Joe Rogan Experience #1411 - Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Dolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

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Jan 15, 2020




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Comments 80
Fooks Lee Ho
Fooks Lee Ho Hour ago
Bullshit that Iron Man was beaten by Captain America
Nade Coles
Nade Coles 7 hours ago
Much respect to Robert Downey Jr for moving past his addictions and hurts and problems, becoming a better person, and building success for himself. His story is very encouraging
Jerry Morales
Jerry Morales 10 hours ago
Kiss kiss, bang bang. Such a good movie. Great interview.
Steven Bailey
Steven Bailey 12 hours ago
Rdj reminds me of mark hamil for the fact that he IS luke skywalker but he can also be the joker and a great human bean. Joe get Mark on the show pls
Jimmie Lee Patterson
Don't sleep on Ben Stiller. He's made some of the funniest movies.
Mr. Anonymous
Joe should have asked about Epsteins plane
Randy P
Randy P Day ago
Never looked at the cast past Jack Black when it came out so originally when I saw RDJ I actually did not know it was him until they did the Australian. It's a great movie
Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen Day ago
Someone needs to tell them about lens replacement surgery thats for eye sight failing by age, laser eye surgery isnt the only eye surgery out there.
The Preventionist
I'm a poker player, probably.
Gradwill Scheepers
Powerful message Robert, we will miss you as “Iron Man” but looking forward to you Launching into your new roles... Amazing episode Rogan, you’re a legend always eclectic and thought provoking... Great Job Bro 👍🏽
Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska
I love Robert Downey Junior, he's my favorite favorite actor.
The Preventionist
RDJ in Natural Born Killers. So good.
madwilliamflint 2 days ago
God I can't wait for the next one.
Mike Murphy
Mike Murphy 2 days ago
SPACE FORCE ENT 2 days ago
From the side he's almost unrecognizable , or maybe it's because I'm higher N' bat pussy
Sarah '93
Sarah '93 2 days ago
Madison Dishman
Madison Dishman 2 days ago
I love how he said that what happens in Washington doesn't affect our everyday lives and now we're here in July 2020
smallfaucet 3 days ago
"You look like the poster child for birth control!"
Adam stainer
Adam stainer 3 days ago
I think this is probably the best and most down to earth interview yet. I wish people could be this open, sincere and down to earth in real life.
mehrab hossain
mehrab hossain 3 days ago
The moment The greatest Super Hero of all time says "Here is why I love you"....... Imagine that feeling and imagine as a parent :)
Wawa Shikari
Wawa Shikari 3 days ago
dean martin
BigAd 3 days ago
No one famous can be real on camera always got some philosophical bs and some positivity nonsense. Find yourself be yourself and love yourself. Follow your heart.
Sarah Sarah
Sarah Sarah 4 days ago
joe rogan is the best
Take 10
Take 10 4 days ago
I'd love to send you a vinagaroon spider or whiptailed spider.
Take 10
Take 10 4 days ago
Keep doing the Sherlock Holmes! I LOVE your portrayal of Sir Holmes!!
Patrick Fuhrman
Patrick Fuhrman 4 days ago
How do you go from Tony Stark to Dr. Doolittle?
Montana Mike
Montana Mike 4 days ago
Downey has some serious makeup on. Why wear it if its obvious he is caked in makeup like a woman??
Wayne E
Wayne E 4 days ago
I was really hoping he would tell his " Re-entering the earth's atmosphere in an old refrigerator box" story.....
kathleen smith
kathleen smith 5 days ago
BARG 5 days ago
ok, serious question. WHY THE FUCK did Joe not let this run 3 hours, or until Robert Downey Jr. himself told him he had to leave prior or something? Can someone with high IQ in this field give me any direction. I'm almost so mad that this was only 1 hour and 12 min that I am thinking Joe didn't like someone with a bigger dick than him in the room?? High IQ kings, please help.
