Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder, actor, stuntman, and the owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse.

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May 20, 2020




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Mose Schrute
Mose Schrute 6 hours ago
Can Rogan have an athlete on the podcast without bringing up CTE? Holy fuck that was the stupidest question ever. He could have Tiger Woods on and he'd still ask about CTE.
Terror Doida
Terror Doida 19 hours ago
So i wanna see a JRE wirh Rodney Mullen
Felipe Augusto Resende
I'm watching Tony hawk videos for three days stright... should I be worrying at this point???
Joi Vart
Joi Vart Day ago
SaltyOldStan Day ago
I loved Gleaming the cube as a kid! (1989) Tony was even a Legend back then! He opened a skate park not far from me in the uk called Victoria park in Bath one of my best childhood memories lol
Kyle Smiles
Kyle Smiles Day ago
So this is what it would be like if Joe Rogan hosted The Nine Club with Cris Roberts
Great episode!
SlenderMansBuddy 2 days ago
Tony is the coolest
Killval 2 days ago
What's so intriguing to me is that surf rock/punk rock and surfing/skating culture and how both are intermingled in such a way that's always fascinated me.
Tim Boersma
Tim Boersma 2 days ago
i thought this podcast was uploaded somewhere in 2019, turns out it was during the lockdown
richard smith
richard smith 2 days ago
The therapy is called bio feedback or neurofeedback
Chōjūrō 3 days ago
80's - Mullen 90's - Tony Hawk 00's - Burnquist
Salkin Family Chiropractic
Both Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk should promote chiropractic more.
Broken_artist98 4 days ago
Would be interesting to have Rodney Mullen on the podcast
Anthony Cirino
Anthony Cirino 4 days ago
“So you did the 900, but have you ever done DMT?”
GlassicalAce 2 days ago
How else do you think he did the 900? 👀
Ghost Lead
Ghost Lead 4 days ago
I agree with tony on bringing it to a bigger audience. Way too many douchey skaters out there high out of their minds, “against the man”. If people love skating who cares who or what they are. More interest equals more skate manufacturers and support. I skated aggressive inline for a while, and that died so much that getting ahold of skates and parts went to hell, even aggressive mall went under and that was the Mecca of skate shops for bladers. Don’t be a dick, if someone wants to skate, teach and support them.
psychomantis 930
psychomantis 930 4 days ago
Rodney Mullen next!
Joey Daniel
Joey Daniel 4 days ago
Why would they fill a skatepark with sand? To keep large gatherings down. C'mon Joe. Though he has some good questions, he really does have some dumb rhetorical ones.
Dubious Doobie
Dubious Doobie 5 days ago
Was he talking about bam?
XxXxSabooxXxX 5 days ago
Tony Hawk has always had an air of humility
thebestever475 5 days ago
fuck, why'd i start this a 3 am...
Francisco Ramirez
My two worlds collide. I think thats a thps song
Cory Buckle
Cory Buckle 5 days ago
Not a big skateboard guy, but Tony is a very cool and intelligent guy. Interesting to hear his experiences.
Sophisticated Ignorance
Lords of dog town
Red King
Red King 6 days ago
Martin ღ ツ
Martin ღ ツ 6 days ago
Namaskar Thank you
IllumiNaughty 6 days ago
Utmost respect for that man.
Haha 6 days ago
He’s wearing his second outfit from the remastered THPS 1&2
T 6 days ago
Tony is the absolute perfect face of a sport, national treasure. This dude has no ego, doesn’t take himself super serious and is easy going. Let’s not forget the day’s with him and Christian Hosoi, Tony who was the lanky nerdy more talented skater, and Hosoi who was the cool suave good looking showman essentially. Sucks Hosoi went down the hard drugs path, he’s cleaned up and skating again if anyone cares.
sMeUaLn 6 days ago
I need to see Travis Pastrana on this.
sir digby ceaser
sir digby ceaser 6 days ago
Joe really needs to learn another word other than "wow"
DEMON TONGUE 7 days ago
Joe should try and get SEEN on the show he's the godfather of graffiti art, would be really interesting to hear the story and hear joes take on real graffiti artists
209Ry 7 days ago
Some people call people Legends just cause they might be but when u see a guy who’s 50 plus years old and been a idol and badass skater and 1 of the pioneers and still going strong it’s very inspiring This Man is a LEGEND 🙌🤙
Jeff Ealy
Jeff Ealy 7 days ago
99 was when people started yelling "do a kick flip" out windows. Thank you tony
Drop Zone
Drop Zone 7 days ago
Joey & his nootropics...🤯
Code Red
Code Red 7 days ago
Here we are September
Drop Zone
Drop Zone 7 days ago
hes gotta be talking bout Lance having to wake up for work at his first place I'm guessing
daniel florio
daniel florio 7 days ago
New game is great!
