Joe Rogan Experience #1478 - Joel Salatin

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Joel Salatin is an American farmer, lecturer, and author whose books include Folks, This Ain’t Normal, You Can Farm and Salad Bar Beef. His latest book, co-authored with Dr. Sina McCullough, Beyond Labels: A Doctor and a Farmer Conquer Food Confusion One Bite at a Time is available for preorder now.

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May 21, 2020




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Comments 80
Mean Timbits
Mean Timbits Day ago
How do you grow crack (cocaine)?
MeeN MASTERP 3 days ago
The only time I've had a flu vaccine I had the worst flu of my life and lost 16 KGs in 2 days... So yea fuck the flu shots.
1976TPF 3 days ago
I bet he has had 0 cases of ecoli on his farm too. Factory meat plants are the worst - time to get back to the community butchers, gardens, abbatoires, and create local businesses that support local economies. Growing your own food, raising your own meat, and distancing yourself from that is incredibly satisfying. I haven't been to the grocery store in weeks. If you have ANY backyard, why grow just grass?? you can't eat that. Grow your food instead. If you have friends that don't do anything with their backyards, offer to set them off and split the food 50/50. We can do much better than what we're doing now! Great show Joe - I have actually listened to this one three times already and I still pull out tips and tricks. Well worth the time!!! Joel Salatin for pres!!! lol
S R 2 days ago
Was waiting for that when Joe referred to the safety net of regulations on industrial farms. We're constantly seeing food recalls now, e-coli etc. When that system fails, it's on a massive scale.
Cisco Cabs
Cisco Cabs 4 days ago
Joel laughs like the joker
Géniale 4 days ago
what a quote"this magnificent life conversation"🙏
Géniale 4 days ago
This man should be President Of The World.. God Bless You Master Joel Salatin🙏
Lunastarling 4 days ago
i do feel better smoking my cigs at home thank you
Ben 5 days ago
If Joe Rogan is the President,Bryan Callen - vice President, this guy secretaries of Agriculture, who would be running the rest of executive departments? (Joey Diaz run DEA)
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
People can protect themselves from hazardous purchases. We don't need forced regulation. If someone is selling hazardous beef, the people can independently investigate, they can choose to hire a private group to investigate for them, and the people can spread the news about the hazardous seller themselves. We don't need government to restrict our rights in the name of safety. They use these regulations to force out small scale independent producers who can't afford to abide by all of the expensive regulations.
Bertrand Kurt Russell
Totally wrong about how vaccines work, but mostly on point.
LMc 8 days ago
LMc 8 days ago
Look at all the downvotes.... Idiots.
Matityahu 8 days ago
i enjoy how he says snickers bar.
Kitty Kat Samurai
This messege is for Joe Rogan! You must get Dr. Jonathan Reed in. Similar to Bob Lazar with evidence! My apologies for the bombardment of comments throughout your diffrent videos, I just dont know what other way to get your attention. 👍. This is the most important and perfect time so people can hear the truth! Dr Jonathan Reed. I personally do not know him. But his story and case is Magnificent! It is Earth shaking!
bassmanjr100 8 days ago
I will even put up with listening to idiot Rogan to hear Salatin.
Pete4000uk 9 days ago
Bovine encephalopathy. No point, just wanted to type that.
iPerceptionist 9 days ago
get tomAs sowell PLEASE
Mag Ma
Mag Ma 9 days ago
Who holds the food basket, holds the power. PEOPLE take back your power with your food choices and participate in co-ops. He is correct - massive disruption GLOBALLY is here and a new bright future for everyone on the planet.
TheJohnnyRo 10 days ago
This guy is obviously very bright and made some great points but this man needs a few vitamins and possibly a nootropics regiment in his life. Show him the light Joe Rogan 🤘🏼
generatingideas 10 days ago
21:00 min in did this dude just prophecy George Floyd death?
Charles Hung
Charles Hung 10 days ago
36:17 welcome to the libertarian party
Bob Terryson
Bob Terryson 10 days ago
How right you were about COVID 19 and slaughterhouses!
Matt Natoli
Matt Natoli 11 days ago
i wish this guy could meet paul stamets
Kayden Sharp
Kayden Sharp 11 days ago
This is the man that made Tai Lopez
mnewt712 11 days ago
God bless Joel Salatin! 🙏 He’s completely disrupted the farming industry. 👏🏼😃
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 12 days ago
AWESOME intrerview! Loved it!
colonyan 12 days ago
This subject need more attention. Agriculture is basis of any nation. It translates to food, value, health, culture, land usage, community and they affect everything on top of it.