YR 5 days ago
Robert Downey jr is like stop w the black face talk already 🙄😂🤐 damn it joe! 😠 😂
Harry Mesner
Harry Mesner 5 days ago
How a smart Hulk? Read the comic books. He is professor Hulk lol.
FRANK NØSTA 5 days ago
Love that conversation at the end about the creative process
Scott Norwood
Scott Norwood 7 days ago
Nice work Downey,he hates addiction talk,and as you can tell hes much more than those terrible yeats
arjun u.s
arjun u.s 7 days ago
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jon Saucy
Jon Saucy 7 days ago
Joe- The most aptly named individual in existence. He sits there, talks with common sense... like an average Joe. Robert Downey Jr.- A man who has ruined so many characters for me. By ruined I mean I could not possibly imagine anyone else playing those roles. Marvel doesn't own Iron Man; Robert does. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle doesn't own Sherlock Holmes; Robert does.
Saul Davis
Saul Davis 7 days ago
Wow! An actual real guest on the snow where I don't have to google their name.
Patrick de Boer
Patrick de Boer 7 days ago
Robert, Joe is right. No Avengers without Iron Man . How about this : IronMan comes back like Gandalf the Grey Comes back White. And you can choose how he comes back !
Imperium Epsilonium
Robert Downey Jr. VS Morgan Freeman! Who's voice is better?
Imperium Epsilonium
god damn I didn't know that tony stark's voice is his actual voice.
Josh Xiv
Josh Xiv 7 days ago
I'm not high but Robert Downey Jr. sure made me sure feel like it.
Chuffrey 5 days ago
He too peaceful and relaxing
Fakenamesolame 7 days ago
That was your 5 year plan huh! Wheres my whales tail> Thanks a lot! all of you! Super sure you never set off another smoke detector!
Paul Neary
Paul Neary 7 days ago
Who's here during quartine , hope everyone is save and enjoying life
John Jaycobs
John Jaycobs 8 days ago
Very good
James West
James West 8 days ago
Robert, head down to Panama with your friend Mel Gibson and get a T-cell injection so you can entertain us some more.
Andrew Newton
Andrew Newton 8 days ago
Most recovering addicts are at peace with themselves, that's why he's not arsed if his eyesitie goes abit, things always change in life you just have to change with them 🤔
Malryth 8 days ago
You should have gone back to Golf....na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... Inner and Outer...Thus are the Martial Arts. ;)
Flyin' Guy
Flyin' Guy 8 days ago
Anyone else noticed that Rob's mic isn't plugged in?
spana123321 9 days ago
RDJ IS has got to be one of the more sorted actors in Hollywood, has done shit and been in trouble, knows that he is very good at his job but doesn’t take it too seriously, an actor who I would buy a pint and I don’t buy many people a drink.
David Moma
David Moma 9 days ago
Joe Rogan tells you about the shit you don't know/think about bro.
MetalizedButt 9 days ago
RDJ didn’t wanna end the podcast! That’s awesome. He was shocked when joe ended it lol.
Zack Klein
Zack Klein 12 hours ago
@MetalizedButt It's possible joe is thinking of there being a 2nd one.
MetalizedButt 15 hours ago
Changename Exactly he was still talking and mentioning a new topic
Changename 15 hours ago
Jimmie Lee Patterson lol true. This one was next level though 😂 you can hear RDJ talking about other things he wanted to get into after Joe ended it.
Jimmie Lee Patterson
Every show ends abruptly. He can't avoid awkward goodbyes
Changename 4 days ago
Seriously.. Joe ended it so suddenly and quickly I don’t get it
Rob Stack
Rob Stack 9 days ago
Bob Downey Jr. is obviously smart, well-spoken & insightful, but if Joe got paid based on how hard he needed to “work” to keep the exchanges moving & interesting, he’d get triple for this 1
Jonathan Glock
Jonathan Glock 9 days ago
just hang in! They will be able to 3d print you new eyes soon.
Konichi What?
