Joe Responds To Eminem's Trader Joe Diss | The Joe Budden Podcast

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Joe Responds To Eminem's Trader Joe Diss | The Joe Budden Podcast


Published on


Jan 21, 2020




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Comments 1 923
Andrew Kreklow
Andrew Kreklow 14 hours ago
Em hates you for good reasons, you and your little crew there. You got talent joe but it does piss you off that em wrecks sht so easily. Btw why is that ginger douche bag even there.
Jeremy  R Hansen
Em and Crooked just proved they can out do you at this shit too!!!
victor keeps it 100
Em still salty 3 years after the fact lol for someone who spent his entire career shitting on celebrities and dead people he way too sensitive .
Rick Embree
Rick Embree 2 days ago
In what world did trader joe kill eminem? I want the weed this mans smoking... joe we heard u battle bro... stop it.... eminem if he REALLY went at u... ur show would be cancelled
Kevin Mevoli
Kevin Mevoli 2 days ago
Joe's career was dead intil slaughter house reinvented his career now he's acting like slaughter house didn't do shit for him that's why he retried without Slaughter house nobody playings his shit
victor keeps it 100
You do know he's the one that founded Slaughterhouse right ? You sound like a doof.
Bojack Whoresman
Bojack Whoresman 3 days ago
Didnt eminem come out at a drake concert while joe was going at him ? Seems to me Eminem lacks the very loyalty he expects out of people . He want everyone to suck his dick like Royce does.
French  Montana
French Montana 3 days ago
Joe full of shit bro
unknown bryan
unknown bryan 3 days ago
Joe really knows all the industry BS
Darrick Satcher
Darrick Satcher 4 days ago
These guys are so lame.
players whelm
players whelm 4 days ago
Joe's funny sometimes dog hahahah
Nada Importante
Nada Importante 5 days ago
Traitor Joe
Martyr Graff
Martyr Graff 6 days ago
Buff-et? 😂
DESI BACKPACK 6 days ago
Mike Henderson
Mike Henderson 7 days ago
He’s going to get a Trader Joe’s endorsement
Born Dying
Born Dying 7 days ago
You made one hit song. The rest of it garbage. Em’s different level and class
Bojack Whoresman
Bojack Whoresman 3 days ago
Eminem raps about shoving gerbils up his ass , he not in the same league as Joe or any of slaughterhouse .
Born Dying
Born Dying 7 days ago
Lord jamar is a nobody like you.
Manuel Balcazar
Manuel Balcazar 7 days ago
Joe Budden couldnt n shouldnt responsed to a diss cause his pencil and his mind have no comeback
victor keeps it 100
Joe battled a bunch already, eminem battled mariah , limp bizkit , ja rule and MGK among other non factors . Let's have a discussion about this , I think you're incorrect.
Zack Sutton
Zack Sutton 8 days ago
Traitor joe wth are you talking about, you trashed his album, the man that paid your bills.
Steve-O 333
Steve-O 333 8 days ago
Joe talks in the third person
Capital Murder
Capital Murder 9 days ago
Eminem is the greatest of ALL TIME... FACT. Joe is great as a media guy though I think he has his best years to come in that regard. I also have been going through some of his music and he is for sure an underrated lyricist. P.S. Joe was WAY out of line in 2017 at how he came at Revival. There would of been no issue if he said it was not for him and he was not into the project, instead he went balls to the wall and just trashed his album and everything about it. He was upset about the direction of Slaughterhouse and just used the album as a way to attack. Joe was wrong for that...he knows that now. It's in the past. Hopefully they have spoke behind the scenes cause life is too short..
Bojack Whoresman
Bojack Whoresman 3 days ago
Definitely not a fact .
kaybronson100 9 days ago
Yo did he call him trader joe tho 😂🔥
Isaiah Ross
Isaiah Ross 9 days ago
I wonder what Joe was talking about at 1:27.
Bec SocSci
Bec SocSci 9 days ago
The t at the end of buffet is silent.
Ghostt Dyver
Ghostt Dyver 9 days ago
I thought he traitor joe
Ghostt Dyver
Ghostt Dyver 9 days ago
Respond to the budden line in Christopher walking by popsmoke
Booom Booom
Booom Booom 10 days ago
invest in a table
Keym78 13 days ago
So rapping and podding are the same? That's argument now, that they both draw from the same artistic well? When people start splitting hairs like that, I stop listening. Unbelievable how Joe, who is a nice but underrated MC still can't hold himself accountable for HIS part in making the beef worse. Men own up to their shit, and if you're gonna be the bigger man, take responsibility and THEN squash it. Don't sidestep it under the guise of "moving on." Smh
Bryan King
Bryan King 14 days ago
“I’m just Joe!” By Trader Joe.
PapaGeorg10 16 days ago
As a fan of Em and Joe I don't like this rivalry. I wish it was squashed so we could get a SH album
gustavo mcmillian
gustavo mcmillian 16 days ago
You retired because you COULDNT make money making MUSIC!
gustavo mcmillian
