Joe Rogan Experience #1282 - Adam Conover

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Adam Conover is a stand up comedian, writer, and television host. He is the creator and host of the show "Adam Ruins Everything" on truTV.

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Dillon 29 minutes ago
A lot of dislikes, but Joe and Adam are able to reach an understanding on many issues due to both of their handling of the conversation. I think that deserves a like. Maybe Adam is just challenging the unwavering ideologies of many listeners. (p.s. allowing children to surgically/chemically transition genders is B.S. though for sure!!)
Frittatas Hour ago
Eech I couldnt watch this after 10 minutes
Chaé Z
Chaé Z 2 hours ago
I came to the comments just to make sure I wasn’t crazy in my thinking “this guy doesn’t know a damn thing”. I’m still watching this shit show, only about 30 mins but I wish Joe would dig into him more bc he can’t see how he has strong confirmation biases and his beliefs are founded on his conflation and misunderstanding of the concepts he’s talking about specifically the alpha and beta thing. Just because the social condition changes it doesn’t remove the concept of alpha and beta lmao.
Mr Wasteed
Mr Wasteed 2 hours ago
It starts around 9:00
David Sköld
David Sköld 4 hours ago
1:56:35 is the best 20 seconds in history of mankind.
World Shaker
World Shaker 4 hours ago
How can a self appointed intellectual like Adam take themselves seriously when their vocabulary consists 90% of “uh” “um” “like” “I mean” “ya know” man put a complete thought together before you open your mouth... might not come across as a dumbass as much if he did not to mention his hypocritical speech vs his actions. Wow, sounds like a stereotypical valley girl sound bite.
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto 6 hours ago
Im not sure the time stamp but adam says something about his show making people think differently from the norm. to be honest he did help me to be more open minded on a couple episodes, And i became so open minded that im now a proud Mexican american conservative.
Jack Canonach
Jack Canonach 6 hours ago
Jake Estes
Jake Estes 8 hours ago
Adam seems like the epitome of the dunning kreuger effect... proof that there's reverse transphobia.... you're so scared of offending trans people that you completely ignore logic and reason to pander to them
Eristitia 9 hours ago
28:03 This is where Rogan starts telling Adam how he's wrong and how to get right and it goes right over his head.
Eristitia 9 hours ago
"No, guys don't really get close and hang out together." Oh, Adam. You are heart-breakingly sad. I don't know how old your father is or where he came from, but your generation and younger people don't usually have that. Also, men often show physical affection in close-knit groups--sports is a good example. Poor, poor, poor Adam. :o/
Michael 9 hours ago
Worse and worse. Adam is a bottom via a strap on with his wife. And ummm and Ahhh ummmm and ummmm and Ahhh ummmm Ahhh ummmm and ummmm ummm ummm and ya ummmm. How did Joe not power kick this guys soul outta his body. This is the worst JRE podcast guest EVER.
Eristitia 9 hours ago
17:54 is where he starts describing himself. Adam, you are the worst kind of backfire affect asshole. This is exactly what you do: "Disbelieve it when it's true and in fact fight back even harder."
Michael 9 hours ago
This dude is a radical leftist. His show is far from based on facts, it's pushing the MSM narrative and is essentially an adult version of indoctrination through "education." Formula for example, soy formula for boys is detrimental for their long term growth and health. Adam probably has a high intake of it as it is high in phytoestrogens which effects the maturation of biological male elements. Most commonly low T, gynomastia, patchy facial hair, penis/testical growth, etc.
Darsich 11 hours ago
Adam Conover is not a bad guy, he is TRYING to be the best guy, which is inherently flawed cause we all have dark shitty places in us, sometimes trying to be a fake PC centric douchebag is not the right way. Also arguing every. single. thing. Annoys the shit out of me, especially when they are essentially arguing over small semantic points that have no real impact on the greater conversation. Good episode though, now I know Adam is not who I thought he was lol
kelly 12 hours ago
And we don't watch your shit show lol
Eristitia 12 hours ago
Just so ADAM knows, the study you're citing does NOT say every child who identifies as trans goes on to transition (as in actually start to use an opposite-gender pronoun) later in life. At most, it's a 1-in-2 chance. AT MOST (it varies with how much they identify as trans at a young age.) And that's just pronouns. Those that actually have body modification is even less. The study investigators freely admit that they don't have the best data and they only had a small sample size, though they did do what they could to verify their numbers in other ways. Yes, people who transition later in life pretty much have always leaned that way. But the reverse is not true: every trans child will not fully transition. In fact, most do not. At least not by the evidence you provided. :oD Also, the definition of an anecdote is not someone else relaying a story. You do it, too...and present it as "expert" data. "The last conversation I had with a trans person...." THAT IS ANECDOTAL. "I have not looked at the research myself." THAT is talking out of your ass. "I know facts as told to me by other people..." Yeah, that is ANECDOTAL. Also, you can't read a basic research paper correctly... You are a complete fraud. You are an expert on nothing except how to come off like a smug little bitch.