Brooke Hammett
Brooke Hammett 13 days ago
I love Joel Salatin so much! I could listen to him all day.
T 14 days ago
57:00 Host promoting flu vaccines - what a shame, brain- washed one educating millions of his viewers.
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
I don't even like that they gave him a covid test.
Andrew C
Andrew C 14 days ago
My grandmother always said "Kids eat a peck of dirt before they go to school."
Felix Barragan
Felix Barragan 14 days ago
I’ve been explaining this to people for years and people keep rejecting the idea out of inconvenience. Losers
Jennifer Gardner
Jennifer Gardner 14 days ago
karla Sears
karla Sears 14 days ago
Fantastic conversation yes and amen to all which was said
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose 15 days ago
finally. I may not be seeing the podcasts but ive been thinking agriculture, ecology, and systems and recilience theory is a great rabit hole that joe could focus on. Get on the gardening culture's pulse. its definitely a thing.
Roberto Whittaker JR.
zoroisdead 15 days ago
I love that Joe and Jamie stop the podcast to make this hillbilly prophet take a covid test, because he obviously doesn't care! How can so many people hit the thumbs down button on this epic cast?
Fernando Chiqui
Fernando Chiqui 15 days ago
Liberals petition for localized farming and trump petitions for corporations and industrial farms Jre fans: stupid liberals blah blah Jre has this guy on Jre sheeple: oh wow very sensible he should have this guy as the secretary of agriculture
Jason Graham
Jason Graham 16 days ago
Cities are the equivalent of a Tyson chicken house. You mofos need to spread out!
tr!cky t00n
tr!cky t00n 17 days ago
I'm here for Joel
Zeele O
Zeele O 17 days ago
Both salmonella and e-coli were discovered in 1885 and the 1st treatment program for food allergies were developed in 1911. Please confirm this yourself. This guy is mistaken his ignorance for facts or he looks really good for at least 135 years old if these things didn't exist when he was young.
Yiqing Zhang
Yiqing Zhang 14 days ago
Yea and both of these times are postindustrial and people began to show signs of severe nutritional deficiency and the allergy as a consequence of living in cities. These problems became more prevalent as we become more and more sterile.
Cameron Toroni
Cameron Toroni 15 days ago
I don't think he meant it literally, I think he meant it as in, awareness and prevalence didn't exist back then like it does now. Like the problems caused by these bacteria have gotten significantly worse in his lifetime, and much of the increase in prevalence is due to unsustainable factory farming.
Hurtn Albertn
Hurtn Albertn 17 days ago
man can we take a moment to appreciate that there is a room in the farming facility called the boning room.
elfs garden
elfs garden 18 days ago
Please have zach bush on the show!
Truth Of The Matter
Do you say beeves?
Toronto D.F.
Toronto D.F. 20 days ago
So this is the famous Joel that Tai Lopez keeps talking about... interesting guy
Rare Bolt
Rare Bolt 20 days ago
Tai Lopez mentor?
WisdomThumbs 20 days ago
He mentions how much of our forests need the dead material cleared out, and the bad trees culled. Did you know that national parks aren’t allowed to do that? They’re required to keep all dead trees in place, even when blights kill miles and miles of trees. Every national park is a pressure cooker waiting to explode.
Brayden Jones
Brayden Jones 21 day ago
Maybe liquor stores have stayed open as essential services worldwide (where applicable) because they generate considerable TAXABLE revenue.
Sir Laughs a Lot
Sir Laughs a Lot 21 day ago
Jeeze, Joe. Leaf - leaves. Beef - beeves. Just minutes into it - the commentary about the flexibility of real farming compared to the rigidity of the corporate industrial model. That breaks down. Sometimes I really wonder, as time goes by and more and more people grow up completely removed from the natural world, are they going to come to expect nutrition to be squeezed from a toothpaste tube? Or "printed" in a MadLab contraption in something that looks like a........what the heck did they used to call those things in the 1950's and 60's? You know, the windows and doors in a wall, behind which were sandwiches and pieces of pie and stuff, and to get them out you had to put a quarter or whatever, into a slot. Damn! That's going to bug me for the rest of the night................ (I'm definitely going to read this dude's books.)
Bob Terryson
Bob Terryson 21 day ago
There is no statistical correlation with smoking tobacco and the incidence of increased covid19 death rates, as opposed to that with age and obesity, why do people continually mention smoking being a factor of increased fatality risk with covid19? Misnomer.