Jeremy Kuipers
Jeremy Kuipers 7 days ago
Anyone notice that Tony didn't swear once during this whole interview?
GlassicalAce 2 days ago
It be like that He said the big no no 👀
It be like that
It be like that 6 days ago
I think I heard once I was like wut he say👀
Ryan Tarsa
Ryan Tarsa 6 days ago
I don't think I've ever heard him swear
Big Aluminum
Big Aluminum 8 days ago
Was just watching a few tony hawk videos and wondered if he came on here but its awesome
C. Mahadeo.
C. Mahadeo. 8 days ago
I'm sad Tony is probably going to be forgotten in a few decades.
protatoplays games
How cool would a rodney mullen interview be?
Justyn Trella
Justyn Trella 8 days ago
This man unequivocally should be the leading commentator on the skate competitions of the upcoming Olympics...
Travis 8 days ago
Love Tony unconditionally man. I spent the whole day looking for interviews just to hear him talk. His underground games were the first I ever put 100+ hours into playing until I couldn’t enjoy it anymore, for that he’ll forever be etched in as part of my teenage years. Edit: And one thing about him is that he’ll always give you a straight forward answer and doesn’t try to be sarcastic or anything. Love that about him. This was the story I wanted from the “Pretending I’m a Superman” doc!!
Joey Vela
Joey Vela 8 days ago
does tony hawk have eyebrows
benjamin 9 days ago
wonder who the skater dissing Tony was
ThaEvicT 9 days ago
Who’s the guy they’re talking about the sauna and their coming buddy
Saul Ristic
Saul Ristic 9 days ago
Joe Rogan is high AF during this interview and Tony Hawk is sober, always laid back. Rogan should really take his guest more seriously and try being sober.
Jeremy M
Jeremy M 10 days ago
rogan talk about covid 19 for most of this podcast
Y. Vek
Y. Vek 10 days ago
Tony Hawk is fifty two-teen years old.
Max 10 days ago
Me: Ask about the fucking 900 Tony: Did that 900 when I was 31 Joe: How about carbon fiber boards? Everyone: You can't ollie with carbon fiber Joe: Everyone needs Iron Neck or fail at life
Donnie McWilliams
Donnie McWilliams 10 days ago
Would love to see a collaboration vid where Joe brings Tony to 10th planet jiu jitsu and Tony teaches Joe and Eddie bravo (maybe t ferg or schaub could join in) how to skate
lee denbigh
lee denbigh 10 days ago
Joe: "And we're rolling... how are you Tony?" Tony: "Awesome, thank you" Joe: "My pleasure" Joe: "Thanks for having m... thanks for coming here, man" Brilliant hahaha
jeffrey vidal
jeffrey vidal 10 days ago
Rodney Mullen needs to be here too
jeffrey vidal
jeffrey vidal 10 days ago
Very smart guy tony
A Way of Life: Shredding the Northeast!
Great interview, thanks for everything Tony. And the new game is super super addictive!
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 11 days ago
What a cool fucking dude.
Robur 95
Robur 95 11 days ago
love him
Steven Lee-Taylor
Steven Lee-Taylor 11 days ago
Matt Hoffman deserves his appearance, I love Tony but I can’t think of Tony without Matt. Both close friends of the same era and both pioneers of to their sports. The amount they’ve both achieved is immeasurable.
Paul Ferguson
Paul Ferguson 11 days ago
Wicked cast brother! Love all your inspiration and motivational conversations!
Benji Berigan
Benji Berigan 11 days ago
Get Rodney Mullen on!
L&T TV 11 days ago
He FINALLY GOT A SKATER I love tony but homie needs to try to get Rodney Mullen
Mikael 10 days ago
No one can listen to that guy talk for an hour +.. He is the most awkward human being on earth. Mark zuckerberg would be a close second.
mojosodope45 11 days ago
Gleaming the Cube!
Agent Active
Agent Active 12 days ago
Tony Hawk pro skater is a god tier game
Gabriel Colacion
Gabriel Colacion 12 days ago
Joe "how you gunna get that sand out of there now" Rogan
DcyphR 12 days ago
Listening to Tony speak while playing him in the Pro Skater remake game!