kelly 12 hours ago
Adam is THE LARGEST douchebag to have ever lived 😂😂😂
the grinchiest flix
the grinchiest flix 13 hours ago
I actually enjoy Adam on this show for Joe not just having an echo chamber like he does a lot of the time. Yeah Adam spouts some bullshit but I would say it was like 20% good points and 80% bullshit
bsumbdytraining 15 hours ago
Invent any physical sport. Design it with women in mind. Then open up competition to men. Men will excel period. No one designed sports to think about how we can dominate woman. Woman excel at many things, but they do not have an advantage with physical things.
TheBlount20 18 hours ago
Don't college athletes get scholarships usually
Ian Ian
Ian Ian 18 hours ago
Joe ruins Adam
Ryan Blumish
Ryan Blumish 23 hours ago
Drink everytime Adam says "right"...you'll need a keg
Dustin Hehmann
It's like uh... The truth is that ya know we got people like uh how we do things on a very simple level that uh, you know like do things that uh you take that guy or whatever and like it's not really what you think it is. . You know what it is, right? You know what I mean right? It's what I think it is right? This guy sounds extremely insecure. He wants to agree with himself. And he wants to believe that his nerdy genetics and demeanor is equally attractive to stereo typically attractive males. It's okay to be less than the ideal stereo type of what's attractive. You only need one female to like and accept you for who you are. V it's okay. Chill. Slow down.
Donald Charles
Um ugh and um ugh ya know um I’m smart uh listen to me um.
Prillexprex Day ago
"Uhhhh mm uhhhhhhh and uhhhhhhh mmmuh mm uhhhhhhh" - Adam Conover
Lord ShitBird
This dude just isn't smart. Intelligent but not smart Right. No what I mean right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Um hu huh um right right umm uhh right right? Adderall.
Paul Davies
Paul Davies Day ago
"Breastfeeding isn't better than Formula Feeding" Really? "Yeah, Formula feeding is Fine " Yes formula feeding is "Fine", but that doesn't mean it's equivalent. It has been proven to be a definite step down to breast milk dude. Can formula give you the biotics and antibodies directly from another human? No.
McKenna M.
McKenna M. Day ago
It’s hilarious that all these people in the comments are going off about how joe destroyed Adam and how Adam is unable to shift his views when the whole point of this episode was about how there is no way to destroy someone in a civil conversation. Frankly, I thought this was great in showing that people don’t have to agree to have valuable conversations and we need to be willing to listen to everyone
D R Day ago
Adam is the quintessential beta male.
Cray0n Soldier
I didnt kiss boys when i was little adam
Sime Day ago
Shows that Joe Rogan is by far more educated than Adam.
Cruizer Brony
Ugh Adam....you’ve misrepresented data and events in your gun control episode. Plus what happened earlier in this podcast with Trans Kids and Athletes....there’s a reason why a lot of people have stopped watching your show. Myself including. Doesn’t mean we can’t agree on something’s but, I won’t watch your show anymore.
adailydoseoffiber 1991
so we cant have youtube choose the next video for 5 year olds, but pumping them full of hormones is ok?
V Medina
V Medina Day ago
Adam literally ruins everything! 😂
It's amazing the amount of dog piling and vitriol the public was ready to throw at Adam. It's so ridiculous that the empathy centers of the average persons brain have shrunken so much that the majority of people are only interested in personal attacks against Adam. Have you ever had an impromptu interview where you are asked questions you may not have entirely thought through? Take a philosophy course in knowledge and you will very quickly learn that you are full of idiotic and contradictory beliefs when you push your reasoning to the limits. I have no problem critiquing the guys positions, but wtf is up with all the personal attacks? Grow up.
Brion Stronghold
I hope the next cock you suck kills you
Mike Walling
Mike Walling Day ago
Jon Coxwell
Jon Coxwell Day ago
I think Adam has caught the Identity Protective Cognition.
Joshua Andersen
so much "uh" and "um"... really annoying, and denotes that a person doesn't have their own original thoughts, and cant remember the things they memorized
Demon 1-2
Demon 1-2 Day ago
I dont think I've heard, "like, umm and uhh," in a conversation more in my life.
TotoLakay Day ago
1:54:45 i know a 1vs1 competition : armored mech championship, ninja warrior, demolition derby.
TotoLakay Day ago
1:45:15 the solution is females or identified as females should be able to use the men's bathroom not the other way around since the bias of being a creep falls on the male than the female.
