Joe Rogan Experience #1282 - Adam Conover

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Adam Conover is a stand up comedian, writer, and television host. He is the creator and host of the show "Adam Ruins Everything" on truTV.

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Apr 17, 2019

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Comments 28 741
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Propaganda pushing COWARDS like this are being exposed at a rapid rate...people are waking from the brainwashing. Well done guys
Clarence Philip Balingit
Adam Ruins Everything Episode: Adam Ruins Adam
mathias rømer
mathias rømer 14 hours ago
Adam Conover is such a dumb shack of shit.
Noor Nasri
Noor Nasri 15 hours ago
I'm just here to see Adam not read from flash cards
Alex Benanti
Alex Benanti 18 hours ago
“Adam Disagrees with Everything”
J doe
J doe Day ago
I camt stand this POS why Joe lets these douchebags on his show is beyond my knowledge
L Polson
L Polson Day ago
Unwatchable...guy is rambling. BUT in his defence the attractive woman now wasn't always the attractive woman, it used to be the fatter the better because it meant they had the wealth to be fat so that aspect is cultural. We are already seeing what an attractive man is changing...thin, waify guys are attractive now and used to be skinny nerds who couldn't get laid.
Dirtyshinobi Day ago
This fucking retard has a show telling us how wrong we are?!
Alana Ashley
Alana Ashley Day ago
Joe is an alpha male trying to defend alpha males with out using the word alpha male
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
WOW Adam figured something out. There is NO WAY to make everyone equel or not advantaged/disadvantaged in one way or the other till they make us all robots. Even then you know theres upgrades. Still makes me wonder why he cant accept this. Not really fk that douche. 😂
Ashley White
Ashley White Day ago
Adam made several damn fine points. Enjoyed watching.
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
Im starting to think Adam dont know "ummm ahhh ummmm" sh*t but now i see how he ruins everything.
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
Someone will lose everything if they dont believe in climate change or have a different opinion??? In what world??? Oh i forgot Beta Liberal land.
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
Adam: Im not sure woman would go for muscular/attractive men. Say what??? Yeah and I love fat chicks stickers are on all our bumpers. Btw Alpha is above Beta. Stop embarrising yourself "Dungeon master" 😂
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
Adams like well i have money so ima Alpha. NO!!! Shes takin that to spend w/her boyfriend/new husband. Lol
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
Adam was spotted sucking Vals d*ck for tips after Joe unexpectedly ended his carrer.
Joe Me
Joe Me Day ago
Adam gives half truths and whole lies. BEEETA!!!
K PD 2 days ago
Adam ruins the western world
Jess Little
Jess Little 2 days ago
Ahhhh man. I really liked Adam from his College Humor days. Lost so much respect for him while watching this. The dude has way too many verbal ticks for an actor, doesn't take responsibility for believing what he does (I'm not super familiar, but...) and doesn't provide coherent arguments. C'mon, Conover. You let me down, buddy.😞
DBdidgitalgaming Yea
I’ve never seen such a delusional ass incel ass beta ass nigga in my life
T.J. Kolberg
T.J. Kolberg 2 days ago
Adam never had any male role models in movies growing up where a man is compassionate towards others? ...Schindler’s List, much?
NBKA gaming
NBKA gaming 2 days ago
Dumbest person on earth
NBKA gaming
NBKA gaming 2 days ago
Such an idiot.
Herman Li
Herman Li 2 days ago
Uhhhhhh right uhhhh uhhhhh uhhhhh right uhhhh
ladygrinningsoul 3 days ago
Joe handled this with an admirable amount of patience
TygaMike 3 days ago
"Alpha males aren't actually a thing. If they were it'd be really inconvenient for me." -this guy, probably
David Jones
David Jones 3 days ago
11 minutes in I was yelling "who has been lying to this virgin all his life"
David Revilla
David Revilla 3 days ago
"Let me just give you an example." How about you give me a fact instead of specific instances where this matters? Give some facts on the idea as a whole and not isolated instances that are more rare then not.
ciera wilcox
ciera wilcox 3 days ago
Adam: blah blah blah right? Joe: ......