Graham Stoltz
Graham Stoltz 13 days ago
I'm so happy to hear Tony Hawk say he wears a mask! You're always an inspiration Hawk Man 🤘
TheMightyHarihar 13 days ago
Tony Hawk is one real dude. Respect to the legend.
David On
David On 13 days ago
I wonder if Tony hawk skating at 52 yrs old could promote cuties
Zachary Stanaford
Zachary Stanaford 13 days ago
most humble guy ever, legend
waterboy 13 days ago
Joe "the trappings of fame" Rogan
Nicholas B
Nicholas B 14 days ago
I really would have liked for them to talk more about the original pro skater games and Tony's involvement with them and what happened in his life and in skating because of them.
Kronickruesader 14 days ago
protect the bird man at all costs
Tony Danielkiewicz
Tony Danielkiewicz 15 days ago
Been sk8n 20 years ayyee
Fabian Del Valle (MajorMeowmers)
Please interview Rodney Mullen! He is The Godfather of modern street skating and an interesting and intelligent guy with a crazy story! It would be an amazing interview and it’s be nice for more people to know this absolute legend who does get his due in the mainstream! Repost if you agree!
Asavone85 16 days ago
The world’s oldest teenager!
Andrew Miyashiro
Andrew Miyashiro 16 days ago
The Ace of Spades
Albert De La Cruz
Albert De La Cruz 16 days ago
I was always a fan of Tony Hawk but as I started skating more I was liking more street skaters but I still always felt tony was still one of the best and after hearing from him I got more respect for him now than I ever had keep on skating Tony
Aiden O'Malley
Aiden O'Malley 17 days ago
Did anyone else make it to project 8?
Samuel Stalcup
Samuel Stalcup 17 days ago
Is it Duane Peters?
Jeff Clancy
Jeff Clancy 17 days ago
When Tony said he was in The Cube right after highschool I was like "Whaaat?!" Then after some googling I found out it's not the movie I was thinking of
Krohe Gaming
Krohe Gaming 17 days ago
zombie 17 days ago
I just saw this today and I was like oh this video must be at least 10years old based on Tonys appearance...saw its from 2020...Tony has got to be a vampire, guy doesn't age.
Christopher Caswell
Nyjah Houston should be on the show.
Simon Lehman
Simon Lehman 19 days ago
Tony Hawk can do no wrong, he is the Keanu of skateboarding
Luis Acosta
Luis Acosta 19 days ago
As a skateboarder it’s funny to see Joe try and talk’ “skateboard talk.”
Bryce MacIntyre
Bryce MacIntyre 20 days ago
17:30 I bet elon could invent a mega ramp that opens up to a trampoline when you fall from 60 feet up, so it only launches you 30 feet and you don't get hurt as bad..
Rye Baldy
Rye Baldy 20 days ago
Tony Hawk is a douchebag, I enjoyed the interview, but I remember when I met him and I was 16, he wouldn't sign my skateboard, he only signed little 9 year olds, he ignored the older generations, it was kinda bullshit
Therileyrileyriley 20 days ago
Joe is one of those guys who had a board but didn’t exactly get the culture
Rene Stewart
Rene Stewart 21 day ago
Excellent ❤
59:01 Exactly this, my dad and uncles were heavily influenced by The Bones Brigade, and my dad is really supportive with skating, he'll sometimes hang out and skate with me every now and then when i visit.
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 21 day ago
The UK is politically divided in a similar way to the US in 2020, but we didn’t get political over masks.
Steven J V
Steven J V 21 day ago
THPS2 brought me here
sean vougue
sean vougue 21 day ago
Around 45 minutes theh being up the deck boards not being made of carbon fiber, my skateboard is carbon fiber.......
Mark Ford
Mark Ford 21 day ago
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CSQUADTv 21 day ago
The interview i didnt kno i needed
Alien Network
Alien Network 21 day ago
tony hawk even his voice is just such a skater dude i salute this guy
Chase Hardison
Chase Hardison 22 days ago
Tony Hawk, no plugs necessary
Chase Hardison
Chase Hardison 22 days ago
Joe "as long as we don't make our, we're okay" Rogan 😂
J J 22 days ago
You can thank Rodney Mullen. For it all Alan Gelfand who invited the Ollie in the pools and vert and Rodney took it out of the pools and Vert and made the Ollie impossible which is the base move for everything street.
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