Bob Terryson
Bob Terryson 11 days ago
@Cameron Toroni When the scientific papers come out, I will study them, the rest is pure conjecture, every smoker knows how unhealthy the habit is, that is not what I am arguing.
Cameron Toroni
Cameron Toroni 15 days ago
Is it not the fact that there IS a statistical correlation between smoking and lung health? It's why smokers are susceptible to lung cancer and other forms of lung disease at a much higher rate than the general population. Those conditions that happen often as a result of frequent smoking WILL increase your chance of having more complications from Covid, because covid is a type of SARS virus (Respiratory). Someone deciding to just smoke tobacco for a month will probably not have those health problems. Usually it takes time, many months in fact, for long term effects to start showing up. But when your lungs are at reduced function, it is especially problematic when you have a severe case, it's because your lungs stop performing well enough to survive. www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/02/14/805289669/how-covid-19-kills-the-new-coronavirus-disease-can-take-a-deadly-turn (This article explains how/why Covid-19 kills people). A main cause is inflammation, and smoking tobacco causes lung inflammation, and pre-existing lung conditions & immuno-suppressed individuals are more likely to have severe cases, which means, more deaths. ( journal.chestnet.org/article/S0012-3692(15)50243-2/pdf )
Bob Terryson
Bob Terryson 21 day ago
Coffee grounds folks, take them from work, they have so many nutrients, you can compost them or spread them thinly on your soil, never let this precious biomass go to landfill.
Data Doggo
Data Doggo 21 day ago
I’ll make your 2020 better, just click on the dog🙏
Colostomy Bag
Colostomy Bag 21 day ago
“Everything I want to do is illegal” great book, glad to see him back!
Drowzee 22 days ago
So this is Tai Lopez’s mentor
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
Who is tai lopez? If I googled everything I was curious about throughout the day, I wouldn't have time for anything else lol. But commenting with other humans I have time for ;)
Isaacsmile 22 days ago
This man is a nice guy and its a great interview. I like his circular thinking way of farming the land. I do however disagree with the idea of anmal farming in general. You have to realise the hard truth which is backed up by science. Animal farming is not good for the environment and by breaking it up over thousands of smaller farms does not reduce the volume of animals required to feed the same number of people. I do like that his method would raise the price of meat although the gov may subsidise whoch is not good. (Side note Without subsidisation the meat and dairy as we know it in 2020 would fail) It's a source of pain and suffering beyond your imagination. Billions of animals a year die for no reason because we can survive without meat and dairy just fine. Anyone who switches to a plant based diet will likley thrive, lose excess weight and will have a stronger immunse system and live genreally longer than they would on a traditional american/western diet. So anyway the way we are going......the temperature on earth will rise and houses will end up under the sea. The amazon rainforest and others alike will continue to be chopped down at an insane rate (The Amazon is known as the 'lungs of earth' and yes we are destroying it). Communities will perish due to flooding/drought and antibiotic resistance desease and what for? Beef Burgers?! Meanwhile scientists will disrupt the meat industry with lab grown meats that end up destroying the animal farming industry. I hope people could only get over their taste buds and get on the right track, the track that prolongs yout life and human existance on earth! edit: In 3049 Aliens come to earth and see the destruction - "All this because they loved steak so much? Idiots".
Martin Šedivý
Martin Šedivý 22 days ago
Fuck it, I am starting a farm!!
Dylan Reilly
Dylan Reilly 22 days ago
Put me in the compost
MG 22 days ago
use old cd's too blind birds of prey people have been doing this for years in the UK.
aussietrini09 23 days ago
This was a great video. One of Rogan’s best. But seriously. Is Rogan really such a helicopter nanny? I was embarrassed at his provincial bourgeois hen mentality. Yes he drinks the water. Yes you shouldn’t need permission to bury someone. Yes you shouldn’t need anyone’s permission to buy and sell as you please. Typical cynical liberal who thinks ppl should be protected instead of learning to take care of themselves through actions and consequences.
Toxic Tom
Toxic Tom 23 days ago
Joel was doing great until he declared himself an anti-vaxxer @ 57:00
Toxic Tom
Toxic Tom 5 days ago
@Val Cronin You are insane. Only vaccines have protected our population from diseases like smallpox, measles and polio. There is NO BETTER WAY to avoid these deadly diseases than vaccination. This is very basic science.