Josh Rabitaille
Josh Rabitaille 2 days ago
Ahhh or umm has been used way to many times 😫
Madison Lovell
Madison Lovell 2 days ago
Baseball vs softball... male vs female designed sport
Kneten 2 days ago
Never heard someone say "right" so mutch as this dude. Thefuck
Simon C
Simon C 2 days ago
TIL sports are optimised for male bodies. This guy is a complete clown.
E Ro
E Ro 2 days ago
This dude is delirious seriously
Simon C
Simon C 2 days ago
Just cut the bullshit, you're either a guy who likes traditionally guy stuff, a guy who likes traditionally girl stuff, or a girl who likes traditionally girl stuff, or a girl who likes traditionally guy stuff. You're not magically the opposite sex/gender because you "believe" you are.
Yevgeny Shevchenko
Even table tennis man vs woman - no match. Even a computer game 1v1 no match. Adam does not know competition, he is fat and does not much in terms of sports hahaha
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 2 days ago
Joe, you are an absolute saint. How you lived through over 2 hours of this guy is nothing short of amazing.
Yevgeny Shevchenko
Wow, more dislikes than likes! Huh. 1st one?
CornHub Premium
CornHub Premium 2 days ago
I dropped a dislike because I didn’t like what either of you had to say joe you are usually better
CornHub Premium
CornHub Premium 2 days ago
Joe trying to defend the idea of alpha males is built on so many false premises
DJ Brewer
DJ Brewer 2 days ago
This guy is a fuckin moron
Anthony Mongan
Anthony Mongan 2 days ago
I love Adam and Joe. I get why people don’t like Adam but I’ve been following him for years and he’s a funny guy. I love that they don’t agree that’s the whole point of this show. Why would joe just want to talk to people that completely agree with him on everything. The back and fourth is what makes every episode watchable.
Ryan Woodall
Ryan Woodall 2 days ago
can some one with editing skills please make a video of every time adam says "right?" lololol
D O 2 days ago
lol. I thought Joe was gonna shit his pants at 1:50 when he said assumption?!?!?
Keith Knox
Keith Knox 2 days ago
"I read this wonderful advice column..." That is a weird way to open an argument. I personally believe there is a standard everyone has, but love is more than just what you like physically so I don't blame anyone who struggles with that identity crisis.
MOMO 2 days ago
Why do people want to chemically castrate children? Why is Adam such a raging closet case? Why is he trying to explain sciences, when he has the IQ of mustard?
D O 2 days ago
Adam is such a turd. He spews crap and people take it for facts. So disappointing. Im always impressed with Joe Rogan's ability to deal with ridiculous people with an open mind.
nowr2run 2 days ago
JOE- If you're a heavyweight boxer & grew up in the ERA OF MIKE TYSON, " I'M SORRY BUT THIS IS JUST WHAT YOU'RE STUCK WITH " LMAO.
Volta Vespertine
Volta Vespertine 2 days ago
Anyone who says vis-à-vis needs to go. Especially when not used quite correctly. This guy isn't even a PSEUDO intellectual. Absolute cretin.
Squid Face
Squid Face 3 days ago
Men don't dominate sports. The sports are SEXIST. This guy is getting dumber by the minute.
CodyBedrock36 3 days ago
This is tough to get through. Joe was good tho .
Squid Face
Squid Face 3 days ago
There are more trans people than perverts? Is he insane?
Squid Face
Squid Face 3 days ago
Yes, men aren't attracted to fit women with large breasts. It's just a myth. Right.
nowr2run 3 days ago
VIBEMENT 3 days ago
Volta Vespertine
Volta Vespertine 3 days ago
Not that being gay actually has ANYTHING to do with transgenderism ('LGBT+Cu*t!.... is just a Marxist, collectivist idea) but this gay guy thinks the idea of transitioning before adulthood is grotesque and should be illegal. As should allowing trans women to participate in female sports. A lot of people don't have enough real shit to worry about and so the west is losing its fucking mind. We'll be arguing over pronouns when the Jihadis take out the power grids or get their hands on some nukes.
Tye Evans
Tye Evans 3 days ago
MattA 3 days ago
"It's going to lead to conversations like this one." I really hope not.
Peter 3 days ago
This guy went to my school 🤣he’s such a douche
John g
John g 3 days ago
Joe "it's not scientific but it is true" Rogan
Cameron Wiley
Cameron Wiley 3 days ago
😬 Adam, what are you doing here?
zealith Gamer
zealith Gamer 3 days ago
1:54:06 curling?
nowr2run 3 days ago
Nick Garnero
Nick Garnero 3 days ago
I haven't seen much of this guys show but one thing's clear. He is used to reading from a script. Whether it's on his show or the sjw handbook he keeps next to his Hello Kitty journal. The journal he cry's into while writing down the names of people who call him a beta.