John Thomas
John Thomas 3 days ago
Adam's ideology - I reject your reality and replace it with my own LOL
Hayden 3 days ago
This guys a cuck
New Man
New Man 4 days ago
What a stupid fuck that Adam is.
The Green Bastard
Adam ruins America... He obviously didn't read ANY of these comments.
John Stark
John Stark 4 days ago
you got the patience of a saint Rogan
dethskulpt 4 days ago
I had to come back and watch this a second time. Hilariously, everything starts to go down hill for Adam when he tried to convince a alpha male, that alpha males and beta males they don't exist. Hats off to Joe for being able to tolerate this dude.
Mestayoku 4 days ago
I decided to take a drink everythime Adam Said right, I got alcohol poisoning and both livers died 10 minutes in. Can I get an F in the chat?
Julio Mejia
Julio Mejia 4 days ago
1:50:17 is my favorite part. This guy is full of shit 😂😂😂😂
Jaime Rivera
Jaime Rivera 4 days ago
Fuckin little faggot cunt. I hope he dies slowly and someone ruins death for him . Hes a bitch
randomness 4 days ago
May not be a biological differential btw alpha n betas but historically it IS how societies hierarchy is organized bc its a reality human society pervieves. Dont believe look at steele's from ancient times.
RagePunk88 4 days ago
Uhhhhh...ummmmmm...emmmmm... right...u know ... uhhhh
Aurelius 4 days ago
This guy is an insult to men all over the world.
David Dugas
David Dugas 5 days ago
Did you know that if you say “right” enough times as you spew verbal diarrhea you magically do become emphatically correct?
Jen Nelson
Jen Nelson 5 days ago
Joe, as a woman, we don't gravitate towards volleyball, gymanastics, etc. Those were just the sports we historically were given some amount of attention when playing. Women playing basketball get pretty much no respect and women who want to play baseball get to play softball and football, be a cheerleader... I personally am not a sports person, but this is what it is. Adam has some awesome points.
Jen Nelson
Jen Nelson 5 days ago
Joe didn't get that, "don't be close to make friends" attitude as a little boy because his parents are hippies!!! Whatever issues there were with him growing up with moving around a lot and his parents working a lot, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say, all in all he has pretty cool parents who weren't hung up on certain stupid behavior that some people put on this little kids .
Lord Sanity
Lord Sanity 5 days ago
Trophy hunting to protect animals this guy is the biggest melt
nycholaus 4 days ago
Trophy hunting actually does protect animal population if properly regulated. Many natural predators are gone from habitat loss, so if deer populations are not culled, there will be mass starvation of most deer instead of a few quick deaths by bullet.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 5 days ago
“Uhhhh, ummmm, uhhhh”
Jekken 03
Jekken 03 5 days ago
Am i the only one who think that Adam claims the moral highground on every subject?
Jekken 03
Jekken 03 5 days ago
The best running athleat with «fake legs» have a better running time than the any other human in documented history. The part from the knee is replaced by a way lighter part of metal(or plactic, not sure) making it possible to run WAY faster!
Jekken 03
Jekken 03 5 days ago
Did he seriously call India a great country😂
RYNO LASCAVIO 5 days ago
39:30....that was actually a burn on Adam. At this point in the interview, I dont think Joe realizes Adam is the SJW nut that he is.
Briarrose29 5 days ago
My impression of Adam is that his life mission is to prove that everything that physically makes him less than someone else, does not matter. Facts are facts and some people just aren't strong, attractive, or a "winner". He doesn't want to accept that, and wants to pretend everyone is physically equal. He lives in his own fantasy land.
Konstantin Yushkevich
its OK Joe, they can't all be winners
Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh 5 days ago
Joe, I wanted to downvote because of the idiot beta guest but I wanted to upvote because of you, so I got confused and left a comment.
jaga690 6 days ago
Formula is great? Show me a lot of people with allergies after breastfeeding :D. When it comes to alpha beta I can't agree with Joe because women like athletes at magazines but in life they can say no, and choose introvert because being a couple and looking for a perfect sexual partner is kinda different. Good sex match not always make a good couple. Women like empathic guys because it's easier to maintain a long term relationship with him because he is talking about emotions and work on relationship.
nycholaus 4 days ago
Women nowadays bang hot loser guys until the womans looks are gone, then look for a stable hardworking beta to raise their out of wedlock kids for them, and wonder why we stable hardworking betas reject these worn out sluts with baggage and kids.