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
Thats what makes him so great. You still trust Big Pharma's infantile nefarious vaccines??? Do you also think Andrew Wakefield is a quack and not demeaned because he is a threat to the establishment? I urge you to search your soul. But until then, at least don't try to force others to undergo medical procedures just to function in society. Humans survived without vax's for thousands of years before them, and they weren't responsible for getting rid of any diseases when they were conceived. Joel is right. Vaccines damage our bodies. Along with the bodies of animals. There are better ways to good health than vaccines. But few better ways to sickness than getting an injection from a needle that bypasses our first line of defense...our mucous membranes and skin.
Z Bang
Z Bang 23 days ago
"standing on nature's neck".*cringe*.....this did not age well lol
Art 21 day ago
If you get past the shocking nature of it and continue forth with the analogy, it makes it even more potent I believe.
James Repetto
James Repetto 23 days ago
WTP ARMS 1 23 days ago
Is it me or is Joe too high for this conversation or is he just not that interested? 😂
Ben Brown
Ben Brown 23 days ago
Could we use crypto currency to start paying for private animal processing? Farmers + crypto sounds like real change!
Nutty History
Nutty History 23 days ago
Check out some of my content for good luck for the next three years!
walter toly
walter toly 23 days ago
Love this guy
Jedi Master Baiter
Jedi Master Baiter 24 days ago
This man's life encapsulates George Carlin's _Fear_ _of_ _Germs_ bit.
Jason Lai
Jason Lai 24 days ago
This guy is 100 times smarter than most politicians
M C Cambino
M C Cambino 24 days ago
The average fast food hamburger is made from around 60 different animals, I did not know it was anything like that. That’s quite a number
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
Not different species 😅 Just different individuals of the same species. I'm sure you realize this haha
Kris James
Kris James 24 days ago
the entire city of detroit is doing small scale farming.
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
Hey Kris 👊
bellamoon 24 days ago
It's also cruel to make an alcoholic go cold turkey, Mr. Rogan. It's cruel to make any addict go cold turkey, even if their addiction is money.
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
The body wasn't meant to go cold turkey. Tapering is the way the body was meant to quit substances. The withdrawal process doesn't stop when a smaller amount than usual is consumed...it continues. Only the pain, discomfort, and danger is removed when smaller and smaller amounts are allowed to be consumed until the substance is removed completely. 👍 You are correct.
bellamoon 24 days ago
Georgia did pretty much close to a control...they barely shut down at all.
bellamoon 24 days ago
Whatever work people do, they need a living wage. I don't think this guy quite envisions economic fairness.
Paul Wylie
Paul Wylie 24 days ago
I want to be allowed to go to my favourite restaurant and have a juicy steak and chips with a pepper sauce.....
bellamoon 24 days ago
Does Rogan know what a compost pile is? I think he has the wrong idea. It's rotting vegetable matter. No poo.
Val Cronin
Val Cronin 6 days ago
Oh, I thought some poo microbes could be in a compost pile. It's a lot of the same microbes that eat veg matter anyway, right?
ArgentOrangeOK 24 days ago
If the only thing I got out of this was "beeves", it would still have been worth it.
mo morris
mo morris 24 days ago
Drinks w the cows... he sounded so smart until that point
Joseph Graham
Joseph Graham 24 days ago
Scientist, farmer, businessman, philosopher.... All of the above.
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe 24 days ago
We are so fortunate to live in Louisiana with the abundance of natural food sources.
quistunes 24 days ago
I agree with 99.9% of Joel's analysis. I've been studying, reading, & listening to him for years. Love him. He lives in an idyllic location for wet climate adapted cattle. They are highly destructive to the more delicate arid Western grasslands & waterways. Small cattle herds can be managed in the West to protect & restore the soil, but we need far more climate adapted ungulates to restore native grasslands. Bison are a far better choice here, & more people are taking on ranching of them. Beefalo are a more mellow hybrid that can be bred for easier handling, and perhaps more arid adapted behaviors? I'd love to hear about these possibilities from breeders. If someone wants another species, yaks are a non-native option. Prairie dogs are also vital, KEYSTONE, to Western grasslands. Bison & cattle (see studies by Gerardo Ceballos) coexist happily with PDs. Joel's absolutely doing right for his climate, & different climates require some tweaks in the system.
Zach Burns
Zach Burns 24 days ago
33:00 it costs more dollars, but it costs less health. Whereas a $0.99 hamburger costs less dollars, it costs more people's health.
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