so much of Hinduism, and how it echos what Kevin refers to as “this is a game”. The sooner we realize this the better - better meaning whatever you want it to be for you personally - we become at playing in this divine/creative play. Great talk!
TheEndOfThought 6 days ago
The reason people don't "do the stocks" is we have 50% or more of our awake time dedicated to making rich people, like you, more money. 8 hours at work, 6 hours sleep, 2 hours travel. 1 hour for bare minimum cooking or food prep. 1 hour to take care of hygiene. 2 hours to work out. 2 hours for loved ones/eating. 2 hours free in our days, if we sprint between activities and spend no time relaxing except on weekends. How much free time does Joe and Kevin have every day?
Phil F
Phil F 6 days ago
What is Kev sayin at 1:35:55? I don’t get it
Huey Santiago
Huey Santiago 6 days ago
Not to discount Jeff Bezos' achievements, but proper context should be established for that picture, because I see it get used a lot. Jeff Bezos started Amazon after securing a small loan of $300,000 (in 1993/1994 money) from his parents. Now, what he did with the $300,000 is the stuff of legends and real hard work, but there goes the rub: not everyone who works hard will attain the same levels of success even if they put in the same effort, simply because the starting opportunity. So I guess my point is to temper your expectations, and define your success using your own personal metrics.
Luke Laessig
Luke Laessig 6 days ago
Kyla McMahon
Kyla McMahon 6 days ago
Awesome talk from Hart. So helpful and inspiring
Cieran Gray
Cieran Gray 6 days ago
I’ll be honest. I really needed to hear this! ❤️
Daily Knowledge
Daily Knowledge 6 days ago
Some time ago I did not understand how someone can listen to other people talking with each other, podcasts and stuff like that. But I understand now that I was listening to the wrong people. Kevin Hart is amazing, this is the first time I am listening to him and I am amazed. Joe, ideal host. Well read, smart, successful, good listener... I am thankful that I have an opportunity to learn from people like these two aces. Cheers.
Cody & Brooke Hanson
I wish Kevin was my mentor.
acinoreV agetrO
acinoreV agetrO 6 days ago
Kevin is such a shark....he moves like if he stops he'll die. Just keep swimming man.
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson Day ago
Search: Kevin Hart meets Devin Dart It’s hilarious 😂
AstroReflux 2 days ago
wow so inspirational
Sh3pard 6 days ago
So motivational when Kevin talked about all the extra steps he took to recover from the accident and get in even better shape.
J SWERVO 6 days ago
DJ and Joe would be a legendary podcast
saurabh sutar
saurabh sutar 7 days ago
Layla 0
Layla 0 7 days ago
1:18:03 Me: ummm 2nd me: *punches me in the shoulder* ..."that's you"
MrGameControler 8 days ago
I feel like Kevin tries too hard to come off as some intelligent preacher. Like a sane version of Kanye. I don't expect him to come on this show and perform standup but listening to 2 hours of this motivational speech is also a bit off-putting.
FunTimez 7 days ago
agreed. I was actually just about to post this. It's honestly pretty annoying, and he says some pretty obvious stuff. At the same time, that's great that he's aware that he needs to spend time with his kids, but it's not revolutionary, more or less common sense.
Wiolant SunGazer
Wiolant SunGazer 8 days ago
Who would know Kevin Hart would become a business man and just think about the dollars ( investments) He needs Mushrooms and come to the realization(s).
Christian Dam
Christian Dam 8 days ago
Powinien do polski przyjechać
TheNewDrSpilikin 8 days ago
The world truly pays those that pay attention.
Jonah Glanzer
Jonah Glanzer 9 days ago
Intensely inspiring.
Izan groenewald
Izan groenewald 9 days ago
To kevin and rogan! I just want to say ,WHAT a podcast man this opened my eyes made me think about live i am 27 years old no job because of this pandemic and when i heard about the part when kevin sayed people take the little things for granted I thought to myself ^$&*% that's true you don't know what you got until you lose it. Thank you this helped a lot, I am gonna get my lazy ass up after this comment and take a jog .
Dream 9 days ago
21 savage launched a free online financial program for the youth. some good.
shady 10 days ago
people really dont speak about those things kev is right, loved that part
DJ Knockout
DJ Knockout 10 days ago
i always wondered what it was about Kevin that makes him a pleasant person and its now that i realize that hes genuine and woke which is a rare combo. Their quote on discipline and enthusiasm was spot on and this podcast is absolute gold.
J. Penn
J. Penn 10 days ago
I'm sure it's all good man, but those were some painful first ten minutes... get on with the fucking truth rather than saying how much truth you spit out. Hate seeing people sucking their own ass.
DespizedICON 10 days ago
Two comedians who are managed through Bentpixels. A company that has actively suppressed videos that criticize Joe and his friends. Kinda weird seeing that Joe preaches about free speech and censorship. Oh well I guess he isnt quite was he seems to be. No surprise that he is a bit of a hypocrite. But just funny seeing how he is in comedy. Both of em.
Super Glue
Super Glue 10 days ago
The little kids being doctor and sitting with dad the whole time UGH ; ) !!
Oleg Sklyar
Oleg Sklyar 10 days ago
I just can't help thinking that anyone can be a motivational speaker with 100 million dollars. Also there are only so many spots in society for high paying jobs. The fact is that most of the people suffering these bullshit jobs will work them forever. Rather than lie to them and pretend all they have to do is "work hard," why not give them actual solutions? Better working conditions, higher wages, less mandatory hours, no mandatory overtime, more weeks off, more sick days, etc. ? Wouldn't that be a much better, viable, plausible solution and this? This is just saying "work hard, you can all be millionaires!" No Kevin and Joe, no we cannot. We just want to live with dignity and respect, and we are not getting it, because this country is an oligarchy. When you start talking about that maybe I will come back to listen.
kevin mac
kevin mac 10 days ago
I hate it when people start preaching instead of having conversations. One of the few Rogan podcasts I turned off halfway through
Kyle Hart
Kyle Hart 10 days ago
Kevin - space Hart - space
S R 10 days ago
This video is a discussion of a very well developed idea - game theory. PhD Hart
F. Rose
F. Rose 10 days ago
Great podcast! ✌️
jackson graf
jackson graf 11 days ago
Adds of urself on ur own podcast goat
adriel rivas
adriel rivas 11 days ago
56:40 Kevin was awed
Saks Productions
Saks Productions 11 days ago
Dave Chappelle needs to be a guest
cpsedmonds 11 days ago
I thought I could throw this podcast on in the background and do other things, but damn, Kevin is SO captivating that I can't focus on anything else but his words.
matt 11 days ago
Can you get Chappelle on the podcast, please Joe?
dnt trp
dnt trp 11 days ago
MH real
dnt trp
dnt trp 11 days ago
Diet is perception..not the tea, but mood of drinking it
dnt trp
dnt trp 11 days ago
dnt trp
dnt trp 11 days ago
Is veganism a non-profit?
dnt trp
dnt trp 11 days ago
Alkaline diet
dnt trp
dnt trp 11 days ago
Cuhz4rmdaTR3Y 684
Cuhz4rmdaTR3Y 684 11 days ago
Not gonna lie but this is exactly how I think about life.
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