Caliou The fireman
Look I say uhh a lot in conversations but dang this guy had 2 of his fingers resting on those keys the entire time
They should have a female versus Male division
Adam "I am not an expert " conover
Adam loves to do mental gymnastics to make his argument work
nycholaus 4 days ago
Mental gymnastics are the only exercise Adam ever does. Adam:"I like to go to the gym", sure, to check out the dudes...
I remember seeing a video about the woman track woman adam was talking about on vox. About how they wanted to do all those tests on her to prove she was a woman
I miss the Colbert report
NihilisticxCA 6 days ago
This adam guy is a rich, useless fuck. He profits off bashing the US. This is an individual who, in actual fascist societies, would be killed outright. Yeah, America is so fkng bad that he stays here and lives an easy life.
Ob5oLeTe 6 days ago
Why does he claim to have a girlfriend??
Mike Morales
Mike Morales 6 days ago
Here's a summary of this episode' Joe with Logic: What makes you think _______? Adam: "Well I'm not sure I agree with that specifically by science" 😬
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta 6 days ago
Adam is annoying
Terry Grant
Terry Grant 6 days ago
Adam is a little bitch.
-Infidel- 6 days ago
This guy is a fucking dildo
Duane McIntosh
Duane McIntosh 6 days ago
adam we get it your not an expert
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop 6 days ago
the most punchable face of the year award should go to this dude.
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles 6 days ago
10:00 so he is taking a slang word and acting like the real meaning of the word is what they intended to say and then he is using that to say the meaning behind the slang word is non existent? Wow
Sarcastic Snow
Sarcastic Snow 6 days ago
Uh what the hell was he talking about with thermal dynamics and the springs? the Mechanical advantage is very different than thermal dynamics. Also, your muscles don't convert food into energy, your digestive system does all of that. You lost the microscopic amount of decent points you made prior....
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson 6 days ago
Joe: *expresses marginal degree of knowledge on a subject* Adam: "i sHOulDnt hAve bRoUGhT tHIs uP"
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 6 days ago
Adam Ruins His Public Image
Fred Exton
Fred Exton 6 days ago
I've got a mate called Dave who's really into fat chicks, evolution my ass
Fred Exton
Fred Exton 6 days ago
The only reason this beta can say there isn't alphas is because he knows he can talk his garbage knowing the alpha wont just punch him in the face for being a dickwad. Take away the law and we'll see how alpha and beta people really are. This douche is beta af.
endwelfare 6 days ago
I've never seen someone who talks so much while literally saying absolutely nothing
endwelfare 6 days ago
Adam literally said he's doesn't think NFL should be allowed because its too dangerous. Can't stand this dude
Phillip Mullis
Phillip Mullis 4 days ago
@TisJester XxX If joe doesn't like football he's a hypocrite because fighting is just as bad if not worse.
nycholaus 4 days ago
Actually Joe agreed. And you know WHY american footbal is dangerous? All the safety equipment encourages and FACILITATES harder hits that lead to worse injuries, especially long term brain injuries. Would be safer WITHOUT pads and helmets.
TisJester XxX
TisJester XxX 6 days ago
Adam is not the only one who says this. Joe literally agreed with him.. Joe made many disparaging remarks about football and they both agreed that it was damaging to the people that played it.
endwelfare 6 days ago
Adam literally said he's doesn't think NFL should be allowed because its too dangerous. Can't stand this dude
Quintus 2 days ago
Did he say allowed or just that no one should play? Too lazy to go back and find the segment, but I think he just said he thought it was a bs idea for anyone to play and unless you're making millions and in a statistically safe position, it probably isn't a good idea for anyone to slush their brain around over and over again. I mean for example, have you seen Gronk five interviews? He seems like a gigantic child.
Godavari 6 days ago
Absolute cringe fest.
Aaron Upton
Aaron Upton 6 days ago
Jesus! Adam is nauseatingly dumb... This was so hard to get through with all the atomic cringe bombs.... Total fucking moron
NÜЯSH 6 days ago
*Everyone in the comments below has their own views and opinions and have either respect or no respect*
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