Konichi What? 10 days ago
Joe, you’re talking shit about laser eye surgery doesn’t work. A member of my family had it years ago and their eyes are completely fine. It just isn’t 100% with everyone. Obviously eyes will deteriorate with age but you can’t say it ain’t real.... Sounding like Eddie.
Ryan 10 days ago
What I wanna know is why does he always talk in an American accent?
Jobje Rabbeljee
Jobje Rabbeljee 10 days ago
Oxygen treatments are told to REgenerate eyesight. Maybe as even a sideeffect of said treatment.
james martinez
james martinez 10 days ago
The pick up artist is his greatest work and my intro to RDJ. Loved that on VHS 🤣🤣
Azael Pulido
Azael Pulido 10 days ago
This guy Robert is really incoherent for a guy of his stature. Must be them drugs
Schronk 10 days ago
You for real?
Erin Lobo
Erin Lobo 10 days ago
Sarah Jessica Parker is from MY home town Nelsonville, Ohio!
cHv RcK
cHv RcK 10 days ago
I enjoyed this podcast a lot but the ending was so abrupt that I thought - well, an hour with RDJ might be expensive af- Thanks for the additional 12 courtesy minutes iMan (;
The Wudarian
The Wudarian 10 days ago
11:10 covid says otherwise.
Carl Bowlby
Carl Bowlby 11 days ago
Ok all this is me at 15 and smoking weed for the first time. I’m now 48....a bit of *yawn* here. Biggest surprise about actors. As real people they’re pretty boring. Especially the Hollywood, rich ones. RDJ isn’t “hungry” anymore, imo. Too many “woah, bro” quasi-spiritual stuff here.
T.H.C Mcgee
T.H.C Mcgee 11 days ago
Fucking A’
cc2k11rfc 11 days ago
Its like when freddie went and done it alone from queen
Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens 11 days ago
Seeing famous people without makeup without censorship and talking real shit with other people is humbling, and worthwhile for our society. kardashians < this.
austindvarga9 11 days ago
He seems like such a humble son of a bitch
Phillip Hurst
Phillip Hurst 11 days ago
Downey my fav actor! Need him to do some more iron man some how some way!
Antti Väisänen
Antti Väisänen 11 days ago
AND Lou Ferrigno :D
Ryan Harer
Ryan Harer 11 days ago
In regards to losing eyesight... I work in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.. patients that start treatments with glasses usually don’t wear them by the end of their treatments.. their eyesight gets better for a period of time after doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments.. look into it, it’s quite interesting :)
rituaals 11 days ago
The comeback of Iron Man should be done without mentioning his name in the cast list, so that it would be a total AMAZE moment for everyone in the audience, how cool would that be uuuh
StringTheory 11 days ago
Joe Rogan has gotten to meet sooo many great people because of JRE.
KidDavis2010 11 days ago
His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was iconic🕺🏾🔥
Geir Mikkael Antonsson
One of my favorite actors!! Nice interview, Thank's Joe!
chris Barrett
chris Barrett 11 days ago
I never realized what a spiritual dude RDJ is
R Lynchweather
R Lynchweather 12 days ago
Downey jnr and rogan were in a gay relationship when Downey jnr was filming natural born killers, the sexual tension is palpable.
Jack Green
Jack Green 12 days ago
Robert Downey Jr. is just a spoiled brat who went to prison for drugs but got out and everyone calls a 'comeback story' instead of ignoring the fact that there are countless actors who never got the opportunity to play Iron Man and whose daddys were not famous.
Hailey Williams
Hailey Williams 12 days ago
Just when I thought I couldn't love RDJ any more than I already do....
jai banna
jai banna 12 days ago
Is it just me or does anyone else also think that rdj should try dmt and share his experience .. that would be crazy
Tony M
Tony M 12 days ago
that's why those old JAMES GANG records kick up a fuss. Joe Walsh.
Tony M
Tony M 12 days ago
of course a rhythm section that had lots of power, also.
Nicholas Hernandez
Nicholas Hernandez 12 days ago
Never in my life have I heard Robert curse and now I’ve seen it all
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