gustavo mcmillian 16 days ago
It was a “moment in time”? More like you got in you’re feelings and butthurt!
gustavo mcmillian
victor keeps it 100 it was literally a single bar. That hardly qualifies as salty.
victor keeps it 100
Em still salty 3 years later tho.
DAndre Clay
DAndre Clay 16 days ago
All the Stans and wrist cutters here ridin for em 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis 16 days ago
Eminem is Rap God... -White ppl and black ppl who don't even listen to him
Tom Hadfield
Tom Hadfield 17 days ago
Joe’s just washed up tryna stay relevant. Use have respect for him but whats he put out now. How can sit there disses people when you’ve done jack
victor keeps it 100
So you used to have respect for someone who hasn't done Jack? How exactly does that work ? Lmao
Luke Huelsman
Luke Huelsman 17 days ago
Joe you sound bitter... Seriously.
Evans Kipchumba
Evans Kipchumba 17 days ago
Stop crying Joe if shady records was gone give you bread for being part of Slaughterhouse and you signed the contract then why complain later. You shoulda kept going and prove to the world how good a solo artist you're, can't have it all sometimes
WickidMisfit 17 days ago
I used to somewhat like Joe Budden and now after watching some of this rubbish I'm totally embarrassed with myself. This dude is a big baby he reminds me of a jealous girl. He makes me sick now.
Andres Arias
Andres Arias 17 days ago
You want too know how bad of a mutha f'r EM is on the mic? Joe Budden got BARS. BARS!!. AND HE STILL wont engage with the man on wax. He much rather take the podcast route than go bar for bar with EM. Remy Ma even called him out on that on the EVERYDAY STRUGGLE podcast.
Bojack Whoresman
Bojack Whoresman 3 days ago
Joe said hed only get in the studio if marshall put out a diss record . I'm still waiting for Marshall to drop it ...
Noel Lucas
Noel Lucas 17 days ago
This is trash
neurotransmitter 17 days ago
A real MC would talk shit on wax, not on a podcast.
Yon Don
Yon Don 18 days ago
I'm 29 and been listening to Joe since I was 12...... Joe disappoints me by not coming at EM I never liked EM 🤷🏾‍♂️ he's unrelatable to me I can't listen to him
Thurough TV
Thurough TV 18 days ago
Joe buddens is a bum
trsw peok
trsw peok 18 days ago
this is crap
A Mayjah Music
A Mayjah Music 18 days ago
Joe Budden: "I like everyone in 2020" Also Joe Budden: "I dont like Paul Rosenberg in 2020" 😂😂😂
808MixMaster 19 days ago
Joe budden and lord jamar are two peas in a pod. Talk shit on camera about em but won't drop a diss track lmao
Bojack Whoresman
Bojack Whoresman 3 days ago
Em ain't dropped one either, joe said hed come out of retirement for an eminem diss track, we all still waiting . Joe used to go at rappers all day when he rapped .
Riff Raff
Riff Raff 19 days ago
Lets cover this briefly, and I mean real briefly... Proceeds to talk about Eminem for 14:30 minutes...
Michael Stikkolorum
That little ginger wants to crawl up Joe's bumhole and live there
knight Owl
knight Owl 8 days ago
Excellence 20 days ago
Joe Budden already found out with inpectah deck that he ain't a real lyricist. Ain't gonna mic up vs Eminem.
Alex Bush
Alex Bush 20 days ago
Hmmmmm Joe’s career/success vs Eminem’s career/success ...... hmmm I wonder who has more credibility and respect. I’m gonna go with the highest selling rap artist of all time. Sit down Joe.
Jerry Mesa
Jerry Mesa 20 days ago
Trader joe sounds alot like traitor joe
K.T. Harmon
K.T. Harmon 21 day ago
Ok what if a somebody gave u a opportunity after your career was dead in the water then come back later to diss the person that put u in the position u are in now well that’s some “Dis loyal “ shit speaks volumes on Joe
CYPHER 21 day ago
Ems just a battle rapper at heart so it’s understandable, must’ve hurt for him to keep his mouth shut when it came to nick dissing him
Vic Oien
Vic Oien 22 days ago
Hahaha “ehhh whatever” Eminem introduced me to your pod. All respect to Em though 100
Peachy Keen
Peachy Keen 22 days ago
Eminem’s farts have more flow than you, Joe.
I no longer hear traitor joe
Fire Bars
Fire Bars 23 days ago
Joe who? Who is this guy and why would Em make him relevant? He should be thanking Em for dissing his sorry nobody ass!!
james weston
james weston 24 days ago
Just wanna say hi trader Joe. Who else here for Eminem. Hey trader joe when was the last time you had too 10 albums
DrewTube1212 SkyWalker
Joe did make a good point about Royce, he's been out around the same time as Em, why hasn't he recieved the same notoriety and accolades? Take a wild guess, its something that rhymes with skin color..🧠
Bojack Whoresman
Bojack Whoresman 3 days ago
@Mr. Gulash that was kinda hard lol
Mr. Gulash
Mr. Gulash 21 day ago
Evil twin brother
Julian Johansen
Julian Johansen 24 days ago
Emm iss the beeesst
Kevin M Phares Phares
At least joe isnt catching feelings like lord jamar
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