Spiral Øut
Spiral Øut 3 days ago
Skateboarding would be a good example of a non competitive sport that men dominate as far as skill. Sure some woman can skate ok, but not like the men do
ace storm
ace storm 3 days ago
Lol caster semania is not a normal born women she was born male and female when they did a gender test on her with high amounts of testorone. So how is a half male half female fair to be allowed in a all female competition.
American Made
American Made 3 days ago
This Adam guy is a dumb Ass...
TheEndOfThought 3 days ago
The truth accorrding to manipulated data. Today you can get 9 out 10 anythings to propagandize on the record to serve your agenda. Of course progressives are totally above that and in no way a modern religion that served false justified hatred as a drug. Movies, tv, streaming and written word. Edit: To use a term from the hate religion of progressives, this guy is way too "privileged" and lives in default land. The embodiment of tribal exclusivity. "my tribe says this, so this is true." No sense of basic decency and letting people be alone. No acknowledgement of the lovely statistic, if you turn a poison a child before brain development with unnatural hormones you have a likely voter for your tribe. These progressives care about one thing. Exerting their limited, narrow and hateful outlook on life on others.
Loai EL-hoshy
Loai EL-hoshy 3 days ago
Pleeease Jeremy Clarkson Chris Harris (again please) PewDiePie (although he doesn't want to go on podcasts)
Gustavo Ramos
Gustavo Ramos 3 days ago
Does he really think that humans are not genetically wired to be attracted to more phenotypically advantageous traits? And that the theory is not scientifically valid??
Gustavo Ramos
Gustavo Ramos 3 days ago
Does he really think that humans are not genetically wired to be attracted to more phenotypically advantageous traits? And that the theory is not scientifically valid??
Jerry Xiao
Jerry Xiao 3 days ago
if you're ever in a debate/conversation with someone and they're constantly saying "you know?", they're argument is entirely speculative or anecdotal
Jerry Xiao
Jerry Xiao 3 days ago
Adam Conover is a beta
Swaggermcbubbles 3 days ago
Y'all are overreacting to this. What Adam said isn't really that terrible. I agree with Adam that alphas do not exist, and I have yet to see evidence that disproves my way of thinking.
Eddy A.
Eddy A. 2 days ago
I agree in the fact that someone can be a born leader but also be emotionality sensitive, combining an "alpha" trait with a "beta" one. It's all just traits. People that predominantly have "alpha" traits tend to be assholes. "Beta" predominant people are sichophant bootlickers. It is a spectrum of sorts and if you're alpha predominant it's honestly harder to make friends. Being a convincing charismatic leader just in the construct of a circle of friends is fucking hard man.
Mr.Pres!dent 3 days ago
I pretty much agree with joe on everything but, his point of girls and guys are attractive to more athletic or curved women is wrong. In the Middle Ages woman who were over weight were seen as more beautiful because they had money to eat. I think because in today’s age we advertise more attractive people. Look at models you see at stores they are always super fit and curvy and have good body’s. Even kids toys like barbies have that slim body. So I think now be are programmed that those are more attractive because we see them on everything such as tv, magazines, pop culture. I don’t really thing it’s because of Evolution. I really believe it’s because of all the advertisements that we see as we grow up of all the supermodels and athletes and famous singers were all attractive and successful so in our minds we program that if we are attractive or with someone who is attractive like that it’s better
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson 3 days ago
This is one of the worst guests Joe has had. This guy is a PoS.
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson 3 days ago
Adam sounds like an entitled mom.
Yael Urtusastegui
The reason this guy has almost no guy friends is because he is a BETA XD and his girl friends only pet him as a good dog.
Alex Lund
Alex Lund 3 days ago
I don't like to say alpha male I use the term top lobster
Tony Caruson
Tony Caruson 3 days ago
Adam doesn’t have any dude friends. That sucks man. Me and my homies hug when we see each other. Ain’t a big deal. Adam comes across as a tad sneaky. I bet that’s a factor in his loneliness.
Joey K
Joey K 3 days ago
Cooking is not a gender exclusive skill. It is an adult skill. All adults should be able to cook
I'm unsubscribing.
This guy is a worthless piece of shit and I hope he dies.
Nicholas Ristic
Nicholas Ristic 3 days ago
At one point he says ‘I have a memory like a sponge’ but then every time Joe challenges him on something he says he can’t remember.
Ashik Doha
Ashik Doha 3 days ago
Why does the cucks keep saying "right" after every single sentence??
Nathan Glanzer
Nathan Glanzer 4 days ago
1% of people are intersex. Gets challenged. Uhhhh I don't know. Real number is .07%. This guy is fucking worthless.
Faith G
Faith G 4 days ago
What a fucking moron
Kugelspecht Einhorn
Why so many dislikes? This is the episode that will ruin Adam's career 😄
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